A New Season of Running

It is that time again –this Sunday, March 13th marks the start of the 38th year of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic!  At 7:30 a.m. sharp, Dr. Jack Scaff will start off the clinic year with his usual words of wisdom mixed in with new and interesting discoveries. So lace up those Kayanos, Pegaseas, Nirvanas (or shoe of choice), slide into those newly purchased shorts and tops and see you all there. Hook up with “old” friends and make new ones.  Norm, Rosemary,  Guru Sam, Andy, Ivie, and the rest of the great staff leaders will return once again to add fun, merriment, encouragement,  knowledge and experience to our training. We are very fortunate!

We also acknowledge, Dr. Scaff who has the distnction of being a “Living Treasure.” The Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii (a Buddhist organization) inducted Dr. Scaff for this honor because of  his tremendous work with the Honolulu Marathon, the Honolulu Marathon Clinic, the Great Aloha Run, and also for helping countless numbers of people throughout the world through running and fitness.

See you at the clinic,