Blair’s Weekly Update 09-12-10

Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff elaborated on some of the finer points of his last talk on cholesterol and answered questions he’d received since then. He urged us to review trial results of statins and other drugs with an eye to who financed the tests, how broad they are, and how the results are interpreted and/or manipulated. Dr. Scaff’s next talks will be on nutrition and supplements.

Peter gave an abbreviated history of Dr. Scaff’s commitment to cardiac rehabilitation, sports medicine, the great Aloha Run, the Honolulu Marathon and the Marathon Clinic. He announced that Dr. Scaff’s nomination as a Living Treasure has been confirmed and will be formalized at a banquet early next year.

Congratulations to Dr. Scaff for receiving the “Living Treasure Award” from the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii for his tremendous contribution to the community!

Table Duty

Thanks to staff leader extraordinaire Ivie Kumura and her husband, Dr. Dennis for the great refreshments at table duty. Cool drinks, delicious fruits, pretzels and veggie snaps are always a hit!!

Third and Final Bus run

While many runners will be dropped off close to Sandy Beach (approximately 13 miles back to “home base”) or at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai (approximately 9 miles from base), more “seasoned” runners may opt for the Makapuu Lookout stop (just above Sea Life Park) approximately 15 miles back to our clinic meeting place. The Makapuu run skirts the eastern coastline past the Hawaii Kai Golf course; it then meanders through Kalama Valley, crosses into Hawaii Kai “town,” and then turns up on to Kalanianaole Highway to get back to “home base.” It’s a nice scenic run and part of it is the actual marathon course. Doc will be away so there is no talk; please be there around 7:15 to hear any announcements; the boarding of buses will begin shortly thereafter with departure scheduled promptly at 7:30 a.m. sharp. $2 fare is required. Currently 125 runners have signed up. Please let us know ASAP if you did not sign up and would like to participate.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Jeff Oh

We had a group of eight runners head out to the church for 16 miles. Everyone was looking strong on the run. Thanks to Nelson for his refreshment stand out at the second park. Sooner or later there’s going to be a buffet table for us all to indulge in. Thanks again Nelson. For anyone interested in running earlier on Sunday the 19th, part of the group will be meeting at 6:30 a.m. at the usual spot.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Another hot, windy day! The breeze helped, but it was still warm & humid. It looks like it will be this way for a while, so keep hydration and supplements in mind all the time. The Reds went out for their usual September 16 miler – Nancy, Robert (who has moved up 2 or 3 groups this year already!) and Are went out to the church & back, running a blistering 9:00/9:10 pace. My ankle’s still bothering me, so I just went out to the first beach park & back for an easy 12 miles – around 10:00 for most of it, but I was able to pick that up to 9:15/9:30 the last couple of miles. What I noticed is that if I pay STRICT attention to my running style (erect posture; soft, rolling landing; steady gait), it is much easier to run – things hurt less! The minute my mind wanders and I get a little sloppy, I notice things tightening up. It’s (as Guru Sam preaches) like running meditation – total awareness of what your body is doing at all times. It’s not easy, and it has great benefits.

Please be at the park by 7:20 at the latest – we like to get those buses rolling at 7:30 sharp. For those of you who know Rosie Spraker, she’ll be in town for a meeting on the 22nd – she hopes to run with us either on the 19th or 26th – she’s looking forward to the mango bread.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

A VERY HOT Sunday, September 12th for a 13.57-mile run. Great day for me to have table duty! It was fun watching all of the groups finish up and hear everyone’s finish line stories. Jeff, thank you for you for your infamous mango bread, and thank you to the person who brought the heavenly brownies and manju! Sam our Man, who was back early, was able to savor a half a slice of Jeff’s mango bread. The mango bread is usually long gone by the time Sam gets back. It put Sam in a good mood; he was his usual self, harassing everyone at the end.

Follow-up from last newsletter: We talked about going the entire course, and how our ‘mind’ should also be trained to push through our “tough points.” We distracted ourselves, by conversation, things to “ponder” and maybe focus to encourage ourselves. Our topic was the New Orleans awesome ‘Saints’. We actually got a response from a Who Dat Louisiana runner! He confirmed for us the motto: “Finish Strong!” And, he will be back to run with us this year! His last run was the Honolulu Marathon 1979, as a marine, stationed at Kaneohe. Isn’t this fun? We’re looking forward to having him run with the GREYS. Anyway, how will we finish strong? We will TRAIN SMART! Okay, do not over train, do not run faster than you are capable without injury, and do not go out longer than your schedule training schedule. Train now to find out all the nuances to nail down with a solution, blister and chaffing prevention, dehydration prevention (I have so much to learn and train on this), continue to find your most relaxed, natural stride for your own ZONE.


  • September 5 – Unofficial Labor Day run: 15.63 miles 11:36 moving pace 1st half and 12:04 2nd half. Average overall pace, 13:02! oops. burning 1,863 calories (for a 150 pound male)
  • September 12 – 13.57 miles 11:31 1st half moving pace, 11:23 2nd half moving pace. NEGATIVE SPLITS! You did it! Average overall pace: 12:23 1,684 calories burned
  • September 19 – Bus run – Drop off at Makapuu Beach (about 15 mile run)
  • September 26 – 16 miles to Holy Trinity Church and back (we will attempt again, NEGATIVE SPLITS)

White Group by Paris Monti and Blair Hoashi

As usual an awesome White Group, 39 strong, started out from Kapiolani Park under a beautiful, nearly cloudless sky. It’s going to be tough, I thought, completing this year’s first 16-mile run under the heating sun, and tough it was. Unfortunately, once again we were forced to be without our beloved leader Blair. Fortunately, Sam was on hand to give us an initial boost, but turned back at the Kahala gas station, taking with him an member of our group. Alberto, as always, did a fantastic job leading the group with care, while I tended from behind.

