Blair’s Weekly Update 04-24-2011

Doc’s Talk

With the smaller than usual turnout on this Easter Sunday, Dr. Scaff decided to postpone his important talk on heat exhaustion to next week which is May 1: Lei Day. In addition to our potluck picnic–which all of your family is invited to–there are several others not to be missed events. Incredible lei are on display at another area of the park, and at the request of Peter, hula will be performed by Donna Scaff. Donna asks for our help in bringing freshly picked loose plumeria next Sunday. Dr. Scaff urged us to take advantage of the early Honolulu Marathon registration rates, and reminded us of the importance of running 1 hour 3 times a week, versus 30 minutes, 6 times a week. New research has uncovered non-addictive cannabis-like effects from long distance running which are different from endorphins. Lastly, Dr. Scaff shared an anecdote – the punch line of which was “companionship.” If you see someone on the outskirts of the group that’s just what their motivation may be for joining us.

Table Duty

A special Easter mahalo to Staff leader Jeff who put on an incredible spread for table duty!


Boston Marathon Finishers

We would like to acknowledge three members of our clinic who qualified, participated and finished the “Holy Grail” of running – Rosie Adam-Terem, Steve Williams and John Wat. Incredible job!!!

May Day Picnic

Our first Honolulu Marathon Clinic picnic for2011 is slated for this Sunday; we encourage everyone to attend and ask attendees to bring something, such as salad, dessert or main entrée to supplement the chili and rice that we will furnish (hopefully you signed up on sheet). The clinic will furnish the soft drinks. Please bring your families! The cost is $1.00 per person; children 12 and under are free. Lucky number drawings will be held! It should be a very festive outing!

*Staff leaders please consider cutting your routes short this Sunday as the picnic and festivities will start around 9:00 a.m.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – < 9:00 minutes per mile)

The AG had 12 runners today including a guess runner from Switzerland. His name is Reto, a banker with a 2:58 marathon PR! He had no problem trotting along with 10 runners on a 12-mile run at a 8:40-8:30 pace. Dr. Scaff will tell you that you are most prone to getting hurt when you are felling good. Last Sunday I was feeling good and ran a 8:45 average pace with the group. Two miles from the finish my left knee told me to stop!!! RED light!!! Too much, too soon, too bad! Luckily I stopped in time to prevent serious injury. Could only run 6 miles Tuesday and took the day off on Thursday. I ran a 9:30-9:00 pace today and felt great. Getting old and injuries while training really sucks!! Morale of the story: 1) run Sunday long run at a slower pace (30 sec.-1 min slower than your marathon pace). 2) Always listen to your body. The runners were told they should “own” 12 miles by now. You “own” 12 miles when you can cover the distance at your pace and feel good enough at the finish to run it again. Next two months will be working on “owning” 14 miles. It’s getting hot and humid. Don’t run if you don’t pass the pee test. You got to be hydrated before the run cause you won’t make it up drinking during the run.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace – 9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

Jeff was on table duty.

Pink Group

(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

The Pinks were split into two subgroups today because one group had a busy Easter schedule and needed to run early. So Rosie, Amanda and Holly ran 7 miles through Waikiki and up to the lighthouse for a change of pace and met Bill, John and others running up Diamond Head as they were returning to the barn.

In May we’ll move up to 10 milers on Sundays. On Picnic Day, May 1st, we need to be back at the park at 9 for an important talk, so to get the miles in, we should start running early. Let’s try to meet at 6:30, run a few miles, listen to Dr Scaff and Peter at 7:30, then run the rest. We can keep our picnic items in our vehicles until 7:30.

Don’t forget to bring $1 or more as your donation to the picnic costs. Bring chairs or mats to sit on while we grind!

If you haven’t registered for the marathon yet, the $60 rate is good until May 1st. Go to the website to sign up at the reduced rate. ; click on kama`aina.

Thanks to everyone for your support for the Boston marathon. I was sick with bronchitis and soon realized I couldn’t run it, so I ran/walked and then walked it, making sure I would finish under the cut-off time of 6 hours. I met all our Pink goals: Finish, Have Fun, and Don’t Get Injured. Maybe I can go back next year and actually run it this time

Purple Group

(10:00 – 11:00 per mile pace)

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

16 Greys on Easter Sunday. It was another hot day, but since it was the 2nd sunshiny day in a row, we acclimated quickly. Andy (remembered his Garmin, but forgot how to read it), Lilia, and myself, along with: Gannon, Hiro, Satomi, Keysa, Dr. Rob, Donna, Nathan, Gino, Lance, Bev, Dennis, Thomas, Shauna (sp?). Hey, Sam I Am, Thomas said, “I think I can…join the Grey” and joined us. Our run ended with all of us saying, “I know we can!” Everyone stuck together – well, in 2 groups. Those who read their Garmins like Andy ran a sub-10:30 pace and still did Kahala, without stopping! I kept us to our pace, no faster than 10:30 and our 2nd group also stayed together. Nathan found Andy going 9:45 to 10:24. Since the first group was fine at that pace and distance, they continued on without hurting or pushing too hard. As far as pacing, we may pick up the pace going downhill. This is fine. We should keep the same “cadence” or “effort” up hills, down hills, and on flats. Shorten the pace for uphill runs and as far as downhill, go with the momentum, without running out of control; however, don’t hold back, just maintain that pace. Do your homework runs, and remember core strengthening. You are all really making so much progress! Keep on, running, on!

