Blair’s Weekly Update 11-14-10

Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff spoke on tapering. This past Sunday’s run should be our longest run. Because we’re running different mileages, he gave us a percentage: decrease your miles by 20% the first week and 50% the second. Plan on the Turkey Trot so you can determine your pace and run a negative spit marathon: a faster second half than the first.

Table Duty

Much mahalo to staff leader Lisa who produced an assortment of goodies for all of the runners. Congrats also!!

Group reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG started their final long run of 20 miles with 8 runners. We started off running an average 9:00-8:45 pace till the 4-mile mark. From there each runner settled in with a pace closer to their targeted marathon pace. A very humid day! We drank a lot of water without skipping water stops. We needed the hydration to stave off cramping. Some runners (those that ran a marathon out of town) turned around at the 12, 14, & 16-mile marks. Four of us continued our 20-mile trek. Donis took the lead coming back and pushed a negative pace of 8:30-8:20! She insisted we pay homage to the Queen so she ran us to the marathon finish line. After today, I am looking forward to tapering! P.S.: The water stop collection for the Waiokeola Church is currently at $75.51. Thank you all for your generous donation towards a much appreciated water/restroom stop. I will turn in the final collection at the end of 11/10. Next year I would like to continue the collection. Let’s try to collect $1.00/month from each Marathon Clinic participant.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

The GREYS did their 6 a.m. cautious 20-miler this HUMID Sunday morning. We practiced our relaxed running, hydration, and mental strengthening. Staffers: Andy (awesome pacer!) Max (Horatio), myself, with honored company of: Donna, Christine, Rob (rise and shine), Gary, Serena, Matt, Adam, Jim (welcome back), Mickey (our Comeback Kid!), Bev, Eric, Joan, Lance, Keith (can’t hide from us), Debbie, Pam (newcomer in Vibrams! vrrrrrrooom), and Martin (welcome, friend of Horatio). It was great to see Dave at Dr. Scaff’s talk (hope you will join us soon), and Bill, so great to realize, I knew you from our work, way back. Welcome back, Kim, also! Our goal was to feel comfortable with the distance, and route. 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. we ran 7 miles from Kawaikui Park to the marathon finish line, to the Queen Kapiolani statue, feeling so fine! After the morning talk, we took in another 13.22 miles covering Hawaii Kai Drive to Keahole. We took our long water stops, even buying drinks at 7-11. Everyone completed, “INJURY FREE”! Yay! Hope you were all feeling fine the day after. Hope you were able to pick out all the areas that maybe vulnerable from mile 20 on for marathon day. Do your preparation, mental, running gear, hydration, refueling, etc, etc.

We have 3 more Sunday’s till Marathon Sunday. We are into our TAPERING schedule. As Rosemary Kyte inspired us, any marathon in 2010, is celebrating the 2500th year of the first Athens marathon! Let’s do it! Congratulations Rosemary on your Athens Marathon.


  • NOVEMBER 7th – 16 miles – We were ALL up to it! 1st half moving PACE: 11:02 OVERALL 12:31, 2nd half moving PACE 10:30, OVERALL 11:18 Entire time: 3 hours 10 minutes for 15.82 miles. Some finished in 3 hours 5 minutes, and Who Dat Adam finished in 2 hours 38 minutes.
  • NOVEMBER 14th – 6 am start 20.22-miler GOAL ACHIEVED!: No injuries (that we know of) familiarization of the Hawaii Kai Drive “loop.” and marathon finish, “Finish Strong” . Gain confidence, to GO THE DISTANCE. AVERAGE moving pace, for the slower end (mine): 11:18 AVERAGE OVERALL pace: 12:48 (yes, all the detours and stops). Everyone else’s times were faster.
  • NOVEMBER 21st – 12 to 14 miles WE START TO TAPER – oh, what we all deserve! ENJOY
  • NOVEMBER 25th – 10 miles (Thursday) Turkey Trot
  • NOVEMBER 28th – 10 to 12 miles

White Group report by Blair Hoashi and Sam Usman

Guru Sam counted 24 eager members running their “last long” run for the season. Devoted staff leaders Alberto, Norm K. and Dwight took the “seasoned” group members (after nearly nine months of running together) through their final 16 miles and their final long run. The Guru and the “grasshopper” (Blair) cut their runs short due to prior commitments. Sam and Ireminisced” (as “old guys” do) about the start of the season back in March when most of these runners were neophytes to long distance running – we were introduced to runners like Mimi, Lei, Lynnae, Sondra, Kara, Satomi, Masumi, Benica, Kerwin, Ben, Anita, Joyce, Nadia, and “Uncle Les” to name a few. There were many that started with us but for one reason or another decided to drop out. Along the way, we added more members to the group, runners like Dana (our 5th grade teacher extraordinaire), Lisa, Jessica and son, and Bill. We also had runners who had graduated from Andy’s Blue Group like Byron, Andrew, Russ, Tanya, with husband Jeff, and Ujol. And, we can’t forget our returnees like Marie (hope your back is better), Jennei, Mickey, Marc and Liz and others who come and go. Congrats to all for sticking with the program – you are all ready! Now the good part – TAPERING!!

