Blair’s Weekly Update 12-05-10

Doc’s Talk

This week, one week before The Marathon, Dr. Scaff attempted to distill 38 years of Marathon Training Clinic experience for our benefit.

Remember that sleep cycles follow a 48-hour pattern. Attend the carbo-loading party Friday evening; go home early and sleep. Arise early enough Sunday morning to perform ablutions and bodily functions. Wear your number between your chest and stomach and knot your chip in your shoelace securely. Bring a can of non-carbonated (flat) no calorie Coke to the start and sip it until the gun fires. Remember your perfect pace. Check out your body at regular intervals. The race begins at 20 miles. Do whatever you need to do mentally to keep psyched up. Have fun and look good at the finish line. Afterwards stop by the HMC tent near the tennis courts and swap stories.

Thank you Doc for helping thousands of runners by founding and leading the Honolulu Marathon Clinic for nearly 38 years!

Table Duty

Thank you Andrew for providing the great refreshments this morning!

In Appreciation

A very BIG MAHALO to these members and staffers for their contribution to the weekly updates:

Doc’s Talk – Bev Major
Advance Group -Les Young, Jeff Oh
Red Group – Jeff Beard
Pink Group: Rosie Adam Terem; Bill Berg; Amanda Corby; Anita Schorlemmer
Purple – Nelson, Shigano; Michael Zhang
Grey Group – Ivie Kumura, Horatio Botero; Andy Hignite
White Group- Sam Usman; Paris Monti; Dwight Bartolome
Blue Group – Andy Hirano; Pam Iwata; Fiona McNeill
Green Group – Rosemary Kyte; Norm Uyeda; Tony Padua; Thaddeus Padua.
And, Webmaster -Bob Lew

Behind the Scenes:

Board of Directors – Without these hard working and thoughtful members, the clinic would not be as successful as it is.
Board Chair – Norm Uyeda
Rest of the Board – Peter Garcia, Val Ogi; Muriel Taira; Luanne Murakami; Steve Zane and BH

In addition, other “Clinic Angels”:
Donna Scaff; Cliff Hand; Maile Burgey (Shirt sales); Bruce Mullikenl (HMC books); and Bert Taira (Legal)

Thank you to all staff members for volunteering to help the group this year!

Change of Meeting Place (for many Intermediate Groups)

At the last minute, we were notified that the Ward Borders bathrooms would not be available. Therefore, for now, let’s plan to meet at the bathrooms past the tennis courts on the Ewa end at Ala Moana Park. We are still looking into other options, so stay tuned!

Group Reports

Pink Group Report by Rosie Terem-Adam

The Pinks have become a virtual group recently since so many of our members have been off doing diverse things like getting married or traveling. However, the Pinks have all been training assiduously and are ready for the marathon on Sunday!

This week is for major tapering. After today’s “long” run (10.6 miles for my little subgroup), our experienced marathon runners will probably run an hour on Tuesday and perhaps 30 minutes on Thursday. Our first-timers may want to run even less. We might try to avoid other strenuous or potentially injurious activities as Dr. Scaff suggests. A nice swim or walk would be great, though. We will all have the right to load up on ono food to give us the reserves we need for this endurance event. Hopefully many Pinks will be congregating at Dr. Scaff’s excellent pre-marathon party on Friday evening.

If we don’t meet up there, let’s meet at 4:15 – 4:30 on Sunday morning, behind Borders on Queen Street. Blair says that the restrooms there should be open- yeah! Mahalo Blair!

After the marathon, let’s try to meet up at the Tent to touch base, get some rest, maybe a massage (ummmm! so nice, but bring money for donation), and go from there to Wahoo’s for a special beer and fish taco feast (thanks to Amanda for organizing this après-run treat!)

We’ll also hope to see many Pinks at the Monday post-marathon dinner and of course the picnic a week later. We may stop running for a while, but it seems that we never stop eating…

Happy Marathon to All!

Pink Motto: Finish, have Fun, and be Fine (don’t get hurt!).

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

19 GREY runners showed up for our last week of TAPER! What fun to do an 8 mile run! Our awesome pacer, Andy, led Christine, Donna, Alison (oh, so good to see my buddy again!), Adam, Gary, Henry, Rob, Pierre, Bev, Eric, Joe, Lance, Mickey, Serena, Aki, (welcome from Tokyo, Japan!) and myself, taking in Kahala Avenue, and the marathon finish! We are making sure we practiced everything, shared each other’s tips, and practice our ‘pose’ for the finish! So good to see Dave and Dr. Rob! Note how everyone is so supportive of each other, and share trade secrets! Mickey sharing his Vodka tip. Others debating whether we do knock off the beans, or keep it to enhance via jet propulsion. Remember, do not try anything new! What a group! We were also trying to add up all the pounds we lost as a group! Impressive! Dennis did not make it this Sunday, but I truly do appreciate his running, couldn’t have had more fun, running with my running mate! Pierre thanks for your stretches again. Andy, Horacio, and I appreciate all of the GREYS, you have inspired all of us. All of you, wish you Da Best! Have fun, and see you at the START! 4 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. and the CARBO-LOADING party. We do miss Robert and Sharon; not sure if you were too busy and been training on your own. Robert if you are running, help us with those “chants and hollers,” as our marine. Otherwise, I hope all of you will be “humming,” along, as Dr. Scaff says to.


