Blair’s Weekly Update 04-17-2011

Doc’s Talk

This morning Dr. Scaff continued his heated discussion on our internal body temperature while we run, and how we can dissipate our natural heat build-up and avoid heat exhaustion.

Wearing a light colored singlet with holes, such as the ones sold at our table each Sunday is a great way, as is drinking lots of water to replenish moisture lost through sweat.

We should urinate within four hours of our run, or notify our doctors if we don’t. Next week: Post race collapse.

Table Duty

Special thanks to Stanley and Marie Chun for handling table duty.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – < 9:00 min. per mile)

The AG had 11 runners running 12 miles at their own paces. It was hot and humid. New runners to the group asked if we start our run earlier to beat the heat. I told them that if they finish the marathon in 3 hours or less than it would be okay to run earlier. Most of us will finish closer to the 4 hour mark which would put the sun at our backs at the tail end of the marathon. At this point you will have enough to deal with without the heat and humidity to deal with also. Train with the heat to work out your sweat rate, water management, and supplement intake. You would like to know how to deal with the heat and humidity during training and not on the tail end of marathon day. Remember Golden Rule: Never pass up water. Start adding a mile to your two day weekly runs. We will bump up to 14 miles next month for our Sunday run.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace – 9:00 – 10:00 min. per mile)

The Red Group went out with 10 runners this Sunday, including Sue, from Vancouver! It was HOT and MUGGY – so much so that it slowed most of us down – we actually did close to our intended 9:30 pace. On days like this, you can’t drink enough water – drink more than you think you need, and, if that makes you stop at the bathroom(s), then stop – we need that liquid going through us;-) It’s also important to keep hydrated during the week – as Jack said, 1/2 gallon a day, more, if you’re a runner and/or doing physical work.

I’m on table duty next week (Easter) – so come hungry – I’m serving a light brunch

Pink Group

(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 min. per mile)

Rosie is off and running in Boston!

Go Rosie Go!

Purple Group by Michael Zhang

(10:00 – 11:00 per mile pace)

We ran 8 miles this Sunday and it was a very difficult day due to the heat and humidity; starting next week, we will meet at 7:00a.m. in the park, run 2 miles (once around the park) before the clinic and then run 8-10 miles after Doc’s talk. Since the weather gets very hot during the summer, our group will try to build up our mileage to 14 miles so by end of May or the beginning of June. At that time, we will meet at 6:00a.m. at the second beach park and run 7 miles into the clinic meeting area; then we will run back to the second beach park after Doc’s talk and finish around 9:30 a.m. totaling 14 miles.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

Grey’s Update (Greyhounds) – 10:30 to 11:30 pace (goal sub-5 hours), no injuries, please!

23 Brave Greys ran in the HOT heat! We did not shorten our stops as previously planned, due to the heat. We wanted to assure proper hydration, and sharing of tips amongst us. Andy (forgot his Garmin), Lilia (safety officer, THANK YOU!) and Ivie sure had fun running with: Dr. Rob, Christine, Todd, Hiro, Nathan, Satomi, Gino, Franklin, Rob, Lance, Joe, Bev, Yuko, Kei, Deb, Joan, new to Greys this week Keysa, Tosh, Jyo, and Shaym .
Andy’s mini-talk topic was about our own training during the week and what we could achieve. He talked about just “pushing” a little more, to get faster, build cardiovascular strength, and build up on our mileage. Warning: Do not over train. Overtraining leads to injury. Gauge: no more than 10% increase in miles a week, and if you are “beat” the next day, or in “pain” the next day, you have over trained. We want that “sweet” feeling of muscles that have had a good work-out and the runner’s high making us want more. Shaym mentioned since he has started running, after each work out, he has this feeling of “I can’t wait until my next work-out.” Atta boy! Running is our life, now! Now, Shaym, let’s work on the “hills” He claims why is it, running up Diamond Head 1st leg, you would think we would be going downhill, coming back, but we seem to still be going uphill. I told him, we will train to the point, when running this course, and we will say, “What hill?”

Jyo our 7 year old runner, runs in the most natural stride, effortlessly, consistently, smoothly! Wow!

Our Marine from the New Orleans “swamp” emailed us, recommending that we remind everyone about Core training. Good reminder! During the building up of miles – as we are still in “low mileage”. CORE training is strengthening our back, abdominals, and hips. This is to prevent injury, as we build up our miles. We want to run, RTS (relaxed, tall, and silent). A solid core will help us, and obtain running efficiency, economy. What!! 8 miles is low mileage? And 1 hour of running, is a short duration? See how far we have come! Let’s go Greys! Hope to see Samantha next week.

To the Diva ladies, hope you have a fun Diva run! Share your stories!

