Blair’s Weekly Update 09-26-10

Doc’s Talk

Continuing his discussion on how we can hit the right numbers for our various cholesterol levels, Dr. Scaff shared great news. Along with exercise, a diet which includes whole milk, butter (not margarine), eggs, and pale ales (not lagers), and red wine is to be enjoyed. Unless, of course we go overboard on the food, not the exercise, and gain weight.

Table Duty

Thanks to Danny and family for the great set up at table duty! The ice cold drinks were just what we needed after our long, heated run. And, the fruits and pastries were delicious!

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

It was another hot, muggy Sunday – the occasional breeze helped some, but it was still a dripping wet day. The Red Group went out for its last 16-mile run. Nancy took off at her usual 9:00/9:10 pace, and kept up with the Advanced Group all the way! I haven’t run a whole lot in the last couple of weeks, so I took off on what I thought would be a “leisurely” pace, and kept picking up speed – I finished with an average a little under 9:30. Next week most of us will kick up to 18 miles – & the marathon is only 2½ months away. Consistency is the key now, in everything about the run – pace, running style/gait, hydration, clothing- so that our bodies & minds are used to a pattern, and we can do it unconsciously (and, hopefully, do it well). Hope to see all of you next week for our first 18-miler; also, remember on Oct. 17th there’s no formal clinic – the Komen 5K starts at 7:00 a.m. We can discuss the details later, but I suggest that those of us who want to run meet early – 6:30 – that way, by the time we finish 18 miles, things should have cleared up pretty well.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

A sub-group of Pink runners for various odd reasons ran early from the second beach park out to Hawaii Kai, following the marathon route. On the way back, we started to run into all the neat little neighborhood streets and circles: Bay Street, Paiko Lagoon, Niuiki Circle, Wailupe Circle; it made for an interesting mystery run and, compared with Kalanianaole Highway, was much quieter from an automotive point of view, and less congested from a Century Ride point of view. While it is really helpful to be very familiar with the marathon course, it’s also important to shake up the routine sometimes so our bodies don’t get into a training rut.

We didn’t get back to the Park, so we missed the rest of the Pinks.

And other news of HMC members spotted in the Windward 25K Marathon Readiness Race on Saturday:

Neal Morisato 2:01 (whoa! so speedy!);Tin Lung Chao 2:04 (you can’t catch Tin these days!); Rosie Adam-Terem 2:26 (walked several times, but still got 2nd in age!); John Bender 2:43 (tired, like Rosie); Donna Lipman 2:38 (girls rule!); Rob Lipman 2:52 (trying to catch Donna); and JoAnn Morisato 3:06 (a great walker!)


Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

Da GREY group agreed, this was the perfect running day for us. If we could have our marathon day, be cool, breezy, and overcast like 9/26, we will be okay! We: Andy, Max, Takio, Christine, Doug, Bev, Adam (brought endorphins for us) Jessie (where did he go?- – past fast!), Les (also fast pass!), Joe, Lance, Pierre, and Sachi (welcome back!), and new couple (missed your names, welcome, and hope to see you next week!) and myself had an enjoyable 16-mile run. Did you think you could run 16 miles with ease? Thank you, Sachi for the ice cold water! We really appreciate it, what an oasis! Dave, we missed you, hope we will see you soon; hope you had a great run. Ease on down. With our longer runs, please also practice “fueling” with “pretzels, gel, energy blocks, etc”; see what works and agrees with you. No matter how much extra weight we have on us, our body will not call on that energy stores fast enough, if we do not “refuel” after 90 minutes of running. Know your time or distance to refuel. Our muscles, lungs, heart, and brain needs this fuel. Marathon day is not the time to figure out what works best for you. Have you been incoherent, forgetful, or lost your focus during your long run, with a tendency to trip or injure yourself? I have done this, many times. Don’t fool yourself; your brain does need refueling! Train smart, keep us smart! Also, train your GI tract with your training runs. Train to refuel with your special replacement fuel, avoiding GI distress, or pit stops. Remember to refuel within 1 hour after your long run, also. We want to keep smart and strong!

If you are interested in running the PF Chang’s 30K (18-mile) race, early registration deadline is 10/10/10. (click on the Marathon Readiness series) This maybe a great race to get your “feet wet” for a real race, getting ready for a 5 am start time, preparing day, night and morning of, and practicing with your “gear” , hydration, and pacing for the distance. We could run and meet as GREYS.

