Blair’s Weekly Update 08-29-10

Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff began a series on nutrition. His first topic is cholesterol and the many misconceptions that surround it. He invited us to challenge him with findings which refute his own.

He emphasized that cholesterol is not the enemy. It is an essential building block of our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is the ratio between our HDL and LDL numbers which we need to be concerned with.

Dr. Scaff quoted Mary G. Enig, a nutritionist and biochemist whose book is, Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol. Finally, he reminded us of the importance of Vitamin D, which we need to ingest since we’re wearing sunscreen which prevents us from absorbing it on our own.

Table Duty

Mr. and Mrs. Allen, aka “M/M Kiwi Extraordinaire,” aka Don and Annette, were responsible for the nice spread of food and drink today. Thank you! Sadly, Don and Annette will be heading back home to New Zealand at the end of September after four years in Hawaii and, with the clinic, as staff leaders.

Your wit, wisdom, enthusiastic spirit and sense of community involvement will be deeply missed! Oh, you’ll be missed too, Don!

And, thank you Lilia for the tasty mochi balls!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had twelve runners including two guest runners. Didn’t get their names, but one came from Norway. They were experienced runners so they ran with the faster runners averaging a 8:15 pace going out. Several are training for an out of town marathon coming up soon. They were out of sight by the time we hit Kilauea Ave. I ran a 8:30 pace with four runners. Another hot and humid run! The AG will meet next Sunday at 7:00 a.m. at Paki Pavilion. I will be leaving for New York and a cruise to Canada on Aug. 31, 2010 and will be back Sept. 12, 2010.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Well, not much to report this week – my left ankle (actually the muscles around the top of the foot where it meets the ankle) was sore starting out, but very minor, so I thought I could run it out. Things went well until just after the first water stop – it started getting worse – just a little, but whenever ANY pain gets even a little worse, I stop, because it’s likely that the pain will KEEP getting worse…….So, I walked on back to the park. In talking about it with other people, 2 runners (within a couple of minutes of each other) mentioned that it sounded like my shoelaces were too tight, and I am wearing a relatively new pair of shoes that lace a little differently than my old ones, so I re-laced them to fit looser – I’ll see when I do my Tuesday run. Either way, we have to pay attention to even the (seemingly) slightest details of change!

The rest of the Red Group (Nancy, Greg, and, recently moving up from the Pink Group, Megan) tore off at a 9:00-9:10 running pace – well on target for a sub-4:30 Marathon, possibly sub-4:15.

I’ll be at the park next Sunday (no official Clinic – Labor Day) at 6:30 a.m. – hope you can all make it out.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

The Pink group ran 16 miles today and everyone seemed to be running well, without injury or too much fatigue. We were sure to drink plenty of water and some of us have started to drink energy drinks or eat a little along the way since our runs are now over two and a half hours.

About half the group started early, at the second beach park, and ran out to the church before turning back to run in to the park and Dr. Scaff’s talk. There we joined the rest of the group and ran back out again. At that point, our group got mixed up with a couple of other groups, and I thought we were running a little faster than we should, so those others were zooming along!

As our distances increase, the need for pace discipline increases too. We need to practice going out at a measured (slow) pace and picking it up on the way home. Dr. Scaff warns that if we go out too fast we are likely to hit that wall and end up dragging ourselves to the finish line. Now that’s no fun, and one of our main goals in the Pink group is to have fun! My personal marathon goals are always the same: finish, have fun, and don’t get injured.

No official clinic next week. The Pinks may meet at 5:50 at the second beach park and do the reverse route for a 16-miler on Sunday. Please e-mail me if you want to do that:

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

Started out with 18 GREYS September 29th: Staffers:Andy, Ivie, always outdone by, our group: Newbies – Blake, Cheryl, Bill, Brandy, and Jenn…WELCOME! We love having you – new stories, new shares. Other GREYS were Donna, Rob, Richard, Lilia, Dave, Miles, Lester, Christine, Mitchell, Lance, and Henry. Bev, Dave was cussing for your leaving him to hang out and dry as he started at 6am with the PURPLEs at Kawaikui Park. Don’t worry, Bev because when the GREYS were at their mile 7, Dave was praising and thanking you for he had done his 14. He was actually left, wet not dry at 6 a.m. It rained and kept him cool.

