Blair’s Weekly Update 11-21-10

Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff spoke about we runners’ double edged sword of determination/resolve/fortitude/grit.

These same qualities which will get us to the finish line can prevent us from getting to the start if we overdo our training now.

Taper and confirm your marathon pace at the Turkey Trot.

Table Duty

To staff leader Rosemary Kyte – thanks for the great “spread’ at table duty!

Group Reports

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

GREYs first week of tapering from 20 miles to 14 miles, piece of cake! Ooooh how we enjoy this! 16 of us turned up: Andy and Max (Horatio) awesome pacing, for Adam, Gary, Matt, Christine, Donna, Bev, Eric, Lance, Joe, Mickey, Les, Gannon (welcome, good to have you, since you overslept), Henry and myself. Rob, did you oversleep this Sunday? We missed you. It’s all so amazing, to see the GREYS run so strong on our later training runs! I am always behind all of you! This Sunday, we practice what it would feel like running at 10 am to the marathon finish, HOT, and on hills, Kahala, and Diamond Head. We all agree, we now LOVE the heat and hill ! Months of training miles and hours were for strength and endurance building, and injury prevention. Now we are tapering, to ‘sharpen’ what we gained, and to peak December 12th. “Mental flossing”. per Coach Jenny Hadfield’s 5 steps:

  1. Go with what you know. Don’t go into taper ‘madness’. Your ability to make simple decisions, like what to eat and what to wear may go out the window. Keep it simple and go with what we practice. Running is simple. Let’s relax and enjoy this event!
  1. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Develop a mental game plan and break the total distance into smaller, digestible pieces. Divide the race into check points, to create a mental road map to ease your mind, and keep focused.
  1. Run efficiently. Every aid station/water stop, perform a head-to-toe inventory to prevent poor form and energy waste. RTS, Hips under shoulders, feet landing with quick strides, under the hips. Keep your mind actively engaged. You may want to have some ‘words of encouragement’ planned for those tough spots. We came up with some during our training runs, like “Finish Strong!” and added some this Sunday, Marines Christine: “Semper Fi”, Army Max “Be all you can be.” Navy Andy “Don’t sink the ship!” Mickey “Go Navy, Beat the Army!”
  1. Pace yourself. Control the things you can. Reserving your energy for the second half allows you to have the mental and physical stamina to go finishing in the final miles. FINISH STRONG! There is nothing more fun that having the stamina to pass people in the final miles of a race. (I hope it’s Dennis I am passing)
  1. Go with what the day brings. Weather is so unpredictable. Show up with a flexible game plan, and adjust as needed. Our best is our best preparation and enjoying the race. Celebrate it all!


  • NOVEMBER 7th – 16 miles – We were ALL up to it! 1st half moving PACE: 11:02 OVERALL 12:31, 2nd half moving PACE 10:30, OVERALL 11:18 Entire time: 3 hours 10 minutes for 15.82 miles. Some finished in 3 hours 5 minutes, and Who Dat Adam finished in 2 hours 38 minutes.
  • NOVEMBER 14th – 6 am start 20.22-miler GOAL ACHIEVED!: No injuries (that we know of) familiarization of the Hawaii Kai Drive “loop.” and marathon finish, “Finish Strong” . Gain confidence, to GO THE DISTANCE. AVERAGE moving pace, for the slower end (mine): 11:18 AVERAGE OVERALL pace: 12:48 (yes, all the detours and stops). Everyone else’s times were faster.
  • NOVEMBER 21st – 14 miles TAPER – to Hawaii Loa Ridge park, Kahala Ave, and marathon finish. 1st half: 10:38 moving pace average, 2nd half 10:24 moving pace average. (oh, some of us had shave ice at the marathon finish, yum!)
  • NOVEMBER 25th – 10 miles (Thursday) Turkey Trot
  • NOVEMBER 28th – 10 to 12 miles – Downtown route, taking the marathon start, and where we will all meet.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

39 members started with the group and most stayed with us until the end to complete their last 14-miler for the year. Staff leaders Alberto and Guru Sam with assistance from staffers Dwight and Norm K. led the energetic and enthusiastic members. We had a few “newbies” but for the most part our regulars were the foundation of the group. “Regulars” Mimi, Lei, Lynnae, Rick, Rodney, Lisa, Lisa, Tanya, Liz, Uncle Les, Keiko (who is not currently in high school but looks like she is; she states that she graduated over ten years ago; ahh, to look so young!), Russ, Marc, Byron, Satomi, Jennei, and many others comprised our fun and enthusiastic members! The group started off at an easy pace but the speed quickened as we made our journey back – an “unintentional” negative split, I guess. Nevertheless, everyone finished the run without injury or incident and in good spirits. Great job, everyone!

Take care of that calf Bill and hope you will be able to join us soon.

Paris’ Comments:

FUN, FUN, FUN, I started out Kapiolani Park at 7:02; I waited the extra two minutes to see if anybody else would join me on this second, and last, 18-miler this training season. I was to be disappointed; the four angels who “flew” with me last Sunday didn’t show up, and I took off alone, wingless.

