Blair’s Weekly Update 07-17-2011

Doc’s Report by Andrew Laurence

Dr. Richard Ando, Allergist, spoke about food allergies, exercise induced anaphylaxis (EIA), and runners’ trots. Feel free to ask Dr. Ando if you have questions on these conditions.

Of particular interest to runners is Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis (EIA), a relatively uncommon food allergy condition that can occur within 5 to 30 minutes after the onset of exercise. Symptoms may start as tiredness, warmth, itching and redness. Continued exercise may produce hives, itching, shortness of breath, and low blood pressure, as well as swelling of the face, lips, eyes, and throat. These symptoms can progress to shock and even death (Anaphylaxis).

EIA occurs only when someone exercises within 30-60 minutes of eating certain foods (e.g. cereal grains, seafood, nuts, fruits, vegetables, dairy, alcohol). Symptoms do not occur with exercise alone or eating the food without exercising. Some medications have been linked to EIA (aspirin, ibuprofen, NSAIDs), but any medication may trigger EIA when taken before exercising.

Avoid exercise, foods, or medications that induce symptoms.

An estimated 20–50% of distance runners have “Runners’ Trots”, with a range of symptoms from cramping and nausea to bouts of flatulence and diarrhea during or after their workout. Runners with pre-existing GI conditions (e.g. irritable bowel, food allergy, lactose intolerance) can also deal with runner’s trots. Progressive dehydration during exercise can also cause diarrhea. Dr. Ando provided a list of suggestions for prevention of these problems.

Table Duty

Board member Muriel and husband Bert had a great array of fruits, snacks and drinks for all of the thirsty and hungry runners who finished their runs at today. Mahalo!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The Advance Group had five runners. Mark took out an earlier group at 6:30 AM. Faster runners are still holding an average 8:30 pace going out to the 7-mile turnaround point. I ran an 8:50 pace trying to burn off the cold from last week. The group is still doing a 14-miler, but I held myself to 12 miles. Great day to run as long as you peed clear before starting and kept hydrated during the run. Runners should be up to 38-40 total weekly mileage. Run hard, but keep injury free.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

The Pink group was glad to welcome back runner Noelle and to have a new member Leo, who has recently come to Hawaii from Portland, Maine. Also running with us today were Bill, Rosie, Hao and Richard. Today was a 12-miler to the first beach park and everyone seemed to be running well. We parted from Bill who had to do a short turn around Diamond Head in an effort to shake off the bronchitis that has been plaguing him for a few weeks. Some of our regular runners have been running trails on Sundays and some are away, so we expect our group to grow as the marathons approach. Bill is signed up for Portland, Oregon in October, and Rosie is going to run the Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon in Susanville, California also in October.

Our plan for the rest of July is to run 12-milers, maybe going up to 13 on the last Sunday (adding Wailupe Circle), with 14 milers in August. The Marathon Readiness Series will begin in August and these runs make a nice build-up to the 30K distance in October.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile) Piers,

18 Greys! This Sunday, we really did catch some welcome breeze, as we cranked it up another 1.3 miles (total 13.36 miles). We missed Andy, but the leaderless, Greased Greys, still managed to keep up that pace. Max (Horatio) Byron and I watched your backs from the Medal of Honor Park! All of you are becoming such running machines. Welcome back, Shauna, Corwin, Lance; welcome Joy and Rene! Hope you are all feeling fine today. Pumping up the distance, we develop mental strength, confidence (knowing the course), endurance, strength, and efficiency. Nelson thank you for your oasis! This surely helped us go to that “hurdle” of the 2nd beach stop! Maintain and improve your fitness between the long runs, by doing your homework runs and have good rest (your sleep should be of better quality now, sleeping quicker, deeper, and awakening is easier). Keep your metabolism up, with resistance or weight training. Byron says, “don’t take things so seriously”. This should all be fun! We are enjoying all of this! Run with a smile, that means we are running in our zone. If you are aching, cramping, grimacing, just smile when you pass the others, the Pink, Purple, White, Silver. Smile your Grey smile. Your running form should be relaxed, if your shoulders or neck area ache, you need to relax your shoulders!

Don’t forget to see “Once Upon a Noddah Time” at UH, Ohia production through July 24th. A noddah performance has been added, Saturday, July 23rd matinee. Our Gino is performing. Lance reports, it’s a “must see”! We are trying to come up with 2 running days for the mid-week with a start at Ala Moana’s Magic Island; give us feedback for best 2 days!

