Blair’s Weekly Update 03-13-11

Doc’s Talk

Doc welcomed over 200 eager runners who showed up this morning to start off the 38th season of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. Dr. Scaff began by acknowledging everyone in their various states of physical fitness, and explaining the ground rules: 7:30 a.m. sharp every Sunday barring Civil Alert sirens. Listen to him and Peter or go off to the side for personal conversations. No editorializing: ask before making any announcements to the group. Discuss health issues with your physician, (who is hopefully an advocate of exercise). The clinic has successfully trained those with asthma and heart problems. We’ll begin by running or walking at any pace for at least an hour 3 times a week. The one hour is important because it trains the body to address any discomfort or pain which kicks in after 30 minutes. In 12 weeks, you should be running pretty comfortably. Peter announced the executive staff and group leaders. Find a group for your pace, and have fun.

Table Duty

Thanks Stephen for the great spread to start off the season; the fruits and pastries were a great treat along with the Gatorade.

Clinic Shirt Sales

Staffer Maile and Val take charge of the sale of clinic shirts and caps at the table next to the refreshment table; most items are made of the “cool max” material, cost is very reasonable, and all proceeds are used to defray clinic costs. Thanks Maile and Val for volunteering to take on this task.

Sendai Relief Fund

Maile is also volunteering to take in donations for the victims of the Sendai, Japan disaster. She will be taking in donations this week and then take your donations to the First Hawaiian bank who have set up a relief fund. Also, please check with Maile on getting receipts for your donations.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

(<9:00 minutes per mile)

The AG started off the 2011 season with 13 runners. Most were returnees and we welcomed Dan from Baltimore as a guest runner. The goal of the AG is to run the marathon under 4 hours. Our motto: “Runsub4”! To accomplish this you must run a 9:00/mile pace or faster. You should be running a minimum of 30-35 mile/week at this time. You got to do your speed work and hill training during the week. You got to want this bad enough! The following was covered with the AG:

Rules of the road: 1) No headsets. 2) Run single file when encountering pedestrians and bikers. 3) Stop for traffic signals. 4) Do not step on utility covers if avoidable. 5) Keep one eye on the running path and one eye ahead. 6) Carry ID and emergency contact info. 7) Follow the Staff Leader. Pre run check: 1) you passed the Pee Test. 2) You are properly covered with sunscreen and a cap if you don’t have enough hair protection. 3) You ate a runner’s breakfast. 4) You are not running with pain. Running attire: 1) Correct running shoes. 2) Golden Rule-No Cotton.

Nine runners turned at the 4 mile turnaround and Kozo took three runners on a 12 mile run. We talked about the importance of carbohydrate replenishment and proper hydration. Another Golden Rule: Never pass up water. I am recuperating from my back surgery and did a comfortable 8 mile run at a 9:30 average pace.

Intermediate Groups

Red Group by Jeff Beard

(9:00 – 10:00 minutes per mile)

It was a beautiful day to run – a little warm & humid, but a great day none the less. The Red Group (Jeff, Robert & Amelia) went out for a 6½-mile run. We were joined by Pink runners Shelley and Kevin at the “neighborhood” water fountain on Aukai St. We averaged a 9:24 pace – right on target for us, but it was hard – we found ourselves running sub-9:00 often – one of the disadvantages of having the Advanced Group constantly in front of us – we subconsciously tend to try to “keep up” with faster runners! Robert’s Garmin kept us on track, though – I recommend that each group have someone with a Garmin (or similar type pacing watch). They’re an invaluable tool, and not all that expensive ($100-$150 online). These shorter runs are where we can establish a constant pace, so that we don’t burn out on the longer ones. Hope to see you all next week.

Pink Group by Rosemary Adam-Terem

(9:30 – 10:30 minutes per mile)

Some old and some new PINK-pace runners met up today and ran about 6.4 miles at a pace of approximately 9:45. That’s our goal pace for this group. Some of our naughtier runners went off fast, but they know they’ll pay for it in the long run. We will be focusing on pacing, using Sundays for our long slow runs when we can chat and pause at water stops. For now, our homework is to run at least twice during the week for an hour each time. Experienced runners can do speed work or hills, while our newer members should stick to relatively flat terrain to build the essential base for distance running.

I will be away for the next two Sundays, so please look for BILL to lead the PINKS. Bill is an excellent pacer. Stick with him, and you will do great!!

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

(10:30 – 11:30 minutes per mile)

WOW! What a turn-out for the first Honolulu Marathon Clinic Sunday for 2011! I lost count on the number of Grey members! I was so excited for March 13th 7:30 a.m. to come around. It was so nice to see familiar faces and meet marathon clinic newbies – whether they were doing their first marathon or just to train with a group! Staffers: Andy, Horatio (Max), Byron, and myself, led for 6 miles (we were going to do 5 miles, sorry) with Christine, Erik, Joe, Gannon, Dr. Rob (we could use help again in statistics!), Bev, Dave, Dennis, Richard, Jan(ette), Marsha, Janelle, Richard, Melanie, Carolyn. I know I missed a lot of you and I apologize! Colors have blended and I got a year older and more forgetful!

