Blair’s Weekly Update 11-28-10


Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff urged us to review our experience in the Turkey Trot and use it to run our best marathon. Did we come in under or over our estimated time for the ten miles? Was it a challenging yet comfortable pace that we could maintain? Remember to run your pace, and not be distracted by those around you.

Table Duty

Thanks to staffer Maile for doing table duty and providing drinks and food for the runners.

Group Reports 

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 9 runners running a 14-mile taper run. Everyone ran their own marathon pace ranging from 8:45-8:20 pace. We stopped at the Waiokeola Congregational Church and delivered the Honolulu Marathon Clinic donation of $100 (last minute $5 donation) as an appreciation for letting us use their facilities as a water/bathroom stop. We were careful to avoid hazards and adhered to injury prevention. We took in a lot of water even though it was a cool breezy day and finished off with a run to the finish line to imbed that last kilometer in our minds for a strong finish come marathon day. Stay healthy and injury free!!

Grey Group by Andy Hignite

16 GREYS (hounds) ran the first half of the marathon route (11.2 miles) again. We missed our fearless leader (Ivie) but Max and Andy managed to lead the group in a fun run and everyone stayed together the entire way. We are ready for the marathon and we reminded everyone to keep their runs short and injury free over the next two weeks. We are no longer training, we are just sustaining. We surveyed our group of 16 runners and found out that as a group we have completed 25 marathons. Ask us that question in a couple of weeks and our answer will be 16 higher.

White Group Report by Blair Hoashi

Staff leader Guru Sam counted 39 vibrant and energetic members joining us in the “front part of the marathon” run. We missed our consistent leader Alberto but the group was ably led by the Guru with staffers Paris, Norm K., Dwight, and me holding up the rear. As is becoming an annual ritual, Sam took us through the “far reaches” of Waikiki before realigning the group to the marathon route. Many of the usual water fountain stops had no water which created some minor adjustments to the route. Does anyone know who we can call to get the fountains back on?

Mimi, Lynnae, Masami, Byron, Andrew, Rodney, Rick, Dana, Tanya and husband, Jennei, Russ, Keiko and friend, Liz, “Uncle” Les, new young couple, Dan, new tall guy, Jane, Lisa’s new Brazilian husband, Debbie, Lisa, and a host of others whose names I unfortunately cannot seem to recall at this time, were part of this high spirited group. I will keep trying to remember your names (I have another week). Apologies!

We received a very nice compliment from member Jane who stated that the newsletter helped keep her on track even though she was not able to make the clinics every week! Thank you Jane!

Also, thank you to the many runners who contributed to the “Thanks, Nelson” fund – much thanks to Debbie Y. who thought of the idea and took care of the details.

Next Sunday: December 5th – 8 miles.

Marathon morning: meet at Ward Borders restrooms @ 4:00 a.m.

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

It was a lot of fun running down to the start of the marathon and then back to Kapiolani Park. Andy kept the pace; however, we had much shorter water stops. We enjoyed the different scenery and the people on Kalakaua Ave encouraging us on. It was very hot and not a lot of water stops available to us, we now know a couple of secret toilets downtown, if you know of any more going out to Hawaii Kai please let us know and we can swap info. We were very happy to arrive back at the park with refreshments. Next week eight miles out to the gas station and back, in the mean time keep up the training.

Green Group by Anthony Padua

Today, Norm and Tony fielded many questions that first-time marathoners have. Here are some of the topics discussed:

  1. How much mileage should I run this week?
    For the week starting 11/28/2010, we will do a total of 12 miles. If you did Sunday 6–mile run on 11/28/2010, then for your homework run 6 more miles (Ex. either one 6-mile run, or two 3-mile runs) for a total 12 miles this week. Tapering is very important to your Marathon Day game plan. You’ll want to run more miles, but save it for the marathon.
  2. Where is the Green Group meeting on Marathon Morning?
    Norm traditionally meets the Beginners at the Ala Moana Hotel lobby, around the Big Christmas Tree. Look for him from 3:00 a.m. on. At around 4’ish, he walks his group over from Ala Moana Hotel over to the last restroom (closest to Kewalo Basin) at Ala Moana Beach park, past the tennis courts. Do a drive-by before marathon day to figure out where the rendezvous spots are at beforehand.
  3. What do I eat before the marathon?
    Everyone is different! This is why over the past few months we have encouraged are runners to figure out how foods, sports drinks, water, fiber, and different amounts of food intake affect your running performance. The best advice at this point is: Don’t change what works for you! At the Marathon Expo, you may be tempted to drink or eat a supplement that is touted to enhance your performance. But if you haven’t tried it in training, you definitely do not want to ingest it on Marathon day.
  4. What about sports braces, knee supports, etc?
    Again if you haven’t tried it out during your training, do not try wearing these during your Marathon run, as you may not be prepared for any adverse chaffing or binding.

Our total mileage on Sunday was a very doable 6 miles. Everyone is looking great! In closing, it has been a pleasure training and getting to know each and every one of you in this 2010 Honolulu Marathon Clinic. Channel that eagerness to want to run more this week into your December 12th performance on Marathon Day – stick to the assigned training schedule. Great job to all over the past few months!

Da Comment Corner (longer than usual)

The Last Two Weeks

The marathon is just two weeks away; it’s hard to believe but we have been training since the second week in March to get to our goal. Therefore as Doc always mentions, TAPERING is the key at this phase of our training. Please take it easy – training runs should be at a pace that is comfortable and easy and, not beyond our” normal homework” range. In fact, Doc suggests no running after the Thursday before marathon Sunday. “Competitive” basketball, football, tennis, etc., might be put on hold till after the marathon. So, please take it easy and do not place any undue stress on your bodies; you’ve come a long way!!!

Staff Leader Appreciation

Please make sure to thank your staff leaders – every staff member is a volunteer and many have sacrificed or modified their own training regimen for the sake of their group. The clinic’s foundation is based on the hard work, generosity, and enthusiasm of these staff volunteers. Please acknowledge them and show your appreciation with a simple, “thank you.”

Doc’s Carbo- Loading Party – December 10, 2010

There will be lots of great food, drinks and people at Doc’s annual “bash.” Live music brings out the dancing spirit in everyone. It’s fun and interesting to see everyone in their “regular party garb” rather than in their running shorts and tops. I am sure Guru Sam will be in his usual sari. We should make it a point to attend – it’s a great finale to your training. Your own gourmet dishes and pupus are always welcome!!

After the Marathon Dinner – Monday, day after the marathon (Dec. 13, 2010)

Norm Uyeda has organized his usual, “Day after the Marathon” dinner to be held at the Empress Restaurant in the Chinese Cultural Plaza starting at 6:00 p.m. Please sign up at the clinic. Cost is $25 which includes tax and tip.

“After the Marathon” Picnic – the Sunday after the marathon (Dec. 19, 2010)

“I cramped up at mile20 and had to walk in.”
“I hit the wall at mile 15 and had to walk/run the rest of the way.”
“I saw a semi nude 70+ year old runner from Japan running in GETAS (wooden shoes) and he was passing me at mile 17!”
Or, “I ran the perfect race; staff leaders Les, Jeff, Ivie, Rosie, Guru Sam, Alberto, and Andy’s’ advice and training were perfect!”
These and other comments will be “flowing” at the “after marathon” picnic; commiserate with others as to what went right or what didn’t; it is a potluck so please sign up on the board for a dish that you would like to bring. There is also a $1 per person charge.

Marathon and Golf?

We are looking for clinic members who enjoy golf! Our first annual Honolulu Marathon Clinic Golf Outing is in the planning stages for some Sunday in late January or February. Hackers Blair, Peter and others (perhaps Russ, Uncle Les, Doug, Jeff, Kozo, etc.) would like to connect up with other hackers of the HMC to demonstrate our “off the road” athletic prowess, socialize, and talk about outrageous golf shots, “incredible” running times and “life in general”. “Socialites” and “life in general” non golfers are welcome to join in on the “after golf” gathering (the 19th Hole). Please let Blair or Peter know of your interest or please send a response to this update in the comment section.
Tennis next?

Have a safe and relaxing week.

See you at the water stops,