Schedule: July 3rd – Unofficial Run up Tantalus 10 miles (5 miles up, and 5 miles down) July 10th – 12.02 miles – Kahala Avenue: Overall Pace: 11:40, total time: 2:17 running pace: 10:30 to 11:24 (we had 2 groups) – Calories: 1,463 (that’s for a male!) July 17th – 13.36 miles Overall time 2 hours 31 minutes 11:30 overall pace. Our moving pace varied: 9:40 to 11:37. Calories burned 1644 July 24th – 13.5 miles July 31st – 14 miles

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

Today Alberto led 10 members of the Silver Group to the second beach park and back for the first time this season. Tiantian, Janet, Andrew, and Sandy, were amongst our regulars, and Benny graced us with his presence in between his work travels. We started out with very promising weather conditions – lots of breeze and perfectly placed clouds. However, the clouds disappeared at the turnaround and we were met with blazing hot sun on our return. Yes, these are the “dog days of summer”. Much thanks to Nelson for his ample supply of Gatorade and salty snacks for our replenishment. My Powergel was sooooo yummy! We made a longer stop at the new gas station to congratulate them on their grand opening this weekend, while Alberto took the opportunity to try to recruit the sales clerks as new members for our group – he’s such a running fanatic.

The Silverados finished in good time, though most trickled in at their own pace (due to the heavy heat). In the end, we covered 13.69 miles in 2:59 total time (13:05 pace), about 2:31 running only time (11:02 pace). The heat seemed to affect everyone today. Remember, running in the sun is good training for the marathon. (This will be the Silverado’s mantra for the remainder of the summer.) We’re getting into SERIOUS MILEAGE territory, so please make sure to do your homework runs, so the weekend runs can remain fun.

For those who would like to do a mini-group run during the week, Alberto will be leading a small group on Thursday morning for 10 miles @ Tantalus. We’ll meet at the mini park at the juncture of Makiki and Round Top Drive at 5:30 a.m. Please call or text Alberto [781-9221] to let him know you’re coming or if you have any questions.

Quote of the day: “I’m gonna let my body be in charge, and not my ego.” –Benny (such wisdom!)

Thought of the day: I know I’ve run far enough when I can see the self-manufactured salt on my eye lashes. Gotta remember not to rub my eyes because it sure stings like nothing else! –Lynnae

If you have any quote or thought to share, please let me know. We can commiserate together (aka support one another) through our marathon training journey.

July 10, 2011 (last week’s entry)

Today Alberto led 16 members of the Silver Group to Wailupe Park and back for a 12-mile run. It definitely felt like summer today – the sun shined brightly and the heat took its toll on many of us. (I will never again say I hate running in the rain.) Our only saving grace was the rather steady breeze. The group consisted mostly of regulars – Tiantian, Bob, Lisa, Janet, Marsha, Andrew and Eric (sorry for missing some of you), but with a few new faces. We welcomed Gao Har and Joy who joined us for the first time, having run most recently with the White group. That’s the great thing about HMC – you can run with different groups depending on how you feel. We missed Russ, who just returned from vacation, and opted to run with the White group because he only got to run once while away and needs to slowly and methodically work back up to Silverado shape. Hope you’ll be back with us soon, Russ.

Through the overbearing heat, everyone encouraged one another to keep going, and lively conversations distracted our minds from exhaustion. There were periods on the return when I thought we were sure to do a negative split. We returned via Kilauea Avenue, because taking Kahala on a sweltering day like this would have been downright mean. The Silverados finished in good time, though most trickled in at their own pace (this can be attributed to the heavy heat and injuries). In the end, we covered 11.38 miles in 2:22 total time (12:29 pace), about 2:07 running only time (11:14 pace).

Next week we’ll add on another 2 miles to our run and go to the second beach park along Kalanianeole. As the summer heat has arrived, please make sure to keep yourself well hydrated during our runs. Consider drinking water the night before. Bringing a sport drink or gel or gummies (at least one or a combination of these) are things we gotta start doing. Water alone is not sufficient.