We took in our Kahala Avenue being the last Sunday of the Month. Donna and I were surprised that we didn’t notice the hill we dread (or love?) at Kahala Avenue. We were so preoccupied, trying to think of the New Orleans Saints “motto.” We knew the Saints are no longer the “Aints.” Mind games and good company helps us run RTS. Drew Brees’ memoir, Coming Back Stronger, is a must read. I learned the New Orleans lingo, “Who Dat?” So GREYS, those who finished strong and ran smart – we want to ask you, “Who Dat?” You are awesome and on schedule! Mitchell, you are amazing to do your 12-miler as you train up to where we’re at. We succeeded in bringing Daddy Jim “home” safely, with enough energy left to study.

Okay, so “Who Dat Stats:”

  • August 1st – 13.76 miles to Kawaikui Park – overall pace 12:22 (including stops), average MOVING pace 11:05. First half 10:50 (so, again, we went out too fast, thus broke up our group) How are you all feeling today?
  • August 8th – BUS run – 13.42 miles or little longer, if you did the marathon finish. Goal Pace: 10:45 to 11:30. 1st half time 1:20 Average moving pace 11:11 2nd half 1:26 time Average moving pace 12:18 Overall moving pace 11:44, average overall pace 12:26. Overall time spent on run: 2 hour 46 minutes. Calories burned: 1,546!
  • August 15th – 13.58 miles. 1st half average: moving pace 11:03 (range: 10:00 to 11:36), 2nd half moving pace: 11:48. Overall moving pace range: 10:00 to 11:42 (Including stops 12:52) Calories burned: 1,602 (closer to those tight jeans).
  • August 22nd – 13.61 miles Goal Negative Split, and last: 1st half 11:02 average moving pace (13:02 overall) 2nd half Pace: 10:55 (though we were able to do 9:00 to 10:00 from Diamond Head down!) (12:51 overall) though, with my Garmin stopping when we stopped and talked, it was a 11:22 overall. Calories burned: 1,667. Hope you are all feeling fine on Monday 8/23rd, we tried to keep the pace.
  • August 29th – 14.02 miles 1st half average moving pace 11:21 (12:32 overall), 2nd half average moving pace: 11:23, (12:35 overall), wide variation, as I ended with a 10:57 average moving pace overall, and 11:05 overall pace (I stopped the Garmin, once I drank my water, and we stopped to talk). Calories burned 1,728.
  • UNOFFICIAL MEETING FOR GREYS; SEPTEMBER 5th – 6:30 a.m. same start, Kapiolani Park – 14 miles.

SEPTEMBER Schedule will be 14 to 16 milers.

White Group by Paris Monti

A great day for our Sunday training run, considering it’s Summer. A partly cloudy sky and a gentle breeze made all rather pleasant. As usual, an awesome group of Whites (34), led by our able leader Alberto, started from Kapiolani Park for our 14-mile trek. Unfortunately, our dedicated leader Blair was forced to stay back due to a leg injury. This day, Brother Sam stayed with us all the way and provided needed motivation and spiritual uplifting with his informal communication shouts.

As usual, altruistic Nelson was at the 2nd park providing much appreciated refreshments, now expected; we are all in fear that one day this easy living may come to an end.

On our return, we took on Kahala Avenue, my favorite route, but not so in the mind of many runners, psychologically turned off by this seemingly unending stretch. I counted 20 Whites running together down Diamond Head Road. All looked fresh and happy; I assumed they were all thinking of the refreshments and Jeff’s great tasting mango bread at the end of the run. We completed this run in 3:19 @ about a 12-minute pace/mile. Jane, a schoolteacher at Lanikai Elementary, joined our group. She was very excited for her school receiving a much sought for accreditation. Listening to her diligent account of all the requirements that had to be met, I was convinced of the high quality of teachers there. We say farewell to Nikki, a fine young lady, student and athlete. She is going back to school, but hopefully will be back in time for the Marathon in December.

I have been asked about races coming up that might increase our readiness for the 2010 Honolulu Marathon. This is what I found that might interest HMC runners:
1. September 25 (Saturday), Windward 25K Run.
2. October 24, 808RaceHawaii, 30K.

For more info go to: and click on the desired race. Also, let’s not forget the Annual Turkey Trot on November 25 (Thursday), Thanksgiving Day.

Next Sunday, not formally scheduled training, Alberto and Sam have promised to meet all willing runners at 6:30 at the usual place for a 14-miler; I’ll stay close at home and do my training in the Ewa Beach area.

