Blair’s Weekly Update 06-19-2011

Doc’s Report

This morning Dr. Richard Ando spoke on asthma and exercise. They are not always mutually exclusive. Asthma–a narrowing and/or inflammation of the airways that transport air into the lungs– is serious. Every year there are more than 4,000 deaths attributed to it, many of which could be prevented with proper treatment. Nationally a little more than 6% of the population is affected. In Hawaii that number is over 15%. Exercise can induce the symptoms of asthma, especially exercise in cold weather and aerobic sports such as running. Inhaling through your nose brings warm moist air into the lungs which is good. Asthma can’t be cured, but with proper treatment and precautions, it can be successfully lived with.


Bev Major has been the contributing commentator for Doc’s Report for a few years and unfortunately, she will be taking a hiatus from her commentary and the clinic due to travel and injury. We wish her the best in her travels and also in her recovery and offer much mahalos for her great contribution to the weekly updates. You will be missed! Aloha!

Table Duty

Thank you Kozo for the great assortment of fruits and drinks! Oiishii deshita!!

Happy Father’s Day!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace < 9 min. per mile)

The AG continued our 14-mile run. We had ten runners to include Beth and Aaron who moved up from other groups. Both are working on their first marathon and would like to run a sub4. I told them their weekly mileage should be at 35 miles to include Sunday and two week day runs working on speed work, intervals, repeats, and hill work. Work hard during the week, but make your Sunday run an easy run to cover the distance. Speed will come naturally as your body adjusts to the hard training. Never try to keep up with the faster runners who average 8:20 going out and 8:15 coming back in. Run at conversation pace going out and you should be able to run a negative split coming back in. Again new runners to the group, you need to work on carbohydrate replacement and rehydration. Golden Rules: Never pass up water! No cotton in your running apparel (including socks).

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile) Piers,

17 brave Greys for our 10% step-up in distance- 12 miles. Staffers were Max, Byron and myself. We sure are missing our “step-up” pacer Andy. Andy, hope all is as well as can be with your sister; our prayers are with her. Dr. Rob, Donna, Dave, Bev, Keysa, Gannon, Corwin, Lance, Pierre, Satomi, Christine, Earl, Deb, Kara made up the rest of the group. We again had the “greased Greys”. We did not hold them back, because they were comfortable and passing the “talk test”; which shows that they are just getting stronger and were having an “on” training day.

How was the distance? If you are feeling you’re “high” and have that great feeling of an awesome workout yesterday, you did good and are on the right track. If you are sluggish at work, dreading the next run or work-out, take note. You may have out-paced, or not “fueled or hydrated” properly before, during and after the run.

Are you tired and cranky? Runner”s World July 2011 writes about beating the “brain fatigue” to run strong: 1. Learn from your runs, 2. be flexible with your schedule demands (stretching and strength training if you can’t do your run), 3. Work-out with buddies, share successes 4. Have positive thoughts; the first 30 minutes are the hardest, but once started, we ALWAYS feel good that we went out and finished! We are building our base for further distances. As we purchase our “fueling belts” and share in others “tips” we are on-board and we are now committed!

June Schedule:
June 5th 10.27 miles Overall pace: 12:37 time running 2:07, Running pace, ranges: 9:55 to 11:19
June 12 – 10.95 miles bus run with Hawaii Kai loop, Kahala Avenue Overall pace: 11:52 (stops) Greased Greys: did 9:50 to 10:00 first 6.8 miles, the True Greys (10:30) Calories burned 986
June 19 – 11.7 did it for Daddy and Andy! (our 10% increase in “distance”) Total time: 2:22 running time: 1:52 to 2:14 Overall pace 12.11(stops) Running pace 10:27/mile Greased Greys! and 10:47 Calories burned 1044
June 26 – 12 miles – we will need to run entire Paki Avenue to Monsaratt and back to make it 12 miles, we could do a 10% increase is effort this week
July 3rd – Unofficial Marathon Clinic Day – Tantalus Run, meet at 7 am, You may also use this as your recovery week instead!

