Blair’s Weekly Update 11-07-10

Doc’s Talk

This morning Dr. Scaff assured us that we have taken care of our physical training—and that it is time to concentrate on our mental training: the grit which will get us across the finish line. From now on we need to maintain our level of fitness and not do anything risky leading to injury. He spoke of the upcoming Turkey Trot and how important it is to predict our pace. Knowing our pace will allow us to run the Marathon with a negative split: finishing the last half slightly faster than the first half.

Table Duty

Thanks to staffers Amanda and Hollie for doing such a great job at table duty!

Group reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

We started our run with 6 runners. Everyone had a different purpose today. Jeff Oh* just completed a leisurely Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. with friends. He waited for slower runners, had a beer at the 22-mile mark with picture taking, and still finished at 4:50. John (Fleet Feet) completed the Chicago Marathon at 3:59 with severe cramping at the 19-mile mark. Jeff did a 12-mile recovery run. John on the other hand forced me into the Hawaii Kai loop for 20-mile run. For his punishment, he started cramping at the 16-mile mark! Donis and Nancy did a 14-miler. Kozo ran to Paki from his home in Hawaii Kai and ran back for 20 miles. Another humid day despite the strong breeze; I must have drank twice as much water today to keep up with John. Maybe one more long run as a group and we will begin our taper. Yeah Right!!

*Please talk with Jeff Oh and get great insight about his experience at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

16 GREYS this Sunday for our 16-miler. Led by Andy, Max (Horatio), me were: Adam, Pierre, Sachi, Les (who went 18 miles!), Bev, Dave (who did the smart thing, and did his “bike ride,” keep up his cardio training, as he rested his “shins”), Donna, Eric (donning new mustache and beard, soon to be Santa), Christine, Joe, Lance, and Amy (guest from Portland, Oregon, welcome!) Amy was here for the 1988 through 1990 Honolulu Marathons, and claims to be tapering since, (just kidding, she runs in Oregon, but at 40 degrees, this was a tough acclimation!) Oh, and we bumped into Rob along the way (can you believe it, overslept!). Welcome back, Lance, nice and STRONG, this Sunday. Keith, welcome back, it was good to see you, crazy! Glad you came 1 week earlier than last year. It’s a good thing you wore your “fast shoes.” We all did well, our negative split success! All of you found your groove, your efficient running stride. Christine testifies to the “shorter” stride, no more cramping in calves, which I often had, too! We want a slight knee lift, quick leg turnover, so we don’t waste energy. That’s our “relaxed” running now, in our zone. Oh, and we did run “silent.” Even a pedestrian did not detect us hounds were right beside her, “head’s up, single file!” That’s “cool running.”

Again, thank you Pierre for our after run stretch. That was a great cool-down, recovery. I do not ache at all today.

Please NOTE: NOVEMBER 14th – START time 6 a.m. at Kawaikui Beach Park (AKA: Hawaii Loa Ridge Park or Nelson’s Oasis). As courtesy to the surfers who surf there, please park in the neighborhood and meet at the park. We will to an “easy run” so not to injure ourselves, for our 20-miler. 7 miles to Kapiolani Park; hear Dr. Scaff’s talk/ Pete’s announcements, and then 13 miles to include the Hawaii Kai loop. We will take a 10:45 to 11:30 pace, and take our breaks as long as needed, to HYDRATE/REFUEL. Let’s make sure we check on each other. It is not recommended to do a 20-miler, for first time marathoners, so we are doing this for those who would feel comfortable at least being familiar with the route, AND wanting to know what 20 miles feels like “body and soul.”


  • NOVEMBER 7th – 16 miles – We were ALL up to it! 1st half moving PACE: 11:02 OVERALL 12:31, 2nd half moving PACE 10:30, OVERALL 11:18 Entire time: 3 hours 10 minutes for 15.82 miles. Some finished in 3 hours 5 minutes, and Who Dat Adam finished in 2 hours 38 minutes.
  • NOVEMBER 14th – 6 am start 20-miler for those who want to get a 20-miler under your belt. If you do a 20-miler, it will be at a very comfortable pace, and really taking in our stops. NO INJURIES, please! 20 miles will not be a push. GOAL: to just familiarize yourself with the Hawaii Kai Drive “loop.” Anyone prefers to start usual time, may do a 16-miler with the WHITE group.
  • NOVEMBER 21st – 12 to 14 miles WE START TO TAPER – oh, what we all deserve! ENJOY
  • NOVEMBER 25th – 10 miles (Thursday) Turkey Trot
  • NOVEMBER 28th – 10 to 12 miles

White Group report by Paris Monti and Sam Usman

Another FUN, FUN, FUN Run, indeed. On this beautiful Sunday morning with a light breeze, partially cloudy skies and cooler than usual temperature, an impressive, excited, enthusiastic and motivated group of 31 “White” runners made their way up Diamond Head Road for another 16-miler. The excitement was no doubt do to the approaching of that special event for which we ha tenaciously trained since March, that is, The Honolulu Marathon on December 12. As for me, I am more excited about the Carboloading Party at Dr. Scaff and Donna’s home the Friday preceding December 12. Besides the great food, we’ll be entertained to some fine Beatles tunes skillfully performed by the Rubber Soles.

