Blair’s Weekly Update 09-19-10

Bus Run

128 eager runners boarded two Robert’s school buses to various drop off points for our third and final bus run of the season. The Beginners started from the second beach park and headed toward Hawaii Kai first before returning to Kapiolani Park, a total of 14 miles. The Intermediate and Advanced runners’ stops were at the traffic light past Sandy Beach (13 miles) and the Makapuu lookout (15 miles). Thank you to the many runners who generously donated much more than the $2 bus fare! Mahalo!!!!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG split-up into two groups. One group led by Jeff Oh did their regular 16-18 mile Sunday run starting at 0630. The other half boarded the bus unloading at the Makapuu lookout. The run was approximately 14.5 miles in heat and humidity. The first water stop at the three-mile mark was our first goal. The second goal was the Holy Trinity Church (16-mile turnaround). Rosy Spraker visited from Virginia and led the group coming in at a 8:30-8:15 pace. I need my epidural fix so I trailed at a 9:00-8:45 pace. It was nice talking story with the other groups.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

Our group of six runners set off from the Makapu`u lookout and planned to run a 16-miler. Most completed the run on this very warm day. After running seven miles, Holly and Rosie were not feeling it, so they took the bus from Hawaii Kai to Kahala and trotted gently in for the last four miles via Kaimana where the soothing ocean waters made them feel refreshed again.

Dr. Scaff advises that as the runs get longer and the Marathon nearer, we should do less cross training in other activities and focus on our running. Since I did a tough workout in the gym and swam yesterday, I think I can attest to his wisdom. From now on I’m mostly running.

On September 26th, there is the Windward 25K in the Marathon Readiness Series. It runs from Kailua Beach Park to the Marine Corps Base and back through the mostly flat streets of Kailua. Some of us will be running there.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

What a bus run from Makapuu! We had a GREAT GREY group! Andy, Rob, Donna, Rob (yes another Rob), Joan, Bill, Takeo , Wayland, Gannon, Christine, Tom, Les, Ron, Lance, Joe, and myself. What a fun group, that’s what’s great about the clinic, so many groups to run with. Depending on your Sunday’s circumstance, where you got dropped off, feel that day, every group welcomes all! Thank you Donna and Rob for refreshments at mile 5.6! Thank you Nelson for mile 8 refreshments! We practiced running in humidity, slight drizzle, and heat. Humidity is tough to judge as to how much fluid is needed. We shared a lot of tips from each other during the run. Weigh yourself before and after your runs, to have an estimate – 1 pound loss means 1 pint of fluid replacement, so you may gage how much fluid to drink along the way. Feeling thirsty, is “too late”- not the optimal time. We do not want to “catch up” on hydration. Some of us are noticing areas of the body that “ache” at different miles -tune in; lower backache? Is it too tense a stride or posture and in need of flexibility exercises? Relaxed running; or, is more strength needed – thus “back strengthening exercises”? Try, planks – “Superman like” back extension strengthening moves. Core training is also very good to do.
Donna stuck with me, up that “darn” Kahala Avenue, but this time, to our surprise, it was effortless! Does this mean, we are getting stronger and fitter?

It was so great to see Rosie not GREY group member, but what GREYs’ would “wanna be”. Rosie, the Boston Marathoner, is going with Rosie Adam, PINK leader, to the Athen’s Marathon 2500th Anniversary on Oct 31st. Three per seat on the bus made for a great catch-up time with the 2 Rosie’s. Can you imagine, Rosie (who now lives in Virginia) is enrolled in MIT’s Summer Astrophysics program with her son from Caltech. The course name: “Relativity, Gravity, and Cosmology”. Go figure – Smart and Fast! Would any of you parents be able to take an MIT class with your child? Who Dat? GREY’s Train Smart, Run Smart. We’ll get there. Running makes you smart.

September Who Dat Stats

  • September 5 – Unofficial Labor Day run: 15.63 miles 11:36 moving pace 1st half and 12:04 2nd half. Average overall pace, 13:02! oops. burning 1,863 calories (for a 150 pound male)
  • September 12 – 13.57 miles 11:31 1st half moving pace, 11:23 2nd half moving pace. NEGATIVE SPLITS! You did it! Average overall pace: 12:23 1,684 calories burned
  • September 19 – Bus run – Drop off at Makapuu Beach: 15.41 miles (Marathon Finish, and Kahala Avenue) Average moving Pace 11:12 first half, 12:01 2nd half (I could have sworn, my Garmin was 11:14 overall moving pace) Average overall pace: 12:32 and 11:35 moving pace. 1,855 calories! Total time to finish 2:58 hours.
  • September 26 – 16 miles to Holy Trinity Church and back (we will attempt again, NEGATIVE SPLITS)

White Group by Paris Monti

FUN, FUN, FUN; it was a blast! Our spiritual leader Blair saw us boarding the buses, but stayed behind following doctor’s orders. Our high spirited leader Sam stayed with us all the way, providing useful advice and motivation. For this 3rd Bus Run, our White Group ran all the way from Makapuu, under pretty good conditions; the clouds often protecting us from Mr. Sun and a gentle breeze, coming in at intervals, made this 15-miler rather bearable.