  • NOVEMBER 7th – 16 miles – We were ALL up to it! 1st half moving PACE: 11:02 OVERALL 12:31, 2nd half moving PACE 10:30, OVERALL 11:18 Entire time: 3 hours 10 minutes for 15.82 miles. Some finished in 3 hours 5 minutes, and Who Dat Adam finished in 2 hours 38 minutes.
  • NOVEMBER 14th – 6 am start 20.22-miler GOAL ACHIEVED!: No injuries (that we know of) familiarization of the Hawaii Kai Drive “loop.” and marathon finish, “Finish Strong” . Gain confidence, to GO THE DISTANCE. AVERAGE moving pace, for the slower end (mine): 11:18 AVERAGE OVERALL pace: 12:48 (yes, all the detours and stops). Everyone else’s times were faster.
  • NOVEMBER 21st – 14 miles TAPER – to Hawaii Loa Ridge park, Kahala Avenue, and marathon finish. 1st half: 10:38 moving pace average, 2nd half 10:24 moving pace average. (oh, some of us had shave ice at the marathon finish, yum!)
  • NOVEMBER 25th – 10 miles (Thursday) Turkey Trot, okay who put 1hr 30 minutes and made it under? I heard of you fast ones!
  • NOVEMBER 28th – 10 to 12 miles – Downtown route, taking the marathon start. Whoa! Heard you all stayed together and had fun!
  • DECEMBER 5th – 8 miles Kahala Avenue, Marathon Finish, and Marathon Finish cheer and smile (or Japanese ‘kawai-i’ pose) We ran this to enjoy and savor our last long run, and did it in 1 hour 21 minutes (though you know, some of you did a 9:35 pace at the end).
  • White Group by Blair Hoashi

    43 members joined us for the last run of the season! Guru Sam, Alberto, Paris, Norm, and Dwight led the large group through its final paces. Congrats to everyone who completed their “journey” with us! As Guru Sam mentions, “you are all successes; the marathon will be the culmination of all of your hard work!”

    Change of Meeting Place:
    At the last minute, we were notified that the Ward Borders bathrooms would not be available. So, for now, let’s meet at the bathrooms past the tennis courts at the Ewa end of Ala Moana Park. We are looking into various options so stay tuned!

    Please make sure to pack a garbage bag which will keep you warm during the early morning chill and wind; hopefully, no rain.

    Lei, we miss you! Hope we will see you at Borders!

    Blue Group by Andy Hirano

    It was a wonderful 8-mile run, like walking in the park as the Blue Group did its last Sunday tapering run. About 18 folks made the Sunday run. Next week is graduation; the moment we’ve been practicing for all year. The Blue Group will be meeting at Ala Moana Hotel before 4 a.m. with Norman’s beginning group. It will be a nice location to take a group photo next to the Christmas tree. About 4 a.m., we will then make our way to the Ewa restroom of Ala Moana Beach Park and congregate there till the start of the race. We’ll keep together for those that want to run as a group. As Dr Scaff stated, you should already have your running gear ready, not doing or using anything different from your weekly runs. Bring along your pretzels, power gels/gummies, hot dog mustard for cramps, etc. Use a plastic trash bag as a raincoat and to keep warm before the start of the race. I would like to keep track of how the Blue Group does, so please send me your e-mail and race number. You can e-mail me at See you all at the carbo loading party and race day.

    If you see any park water fountains that do not work, please call the park maintenance number 973-7250.

    Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte and Anthony Padua

    Congratulations to the Beginners on finishing their training. I’ve added my transcription of Dr. Jack’s “Big Talk” for the newsletter. See you at the Marathon start next Sunday.

    Dr. Jack’s “Big Talk” – Marathon Week and Race Day

    The purpose of this talk is to get you through the Marathon. The marathon is in you; you are 100% done with the training [physical part], what is left is 90% psychology and 10% luck. [lucky weather, December can be hot] The Honolulu Marathon date was picked not for the coolest weather but for lowest visitor season. Lucky weather means no rain for wet shoes.

    This talk takes you through next Sunday (race day) until noon; the talk the Sunday after that will cover the rest – what to do in the off-season, until the clinic starts up again the second Sunday in March.

    Enjoy the week, the expo, the tents; make it a celebration of life. Enjoy the 20,000 or more visitors. Attend the clinic party, Friday 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Dr. Jack’s house.

