Blair’s Weekly Update 10-10-10

Doc was away so there was no talk this morning.

No Clinic Next Sunday

Due to the Susan Komen Run, the clinic will not be held. Please check with your group leaders or read your group reports to find out if your group is meeting “unofficially” somewhere.

Group Reports

Advance Group by Les Young

Three runners went out for their 18-miler at 6:15 a.m. I received my epidural shot on 10/05/10 and have been reinvented. The shot takes 5-10 days to take full effect, but I feel great already. I took my first 18-miler nice and easy running a 9:15-9:00 pace. Kenji from the Red group kept me company the entire way. Being this is going to be his first marathon, we talked about some of the basics. I discovered he was planning to run the entire marathon without the benefit of some sort of refueling or mineral replacement. Not a good idea. We talked about clothing and footwear emphasizing no cotton and nothing new on marathon day. We talked about body lubrication and critical friction points. We surmised his foot blistering was being caused by possible wrong sock material and too loose lacing. We also ran into group member Frank at the 18-mile turn around. He was having some problems dealing with the heat and humidity. He kept his clothing soaking wet at each water stop. Pray for rain on marathon day Frank! I started having cramps in my calves at the 14-mile mark. A couple more runs should iron that problem out. The AG will run longer training distances because each member has different goals. Several are out of town running other marathons. Some need to run a 3:15-3:20 marathon to qualify for Boston. As Peter mentioned, the AG are experienced runners with many marathons under their belt. For many, a marathon is just another training run. They worked long and hard to achieve their level of conditioning. Their training regime is definitely not for first time marathoners. The goal is attainable with proper progressive training.

P.S. The Waiokeola Church next to the Aloha station at the 4-mile mark is asking for help with covering the cost of providing water, paper towels, and restroom facilities to runners who stop there. I can just imagine the overhead cost with hundreds of runners stopping there. I am grateful they are trying to appeal for help first instead of just closing the gate permanently. I want to set up a collection bottle and ask all our runners to contribute $1 a month each to help perpetuate this much need oasis. Open for discussion.

Please see Ivie Kumura’s comments in last week’s issue regarding donations to the church.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

2 months to go! I hope you’re all ready, or becoming ready. These longer runs should tell us if we are or not – how do you feel after going 16? Could you do another 10 – because that’s what we have to do?

Most of the Intermediate Group went out for 16 miles this Sunday. I (alone again) went out to church on a mostly overcast, breezy day. This was a good run for me – a little sore at the end, but I’m getting my pacing down to where I could even get a “second wind” on Kahala Ave. and pick up the pace running up to Triangle Park – and trust me – if there’s any place we need a second wind, it’s the dreaded Kahala! The only hard part was that the sun decided to come out full force just as I was in the middle of the Kahala stretch.

Remember, no formal Clinic next week – the Susan B. Komen run starts at 7:00 a.m. I’ll be there at 6:00/6:15 (parking will be a challenge), ready to run at 6:30 – if we get out right away, the run shouldn’t affect our start, and it should all be over by the time we get back.
For those of you planning on doing the 30K on the 24th, I suggest you do no more than 12 miles this coming Sunday, and no more than 12 the week after – we don’t want to burn ourselves out by packing too much in. Have a good week, and I hope to see many of you there next Sunday (yes, Sam, I bring mango bread even when there’s no formal clinic).

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

We had another successful 16-mile run by our Grey group! Led by Andy and Max, we had a great turn-out, Dr. Rob, Donna, Christine, Christine and Barry, Dave, Dennis, Henry, Pierre and Jim (welcome back), Joe, Lance, and Adam, My apologies, I know I missed about 6 of you! Andy was determined to make Oct 10th’s ‘progressive’ run our serious, negative split. As Andy says, ‘our first significant negative split’ Hallelujah! Unfortunately, Ivie did not fare well. Again, not recovering from the week, and not hydrating well, I was way behind the GREYs. Lesson learned, this added about 15 to 20 more minutes! It warmed my heart, to hear how our GREY members worried about me, when they didn’t see me at the end. I really just walked from Triangle Park. I did hear that everyone ended together! That’s our GREY group! Congratulations! So, this Sunday, Dennis beat me!

Peter talked about not overtraining, and being careful of running over 16 miles for our long runs. GREYS please, let’s run”‘smart”. Let’s be careful on our long runs. Our group successfully did the negative split, thus able to go the 16-mile distance, what a “high”! Hope none of you were hurting the day after. Don’t overextend the push through the long run, if there is any chance of injury. The recommendation was to increase above 16 miles, only if you are “experienced” (capable). There are only 5 more Sundays of long runs before we will need to “taper.” Injuries now will not allow you enough time to recover and enjoy your marathon.