We thank you all for sharing your goals, as we all have our reasons for committing to Honolulu Marathon 2011. We will all be successful in our goals with many more achievements to come. Janelle, your mother is so funny to sign you up since it was a “bargain” of $35.00. Well, we’ll all get more than what $35 could ever buy! We all agreed on the ONE goal – NO INJURIES! And don’t forget per Dr. Scaff’s talk, SAFETY FIRST!

HOMEWORK: 2 more days of 1-hour runs (duration of continuous running, 1 hour) Total 3 1-hour runs/week (includes Sunday)

MARCH 13: 5 miles planned, we did 6 miles(some of us did 7.82 added Kapiolani Park) Planned 11:00 pace, we did mostly 10:30 to 10:50
MARCH 20 : 6 miles again 10:30 to 11:00
MARCH 27 : 6 to 8 miles?

View: Erik’s video, of his Marathon 2010. He sure had fun! Erik where were you on March 13th?

White Group by Blair Hoashi

(12:00-13:00 minutes per mile)

We ended up with close to 42 runners in our group this morning. Staff leaders Guru Sam, Alberto, Paris, Dwight, and myself led this lively and enthusiastic group of runners on a 5.4-mile run at a pace of about 12:00 minutes per mile. At the Triangle Park stop, we asked for a show of hands to signify first time marathoners and only about five hands were raised. Therefore, most in the group were returnees. Good friends Collette and Colleen (visiting from the mainland), returnees Lei, Wei, Violet, Russel, Byron, Liz, and many, many others comprised the group. Special welcome to 10 year old Emily (first time trainee) and her mom and dad (clinic returnees)! Emily did a great job in her run thanks to guidance from mom and dad!

We continue our 5-mile runs for a few more weeks then step it up to 6 miles in April. We will usually increase our mileage by two miles each month. Please remember to do your “homework” runs of two one hour runs during the week – this is the foundation for your marathon training. Without these “foundation runs,” group members will not be able to keep up with the group when we go longer.

See you all next week!

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

(12:30 – 13:30 minutes per mile)

Once again we join forces to conquer the Honolulu Marathon for 2011. Welcome all of the new comers; it was nice to see such a large group 32 of us. Andy informed us of the mileage we will run this month, increasing a little every month. The pace is nice and easy (except for Diamond Head). I tell most people that ask me, look at it one step at a time, before you know it you are at the top and running down hill. If you get really hot there is always the ocean to jump into afterwards. The general rule is to run 2 times week for new people never further than your long run on Sunday. Weather cooperated and we had a gorgeous day.
See you all next Sunday at 7:30 a.m., same place.


Green Group by Rosemary Kyte and Chris Isham

A large group of beginners took their first steps of marathon training, two laps around Kapiolani Park for about 4 miles total distance. Our goals for this month are three training sessions a week, each session one-hour of continuous walking or running. Today, Sunday was the one session, the mid-week homework is two additional sessions; but avoid training two days back to back.

Attention Ewa Beach area beginners – Jacque is looking for training partners, call 429-3201 or email

Chris’ Comments

Wow! What a great first day of Marathon training for the “Lucky 13’s.” Blessed with a beautiful day and all these aspiring Marathoners, we ran twice around Kapiolani Park in an effort to have people get a feel for the pace. With so many people in the group, we had to stagger the water stops in order to ensure everyone had ample opportunity to drink as well as to try to avoid long waits. Points to remember- we have nine months till the Marathon, if the pace is too slow, feel free to move up to a next group. The important thing to remember is to be patient and enjoy the experience of running with a group of people that have similar goals-Finishing the Marathon! I look forward to seeing all of you again and getting to know you all as we progress through this training experience.”

Da Comment Corner

Our Thoughts and Prayers

For many here in Hawaii with loved ones in Sendai, Japan, we extend our heartfelt thoughts and prayers. A very special prayer goes out to our friend M. K. who has had no contact with her parents in Sendai since the earthquakes. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Shoe Talks

The most important part of your equipment for long distant running – shoes. Shoe experts at the Running Room will be giving us a talk on the benefits of proper foot care. The first talk is slated for March 27th at 9 a.m. A second talk is still being scheduled and the date pending.

HMC Golf Tournament 2011

Congrats to the participants of our first HMC Golf Tournament held at the beautiful Royal Kunia Golf Course on February 20. We all had a great time with lots of great prizes by many generous donors!

We thank Dr. Scaff for his support of the tournament in promoting the kinship and spirit of the clinic. Thanks also to Kozo Yamagishi, General Manager of the Royal Kunia Golf Course, for his assistance in securing us the venue for the tournament. Kozo is also a member of the Advanced Group staff and a Boston Marathon qualifier. Congratulations also to member Carl Tanaka for his low net win and Russel Honda for his grand prize drawing win (neighbor island trip). Peter, Tim, Doug, Kozo, Kozo’s wife, Carl, Russel, and Blair – great shooting! Photos forthcoming.


Thanks to all of your for the nice comments about the updates; we now have, after cleaning up our list, 745 members to date.

See you all at the water stops!