FUN, FUN, FUN, but safety first is our motto. With the increased length of our Sunday run and hot weather, we need to be very aware of the demands we put on our body. My advice, don’t be afraid to cut short your run, or slow down and catch up with the group later if you don’t feel at your best today.

For safety and courtesy sake, let us always be mindful to make room for pedestrians, bikers and other runners; we all share the limited space at the side of the road.

One runner tripped on the sidewalk and fell, scratching his knee a little, nothing new or severe. In assisting the falling runner, I found it very challenging applying a band-aid on the wound given that the knee/leg was wet. I think that carrying some cleansing-disinfecting pads, some conforming bandage and a sterile pad is always a good idea. Not long after this incident, I found myself trying to take a plunge, but I was lucky and recovered without falling. One runner coming from behind complimented me with “you have a good sense of balance”. I was glad to hear that, but with some misgiving. I should have kept my eyes on the pavement. We all need to keep in mind that as we get fatigued we lose some control of our senses and our running legs.

We completed this first 16-miler in 3:43 @ 12-12:15 pace, including water stops. Thanks to all for participating.

Blair’s Comment:

Nearly 40 runners were part of the group that went out for their first 16 miler today! Congratulations to Staff leaders Alberto, Paris and Guru Sam for doing such a great job of leading the group. And, to the group members who completed the entire distance, great job!!!

As mentioned, going out on the first half of the run might seem “easy” and comfortable and we might have a tendency to go out a little faster than planned, but “reality” hits as we start our “return trip back” – climbing up Kalanianaole toward the gas station is a tough grind, but the reward of an ice cold Gatorade is great motivation.

After the refreshing Kahala gas station stop, we realize, “another four and a half miles to go!” For most who have kept up with their “homework,” the remaining miles may not seem very daunting but for others, coping with “rubbery legs” and the inefficient use of glycogen stores due to a lack of conditioning (fatigue) will determine whether to walk, shuffle or keep up. All of a sudden a myriad of ailments become more pronounced – “my socks are starting to rub against my toes,” “my shorts are chafing,” “my shoe laces seem too tight,” or, “my top is rubbing against my underarm” – to name a few examples. Not to say that these are not legitimate reasons for slowing down but interestingly, we never noticed it earlier.

Also, as we run longer, the heat becomes an issue so proper hydration and energy replenishment is necessary. As it is constantly mentioned, let’s make sure to stop and drink at every water stop and take in some pretzels or gels along the way.

And, thanks to our staff leaders, a proper pace is maintained to assure that everyone is in sync and not “over striding.”

Congratulations to the group members who completed their first 16-miler!

See you all at the Bus Run next week!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group finished its fifth 14-mile run if you count the Labor Day weekend. It seems like a lot but the group members have been taking some of the days off. Today’s run was hot as 17 runners began with the group. Welcome Rick and Allisonwho moved up from the beginning group. The point at Kawaikui Park was a welcome moment with Nelson’s refreshing Gatorade and pretzels. Norman’s beginners group was right behind us. For next week’s bus run, we’ll start from Sandy Beach through Hawaii Kai and follow the marathon route back on the dreaded Kahala Avenue to the finish line at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand. Don and Annette Allen have been very helpful with the Blue Group. Join us on September 26 after the run for a farewell luncheon. Remember to call to give a head count for the luncheon.

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte and Norm Uyeda

We welcomed several new clinic participants this Sunday; it is never too late in the year to join the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. All of our routes are out-and-back; so, we can easily tailor the distance for any new participants to their running experience when they join the Clinic.

Spirits were high as the Lucky 13s reached the second (Kawaikui) park for the first time this year. Special thanks to Nelson and Lorna for the welcome Gatorade and pretzels that made the run more bearable. Hot conditions made the run challenging toward the end, but the Lucky 13s of the Green Beginners Group kept at it and completed their 13.5-mile run. Some of the first timers and several recovering runners turned around at the gas station in order to keep the chances of injury down. The Padua family was sorely missed during our training run and our best wishes go out to Tony for a speedy recovery from his cold. Congrats to Tina Mandawe on her completion of today’s Na Wahine Triathlon. Rosemary paced the 15-minute mile group, with Rose, Victoria, Lisa, Willard and Scott. We covered a 13.6-mile route today. We were closely followed by walkers Lianne, Gail C, Gail F, and Libby Lew; seeing them come into the turn-around at Kawaikui Beach Park.

Bus Run next week. $2.00 – no loose change please. For next week’s Bus Run, we’ll ask to get dropped at Kawaikui Beach Park, run the second half of the Marathon, and come back on Kahala Avenue to finish at the Honolulu Marathon Finish Line.

Total weekly mileage goal remains at 30 miles, more if you can, but honor the rules of the road – a day off from training after each training day.

Da Comment Corner

Aloha Luncheon for Don and Annette Allen – September 26, after our run.

Don and Annette, staff volunteers, have been donating their time with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic over the past four years, helping various running groups. They are leaving to go back permanently to New Zealand on September 27. Join us in a farewell luncheon after the Sunday run on September 26 immediately after the run (say ~12 noon) to wish them a fond aloha. The luncheon will be at China Buffet at the Ramada Inn Hotel on Ala Moana Boulevard, the block between Wailana and Ilikai. The restaurant said okay to folks with shorts and sweaty tank tops. We should have a section together. We’ll collect $13. There is parking at the hotel, but please try to car pool. We need to give the restaurant an approximate head count by September 19 with a deposit, so please call our Blue Group coordinator at (808) 944-5004 and leave your name (first and last since there may be more than one with the same first name). Thanks.

Table Duty

Steve is looking for volunteers who can serve on table duty for October 24th. Please email Steve @ if you would be able to volunteer.

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,