    Depletion – by exercise (last run on Wednesday); in the past, the thinking was depletion by protein-only diet, but current thinking is to eat normally until Thursday. The depletion, Atkins-type diet makes one feel bad, exercise depletes the same amount. Carbo-depleted muscles are tricked into taking up 25% more glycogen than normal storage. After 40-minutes of running the body switches to fat metabolism which in inefficient; works best with about 10% carbohydrate. The muscles have only about 6-miles worth of carbo/glycogen stored at the start. Eating pretzels and drinking the provided -ade drink will replace what we use.

    Thursday – switch to eating carbohydrates (low sugars and starches)

    Saturday – restrict further to avoid roughage to prevent gas; for example, white bread grape jelly sandwiches.

    Sleep – performance follows a 48-hour cycle, sleep in on Saturday if you can, and don’t worry about a sleepless Saturday night and early rise Sunday a.m.

    Race Day Schedule –

    2:00 a.m. – wake, black coffee [hot, caffeine]; light meal if you must.

    4:00 a.m. – stop fluid, fast (3-4 hour) runners may bring a fluid to the race start (six ounces of flat, diet cola; caffeine, no sugar); longer runners can wait for the first aid station to drink.

    [Beginners – meet Norm at lobby of Ala Moana hotel by 4:00 a.m. or, like Rosemary, go directly to at Ewa-most toilet in Ala Moana Park. We’ll walk to the start from there at around 4:45 a.m.]

    Clothing. Wear nothing new, expect that even familiar clothes may chafe because race-day tension may change our running style. Make sure your race number is visible on the front for the photographers, make a statement with your clothing. Shoes should have around 200 miles on them (not brand new). Use Vaseline [or baby oil] on your feet and anywhere that clothing may chafe. The well-dressed runner is the one that slips off the bus seat.

    Race Start – at the gun, take a few sips of the flat, diet soda; dispose of remainder safely. Caffeine speeds up switch to fat metabolism. Stand by the sideline, don’t cross line yet, relax, enjoy the fireworks, settle down. [Beginners – we will walk from Ala Moana park to the sidelines, and then when ready as a group, step through the spectators and cross the start line.]

    Pace. Plan to run the first half slower than the second half. Studies show that runners who do a negative split finish 4% faster than those who do not. [The second half begins at mile 20.] Mistakes made in the first ten-miles show up in the last six miles. Write down your pace plan, and if at any mile you are ahead of pace, then walk to get back on track. [Beginners – we’ll pace the first 16-miles at a 15-minute mile, and probably hold that pace the entire day. At Hawaii Kai, anyone who wishes is free to speed up.]

    Water Stops. Don’t stop at the first table [Beginners – go to the later tables, get water walk and drink and we’ll all look for each other, when we reassemble, start running again.] Stop water at mile 22. [So, we need to drink 6-7 hours worth of water *before* mile 20; with 10 or 12 water stops, that amounts to 3 or 4 cups of water at each stop]. We say 10 ounces of water every 20 minutes, enough to avoid water weight loss. A loss of 5 to 6% of your body weight puts you at risk of heat stroke.

    Food. As with water, all food should be eaten early, since as we tire, the stomach shuts down. But, we don’t need to eat a lot of food; since we are running on 90% fat metabolism. Eat a few pretzels at each water stop; the salt in the pretzels will protect against hyponatremia (low sodium) for those of us on the course more than four hours.

    How to Finish. At mile 15, check how you are feeling head-to-toe; if green, hold your pace. If amber, stick to your plan. At mile 18, if green, pick of the pace a bit. If still green at mile 22, then start your sprint. If at any time, things are not green, focus on making the next aid station, and then the one after that … and then the finish. The Galloway method is to walk 4 minutes, and run 1 minute.

    Finish. Look good, slow down, enjoy the moment. [Look up at the cameras at a slightly early “false finish,” with banner across the road].

    Take fluids – two to three cups of cola to avoid post-race collapse.

    Sunday after the Marathon – last clinic meeting for the year. Come to park wearing your finisher T-shirt for the graduation photo!

    Tony’s Report:

    Our final Green Group training run for the 2010 Honolulu Marathon Clinic had arrived! Congratulations to all who made it this far! The stage is set and showtime is right around the corner! Homework is anywhere between 2 miles to one hour on the streets; but run by WEDNESDAY and no later than that! Before we hit the streets, the Green Team staff addressed more questions and concerns about the upcoming Honolulu Marathon.

    For starters, Ro demonstrated how to properly apply Vaseline to your feet (and one inch above the top of your shoe line by your ankles) with gloves. Wow! That was plenty Vaseline she used- but more than enough to provide a waterproof guard against friction and moisture during a 26.2 miler. Further housekeeping was covered about where to meet, what time we will meet, as well as ticking off our checklist of tasks to prepare for marathon morning.