September Stats

  • September 5 – Unofficial Labor Day run: 15.63 miles 11:36 moving pace 1st half and 12:04 2nd half. Average overall pace, 13:02! oops. burning 1,863 calories (for a 150 pound male)
  • September 12 – 13.57 miles 11:31 1st half moving pace, 11:23 2nd half moving pace. NEGATIVE SPLITS! You did it! Average overall pace: 12:23 1,684 calories burned
  • September 19 – Bus run – Drop off at Makapuu Beach: 15.41 miles (Marathon Finish, and Kahala Avenue) Average moving Pace 11:12 first half, 12:01 2nd half (I could have sworn, my Garmin was 11:14 overall moving pace) Average overall pace: 12:32 and 11:35 moving pace. 1,855 calories! Total time to finish 2:58 hours.
  • September 26 – 16 miles to Holy Trinity Church. First half average moving pace was 11:09 to 11:19, and 2nd half I am pretty sure we did a negative split, but have yet to confirm (Dr. Rob was not with us this Sunday, and I had to leave from Kahala Avenue)

October, moving on

  • October 3rd – 16 miles same as the 26th
  • October 12 – 16.5 miles including Kahala Avenue
  • October 17 – If there is no Marathon Clinic – due to Breast Cancer Walk – GREYS meet at 7am Ala Moana Park – Magic Island, will take the beginning route of the Marathon race, 14 miles
  • October 24th – 30K PF Chang’s race, OR GREY group with Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

White Group by Paris Monti

Another FUN, FUN, FUN Run. 29 White runners made their way up Diamond Head Rd for another 16-miler under clear blue skies; a beautiful sky and glorious sun to be enjoined from the shade of a monkey pod tree, but not very much appreciated by runners. Fortunately, after one hour, the sky became cloudy and the temperature seemed to decrease, making running more pleasurable, but this didn’t last more than an hour and we again had to endure “perfect” weather conditions for the rest of the run, completed in 3 hours and 50 minutes. Running time done at an average 12-minute/mile pace.

We were fortunate to have our beloved leader Blair back for the whole run, leading from behind. Our wonderful Sam lead the group all the way to the Kahala gas station, then turned back to conserve precious energy for other FUN activities on this day. I took the front-man role from there with the much appreciated assistance of Norman, Mitch, Lynnea and others.

On the way back, our group was augmented by Sophia and her friend (I don’t remember his name), moving up from another group.

We happily approached the Kawaikui Beach Park expecting our generous Nelson, instead, we were met by the two good Samaritans, Jessica and Benny, who treated us to Gatorade and energy gel pockets.

How we missed Alberto! We expect him back for the October 10th run. I will be absent on October 3rd when I will take on the arduous climb (read: easy trail) up Mount Ka’ala, in the Wai’anae Range, which at the height of 4,020 feet is the tallest peak on O’ahu.

Blair’s comments

29 runners were part of the entourage that went out to the Holy Trinity church water stop and back – roughly 16 miles. This lively group was led by smooth and steady Paris and the spirited Guru Sam. Norm, a staff leader who moved up from the Blue Group also helped to lead and, injury plagued Blair returned and tried to hold up the rear. We missed our tough and determined leader, Alberto who is away on a trip. While some of the members cut their runs short due to injury, lack of training, or other commitments, most of the regulars made the entire trip “routinely” in great form. The long distance and the heat toward the end of our run did not seem to bother many of our seasoned members. I am sure the homework runs and the many Sunday training runs have helped in building up endurance for the longer distances. Marathon neophytes such as Lei, Lynnae, Uncle Les (who will not be with us next week due to golfing commitments), Satsumi and Andrew along with more “experienced” members like Taryn and husband, Jeff, Russ, Marc, Mickey, Doug, Ben, and others were part of the “final cast” who finished the entire run. Great job!!

Again, thanks to White group member Jessica and her daughter who provided Gatorade to our thirsty group! Jessica could not run with us today so decided to greet the group with refreshments at the second beach park. Mahalo for you generousity and care!! Thanks to Benny as well!

