Blair’s Weekly Update 10-03-10

Doc’s Talk

Doc spoke about nutrition and vitamins this morning.

Table Duty

Special thanks to Pink Group leader Rosie Adam-Terem and her helpful sister in law, Isik. The assortment of goodies was fantastic and the drinks were ice cold and delicious. Everything was, “just right.”

Group reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG ran their first official 18-miler without me. I will be getting my epidural shot 10/05/10. I am hoping to catch up with group once the effects kick in. I did a 16-miler running an average 9:30 pace. I ran into a lot of people from the other groups that I would not normally have a chance to chat with. They gave me a lot of supportive words to bring me back to Paki. I was disappointed in Ivy Kumura (pharmacist) for not having morphine to ease my aching back and cramping legs! Hopefully the group followed my briefing last week to include the following:

1. Don’t get hurt now! Avoid injury by running as much as possible on flat and even asphalt. No more on and off the curb running. No more “Back Street” running. Definitely no trail running. No hopping curbs and running down embankments at water stop.

2. Mimic everything you expect to do in the marathon. Wear the clothing and footwear you plan to run with. Carry your gels and other supplements you plan to use. Run the actual marathon route.

3. Pay attention to new friction points and lubricate accordingly. Be sure not to forget areas where the sun doesn’t shine. A runner last year forgot to lubricate a private area and now has a new meaning to the song “Great Balls of Fire!!” Take every other water stop to mimic the marathon which is usually every two miles.

4. Stay Healthy!!!!

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

Another fine day for running! Andy challenged us again, since the “wind” was behind us, we did our 16-miler, INCLUDING Kahala Avenue! GREYS this Sunday – Andy, Max, Christine, Andy, Dave (good to have you, easing back in your run, so SMART!), Donna, Eric (ready, and geared-up), Michael, Henry, Christine and Barry (triathlete couple, visiting from New Zealand!) and Michael (newbie, welcome!). Dwight, join us soon! It was so good to see you!

We have really been enjoying our Team Effort and Input – feeling out where we all are in our training, who is coming back from injuries/ schedule/ training conflicts and mapping out our training Sundays with only 2 months left. YIKES! Strategy – we will work up to one 20-mile run, so we have the “confidence” to go the distance. On training runs, you may do TEMPO runs (little faster than marathon pace, shorter distance, builds strength and increases your lactate acid threshold) or HILL runs (build strength in muscles! Alberto of the WHITES is a testament to this method. He does Tantalus). Cross training adds variety’ and keeps training FUN and exciting.
We are well on our way, and on-track! As Max grunts and encourages us on, “HOOAH!”

Andy and I will be running the PF Chang’s 30K (18-mile) race, early registration deadline is 10/10/10. (Click on the Marathon Readiness series.) This maybe a great race to get your “feet wet” for a real race, getting ready for a 5 a.m. start time, preparing day, night and morning of, and practicing with your “gear,” hydration, and pacing for the distance. We will meet as GREYs that morning.

October Schedule

  • October 3rd – 16.14 miles including Kahala! Total Pace 12:30 1st have distance: 8.16 running pace 10:51 (total: 12:29), and 2nd half 7.98 miles, running pace 11:14 (total: 12:31)
  • October 12 – 16.5 miles including Kahala Avenue
  • October 17 – GREYS meet at 7am Ala Moana Park – Magic Island, will take the beginning route of the Marathon race, showing where we will meet Marathon day (12 to 14 miles, tapering for 30K October 24th)
  • October 24th – 30K PF Chang’s race, OR GREY group with Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

White Group report by Blair Hoashi

We missed our stalwart group leaders Alberto and Paris but the group of 39 persevered and most completed another 16-miler in very good form. While staff leaders Guru Sam and I took a group of injured runners through its paces for 12 miles, staff leader Norm K. and returning leader Dwight led the group through its full 16 miles. Staffer Lisa, usually with the Purple Group joined us along with her Brazilian friend, who was entertaining us with his Portuguese “hip hop” running songs. I was tempted to join in but did not know the words.

“Regulars” Mimi, Lynnae, Lei, Satsumi, Benica, Ben, Byron, Jim, Kara, Sondra, Janet, Lilia, Tanya with husband Jeff, Jennei, Marc, and Russ were part of the group. (Russ and Kathy, have fun in Japan for the next two and a half weeks.) Apologies to the other members who I missed!

Scheduled for next week, October 10th, is another 16-miler; since there is no official clinic on the 17th due to the Susan Koman run, the group will be meeting at 6:00 a.m. to attempt an 18-miler. Also, the PF Chang’s 30 K (starting at 5:00 a.m.) is scheduled for October 24; if participating in the 30K, perhaps cutting your run shorter on the 17th might be appropriate.

Happy 29th (again) to our Guru Sam who celebrated his birthday last week!

