Blair’s Weekly Update 05-01-2011

Our May Day picnic was held on this beautiful, sunny day; many groups cut their run short to participate in the festivities. (See comments below)

Group Reports

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

Who knows how many Greys were with us, this May Day Sunday? Andy, Lilia, Max (Horacio) and Ivie led the Greys, on another HOT day. Those I remembered: Thomas, Gannon, Keysa, Dave (Dave is back!), Dr. Rob, Lance, Gino, Deb, Hiro, Cordelia (from Australia!). Franklin, and Janelle were you with Greys this Sunday, I did see you? We practiced short stops, just for water, and pacing. We missed Bev, who was a docent for the Historic Manoa Walking Tour on May 1st. Joe, so glad to see you for the picnicl! We learned quite a lot this Sunday! What an incentive, get back by 9 am, to eat the feast. Thank you all for the wonderful May Day food!
1. Shortened stops, helped our overall pace! We made the goal, (under 11:27 overall, see below, will get us a Sub-5 hour)
2. Potty Stops – take time; plan accordingly. There we go again, I took that break and I could not catch up with our pack running 9:30 on flats, 10:30 on hills, and 8:50 on the decline! Lesson learned – “high-fat” meal the day before delays digestion and may mean a “potty stop” for an a.m. run. It didn’t help that I turned down Hunakai instead of Elepaio, oops.
3. Training in this heat, will train us for Marathon Day heat.
Precautions for our runs in the sun:
It has been very hot. We need to acclimate, so consistent running in this heat and humidity is what we are doing right. Always drink ahead of the game. Once we are thirsty, we cannot catch up, drink every 15 to 20 minutes (also remember electrolyte replacement). We should urinate within 4 hours after our run, and our urine should be clear at least once a day. Weigh yourself before and after your run. 16 ounces for every pound lost. Sun protection: sunscreen (non-drip), light clothing (microfiber is great), sunglasses (filter UVA and UVB rays), cap or visor (some headgear, may prevent heat dissipation from the top of your head, so be careful of the cap choice). Keep in the shade as much as possible.
Injuries – We are training to avoid injury, however, if you do get hurt, please seek medical and/or professional advice. We are all here to assist and give tips, but we want all of you to be smart, recover well, and have a lifetime of running fitness. We do not want injuries that cut a running career short due to frustration or an injury that is forever disabling. Seek expert advice – if you are in pain or have an injury that you cannot recover from.
Continue your core strengthening and stabilization.

We are well on our way! Here’s our May’s schedule:

Next Up:
May 1st – 6.5 miles May Day Picnic! – to Elepaio and back (quick stops, only for water) total time: 1:11 Total Pace 11:02 Total running 10:30, outgoing pace: 10:39, return running 10:24 Calories burned: 790!

May 8th – 8.5 miles (Kahala again, because, we love it!) – We will also take the marathon finish.

May 15th 10 miles we are bumping up, so we will take usual water breaks

May 22nd – 10 miles

May 29th – no official Marathon Clinic

Silver Group by Paris Monti

On this Lei Day and Picnic day Sunday we managed to put together a group of Silvers 21-strong made-up of a mixture of our core group members and several runners new to the group. Perhaps the return of fully recovered staff leader and front-runner Alberto was the key to the greater number of runners today. Staff leader Norman K. joined us at Triangle Park. Besides Alberto, Norman K and I (Paris), other runners were Lisa, Samantha (Sam), Georgett, Guy, Than, Rodney, Marsha, Sandy, Tom and, sporadically, Sal and Hao w/baby; sorry, if I didn’t get/remember your name. Weather conditions weren’t perfect but we didn’t feel too much difficulty due to this run being shorter than in the previous week. The shorter run was prompted by the need to get back to the Park by 9:00 to meet the Director of City Parks and to enjoy Picnic/Lei Day festivities. The Silver Group is working on perfecting its running pace: the goal is running at 10:30 to 11:30 pace for an average 11-min/mile pace.

The Silvers Running Plan: Having switched to running 8 miles in the middle of April, the Silvers will increase running to 10 miles on May 15, 12 miles on June 12, 14 miles on July 17 and 16 miles on September 4. We plan on completing some 18-mile runs beginning in October, dates to be determined.

Marathon finish goal: Under-5 With Energy Left in the Locomotive (U5 – WELL).


May 1 — 6.27 miles completed in 76 minutes @ 12:14 pace, average running pace = 11

(I think we didn’t take enough recuperating time at water stops, we’ll do better next Sunday)

Next Sunday, May 8, we’ll be back running 8 miles

White Group by Sam Usman

Three years ago Michael and Nelson left the White Group and formed their own group, the Purple Group. Next year Ivie and Andy got their group going, the Grey Group. And, his year, Alberto, Paris and Norm have split to form another group, the Silver Group. So from here on end, we should add another title to our group – Marathon Clinic Leader Training Farm. Aside from the fun and frivolity (mixed in with the occasional “serious” training), we are producing leaders for future groups!

Yesterday’s activities were awesome; we had a great run topped with a great breakfast with friends and lively personalities. Donna, Dr. Scaff’s wife dancing the hula and with her infectious smile made for a great May Day Celebration!

Joe and I took about 26 members out and did an easy six miles; we created “four sub groups” with four different leaders and a “sweeper” – total of 8 new leaders. From Triangle Park, each of the subgroups’ leaders took turns for one mile. All eight members received the “Guru Sam” certification of approval to be trainees or interns for our “training farm course”. Somehow we ended up in the end with 38 runners. Maybe Andy’s group (Blue Group) joined us by mistake. HA HA HA HA!!

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

Hi everyone, even though we had a short run, Andy kept the pace up and we all arrived back in time for the picnic, what a spread, I don’t know about you but I left stuffed, the food and the picnic was well organized. I think this was the best one yet, and to be graciously entertained by Donna was an added bonus. We will be running eight miles next week, as you know it is Mothers day so for those of you with plans have a great time; for the rest of you, see you at the clinic.

Green Group/Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

The Green Groups arranged their runs to be back at 0900 for the picnic and Gary Cabato’s presentation. The runners tried the back side of Diamond Head, trying out their talk test pacing on the steep Monsserat Road hill. Cliff and Dina led the runners back finishing with a lap around Kapiolani Park, a distance of about 5.5 miles. Our mid week home work remains two additional training sessions, one hour continuous training each session, scheduled with a day off of training after each training day. Our talk-test pace keeps us at the right heart rate for the benefits of endurance training. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of endurance training.

Da Comment Corner

Spring Picnic Sunday

Light run,

Cool off, “grind judiciously”,

Share fellowship.

(from last year’s update)

In my 14 years with the clinic, I think I have attended every Spring HMC Picnic and in my very humble opinion, yesterday’s outing was the best one that I can recall (in agreement with Pam of the Blue Group). (I remember that there were only about 10-15 participants at my first HMC picnic). Thanks to Luannne and her volunteers, the event was well organized from beginning to end. Food was plentiful and lively conversation abundant. There was lots of laughter and good cheer all around. Our first Ms. Lei Day, a.k.a. Donna Scaff is an incredible ambassador for the Honolulu Marathon Clinic – her spirit of Aloha permeated throughout our venue as she danced her beautiful hulas. Her performance touched our hearts and reminded us of how lucky we are to be living in Hawaii and share in the camaraderie that is the Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

By the way, for the folks who left early and missed out on the lucky number drawing, the winner of the trip for two to Paris was …….. (just kidding; thank you Peter for organizing the drawing).

Thanks to everyone who was involved in planning, running, and assisting with the event!! UDABEST!!

Have a super week!

See you at the water stops,