Our great and caring pace-setter Alberto lead all the way and me tending from the rear. Special thanks to Dwight and Norman K. for their assistance. Sam, as it has been his practice for the last several weeks, turned back at the gas station, but his presence during the first four miles was essential in providing much needed enthusiasm, discipline and a clear sense of direction. The group was able to stay together, with 24 members reaching our eight-mile turnaround point and 16 returning to Kapiolani Park in a compact group. Maybe because of the cooler temperature and light breeze, all runners seemed less fatigued than in previous runs. We completed this run in 3:35, running time done at an average 12:07 pace (I set my Garmin to stop when my pace falls below 20). My Garmin also showed that I had lost 1,717 calories during this run (I am a little skeptical about the large quantity of lost calories; I will monitor again next week for consistency). Blair suggests that the White Group run another 16-miler next week, starting at the usual time.

Paris’ Sunday running plan for the 14th and 21th: 18 miles on both days, starting at 7:00 a.m. If anyone is interested in joining me, please do.

Sam’s Comment:

We missed you bro; we have so many “graduates” coming along and running in this great marathon that is forthcoming. It’s like having kids and seeing them grow. There are some great personalities that have developed and lots of friendships made within these past 6 to 7 months. Each of these marathoners will be real successes in life. I am so happy to see all of these wonderful souls as I go with this little journey of my life.

Blair’s Comment:

A “front part” of the marathon course will be scheduled in about two weeks – approximately 12 miles, a “tapering” Sunday run.

We will decide on a meeting place for marathon morning as soon as I get more info on the bathroom situation at Borders at Ward. Anyone have any “connections” with the Ward Centre management people? Please let me know.

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

We missed not having Andy and Fiona leading us to-day, sorry you folks could not make it. The group was small but we rallied round, a leader was picked and off we went, some of the runners joined Alberto’s group. The weather was co-operating – trade winds with a little overhead cloud covering. Another 16-miler down, only two more to go, we will then start downsizing, looking forward to that. I have been running the Kahala route so as to get used to it during my weekly runs, kind of nice and flat, after a few runs it no longer seems intimidating, As you know we shared the road with the half marathoners today, saw several people from the HMC., they were looking good. Hope to have Andy and Fiona back with us next week.
Aloha Pam

Green Group by Tony Padua

We headed out from Kapiolani Park, each group to according to their pace. Welcome back to a first-timer to the clinic Lianna who joined our band of walkers Libby, Annie, Jerry, and the Gails.

With clear skies to start, we anticipated a hot run so encouraged regular fluid intake. The Lucky 13s, led by Tony, steadily went up Diamond Head, cheering on many Clinic friends (like Suzette) running the Nola Velasco Half Marathon. Thad took the point with Chris, Dina, and the 13s from Kahala Gas Station out to the turn-around point at Holy Trinity church. Sandra touched base with Evelyn and Joan: they both made it to the Kalanianole phone booth then returned to base. Sandy then caught up with Toyin and Tony, and the trio headed to Wailupe Park water stop. Thad reported that two runners (hi Donna) went off ahead after the Kawaikui water stop to finish their runs early. Much mahalo to Nelson for providing refreshments there.

The 13s made it to the 8-mile landmark at Holy Trinity church in a little more than 2 hours. The tailwind on the trip back to base made for a swifter pace for our group, but really helped keep us cool under the roasting sun! However, some in the group were affected by replenishment on the trip back. For some it was too much fluid, for others it was eating certain snacks. Either way this is the time to work out how you respond to fluid and carb replacement during your long runs. Avoid food, or amounts of fluids, that upset your stomach and your performance. Figure it out before Marathon day for best results.

Dina broke off from the group as we approached Kahala Baseball Park, leaving Chris, Katie, Lisa, Thad, and Tony to make their way back to base. Lisa opted to walk back from Kahala Avenue. Thad sprinted ahead upon reaching the top of Diamond Head, and the remaining 13s finished their run at a steady, quick pace. Later, remaining Green Teammates Toyin, Sandra, Lisa, and Steve Z trekked on in, for a Total Distance: 16-miles A big thank you to Amanda and Hollie for the terrific table of refreshments and for waiting for our runners and walkers.

Da Comment Corner

“Peak Mileage”

You might notice when reading the various group reports about the different “long” mileages being run on Sundays, especially this close to the marathon. Please check with your group leader as to what might be most appropriate for you; Doc mentions that for most first time marathoners, the 16-miler should be the longest run for the year.

“Big Day” Countdown

Only about a month to go before the “big day” so let’s be careful in our training – no injuries or risk of a lowered immune system (flu season is upon us). Most of us already have our marathon training mileage within us. So, if you have been diligent in your homework runs and Sunday “fun runs,” you are in good shape for the “big day.” Tapering should begin shortly Tapering basically consists of doing your usual “homework runs,” but cutting down on your Sunday runs thereby decreasing your overall weekly mileage.

See you at the water stops,