Blue Group by Pam Iwata

16 miles, you guys are awesome; we finished in good form and though it was a long run, we enjoyed it, especially the short rain shower near Kahala. The trade winds kept us cool almost to the end of our run. We were joined with some new runners Sophia, Brian, Christine and Mariene (hope that last name is spelled right). It’s good to get new people to join us especially if they are young and pretty; keeps us on our toes. I believe some of them moved in from another group – welcome. I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed the goodies at mile 14; whoever is responsible, a big” Thank you!” As you are aware we will be running 16 miles for the next five weeks so please do your homework. We started out with 18 runners in the blue group and ended up finishing with 11; some went on ahead others turned back at an earlier mile. I think that beer recommend by Dr Scaff at the end of the day is something I could get used to. By the way those of you that ran ahead of Andy our leader should be aware of the rules, you owe him one beer, and it would be nice if he could collect it around the holidays. I enjoy running with Andy as he keeps me at the correct pace. I have a tendency to run ahead of myself and of course always regret it at the end. I wonder if anyone is interested in doing the Rock and Roll marathon or half marathon next year in San Diego next June? If you are, please, let me know as I could put up a couple of people and you could get free place to stay for a few days; it would be nice to have company. Remember running single fire is a must going around Diamond Head. See you all next week!
Aloha Pam

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte and Anthony Padua

Rosemary, Willard, Rose and Babs completed at 15.5-mile course. Michelle (welcome back!) and Lore turned back at the phone booth for ten miles. Toyin was away, enjoying the Disney half-marathon this weekend. Scott and the walking-coaches with their groups power-walked non-stop out ahead of us for the entire day. We found the steady breezes and mostly overcast day to be remarkably cooler than last Sunday.

Norm, Tori and Eddie turned back at the gas station. Norm and Tori are recovering from aches and pains while Eddie was just getting into long distance running and didn’t want to overextend himself. Eddie happens to be the son of Lilia – one of the Intermediate regulars. Also calling it an early day were Eileen and Dina – hope everything works out well for our wounded warriors.

Special acknowledgement to our octogenarian, Kazu, who did his first marathon four years ago after training with us. Kazu is back training fiercely for another marathon, having been dared to do it, he says, by his buddies at the gym. You are an inspiration to us all, Kazu.

Plan for October is 15 to 16-mile Sundays, with total weekly mileage of 30 miles (more if you can). Walkers should adapt the plan to their needs; check with your coaches for their experience with training and pacing the Marathon at a walking stride.

October Schedule – regular clinic on October 10. On 17 October, the Beginners Group will do a Downtown Run. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Ala Moana tennis courts figure 8 parking lot. We will walk through the morning routine and practice the actual route of the marathon that goes through downtown Honolulu.

Anthony’s Report

The 13-minute-milers lead by Norm and The Paduas started off from Kapiolani Park and, boy were we glad for the cooler fall weather. From the gas sation on, thirteen Lucky 13’s made the trip out towards Holy Trinity church. After reaching Kawaikui Beach Park, a few of our runners headed back to base – great job Lisa and Yuko! Also, a big MAHALO to Nelson and the Intermediate Group for providing much welcome refreshments on the trip out as well as back! Thad continued to lead the group out to our turn around point at Holy Trinity church.

Terrific job throughout on keeping the water breaks frequent, yet brief – “ain’t nothin’ gonna break our stride!” But at the Kawaikui water stop on the trip back, we were surprised to see Ro’s group return so fast to Kawaikui after just meeting them going out on Kalanianole Highway. Ro explained they turned back early to make it a 15.5-mile run. Returning back to base, at Wailupe Beach Park, Thad broke from the pack as Tony, Chris, and the rest of the crew continued home at their 13-minute-mile pace.

The extra mileage for our October Sunday runs meant that running through the Kahala residential area and up Diamond Head would be particularly hot and it was! Still, we all supported each other on our trek home. Great to hear chatter from Sandra, Evelyn, Robin, Donna, Christina, and the rest of Team 13 – it helped break up the monotony of thumping feet. Regular water stops throughout the run, keeping the group moving through breaks, and sticking together made our first 16-miler of the year challenging, yet ultimately a job that was well done! Do your best to complete your week’s homework…plus a little more if can… and we’ll do it all again come next week Sunday! Total distance: a well-earned 16 miles.

Da Comment Corner


Although Andy H. has discovered the GT 2150’s as his new shoe of choice, perhaps, it might not be the shoe for you. By this time we should have our “chosen” shoe; the “best looking” as well as “best functioning” top, shorts, headgear, and sunglasses; most comfy socks; the “perfect” energy booster, etc. As is mentioned by many of the staff leaders, we should be familiar and be comfortable with many of the “tangible details” that we are able to control. The marathon is only 2 months away!

A Blessing for Many – by Ivie Kumura

The Waiokeola Church has been so gracious in letting the runner’s use their restroom facilities at a most crucial point of our running course. With the increase in rates, their water bill has likewise increased dramatically. Anyone interested in donating to help offset their incurred costs, may write a check payable to: Waiokeola Church, 4705 Kilauea Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816-5313. You may note on the check – “Runners,” so they know where the check will go to. Please also remember out of courtesy, walk through the facilities, rather than running through it.

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,