Special note: A special award should go to group leader Guru Sam who managed to show up bright and early on Sunday a.m. to help lead the group through 14 exhausting miles after a hosting a swinging “Bollywood” party the night before! STUD!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

Andy was finally back again after playing his team’s last tennis match for the season last week and won and from his Japan trip the week before. Thank you Blue Group staff volunteers, Fiona, Don and Annette, Stephen, and Annette over the last two weeks. Blue Group finished its third 14-mile run to Kawaikui Park and back. Thank you Nelson, for the refreshments at Kawaikui Park. It was nice to enjoy it the turnaround point. The Blue Group is progressing fine building up the mileage as we get closer to December. Remember to have a day of rest in between runs so your body can recuperate. Be careful of the uneven sidewalk going up to the dog park from Operation Red Wings Medal of Honor Park. Many have tripped and fallen. We don’t want any injuries. Don and Annette Allen are planning to leave Hawaii to return to New Zealand. Their last day with the clinic will be September 26. Over the years they have volunteered their time to help the beginning group and various intermediate groups. They even volunteered this year to man the clinic table twice (maybe so that they won’t be remembered for taking the key to New Zealand). Anyway, for a send off, we thought it would be nice to take them out to lunch after the run on September 26. It is open to all who would like to join us in thanking them for their time and wishing them farewell. We’ll finalize the place later but wanted to send the word out on when it will be. Lastly, since there is no official clinic this coming Labor Day weekend, the Blue Group will be starting their run at 7 a.m. for those who are planning come out anyway.

Green Group (Beginner’s) by Rosemary Kyte and Tony Padua

For our last August run, the Lucky 13s took a long 12-mile route (12.5 miles), followed by the 15-minute milers on an 12-miles-even route. The Two Gails led their walkers over the 12-mile course, finishing up around noon in the heat of the day – great training for the heat we are likely to face on marathon day. Our plan for next weekend, the holiday, is to meet at 0730 for a 14-mile run, on a route that will have us finishing at our local shave ice vendor and then walking back to the park. Total weekly mileage goal remains at 30-miles, more if you can, but honor the rules of the road – a day off from training after each training day. –Ro

“Sensei Norm’s Street Beat Welcome to first timers, Sofia and Nani, and to visiting Intermediates Kristen and Peter! Also, a big “Welcome Back” to 2009 Honolulu Marathon Clinic Alumni Honami, visiting from Nagoya. To all runners – so glad you could join us!

While many runners anticipated rain, the weather heading to Wailupe Beach Park was quite delightful! Sensei Norm led his crew out at a steady 14-minute pace. The sensei wisely kept rest breaks brief enough to keep runners from cooling down, but revved up to get up and go!

Taking that first right turn off of Kalanianaole Highway, Norm took the runners on some long cuts as opposed to short cuts! But, the Greens were none the worse for wear! Norm kept us in strict single file form for safety when running on the highway. Unlike the past few hot weeks, the heat did not pick up until well-past our halfway point which made for an overall great run. Nonetheless, everyone practiced good hydration at the water stops.

So nice to have Evelyn and Dina with us on the run, though social obligations led them to turn back early. The group stayed tight all the way. But once we started the return trip from Medal of Honor Park up Diamond Head, Chris picked up the tempo and ran on ahead back to base for the finish. It’s a basic marathon strategy: run the first half of your marathon at a slower pace than your second half. But also remember to be safe and keep from getting injured as we are closing in on Marathon Day in December!

Mahalo to NZ faves Annette and Don for a great table spread, and Lilia for the Coconut Mochi Balls. Next month, we increase our mileage, but all of you are showing terrific progress. Job well done, Green Team! Total Mileage: 12.7 miles.

REMINDER: The Green Team is meeting Sunday September 5th, at 7:30 for Da Shave Ice Run (start at usual meeting place for Honolulu Marathon Clinic). Norm, Ro, and staff will take us out… and on the trip back we enjoy cool, colorful treats at Waiola Shave Ice, off Kapahulu Avenue! Ro will also be taking interested runners along the actual Marathon Finish Line, ending with a plunge into the cool waters of Waikiki Beach (so dress appropriately)” – Tony

Da Comment Corner

Third and Final Bus scheduled for September 19th – please sign up on the board so we can order the appropriate number of buses.

Hydrate (often) and Re-energize

While waiting for the start of my son’s flag football game on a very hot afternoon at the Aloha Stadium, an ambulance was called to resuscitate a woman who had apparently lost consciousness due the severe heat. This led me to think about our groups who, every Sunday persevere through 12 – 16 miles of endurance running in extreme heat. Please be very diligent in stopping and hydrating often and also let’s make sure to replenish our energy stores by taking in gels, pretzels, cracked seed, bars, etc.

Try to keep cool and have a safe running week!

See you at the water stops,