Congratulations to all those who did the 10-mile run at Tantalus on July 3rd. There were about 16 runners in the combined Silverado-Grey group. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. If you can conquer Tantalus, you can do anything. Good job, you rock!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

The count taken at Triangle Park was up to 23 runners – Guru Sam , myself and our regulars like Noe, Diane,, Jann (without Sondra), Stacey, Aileen, Russ, Randy, Janelle, Rani, Gary, Norm, Fiona, Tracy, Turbo, Tyson, Berrie, Derrick, and a new slim and trim Mickey comprised the group. Jo, a runner /walker and a gentleman from Denmark, trying to make his way back to his hotel in Waikiki, were also partially with our group. (We help everyone!) We also welcomed back White Group “alumnus”, Emma, who is visiting us from the Bay Area. Apologies if I missed any members.

Sam decided to cut his run short so turned around at the Kahala gas station along with a few members who were recovering from injury or had early commitments. So, most members endured the “slightly” faster pace set by Blair for the rest of their 12-mile journey. We tried an “experiment” where members were given the opportunity to run back to the “clinic start” at their own pace from Triangle Park. Therefore, the average time over the group’s 11.66 miles would be varied. Based on the results of our experiment, I think that finishing together at a nice even comfortable pace is much more beneficial and enjoyable for most of our members. So, back to basics next week – Guru Sam will be proud and happy! Great job to all of our members who completed their second twelve-miler (11.66 miles to be exact; but we should “hit” the 12 miles when we include Kahala Avenue at the end of the month)!

*Just for your info –my “average running pace” as registered on my Garmin showed an 11:36 minutes per mile (a little too fast for our group) over the 11.66 miles; total calories expended – approximately 1178 calories.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

It was a nice breezy day as about 15 runners headed out on the Blue Group’s second 12-mile run. There was lots of lively chatter and folks having a good time. The turnaround point for the 12-mile run is Wailupe Park, which is nice since there are restrooms there. Pam Iwata, who was writing the weekly Blue Group’s report, will be taking a long vacation to recuperate from knee pain and arthritis. Some sad news to report – the brother of group leader Andy, passed away last Sunday as the group was finishing the run, returning to Kapiolani Park. Andy was the bone marrow donor for his younger brother who had leukemia. The Blue Group will continue the 12-mile runs for another 4 weeks, keeping to our training schedule. The recommended intermediate group training schedule can be found on the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site, intermediate ability group location: The city park number to call for fixing or adjusting the water fountains at the parks in our area is 373-8013. Drink plenty of water on your summer runs and we’ll see you next Sunday. Be safe!

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda and Chris Isham

Another hot July Sunday, repeating our ten miles. It looked like we have a full complement of coaches out there today: Luanne, Gail and Gail, Ann and Libby; Norm and Sandra; Melanie, and Chris. Our July weekly goals are 30 miles (!), a big jump from our June goal of 20. “We consider 30 miles per week for three to four months before a marathon to be the minimum training required to complete the race safely and comfortably.”; from page 40 “Your First Marathon – Rules of the Road”. For our 15-minute-mile pacers, 20 miles mid-week means five hours of training, divided among two or three sessions. Consider building up your time slowly, such as adding 15-minutes to each of your sessions each week to get your one-hour sessions up to two hour sessions by the end of July. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of habitual endurance training.

The 14 minute per mile group took off today for a Telephone Booth run under the guidance of Sandra and Norm. Today’s training run was lengthened just a bit to a distance of 10.2 miles as compared to 10.02 miles from last week. The slight increase each Sunday makes the jump to the next monthly turnaround point seem a little less formidable. The athletes took the hot conditions in stride with everyone staying well hydrated at the water stops in order to deal with the hot Hawaiian summer. Norm forgot his camera so the finish line/Queen’s Beach outing was postponed until next week. Also planned for next week is a possible group photo op at the new “Beer Cave” at the Mini Mart.

Lucky 13’s ran a strong “long 10” today. We had some new runners join us today. We again discussed the need to do your weekly homework as well as the benefit of walking more throughout the week. We also discussed the need to habitually drink lots of water throughout every day in order to allow your body to adjust to the increased intake of water. Keep up the great work!

Da Comment Corner

Road ID

I mentioned to our group members about a tiny little feather- light titanium I. D. plate that can be strapped on to our shoes which has information about us – name, phone numbers, address, etc. It might be a good idea to have if we run into any trouble on the road, especially if we are running on our own.

If interested, clinic member Jeff Oh has garnered us a special deal: Members can use code ARR7668 for $2.00 off their order – valid through 6/30/12.
We extend our deepest sympathies to Blue Group leader Andy Hirano who lost his brother last week to leukemia.
Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,