October Schedule

  • October 3rd – 16.14 miles including Kahala! Total Pace 12:30 1st half distance: 8.16 running pace 10:51 (total: 12:29), and 2nd half 7.98 miles, running pace 11:14 (total: 12:31)
  • October 10 – 15.80 miles (no Kahala Avenue) 1st half distance 8.21 miles, running pace: 11:01 to 11:21 (average pace: 12:16) 2nd half 7.59 miles running pace: 10:48 to 11:15 (average pace: 11:41) Average running pace 11:19 and OVERALL pace 11:59! HOOAH! Calories burned: 1907 kcal
  • October 17 – GREYS meet at 7am Ala Moana Park – Magic Island, will take the beginning route of the Marathon race, showing where we will meet Marathon day (12 to 14 miles, tapering for 30K October 24th)
  • October 24th – 30K PF Chang’s race, OR GREY group with Honolulu Marathon Clinic.
  • October 31st – 14 miles (recovery) from 18 mile October 24th

White Group Report by Sam Usman

Our leader Alberto is back; leader Paris fell in love with the mountains and found a mountain woman and did not show up (just kidding). Also absent was Staff leader Blair who had a good excuse (son’s 8th birthday party), but no more excuses from now on, Blair.

28 hardy runners started with lots of positive laughter and conversation. On the way up Alberto, myself and the group, who were running in single file were accosted and stopped by an “older man” who was very agitated and accused us of not running in single file. Apparently, he created some problems for the Beginning groups as well. We were in single file! He was a “mad man” with a lot of issues; we did not talk back to him and moved on. I went up to Kahala and returned back with Ujjal, Hao, and Maile.

Alberto and Norm K. took the rest of the group on their 16-miler. Next week Sunday, since there is no clinic, we will meet at 6:00 a.m. @ the clinic starting point to try a long run – 18 miles for most, less for those attempting the 30K the following week.

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

Hi everyone, what a great day for our run, trade winds all the way there and back, overcast with occasional light showers, who could ask for anything more. Four of us officially left after the current info was passed on. We kept a good pace and did not have to worry about single file. It was good to see that the 16 miles was an easy run, everyone kept together and we were able to converse. I understand that three or four people from the blue group left before the talk, taking advantage of being able to run a little earlier. At the 14 mile we met up with Alberto’s group and piggy backed with them, everyone was happy. Well that’s two 16-milers down and four more to go before we start downsizing. Look forward to having Doc., back and listening to his talk. See you all next week, same time and place
Aloha Pam

Green Group by Rosemary Kyte and Tony Padua

Rosemary paced Willard, Michelle, Rose, Victoria, and Sujin. As a small group, we spent little time at the water stops, keeping us close behind Team-13. We saw them departing Kawaikui Beach Park as we arrived. Turning early at Niu Valley (for a 15-mile route), but us out ahead of Team-13 until the gas station at Kahala Mall. We met up again with the Paduas at the lemonade stand on Farmers Road; and then mostly walked in from there.

Lucky 13s Report Sunday’s run was on 10/10/10, an auspicious date indeed! Ample breezes and filtered sunlight made for a promising outing from the start! But even when you do everything right, with Sensei Norm leading the pack out in perfect single file, sometimes the unexpected happens as an irate pedestrian disrupted the trek up the hill. This is a good time to remember that running in a group not only provides motivation and encouragement to hit the streets, but also protection via strength in numbers. Fortunately, the pause was brief and uneventful and the 13s were able to continue the 16-mile planned run.

The Kahala Gas station again served as a turnaround point for Greg, Eddie, Dina, and a few others. Take care so we can be together on Race Day! Others, like Mel and Lisa decided to test their mettle by heading out on Kalanianole. Like last week, water stops were kept brief to tweak our best efforts out of our time on the road. Heading out to Holy Trinity, the Lucky 13s made a point to notice landmarks leading to rest stops at Wailupe, Kawaikui, and Holy Trinity church. If you don’t recall, check with your staff members for the 411!

The breezes and filtered sun remained constant as Norm handed the point position to Tony at the Kahala Baseball Park. Our goal from this point was to keep the pace at 13-minute steady until Medal Of Honor Park. Some of the Lucky 13s met up with Ro’s runners at the Kahala Lemonade stand. From Medal of Honor Park, some of our group were feeling the effects of the run so we took it easy as we ran up towards the Diamond Head water stop. Even the most tired and hungriest of the bunch toughed it out to the top! Chris and few spry runners ran on ahead after their water break. Tony waited for the remaining 13s to gather and, together, they returned back to base by 12:30 PM. Sandra and Yuko came in 15 minutes later – they had stopped at Diamond Head lookout to watch the exciting Molokai Channel Canoe Race!

Overall running Distance: 16 miles – job well done! Stay safe during your weekday training!

REMINDER: Sunday, October 17th Downtown Run: The Green Group will meet at Ala Moana Beach Park Tennis Courts at 7:30 a.m. This brief 8-mile run will take us through the actual Honolulu Marathon route, to Kapiolani Park, and then back again to Ala Moana. See you then.

Da Comment Corner

As mentioned above, there is no official clinic next week so please check with your group leaders on your meeting places and times.

Have a safe and productive week. No injuries from overtraining!

See you at the water stops,