Blair’s Weekly Update 07-10-2011

Table Duty

Thanks to Bob and Libby for the drinks, fruits and brownies!

Group Reports

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile) Piers

22 Greys – Hot Sunday 12.02-miler! We took in our Kahala Avenue. Staffers: Andy (did not lose his Greased pace), Byron and I led our fearless group, Andy, Byron, Kara, Donna, Dr, Rob, Satomi (shaka-queen), Jyo, Tosh, Christine, Gannon, Dave, Deb, Shaym, Todd, Matt, bill, Pierre, Earl Samantha, and Cordelia (welcome back our, Aussie!). We added a tiny bit more mileage, and kept a little faster pace, but, assured we had our stops for hydration. It will really be hot over the summer months, and we purposely want to practice running in the sun, to acclimate. Our marathon will be in the sun. Hydrate from days prior to the run, and you will want to start refraining from exercise, or activities that will put you at risk of dehydration for the longer Sunday run. Clinic scale – weigh yourself prior to the run and again after the run. Every pound lost, you need to replace about 16 ounces of fluid. Electrolytes are important, if there is “sloshing” of liquid in your stomach, or muscle cramps, it maybe electrolyte depletion. Find the clothes that will keep you coolest, materials such as Cool-max, Dry-fit, not only keeps you cooler, but keeping sweat off also avoids chaffing. Know the symptoms of dehydration, or heat exhaustion, feeling faint, nauseous, palpitations, lightheadedness, skin feeling cool/ dry or prickly, confused or irritable. Be aware of your feelings, and those you run with, the importance of running with a “buddy” or a “greyhound pack.” So many of you are now running with your Garmin, or other “smart” device. Let’s share more tips on how you train, run, and use your new garb, train, learn, and share. As we pack on the miles, and build our “base,” your running will become so efficient, and effortless, if not already so. We will be running like Jyo, we’ll sink into our most natural stride, running with a smile, in our zone. See you Sunday!

July 3rd – Unofficial Run up Tantalus 10 miles (5 miles up, and 5 miles down) Treacherous! Lynnae! Thank you for meeting at the Summit! That was so special to have your drinks, fruits, and snack!
July 10th – 12.02 miles – Kahala Avenue: Overall Pace: 11:40, total time: 2:17 running pace: 10:30 to 11:24 (we had 2 groups) – Calories: 1,463 (that’s for a male!)
July 17th – 13 miles July 24th – 13.5 miles July 31st – 14 miles

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Guru Sam and I counted 23 runners starting off with us this morning. Our “regulars” like Noe, Diane, Sondra, Jann, Stacey, Aileen, Russ, Randy, Janelle, Rani, Gary, Norm, joined new faces, Mickey, Fiona, Ryan, Turbo(a great name for a runner), Debbie and Bridget. Apologies if I missed a few members. We miss you Berrie; please take care of your injury.

The new month started us off with our first 12-miler – the first beach park was our turn around point. We will continue the 12-milers for the rest of the month. As you are all well aware, our “homework runs” are critical to running “comfortably” on the longer distances. Also, experimenting with energy drinks and supplements (like gels, jelly beans, crack seed, pretzels, etc.) during your run will be important. Please check with your group leaders if you have any questions on this subject.

According to my Garmin, our average running pace over the approximate 12 miles was at an 11:58 minutes per mile and we expended approximately 1100 calories.


I just wanted to mention that at last week’s “informal” group run, almost all of our regulars showed up at 6:30 a.m. to participate in Guru Sam’s Wild Waikiki Adventure Run which totaled about 10 miles. Congratulations!

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda and Chris Isham

For our first formal clinic of July, we moved up the Sunday distance to ten miles. We survived hot sunny conditions with some breeze and lots of water and pacing. I was happy to see that many of us are eating something (10 percent of calories burned) during our runs of longer than an hour. The Clinic recommends “power pretzels,” diluted with lots of water, as a cost-effective training aid. Do try out whatever you plan to eat for the marathon on your training runs to see how they sit on your stomach. Our July weekly goals are 30 miles (!), a big jump from our June goal of 20. “We consider 30 miles per week for three to four months before a marathon to be the minimum training required to complete the race safely and comfortably, from page 40 “Your First Marathon – Rules of the Road”. For our 15-minute mile pacers, 20 miles mid-week means five hours of training, divided among two or three sessions. Consider building up your time slowly, such as adding 15-minutes to each of your sessions each week to get your one-hour sessions up to two hour sessions by the end of July. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of habitual endurance training.

The 14-minute per mile Greenies went on an official (by Norm’s Garmin) 10-miler today – turning around at the “Telephone Booth”. It was quite hot despite the breezes and the importance of hydration was stressed again and again. I guess summer is here and we can look forward to more days like today. Don’t hesitate to let someone know if you feel dizzy, overheated or if your vision starts to dim. Could be the first sign of heat stroke and everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of overheating.

Welcome back Lisa, who left us for a spell when she moved to the mainland. She has found a job in Hawaii and will be moving back soon. After the run, some of the gang stopped off at Waiola’s for some nice cold shave ice….sure hit the spot after all that sweating. Next week – we practice coming home to the actual finish line followed by a quick frolic in the cooling waters of Queen’s Beach

Lucky 13s did another outstanding job! We talked about how the marathon is an investment and the more effort you put into training-the better the return. It is extremely important to do the weekly homework, especially during the summer months. Also, it was important to take several “personal inventories” throughout your run-checking your form, your various ailments, whether you are relaxing, etc.

Da Comment Corner

Back to front

I get an “avalanche” of weekly periodicals (most from redeeming those expiring airline miles) and to get through it, I read the magazines from back to front. Weirdo! But why, one might ask? Usually, magazines have its “lighter fare” at the end and the “meaty part” in the middle or toward the start. (Read through Time, Newsweek or Businessweek and let me know if it isn’t true.) So, to get to the more “serious articles,” I go through the “fluffy stuff” first to “warm up” my diminutive brain. So how does it relate to running?

Like my “magazine reading disorder,” I start my runs very, very slowly and very easy until I get warmed up to run at a faster pace and cruise on to my ideal pace. See the analogy?

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,