    (Ex. Picking up your packet; Figuring out parking or drop-off issues, as some streets may be blocked off; Meeting Norm at Ala Moana Hotel no later than 4:15 a.m. by the Xmas tree; 4:30 a.m. – 4:50 a.m. gathering at the last restroom structure at Ala Moana Beach Park . It’s after McCoy Pavillion – Go down the driveway at Ala Moana Beach Park heading towards Kewalo Basin: ocean on the left, and restroom will be on the right)

    Veteran speedster Calvin shared words of experience and encouragement from his career of over 10 marathons. He told a story of how one runner trained all year for the 2007 Marathon , but was side-lined by an injury the day before. It was all good though, because the following year Tony returned with 3 family members (including staffers Thad and Sandra) and a friend who all completed the 2008 Honolulu Marathon. The moral of the story is: if adversity strikes, you pick yourself up, and “turn a lemon into lemonade.”

    It was a bittersweet moment for the Green Team: we started the 2010 Honolulu Marathon Clinic with two-laps around Kapi‘olani Park, and now we return back to the beginning with a final two-laps before our December 12th run. Think about how far many of you have come! Our Senior first-timers Walter and Kazu prove that you aren’t too old to try new things – even if everyone else is telling them how crazy they are! Even veteran runners must admit that their lives have been made a little richer, if not through a more active lifestyle, than through the experiences and friends made over the year. Use this experience as a launching point for other things you want to do in your life – like returning on the second Sunday in March 2011 as our Newest Honolulu Marathon Clinic staff members!

    We know the Green Team is ready to run – we even forgot to take our first waterstop on the oceanside of Kapi‘ olani Park . Norm took advantage of the second lap around the park to capture the moments with his trusty camera. The staff pointed out where many important landmarks will be on Marathon day such as: where the Finish Line will be, what to expect after crossing that finish line, where to go for first-aid, refreshments, and that final walk to claim your hard-earned Finisher’s T-Shirt and Medal, and where the Honolulu Marathon Clinic tent will be. We even did a mock-Marathon runners’ finish on the street!

    Norm and Libby discussed the Post-Honolulu Marathon dinner on Monday December 13th, 6:00 p.m., at Empress Restaurant (address is 100 North Beretania Street , access to building parking on Maunakea Street ). This is a terrific event to relive your fresh “forged-in-the-fire” stories with your fellow runners. Cost is $25, includes tax. Check with Norm for more details.

    A big Green Team thank you to all participants in 2010, and especially to all of the volunteers and staff that make the Marathon Clinic possible. You’ve prepared for this moment with Time, lots of Sweat and Effort, and a lot of Perseverance. Now, it’s time for all of you to step onto the stage – Lights, Camera, ACTION! Make the most of your 2010 Honolulu Marathon one step at a time! See you on the streets!

    Da Comment Corner

    Doc’s Carbo- Loading Party – December 10, 2010

    There will be lots of great food, drinks and people at Doc’s annual “bash.” Live music brings out the dancing spirit in everyone. It’s fun and interesting to see everyone in their “regular party garb” rather than in their running shorts and tops. We should make it a point to attend – it’s a great finale to your training. Your own gourmet dishes and pupus are always welcome!!

    After the Marathon Dinner – Monday, day after the marathon (Dec. 13, 2010)

    Norm Uyeda has organized his usual, “Day after the Marathon” dinner to be held at the Empress Restaurant in the Chinese Cultural Plaza starting at 6:00 p.m. Please sign up at the clinic. Cost is $25 which includes tax, tip and a soft drink. Parking will be at the restaurant location at the Chinese Cultural Plaza in Chinatown.

    “After the Marathon” Picnic – the Sunday after the marathon (Dec. 19, 2010)

    Commiserate with others as to what went right or what didn’t; it is a potluck so please bring a dish that you would like to share. There is also a $1 per person charge. Zippy’s chili and rice and refreshments provided.

    Marathon and Golf?

    Interested golfers please contact Peter at the picnic or respond to this newsletter. Tentatively, it is scheduled for a Sunday in late January or February. Stay tuned!

    Fish Tacos and beer! By Amanda Corby

    Want to celebrate with friends after the Marathon? Join members at Wahoo’s Fish Taco Kahala for a post marathon party at their new location next to Olive Tree.
    In Celebration of our great achievement, Wahoo’s will be providing all of us Marathon finishers (must present your Marathon Bib Number to receive special offer) with a Taco of your choice and a Beer for 26 cents!

    What: Wahoo’s Fish Taco 26.2 Marathon Celebration
    Where: 4614 Kilauea Avenue. (Parking Available in their lot and next door at the bowling alley by McDonalds)
    When: Sunday, December 12th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    See you at the finish line!