Blair’s Weekly Update 05-15-2011

Doc’s Talk

Weight was the topic of Dr. Scaff’s talk this morning. According to the Body Mass Index, we should be below 25 but not below 18. Studies have equated increased longevity with a little extra weight. For every pound of weight we lose now, we’ll better our overall marathon time by one minute: lose 10 pounds; shave off 10 minutes from your finish time. Our bodies perceive weight differently from head to toe. Weight carried on the head (by transporting goods or wearing a really heavy hat) barely registers as extra work. The further down we carry our weight, the more difficult it is. Fat on our lower legs takes a toll on our running, as do heavy shoes.
From now until September is the time to lose weight.
Next week: How men and women runners differ.

Table Duty

Watermelon heaven! The Paduas (Sandy, Tony and Thad) put on a spread that included huge pans of fresh cut watermelons, just what was needed for after an arduous run. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
Photos for Doc’s Latest Book
Doc is asking for a few photos that spreads the “HMC’s message” throughout the world for his new book. Photos need to be brought to the clinic by this Sunday (May 22) for it to be included. Don’t delay!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – < 9:00 minutes per mile)
The AG had 12 runners today. We ran a hot and humid 14-mile course in three separate groups, each running at different paces ranging from 8:15-9:00/mi. The faster group seemed to have no problem dealing with the heat and humidity. The slower group had some problems finishing strong even with adequate hydration, gels, and electrolyte replacement capsules. We made sure to stop running as soon as our running form broke down. To continue would have led to inefficient running and injury.
Our hopes and prayers for a safe return goes out to missing fellow runner Are Hjorungnes who has been missing since Saturday when he participated in a trail run at Peacocks Flat on the north shore. Not much information except from what was reported on the news.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace – 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)
The Red Group went out with 4 runners this Sunday – Amelia, John, Ken (who moved up a group to run with us) and I went out to the gas station for an 8-miler. We’re going to continue running 8 miles through May – first, there’s no real need to do 10 until June, and, second, we’re mostly concerned with getting our pace down right now – and we’re doing great. After weeks of “going too fast” (9:00-9:10 pace), we ran an average 9:29 this time – a second off of our intended marathon pace! We did approach an 8-minute pace at times, but kept ourselves in check and ran strong the whole way, with plenty of energy left for a strong finish. If we can keep this up for the rest of the year, we should all be able to come in under 4:15 – some, probably faster.
Also – please keep Are Hjorungnes in your thoughts and prayers – the Advanced Group runner was doing a trail run on the North Shore with the HURT group on Friday, and failed to show up at the finish – rescue crews are still searching for him. Let’s all hope for the best.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile) Piers,
23 brave GREYs cranked up 2 more (or so) miles on a HOT Sunday. Max, Lilia, and Ivie tried to pace, without Andy ( Andy did the “Bay to Breakers”), without a Garmin. Poor Greys, running on “feel and effort”. We gathered Garmin, distance, time and pacer stats from each other. Sorry, I forgot my Garmin! We went for distance an increase of 10% as our goal this Sunday. Running were: Kara, Christine, Lance, Benika, Satomi, Gannon, Deb, Dr. Rob, Donna, Joan, Genai, Shaym, Dave, Bev, Tosh, Jyo, Welcome: Corwin, Jane, and Kiyo! If you had a tough run, it’s a great way to learn from it. Evaluate your own run, it could have been too fast a pace, hydration, electrolyte replacement, or, fuel (energy replacement). Lance said, he can gauge when we are getting “serious,” when he sees the “fuel belt” debut. He noticed I started wearing mine. In general, we need water replacement 30 to 40 minutes out, and CARB about 1 hour 30 minutes out, which for us would be at the 10-milers. You could start to find your “time”. Also, practice with “what” to replenish your fuel, be it, gels, power bars, pretzels, a different CARB form, such as blocks, beans, bursts, etc. There are a lot on the market. Use this time to find your best replacement and stick with it. Do not try something new on race day. Electrolyte replacement is very important, depletion may cause cramping, or GI distress. You will notice “salt crystals” on your sweat at this mileage. I try to carry a low calorie electrolyte drink to replenish my electrolytes. Regular electrolyte drinks higher calorie, cause me to have stomach cramps.
Dr. Scaff‘s talk was about the ideal BMI, less than 25, and that over the next months, losing weight may shave off some minutes of our marathon finish. Not only does losing weight help your time, but also helps how comfortably you will run! Your homework, find what your BMI is and your goal weight to September. Once September comes, we do not want to work on weight loss. We will do a group picture in June, let’s shoot for June 5th, as our “baseline”. September will be our next group picture, either BMI < 25 or our leaner runner’s picture. What a plus, running, losing weight, being leaner! Kara joined us back from 2010 Marathon Clinic. We all raved at how much she lost weight, and looks so good! She looks so lean, she looks taller! Lance said she looks YOUNGER! Wow, running makes you leaner and younger! I am going to run forever! The Greys do NOT GREY! For me: Warm Chestnut hair color also works.
May 1 — 6.27 miles completed in 76 minutes @ 12:14 pace, average running pace = 11
May 8 — 8.33 miles completed in 107 minutes @ 12:50 pace, average running pace = 11
May 15 – 9.26 miles DARN! we thought it was 10 miles average running pace 10:22
Silver Group by Paris Monti:
(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)
Today we had a Silver group of 17 runners; Alberto, Paris, Norman, Tian Tian, Lynnea, Lei, Charlene, Lisa, Jeff, Marsha, Tom, Sandy, Samantha and a few others (sorry, if I didn’t mention your name). I think we are getting close to have the group that will stick together for U5 – WELL training till Marathon Day. We went for our first 10-miler today. The weather was great (I know, some of you thinks it could have been better) and all 17 runners returned to base showing not too much fatigue. We completed this run in 2:12 @ an overall pace of 13:06, including water stops and walking. We lost 1,188 calories each, according to Alberto’s Garmin.
The Silvers Running Plan:
May 15 — increase to 10 miles
Jun 12 — increase to 12 miles
Jul 17 — increase to 14 miles
Sep 4 — increase to 16 miles
Oct 16 — increase to 18 miles
It’s official! The Silvers’ slogan is: U5 – WELL; it stands for Under-5, With Energy Left in the Locomotive (U5 – WELL); it reflects both the Silvers’ goal of finishing the Marathon under 5 hours and the training discipline to accomplish this goal and still feeling good. Use it to greet and encourage other Silver Group members.
Date Miles Run Compl Time Overall Pace Avg Run Pace Calories Lost
May 1 6.26 76 min 12:14 11 725
May 8 8.33 107 min 12:50 11 950
May 15 2:12 132 min 13:06 11 1,188
I will be away for about three months, returning from Italy on August 11 and reporting for “duty” on Sunday, August 14.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)
Due to Blue Group Andy’s absence, some of the Blue group members joined our group again for at least the short trek to Triangle Park. At the park though, it was decided to keep the groups intact although a few of the Blues joined the Whites. Thanks Richard of taking the leadership role of the Blues.
Back to the White Group – as is usual, Guru Sam, Joe and I “worked” the group of 24 runners through its paces for the 8-mile journey. Guru Sam’s leadership training program was again implemented with various members taking the lead or being the sweeper of our group. Violet (with pink compression socks), Jan, Sondra, Gauhra, Stacey, Jodee, Sayako, Keiko, Yuka, Diane, and Rani were some of the “trainees” in Sam’s program. There were a few guys as well – newcomer’s Eric and Daniel (Sayoko’s workmates) Barry, Ben, Randy, and John were also part of our group. Sorry that I could not remember a few others’ names. According to my Garmin 201, we finished our 8.01-mile run (total distance covered) with a “run time” of 12:12 minutes per. Our total rest time was 31 minutes and 19 seconds and rest distance was at .99 miles. We expended approximately 714 calories over this distance and our fastest pace time was 9:23 minutes per-mile. The weather was cooperative with cloud cover and slight trades. It became a bit muggy toward the end of our run but we all ended altogether in good form. Congratulations, everyone!
We continue our 8-milers for the rest of the month and transition to 10 miles next month. Please continue your “homework runs.”
A quick note – Sam might have met his verbal match in Gauhra.