April Schedule:
April 3 – Total Miles: 8 miles missed Total Pace Total running pace 11:00, outgoing pace: 11:09, Return running pace: 10:20
April 10 – Total Miles: 8 miles Total Pace 12:07 Total running pace: 10:39. outgoing pace: 10:36 Return running pace: 10:43
April 17 – 8 miles We did not do the Total Pace down to 11:27. Usual run, assured hydration 8 miles only got the overall running pace: 10:58 running pace range: 9:58 to 11:15 (up hills) Sorry, I didn’t do a good job at capturing this data
April 24th – 8.5 miles (we will take Kahala Avenue) – we will be easier on the pace, since it’s a longer run

Silver Group

(Pace – 11:00 – 12:00 min. per mile)

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

We started with 32 members running single file up Diamond Head; Guru Sam and I were very ably assisted by staffers Joe W. , Xavier, and up from the Beginners’ ranks, staffer Tony P. We maintained a running pace of 12:02 minutes a mile and covered a total distance of 5.97 miles. Running miles totaled 5.42 miles while our “resting distance” was at .55 miles. Our “total outing time” was at 1hour and 27 minutes while our “running time“was 1hour and 5minutes (Stats from my “old fashioned” Garmin 101; customized to rest at 15 minute per mile or slower).

At Triangle Park we polled the group and found that over ten members were first timers; with the Guru in charge and able assistance from Joe, Xavier, and Tony, the newbies are going be in for a great training season! As the Guru mentioned, the “Marathon Training Farm” is off to a good start!

Along with the newbies, we welcomed back Craig (not Eric), C and C (Colleen and Colette), B and B (Ben and Bob), Aileen, Bernie, Violet, Chao-ling, a student from Taiwan and a host of others. Despite the heat and humidity, everyone finished in fine form – a good sign that members were doing their homework. Please keep it up; as we start running longer distances these “foundation runs” are going to be a key to your progress. We’ll see you all next week!

Blue Group by Pam Iwata:

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 min. per mile)

Hot, hot, hot! Was it hot enough for you! I was impressed with everyone stopping and drinking water. One more six-miler and then up to eight. Next week is Easter Sunday and there will be a clinic. Please sign up for the picnic the following Sunday, that will be the week of the eight miles, which by the way is up to Kahala Gas Station. My daughter just ran the women’s half marathon; she did not drink enough water so she started getting shortness of breath – very, very important water! I counted 17 1/4 runners as we left Kapiolani Park. We finished in good form and everyone seems comfortable with the six miles, so it must be time to move up. It is always a good idea to check and see if anything is happening at Kapiolani Park for the parking situation. We’ll see you all next week.

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte

The Green Groups repeated their four-mile route out to Medal of Honor Park today. Our mid week home work remains two additional training sessions, one hour continuous training each session, scheduled with a day off of training after each training day. The hot, humid conditions were a good chance to put Dr. Jack’s discussion of heat exchange into practice. Our talk-test pace keeps us at the right heart rate for the benefits of endurance training. I think of the “Three Hs” that drive up heart rate: heat, hills and (lack of) hydration. With practice, we naturally slow our pace to keep our heart rate where it needs to be; and plenty of water at each water stop keeps us hydrated. Remember the mantra “Pee clear once a day!” Thanks for the feedback, Racquel, on how that tip has helped you from your first day. We welcome Renee joining us for the first time this week. It is never too late in the year to join the clinic, we’ll find you a pace group and distance to meet your needs. Our primary purpose is to teach, and to put into practice, the benefits of endurance training. Thanks to Rose for giving me your copy of the March 2011 edition of Runners World, for the Marathon Anniversary (2,500th year) articles. I found in the same issue the article “The Big 7 Body Breakdowns” (knee, Achilles tendon, hamstring, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, illiotibial band, and stress fracture) with discussions of cause, prevention, and rehab for each. Dr. Jack will talk about injuries later in the year, but you can read up on them in “Your First Marathon”, the 1988 edition, at page 46 and following. I got this email from the Honolulu Marathon registration website: $60 fee. This offer will start at 12:01a.m. April 18th and will expire May 1st, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. HST. To register for 2011 go to: Online registration only, but if you are getting this email, then you have access to the internet.

Da Comment Corner

Clinic Picnic by Peter Garcia (Repeat)

May 1 is the date of our first HMC picnic; we encourage everyone to attend and ask attendees to bring something, such as salad, dessert or main entrée to supplement the chili and rice that we will furnish. We will also furnish the soft drinks. Please bring your families! The cost is $1.00 per person; children 12 and under are free. We will have some lucky number drawings for the 13 and older participants.

Happy Easter!!

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,