Congrats also to staff leader Paris who took a group out to do a 20-miler! Great job!

It is highly recommended to listen to Doc’s last minute instructions on the next few Sundays.

Remaining Schedule:

  • November 21 – 14 miles
  • November 28 – 12 miles, the front part of the marathon course (includes meeting place)
  • December 05 – 8 miles
  • December 12 – MARATHON!!

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

A small group today – 14 of us; made it nice as we were able to chat with each other. Weather was sticky and with hardly any trade winds, in other words it was a hot run. I noticed that everyone was drinking lots of water; the single file was in fine form, the best I have seen this year. Andy filled us in on the history of Veterans Day and Remembrance Day; besides keeping up a nice pace, I must say, the water breaks are my favorite. That was our last 16miles, next week 14. I will be helping Rosemary at the table next week so will have to run really early to get it in. Hope to see you all at the next clinic

Green Group by Rosemary Kyte and Tony Padua

Back from Athens – Rosemary paced Rose, Toyin, and Willard as far as the 8-mile turn around, where she turned back early and left them to finish the 16-mile route.

Congratulations to all on making to your last week of long mileage training, this coming week. Here’s our suggested taper schedule assuming a base of 30-mile weeks to taper down from.

  • Monday – Sunday (15-21 Nov): Last week of 30 miles, Sunday 21 November is the last long run (14-16 miles).
  • Monday – Sunday (22-28 Nov): weekly goal is 24 miles, 12 miles on Sunday (you’ll need less on Sunday if you have done the 10-mile Turkey Trot on the 25th).
  • Monday – Sunday (29 Nov – 5 Dec): weekly goal is 16 miles, Sunday run of 8 miles.
  • Monday – Sunday (6 Dec – 12 Dec): Marathon week! Just run one or to time, 7 or 8 miles; and the Marathon on Sunday.

Brief Athens Report: What follows is a long link, but if it works for you, it takes you right to the video of my finish, to include a big hug from Janice Duy who I had the privilege of pacing to her very first marathon. Janice is from Maine, but the Hawaii contingent adopted her, and based on her training history it seemed like my pace would be perfect for her. The primary site is, my bib number is 8198; try the video section.;stage=275;angle=m0;bib=8198;lang=en_NZ;

Lucky 13’s report

Welcome back to our hard-traveling heroes Norm and Ro, each one back from their Mediterranean adventures. Ro reminded us how special it is for any person running a Marathon in 2010; we are all making history as we take part in the 2500th anniversary of the first Marathon run in Athens, Greece.

Tony took a 14-min pace up Diamond Head and boy – was it humid! Thad did the Pearl City High Turkey Trot on Nov. 12th, and so took it easy today. Many of us notice the aches that go along with marathon training, but veteran runner Melanie remarked how much faster, stronger, and leaner everyone looked since they first started training earlier this year! Take heart that your dedication will not only get you across that finish line: you can enjoy the Holiday season looking good and feeling great!

At the Kahala Gas Station, Norm, Noe, and Minatsu turned back to treat their painful joints. Tapering started early for the Lucky 13s as we elected to run only on Kalanianaole Highway, skipping the residential area before Wailupe Beach Park. The run was easier thanks to overcast skies that filtered the hot sun.(Yay!) Props to Eileen who took on her fear of Kalanianaole and faced it head-on to finish a 14-miler. An energetic Katie bolted ahead to finish her 16 early as well. The Holy Trinity Church Craft Fair and Bake Sale at the 8-mile turnaround point tempted many of our Lucky 13s to stray. However, we stayed true to our training schedule and returned to the road. Christina and Walter stayed in the lead during our Highway time; both of them had interesting tales of their Autumn travels to New York, Europe, and Asia.

Kahala Gas Station on the trip back meant Icee and Musubi for some in our group. But not for ever-plucky Yuko and Helen who forged on ahead to finish their remaining miles running back to base. The trip back was short on cloud cover, but the heat didn’t stop Toyin, Rose, Thad, and Tony from finishing their 16 in fine form. A hot trip back is nothing new and we are better prepared for actual Marathon conditions. Props to Sandra and Robin for convincing HMC alumni Jason not to call in a ride back from Diamond Head; all three completed their final Sunday Sixteen for 2010 on foot. Jason, now you just got to join us for the Marathon in December! Great job to all for getting in your Marathon readiness roadwork with the Honolulu Marathon.

Da Comment Corner

Turkey Trot

Volunteers needed – please sign up on the board. Also, please participate in the race and test your ability to “pace yourself” – a great primer for the marathon.

Taper, Taper, and Taper

Today should have been your last long run. Please try not to over train and suffer injury or weaken your immune system. As Doc and your staff leaders mention, we are ready for the marathon! We just need to maintain!

See you at the water stops,