Blair’s Weekly Update 10-24-10

Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff “preached to the small choir” who didn’t participate in the 30k race held concurrently with the clinic. In these last few weeks before the marathon he urged care and restraint in our training: that going an extra 4 miles will give negligible benefits in our times, but increase our chances of injury.

Table Duty

A very special mahalo to Tom who decided to help out at table duty! Tom is not even a staff member! The ice cold water and Gatorade was just what we needed. The pretzels, fruits and pastries were an added bonus! Much mahalo, Tom!!

Group reports

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

The GREYS met for the PF Chang’s 30K. We practiced our 5 a.m. start, endurance, pacing, and stride, long lines to the toilet, and marathon course of 18.64 miles. OMG! It was so gratifying to see our GREY members do so well! Everyone “finished strong!”. Jim, Donna, Dr. Rob, Joe, Lance, Serena, Eric, Adam, Gary, Mickey, Dennis and other Marathon Clinic members (Rachan, Paul, Jeff, Neal, Kozo) seemed to enjoy the perfect weather condition run. Rob (our other Rob) not sure you were able to make it, didn’t see you amongst the 1000 runners. So proud of everyone, high fives at the end, what a confidence builder! Our goal was to simulate marathon day, and avoid any injury pre-marathon, and then ask, could I do this for another 7.56 miles? “Yes, we can!” Hope all of you are feeling well today. Please assure recovery before any training this week. We want the remainder weeks to be “smart runs” “smart training” so we peak Sunday, December 12th. What did you all think, waking up at 3 a.m. for a 5 a.m. start? Is that phrase, “I run, therefore I am insane” pop into your mind?

Other GREYS who attended the official Marathon Clinic Sunday, hope you all had a great training run, also. Christine I saw you running on Kalanianaole Highway, you looked good! You go girl!

OCTOBER and NOVEMBER schedule:

  • OCTOBER 31st 14-mile – recovery run
  • NOVEMBER 7th – 14 miles
  • NOVEMBER 14th -16 or a 20-miler for those who want to get a 20-miler under your belt.
  • NOVEMBER 21st – 12 to 14 miles WE START TO TAPER – oh, what we all deserve! ENJOY
  • NOVEMBER 25th – 10 miles (Thursday) Turkey Trot
  • NOVEMBER 28th – 10 to 12 miles

White Group report by Paris Monti

Another FUN, FUN, FUN Run. On a warm sunny Sunday morning, 15 enthusiastic “White” Indians (runners), ably headed by leader Alberto, took off from Kapiolani Park for their weekly training trek, as a group; this week being a 16–miler. The unusually low participation for the White Group this time was to a large extend due to a competing running event, i. e., the PF Chang’s 30K. For the first few miles we had a lot of fun cheering incoming 30K participants; the cheering led by Blair who couldn’t stop repeating, “Good job, looking good, almost there.” At the four-mile mark, our lively leader Sam decided to turn back to camp, taking with him another runner … and then there were 13. Then, our spiritual leader Blair had to turn back at Wailupe Park to help coach his son’s team, later this day, taking with him another three runners … and then there were 9. We progressed on to Kawaikui Park, aka, Nelson’s Oasis, where our staff leader Dwight decided to turn back, not wanting to press his luck after a prolonged absence from running … and then there were 8. Thanks to Nelson for treating all with refreshments. We made it to our eight-mile mark and turned back, stopping again at Kawaikui Park. At this point we lost track of Lilia … and then there were 7. The GOLDEN SEVEN – Alberto, Dulce, Marc, Mimi, Nelson K., Paris and Russ – returned to camp, together. What a fantastic run! In spite of the slightly lower October’s temperature, it was still hot and humid, but not too bad … all did this run safely, in good spirit and feeling good at the end. We completed this run in 3:22, including water stops. Actual running done at about a 12-minute/mile pace.

Blair’s Comments:

Special congratulations to members Mimi, Lei, Kara, Dana, Lisa, Byron, Marc, Lilia, and Jake (I hope I did not forget anyone) who joined me last Sunday by going out to Maunalua Bay @Hawaii Kai and back – 18 miles! There was no official clinic last week and so the 6 a.m. start time and cool weather helped to make our run very comfortable. We held a steady 12 minutes per mile pace throughout and everyone finished in great form! Great job!!!

“Forever” White Group member, Emma, says hello from Arlington, Virginia. Emma, now settled in Virginia misses running with all of her “White Group” friends, even Guru Sam!

Congratulations to all of the 30K participants! You looked fantastic! Kara, Sondra, Lei, Satsumi, Jennei, Lynnae, Liz, Uncle Les, Russell and others, your “finishing kicks” were awsome!!

Green Group (Beginners) by Norm Uyeda and Anthony Padua

On Sunday’s, 10/24/10, run, the day started off with the occasional breeze, later getting hotter out on Kalanianaole Highway when the group turned around. We were joined today by newcomer Kara who recently moved to the islands. At the Arco station, Norm cut his run short and turned around leading a small group back with him. Along the run back, once we hit the Kahala baseball park, the rest of the group slowly broke-off running ahead in smaller segments. As a good reminder for all of the beginners, please keep in single-file and remember that a large group such as ours can be very intimidating to other runners and walkers. In this vein, as we were running from Kaimuki District Park to the baseball park, there was an older woman who while walking on the road to give us room, fell down quite hard. Sandra and Tony Padua stayed with her to make sure she was alright. Let’s make sure we do our homework and hope to see you all next Sunday!

Norm’s Comments:

Rosemary started her tapering for the upcoming Greek Marathon and turned back early, leaving Victoria, Rose, Toyin and Joan to finish their 16-miler on their own.

Norm is in vacation mode and turned back at the gas station with Eileen, Helen and Dina to keep him company.

Good luck to Rosemary, Dr. Roz, George and JR who are going to Greece to run in the 2,500th anniversary of the marathon.

For those who missed it, there will be another Downtown run – probably on a Friday (after work) in late November. More to follow….

Da Comment Corner

Athens Marathon

Good luck and bon voyage to some members of the clinic who will be participating in the Athens Marathon next Sunday! Have a fun and safe trip to the three Rosemary’s –Green Group leader Rosemary Kyte, Rosie Spraker and Pink Group leader Rosemary Adam-Terem! To all of the participants from the clinic, have a safe and enjoyable trip!!

Rosie and Rosy in Virginia

Aloha Blair

I am writing from İzmir, Turkey. On my way over here İ stopped by Rosy Spraker’s new place in Lorton, Virginia and we went for a run together round a beautiful lake near her home. We’ll send pix from Athens too!

Rosie (Adam-Terem)

A Blessing for Many (Reprised)

By Ivie Kumura

The Waiokeola Church has been so gracious in letting the runner’s use their restroom facilities at a most crucial point of our running course. With the increase in rates, their water bill has likewise increased drastically. Anyone interested in donating to help offset their incurred costs, may write a check payable to: Waiokeola Church, 4705 Kilauea Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816-5313. You may note on the check – “Runners”, so they know where the check will go to. Please also remember out of courtesy, walk through the facilities, rather than running through it.

*A jar for donations at the clinic has been set up by Les Young as well.

Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving morning

A tradition for the last 20+ years, the clinic has sponsored the annual Turkey Trot, a ten-mile run that tests a runner’s ability to stick to a pace without the benefit of any timing devices. Runners’ predict a finishing time for the ten-miler and the closest to their predicted time wins a prize. Aside from participants, volunteers are needed. Please sign up on the board if you are available.

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,