I completed the run in 3:20, including water stops. With the exception of the 4-5 minutes I spent at Nelson’s Oasis, I kept the water stops very short, wanting to practice the pace and style I intend to run the Marathon at. At the end I found myself very tired and breathless, and this run was only 18 miles. I think adding another 8.2 miles will make the Marathon a very hard endeavor at the 11.11 pace I registered. I think I will slow down a little and hopefully still finish in less than five (U5) hours. The lesson I should learn? Next year start practicing earlier with longer distances

Turkey Trot this Thursday! Next week we do a 12-miler taking in the front part of the marathon and the meeting place on marathon morning for our Intermediate groups. We start off from our usual clinic meeting place after Doc’s talk.

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

We started out with a large group of people but only 13 of us returning back to base together. It seemed to me a nice leisurely pace and I was thinking, sweet, only 14 miles; though we had some trade winds it was definitely a hot day. Andy kept up his usually pace and conversation among the group was flowing freely. I can hardly believe we are almost at the end of our training and we are talking about next year’s marathon. As you are all aware we have cut back on our training so as to be in top shape for the marathon. I would like to remind you to play it safe for the next few weeks, having an injury or accident at this stage of our training is physically and emotionally damaging; please be extra careful. Don’t forget the Turkey trot, is not participating come and see us all off and support the cause; it’s good fun. See you all next Thursday or Sunday
Aloha Pam

Beginner’s Bits by Anthony Padua

The Green Group was all abuzz with positive excitement as we announced we would finally begin to taper our training mileage with today’s run! Do you first timers remember when Norm had said at the start of the 2010 clinic: “By November, we’re going to tell you to cut your weekly mileage down – and many of you aren’t going to want to!” A collective cheer of joy (or was it relief?) was heard when we announced to the gang that today’s turn around point would be at Kahala Gas Station. Many of us could not believe it, but its true – tapering for the 2010 Honolulu Marathon started today.

As the group made their way up Diamond Head, lead by Tony and Norm, many talked about upcoming plans for Thanksgiving, Dr. Scaff’s Carbo-load Party, Marathon Day jitters, and the Day after the Marathon Dinner. The group was excited about how far they’ve come since first starting with the clinic. Keep in mind the advice from Ro and Norm: at this point we can’t hurt our performance on Marathon Day by running less, but we can hurt it by running too much.

Once we reached Kahala Gas Station water stop, the consensus was to familiarize ourselves with the actual 2010 Honolulu Marathon route down Kealaolu Avenue (behind the gas station, along Waialae Golf Course) and up infamous Kahala Ave. We ran up the left-hand shoulder and took note of the 4 distinct sections of the Kahala Ave run. Tips include aiming for shade to help reduce effects of heat and fatigue, and saving some energy for the uphill return trip along Diamond Head. Keeping a steady pace, we made it to Medal of Honor Park (formerly Triangle Park) water stop with relief and a sense of achievement. Infamous Kahala Avenue could definitely be completed one-step at a time.

Thad lead the Lucky 13s back to base, while Tony did a sweep to make sure we all made it back okay. Pat yourselves on the back for completing a terrific run! Total mileage: 8 miles.

A big welcome back to friends returning to the HMC like Cal (aka Speedy), Michelle, Melissa, and Kara (with her son Ezra). Apologies if I missed your name. Aloha to Chris, Dina, Tori, and Noe who were always at the head of the pack throughout the run. To all of you – pretty soon we’ll be together at the marathon start line! What a way to finish the year!

Reminder to all who are participating in this Thursday’s 10-mile Turkey Trot – adjust your weekly mileage. For those who won’t be doing the Turkey Trot, consider doing a 4-mile run (or less) twice this week just to keep your joints lubricated. Otherwise, I am thankful for the many running friends I have made during this 2010 Honolulu Marathon Clinic. This Thanksgiving, I hope of you are glad for taking a step towards a healthier and happier quality of life.

Da Comment Corner

Special Info for the Turkey Trot

It is on Thanksgiving morning approximately @6:30 a.m. – a good way to start the day. $3 fee to register. Remember no timing devices.

Japanese Radio:

When: 11/23 (Tue) 11am

Station: AM1210 KZOO Radio

Who: Staffer Maile Burgey

What: Talk about the Turkey Trot and Honolulu Marathon Clinic

Tune in!

Carbo Loading Party – Friday before Marathon Day!

Great food, drinks, music and overall merriment – all at the cozy enclosure of Dr. Scaff’s house on Roundtop Drive. A “not to miss” party!

Post Marathon Dinner by Norm Uyeda

  1. What – a post marathon celebration dinner
  2. When – the Monday after the marathon
  3. Who – all are invited – runners – finishers – family and friends
  4. Where – Being worked on at this time
  5. Cost – about $25 (approx)

Sign up list will be posted on Sunday along with the location.

Post Marathon Picnic

“I cramped up at mile 22, otherwise I could have come in under 5.”
“I had to stop at the bathroom twice, but still came in at 4:30.”
“The clinic preparation was the best! I did exactly what I had intended to do.”

These and other “very interesting” comments will be heard throughout the picnic. It takes place the Sunday after the marathon. It’s a potluck so bring your latest creations. Additional $1 charged to cover the cost of drinks and supplies. It is a great way to get to know your fellow group members better!

We meet at the usual place and time and volunteers set up while most of the group goes for a short recovery run. Everyone welcome!!

See you at the water stops,