Blair’s Weekly Update 03-20-11

Doc’s Talk

This morning Dr. Scaff repeated the rationale for running an hour 3 times a week and elaborated on how both our fast and slow twitch muscles are brought into play. Both are important for a successful marathon.

First Shoe Talk

Our annual shoe talk is scheduled at the Running Room so staff leaders please cut short your runs to accommodate the start of the talk – 9:00 a.m. Everyone will get great information about a very important part of a “runner’s arsenal”.

Second shoe talk scheduled for April 10th at 9:00 a.m.

Table Duty

A very special mahalo to Suzzette, Helen, Noe and Dina with a collaborative approach to table duty and it was great! Aside from the liquid refreshments, fruits and pretzels, the special peanut butter pretzels were my favorite! Thank you for doing such a great job!!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(Pace – < 9:00 min. per mile)

The AG had 12 runners today including Jenny from Australia who ran with us two years ago. I made sure everyone was adequately hydrated and properly covered with sunscreen. Mark and Kozo took the group out to the 12-mile turnaround (6-mile/1st park) averaging 9:00-8:30 pace. I could only handle 10 miles, easing my back and muscles back into shape. Donis kept us at a 9:30 average pace. We reminded the group to keep tab of their pacing.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(Pace – 9:30 – 10:30 min. per mile)

The Red Group more than doubled in size this week – returning Red members Karl, Greg and Dave joined new Red runners Tim and John, along with Amelia and I for an easy 6½-mile run. As with last week, we had trouble staying close to our intended 9:30 pace – at times we were sub-9:00. Karl tried to keep us true with his trusty Garmin – he and I managed to average just under 9:30, but several of the runners kept pulling ahead. Lesson – even on these short runs – especially on them -we need to run at the pace we intend to run the Marathon at, so that when we do our longer runs, we don’t burn out! We’ll probably do one more 6½-mile run next week, then kick it up to 8 in April.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(Pace – 10:30 – 11:30 min. per mile)

27 GREYS this Sunday! Andy, Byron, and myself had a GRAND ole time! Missed you Horacio (Max), good luck with the North Shore Marathon. We did the same route of 6 miles, up 22nd Avenue. Runners giving it their all this Sunday: Dave, Bev, Joe, Dennis, Gannon, Erik , Marissa, Kathleen, Franklin, Todd, Bob, Lance (is back!), Dr. Rob, Rob (amazingly strong!), Satomi, and others! What a group, you all rock! Obedient GREYS started at 8:02 am soon after the PURPLE (per Papa Blair’s marching orders). Realizing we started ahead of the PINKS (oops, sorry), Anxious Andy kept going, ahead of the PURPLE’s. Nelson said he would lead the GREYS. Since Nelson said, he was not GREAT yet, only GRAPE (PURPLE), Nelson remained with the PURPLEs. There was concern that Andy‘s Garmin was not working, as we registered 10:15 and 9 min. per mile. Guess we were all game this week for that bump in pace, as no one complained of PTS (per Dr. Scaff’s talk, Pain, Torture, and Agony). We still loved every minute of it. Continue your (2 ) 1 hour runs during the work week, remembering the magic hour – to get into that ‘fat metabolism’ phase. That is incentive enough . Love to eat, and don’t want to get fat? RUN and keep running! By the way, Andy pointed out that Dennis was ahead of me as we neared the finish. I told Andy, “I will let Dennis beat me, just this once.” It’s still early in the training for all of us; key – “NO INJURIES”; do not train faster to get miles in, get 1 hour (DURATION) in for now. Efficiency and pace will come as we build our miles.

MARCH 13: 5 miles planned, we did 6 miles(some of us did 7.82 added Kapiolani Park) Planned 11:00 pace, we did mostly 10:30 to 10:50
MARCH 20 : 6 miles again 10:30 to 11:00

MARCH 27: 7 miles. We will turn at Hunakai Street.

What we did:

DATE Total Miles Total Pace Total running pace Outgoing running pace Return running pace Miles Total Pace
3/13/2011 6 11:55 10:46 10:38 10:55 1.8 10:16
3/20/2011 6 11:50 10:27 10:37 10:16 1.8 9:59

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(Pace – 12:00 – 13:00 min. per mile)

Guru Sam, Alberto and I led a very large contingent of runners for a 5.5-mile run at a leisurely 12:00 min. per mile. Most of the 43 members this week were made up of runners not usually in our group. Possibly, runners are “finding” their niche group. I also notice that some of the “regular” White Group members are moving on to other groups. Change is constant and good, I say.

And, as we welcome the many newcomers to our group, we also welcome runners like Keoni, who is back after a 10 year absence; Nathan, our good friend back from a five year hiatus ; and friends Coleen (with one “L”) and Collette back after a year’s rest. (I hope I credited the single “L” to the right friend).

Under Guru Sam’s leadership, the group is treated to a spiritual phase during our runs. “No talking or scratching your body and breathe only through your nose, or you’re a loser”, shouts the Guru as he leads us through a spiritual and self reflective jaunt through part of the Diamond Head cemetery. A short “spiritual cleanse” might possibly result after this brief meander (or not).

We run another 5.5 miler this Sunday, and then progress to 6 miles in April. Please keep up your “foundation runs” during your weekday.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

(Pace – 12:30 – 13:30 min. per mile)

The Blue Group continued with their 4-mile run to Triangle Park and back to Kapiolani Park. The weather was nice and cool; great day for the run. There were 21 in the group; a significant drop from 32 the week before. We also had about 5 new folks join the Blue Group for the first time. Looks like a lot of folks are searching for their right pace group. At Triangle Park Andy explained to the group that we follow the actual marathon route from Kapiolani Park through Kahala toward Hawaii Kai then back to Kapiolani Park. It’s part of the course familiarization. Beside the 4-mile run on Sunday, we should be doing two 1-hour runs during the week. In preparation for the marathon, as the months go by we will be increasing our mileage in Sundays up to 16 miles. There is a suggested mileage schedule which is posted on the web site and on the bulletin board at the clinic. We will continue our 4-mile run next week, then in April, we move up to 6 miles. See you all next week

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte

We had several new participants join our large group of beginners, all walking speeds and running paces up to about a 13 minutes mile. It is never too late to join the clinic; we always have a pace coach to match your speed and distance. Our goals for this month are three training sessions a week, each session one-hour of continuous walking or running. Today, Sunday was the one session, the mid-week homework is two additional sessions; but avoid training two days back to back.

Da Comment Corner

Please attend the Shoe Talks! It provides excellent information about shoes and proper foot care. Assistant Manager Gaston is a great information source and does a terrific job on his presentations!

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,