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)
Sorry I could not run with you guys, though I did get one in before the clinic. My daughter’s graduation party and I was part of the decorating committee. Let’s hope Andy will be in good shape for next week. I have a hunch it was hot out there. I know you did well if last week is anything to go by.
Just a note – Richard, who was with the Blue Group last year and completed the marathon, was called upon to lead the Blues. Great job Richard and thanks!

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte and Chris Isham

Norm Uyeda was away at the 100th anniversary of the “Bay to Breakers”, reportedly a cool and rainy day. Back home here in Honolulu, Rosemary followed behind the Chris and Dina 13-minute milers out to Kilauea District Park and back, a six-mile course. Our mid week home work for May remains two additional training sessions, one hour continuous training each session, scheduled with a day off of training after each training day. Our talk-test pace keeps us at the right heart rate for the benefits of endurance training. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of endurance training.
Great job Lucky 13’s! Next week we’ll do a “Marathon Finish” at the end of our run.

Da Comment Corner


The number of gels Lance Armstrong consumed in his first marathon in New York in 2006. He finished in 2:59 (from Runner’s World). I am sure Doc and your staff leaders have mentioned the need to replenish your energy source. And, many suggestions are mentioned – Doc’s favorite – pretzels. Power bars, gels, jelly beans, seedless ling hing mui (my mouth is puckering as I mention it), etc. and of course, Gatorade are the usual “candidates”. On longer runs like the marathon, refueling is essential and the “What and When” will be very important factors. It is a good time to “fine tune” your “eating and drinking” strategy. Check with your staff leaders for suggestions or any questions.

Hopes and Prayers

Our hopes and prayers go out to advanced runner, Are Hjorungnes, who has been missing since doing a trail run during the weekend.
Let’s say a collective prayer for member Are.