Another 16-miler is scheduled for this Sunday; two 18-milers on alternate Sundays (the 30K race on October 24 as one of them), are scheduled for October. A November schedule will be forthcoming. A “front part of the marathon” run will be scheduled in November. We begin tapering during the second half of November.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group had an enjoyable 14-mile run with 17 runners including Don and Annette Allan on their final Honolulu Marathon Clinic run before returning to New Zealand. Don even met a few Kiwi’s on the run and stopped to chat. The overcast skies going to Kawaikui Park made the run pleasant. Coming back in Kahala it started getting hotter as the sun finally broke through the clouds. The group finished their final 14-miler going behind Kahala Elementary route. Next week we’ll start our 16 mile route to Holy Trinity Church. That will give us 6 weeks of doing 16 miles before tapering and then the marathon. We’ll to the start of the marathon route on a Sunday during our tapering period. What a wonderful get together at China Buffet after the run to wish Don and Annette a fond farewell and to thank them for their time and involvement with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. We will miss you. They will still be involved with running in New Zealand; not this short 26.2-mile but 46-kilometer (28.6-mile) marathons. Come visit them if you’re ever in New Zealand. Thank you to Aileen, Marsha, and Betsy for organizing and the donating the favors, leis, and cake.

Green Group by Rosemary Kyte Norm Uyeda and Tony Padua

The Lucky 13’s, with Thad on point, followed by Norm, Sandra, and Tony, stayed together up until the the Kahala Gas Station. Welcome to all newcomers, like Lorey and Shannon! From the Gas Station, Norm took a group back to base while the Paduas took a group of 15 out to the beach parks. Though this run was much cooler than last week, we had a runner turn back to nurse an aching knee. After we reached Kawaikui Beach park (second park) Thad lead a large part of the remaining group back at a quicker-than-13 minute pace, and along street side. A few of our group, joined Andy’s Intermediates, who ran on sidewalk side – more sewer work and hydrants to dodge, but farther away from automobile traffic. Remaining 13s Tony, Sandra, Melanie, and Noa made their way back to base at a 13-minute pace, happily enjoying their conversations. Either way, remember safety first when coming back from Kawaikui Beach park on Kalanianole Highway. Plenty construction to deal with, so be careful and watch out for each other! Thanks to all for a terrific run! Total Mileage: a “Heavy” 14 miles.

Best Wishes from the Lucky 13’s as we bid Aloha to Don and Annette Allen, who are returning to New Zealand. It was a pleasure hitting the streets with you all these years. Mahalo for supporting the Honolulu Marathon Clinic!

15-minute milers. Rosemary started out with Scott, Willard, Rose, Lore, Bab, Xinnia, and Janice. Scott, along with other non-stop walkers with Libby pulled steadily away from us during the day. Lore and Bab are fairly new to long mileage, and so turned back at the Gas Station for an eight-miler. We found Lianne and Gail C. and their walkers close behind us when we made the turn at Kaiwaikui Beach Park. The rest of us settled into a fast walk after mile 10, finishing a 14.2-mile course shortly after noon-time.

Weekly mileage remains at 30-mile weeks; more if you can, but honor the Rules of the Road (, and take a day off from training after each training day. We will start our three-week taper the Sunday before Thanksgiving (21 November). This means we are now in the 60-day period (22 September through 20 November) where all the miles we log now count toward setting our Collapse Point (“Your First Marathon”, page 66). Cheating on your mid-week homework now will have consequences!

“Downtown Run” coming up on October 17th; no formal Clinic on that day; we are ceding Kapiolani Park to Race for the Cure activities. Instead, we will be meeting at the Ala Moana Tennis Courts / figure 8 parking lot at 7:30 a.m. We will go through the details of what will transpire on the morning of the marathon and run the actual downtown portion of the marathon.

Da Comment Corner


A very special group of people joined us at China Buffet after our last clinic run for a luncheon to say Aloha as we head back to Aotearoa (New Zealand).

It was the perfect way to end our final run with the clinic before we boarded our plane on Monday. Thanks to you all who came along – the leis, the lunch and the cake. A special thanks to Betsy who put in many hours of organization to make it a special occasion.

We were also celebrating Andy’s 60th Birthday. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!

If you are on facebook, I put some photos on the clinic page and also in my photos.

We have had four seasons with the clinic and completed three marathons.

It is a shame we won’t be here for the 2010 but will be thinking of you all on the day.

So, a big thanks to you all for your support, encouragement, friendship and the many many miles out on the road we have shared. The fun, friendship and fitness will be irreplaceable.

Best wishes to each and every one of you on marathon day Dec 2010.

Don’t forget to look us up if you come to New Zealand.

Aloha and Kia Ora,

Don and Annette Allan

Peaking and No injuries

Try to take it easy on your “homework runs” and also on Sunday; let’s prevent injuries – injuries can set you back for weeks or even months; try not to “peak” too early; the marathon is two and half months away.

See you at the water stops,