Silver Group by Lynnae Lee

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

The Silver Group consisted of 16 members who wanted to start out Father’s Day 2011 with a good workout. This was the first day that we were going to reach the first beach park (Wailupe) on Kalanianeole, and all were up to the challenge. We were led by our solo leader, Alberto, who may still need help with his Garmin, but fortunately has his own built-in pacer ideal for our group. Conditions were fairly breezy to start out this run. We started out slowly so all could warm up. Quick water stops enabled us to stay close to the Gray group, much to their surprise (and our delight). We reached the beach park in fine form, though by that time had lost a few runners who decided to cut their run short this morning – kudos to those who made that smart decision to listen to your bodies and not push yourselves into possible injury. All enjoyed the new (and improved) gas station with the really yummy water. (Yes, water can be yummy.) Don’t forget to bring extra cash to purchase refreshments there. For the return we opted to go via Kilauea Avenue, and happened upon the Blue Group who were moving along in fine form. Benny and I were engrossed in coversation and mistakenly got attached to the end of the Blue Group, but never even noticed we were left behind because the Blue Group was moving at such a good pace. Keep up the good job you guys!

Our group consisted of a few returning travelers and it was great to learn of their off-island adventures. Benny just returned from Memphis and New Orleans, very happy to be back to enjoy our cool trade winds. He’s faithful with his training no matter where he is, and shared what it was like to run in 90+ degree weather – fortunately it wasn’t August yet! Marsha just returned from a family trip to Vegas where she got to witness her daughter enjoy her first time gambling. Her tip to all of those looking to visit the 9th island soon, see the Terry Fator ventriloquist act which she described as “excellent”. Finally, Tiantian just came back from visiting her hometown in Chongqing, China, which is located along the Yangzi River. She also had the opportunity to visit Mongolia for the first time. Intending to stick to her training, she took along Power Bars and gummy supplements on her trip. As it is now winter in Mongolia (and only had 3 hours of night per day), the natives keep warm by carving out holes in the walls and replacing them with mini fireplaces at random places. Not used to this custom of heating, Tiantian placed her bag too close to one of the fire walls, and her training supplements slowly began to roast. She discovered her mistake when someone commented on a delicious smell that filled the room! So her bag with the supplements was a total loss. So much for training while on vacation, but she still gets credit for the effort.

Okay, so I digressed. Back to the report…Alberto skillfully picked up the pace as we worked our way out of Kahala and back to home base. We finished in very strong form – everyone looked great and most importantly, was smiling. We covered a total of 11.5 miles in about 2:32 total time (13:13 pace), 2:08 running-only time (11:08 pace).

I hope all the fathers had a good Father’s Day, and the rest of you were able to honor your fathers as well.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

The Guru is back and so are his supporters; we had 22 runners at the beginning of our run but finished in two separate groups as half journeyed to the 10-mile mark while the other half turned back at the Kahala gas station to make it an 8-mile jaunt. Many had to choose the 8-miler due to Father’s Day celebrations. By the way, Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

Congrats to the many who persevered through the 10-miler; as is “prescribed”, we will continue our 10-milers for the rest of the month. Guru Sam and Joe led members Noe, Janelle, Barry, Gary, T.C., Nina, Stacey, Randy, Diane, Kara and friend, Aileen, Chieko (welcome back), Gauhar, Lisa, and the two new members who happen to be sisters. Please forgive me if I did not list your names today.

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte

As a tip for preventing blisters, Linda demonstrated her use of Vaseline for a few troubled spots on her feet. We tried to keep our remarks brief to get out ahead of the day’s heat. As our Sunday training gets longer, you may find it competing with Sunday afternoon responsibilities. Remember that you have the option of arriving early enough to get a few miles in before Dr. Jack’s talk. The plan for the day today was eight miles. Chris took the lead with the Lucky 13s and Norm formed a new, 14-minute-mile cohort. The walking coaches included myself, Luanne, Libby, and Gail. The sun was near-Summer strong and hot, but thankfully we had a good, cool breeze for most of the morning. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of endurance training.

Da Comment Corner

“Masochistic Running”

“Let’s go you wimp”, I uttered to myself as I struggled to get through the first mile. (My language might have been a little more “colorful” as I was experimenting with different “motivational methods” to get through a run when “all of the stars are not aligned in one’s favor for that perfect run”). I eventually slowed to a crawl and became the “wimpiest of wimps” when a little foot pain kicked in. After loosening my laces and stretching my calves, I managed to persevere and finish my “wimpy” seven-mile run. According to my soft and mushy mind, I had at least finished the run, so reasoned that my ego was restored back to “normal” and so, I had defeated the “wimp” in me for yet another run.

Running is fun, sometimes.

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,