As Dr. Scaff mentioned some time ago, Bus Runs are supposed to familiarize us with the marathon course and relieve some anxiety associated with running a seemingly impossible distance of 26.2 miles; it gives us an appreciation of long-distance running done in one stretch.

I counted 19 Whites running down Hawaii Kai Dr. going towards Kalanianaole Hwy. Our stop at Kawaikui Beach Park, a.k.a., “Nelson’s Oasis”, was totally pleasant, refreshing and appreciated, especially since some of us weren’t sure Nelson would be there on a Bus-Run day. Thank You! Nelson. As usual, our indomitable Alberto showed the way up front with me tending mostly from behind and Sam being everywhere. We averaged a 12-min/mile pace, running. Total time for this run, including water stops, was 3:20.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group dropped off at Sandy Beach and had a number of runners joining us, 20 in total as we headed up Kealahou Street by Kalama valley for a 13-mile run. After stopping at Kamio Iki Park, the group went counter clockwise along the Hawaii Kai loop enjoying a brief shower coming out of Hawaii Kai, and then headed to Kuli’ou’ou Park for a brief restroom and water break. It was a welcome sight to see as usual the Gatorade and pretzels at Kawaikui Park. Thanks Nelson. From then it was on to the finish line at Kapiolani Park following the actual marathon route along Kahala Avenue. Finally, no sewer piping to avoid in Kahala – maybe due to the elections??? For some reason, this run seemed much longer than 13 miles. Maybe the long bus ride and humidity took its toll as 9 diehards finally made it to the marathon finish line – a 45% completion rate. Congratulations, you are now familiar with the actual end of the marathon course. We will do our last 14-mile run next week with Don and Annette Allan; their last Sunday run with the Clinic before leaving the next day for New Zealand. Although we gave a tentative head count, you can still join us for lunch immediately after the run at China Buffet to say aloha. Let me know, 256-8850. See you all next week.

Green Group by Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda and Tony Padua

Rosemary’s Green Beginner’s group and Norm’s Lucky 13s (13-minute pace) subgroup used the Bus Run as a dress rehearsal for the actual Marathon by simulating the second half of the marathon. We were dropped off at Kawaikui Park and headed outbound on Kalanianaole Highway, picking up the landmarks such as the Kentucky Fried Chicken, Holy Trinity Church and the condo that marks the beginning of the Hawaii Kai loop. These landmarks will make us more familiar with the actual marathon route and ease our anxiety about the course on marathon morning. The gas station water stop on the Hawaii Kai loop was not working so we took the opportunity to add the Hawaii Kai beach park bathroom as another rest and water stop. The weather consisted of light drizzles and cloud cover for most of the morning, but turned hot and humid toward the end of the run.

We ran into Tony and Sandra Padua at the Kahala gas station. They had picked up three more “newbies” and were taking them out and back for a training run. Kahala Avenue proved to be as difficult as ever, and seemed to stretch on and on, like an endless “Twilight Zone” episode. A handful of the Lucky 13s ended their 13.5-mile run at the official finish line, right on the heels of Andy’s Blue group. Rosemary’s group did a mix of running and walking, at around a 16-minute mile pace, a little slower than the usual 15-minute mile. She had with her for part or the entire course: Toyin, Willard and Karen, and Peter and Rossan.

We will also duplicate the start portion of the marathon with a “Downtown Run” on October 17th, the day of the Susan Koman Breast Cancer Run in Kapiolani Park. More to follow on this run later.

Thanks to Blair for putting on another great Bus Run and to Nelson for his refreshments at Kawaikui Park.

Tony’s Comment
While Tony and Sandra Padua had just missed the bus heading out to Hawaii Kai (!), it turned out for the best as they met up with and took second-timers to the clinic Zenia, Janice, and Phil (the Seattle gang) out to the Kalanianole phone booth. There, we decided to go the extra mile to Wailupe Beach Park and turn back from there. On the trip back, the quintet met up with Sensei Norm’s bus run group at the gas station. Following his lead, we took the Kahala Avenue marathon route. The hot conditions made this section tough for some of our new runners, but in the end we all made it back to base on our own steam

Da Comment Corner

As mentioned last week, a farewell luncheon for Don and Annette Allen is scheduled after this Sunday’s run.

Aloha Luncheon for Don and Annette Allen – September 26, after our run by Andy Hirano

Don and Annette, staff volunteers, have been donating their time with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic over the past four years, helping various running groups. They are leaving to go back permanently to New Zealand on September 27. Join us in a farewell luncheon after the Sunday run on September 26 immediately after the run (say ~12 noon) to wish them a fond aloha. The luncheon will be at China Buffet at the Ramada Inn Hotel on Ala Moana Boulevard, the block between Wailana and Ilikai. The restaurant said okay to folks with shorts and sweaty tank tops. We should have a section together. We’ll collect $13. There is parking at the hotel, but please try to car pool. We need to give the restaurant an approximate head count with a deposit, so please call our Blue Group coordinator at (808) 944-5004 and leave your name (first and last since there may be more than one with the same first name). Thanks.

Kaisen” – a Japanese word roughly translated meaning,” to constantly improve by taking small steps”. It’s a good word to remember when returning from an injury.

Have a great week and keep up the homework!

See you at the water stops,