April Schedule:
April 3 – Total Miles: 8 miles missed Total Pace Total running pace 11:00, outgoing pace: 11:09, Return running pace: 10:20
April 10 – Total Miles: 8 miles Total Pace 12:07 Total running pace: 10:39. outgoing pace: 10:36 Return running pace: 10:43
April 17 – 8 miles We did not do the Total Pace down to 11:27. Usual run, assured hydration 8 miles only got the overall running pace: 10:58 running pace range: 9:58 to 11:15 (up hills) Sorry, I didn’t do a good job at capturing this data
April 24th – 8.5 miles(included Kahala Avenue) – Total pace 11:57 to 12:18 Total running pace: 10:29 Outgoing pace: 10:35 Return running pace: 10:24 Calories Burned: 1,013 (how about that?) You earned your Easter brunch.

Next Up:
May 1st – 5 miles May Day Picnic! – Around Kaimuki Intermediate and back (quick stops, only for water), gotta get back before 9 a.m.!

May 8th – 8.5 miles (Kahala again, because, we love it!) – We will also take the marathon finish.

Silver Group by Paris Monti

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 minutes per mile)

On this Easter Sunday morning I had planned to lend more help with table duty but the unexpected absence of our front-runner Alberto made me change plans, taking up the task of pace-setter with the valid help of Norman K. I counted 10-12 Silvers making their way up Diamond Head Rd; a smaller group made up mostly of our core runners: Janet, Sandy, Marsha, Rodney, Tom, Norman K, the couple Sal and Hao w/baby, Paris and a newbie. The relatively smaller group on this day was perhaps due to this being Easter or perhaps to the absence of our “attractive” Alberto. Running conditions were slightly better than last week due to a slight breeze, but still humid and hot. We made all the water stops, needing to replenish lost fluid. We completed this run of 8 1/4 miles at an average running pace of 11 minutes/mile. The Silvers distance running plan Having switched to running 8 miles in the middle of April, the Silvers will increase running 10 miles on May 15, 12 miles on June 12 and 14 miles on July 17. We’ll probably increase to running 16 miles on September 4. The Silvers training goal is to finish the Marathon in December Under-5 and still feeling good.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 minutes per mile)

Guru Sam, staff leader Joe W. and I welcomed a rather large group of runners especially for Easter Sunday. 24 eager members ran in single file up Diamond Head; we welcomed a few runners from other groups (everyone is still trying to find their “niche group”). Noe, Suzette, and Russ rejoined our “gang” while regulars Aileen, Ben, Bob. Janelle, Stacey, Chu-Ling, Dr. Lisa (who lost, then found her car keys thanks to Russ), and Rick were also part of our group. By the way, Chu-Ling, our astronomy student from Taiwan, brought two of her fellow astronomy students to run with us. We welcome back Carl, our surfer from Switzerland who visits us every year. Steve started with us but dropped back because of a stomach ailment. Hope you are ok!

As time goes on, I am sure I will get to meet and know all of you! Sorry, if you were not mentioned this week. The Guru made sure that most of the group finished together – 20+ finished strong and ran approximately 6 miles at a 12-minute pace. (Sorry but I was assisting a runner at the end so did not finish with the group; therefore my Garmin 201 readings did not reflect the group time and distance).

Contrary to our announcement that we would start our 8-milers next Sunday, we will cut our run short so everyone can get to the picnic on time.

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Hi everyone, if this is an indication of the kind of weather we will have this summer, now is a good time to drink lots and I do mean lots of water. We had 25 in the blue group this week and it was our last six miles, next week will be eight. We have mastered the six miles and ready to challenge ourselves for the additional two miles. As usual Andy kept a good pace and we enjoyed chatting with each other. The picnic is next Sunday – please bring a dish to share. As we have lost our beautiful tree here is no shade so think about bringing some. Remember to stroll over to see the May Day ceremonies. Once again come early in case the parking situation is difficult. We will see you all next week.

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte

The Green Groups repeated their four-mile route out to Medal of Honor Park today. Our mid week home work remains two additional training sessions, one hour continuous training each session, scheduled with a day off of training after each training day. Our talk-test pace keeps us at the right heart rate for the benefits of endurance training. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of endurance training. Congratulations on completing six weeks of training! It takes six weeks to make a habit, so some of us are finding that it is now easier “to do” than “not to do” our weekly training. Remember your Lei Day leis for next Sunday’s run and Picnic!

Green Lucky 13’s- Dina Schneider (Group Leader)

I had the pleasure of leading the group today on its final four-mile run to the Medal of Honor Park. Norm held us together from the back. We had a nice run, not too hot, while keeping to our 13-minute pace. I appreciated the positive feedback on our pace and could see the anticipation building for next Sunday–the group is ready for the move up to six miles! Keep up your home runs and hydrate. As we progress to longer runs, it’s okay to use the time to get to know others in our group. You should be able to talk and run comfortably in your pace and you’ll be amazed how it will lighten your run (and make friends too). You are always free to move in any groups that you fit most comfortable in. It’s all about having fun and sharing the goal of finishing! Thank you for the honor.

Da Comment Corner

Last week for kama’aina rate: Honolulu Marathon registration website: $60 fee. This offer expires May 1st, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. HST. To register for 2011 go to:

May Day is Lei Day: Let’s all plan our Sunday runs to be back promptly at 9:00 a.m. for a special Lei Day Celebration featuring our Lei Day Queen.

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,