Blair’s Weekly Update 08-08-10

Doc’s Talk

Before our bus run Dr. Scaff addressed back pain and how runners can avoid it through exercises which increase stomach and core strength. He described three exercises in particular and emphasized a modified sit-up to give us the profiles of elite runners.

Bus Run

Approximately 160 runners participated in our second Bus Run today. The weather started off to our liking – cool and windy. But, as the morning progressed, “Mr. Sun” started to “exert its authority” and made our return to home base much more difficult. We were grateful for the refreshments at the gas station stops as well as Staff Leader Nelson Shigano’s “oasis” at the second beach park. Nelson, your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated by everyone!

Many of the runners started off at Maunalua Bay while others, mainly the Intermediates and Advanced, began their trek from the traffic lights past Sandy Beach. Thanks to our members who generously donated more than the usual fare – your donations are truly appreciated. Congratulations on a very successful Bus Run. Our third and final Bus Run is tentatively scheduled for September 16th.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had five runners. We ran back in from the Sandy Beach drop-off point which was approximately 13.5 miles. As usual, the group ran a fast pace of 8:30-8:15. It was humid and water stops were scarce for first four miles. This reminded us never to start a long run without being properly hydrated. This was a fun run before we get back to 16 miles next Sunday.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group (Nancy & I!) set out from Sandy Beach for our 13+ mile bus run, and it was hot and muggy again. The breeze helped a little, but by the 2/3 mile mark, EVERYBODY I saw was soaked in sweat – it seems I couldn’t drink enough water. Nancy tailed the Advanced Group for a while, but slowed up to her own pace after a few miles – she was probably running a 9:00-9:15 pace. I trailed behind at a little below a 10-minute pace – this was a hard run for me – I actually had to stop and walk a couple of times (& I noticed that I wasn’t the only one – the humidity really took it’s toll). We’ll be doing 14 miles (at least, some will be going more) through August, and it could be this hot & humid for a while, so we need to know how to handle the weather – drink all you can! I’ll be on table duty next week, so I’ll see you all at the start & at the finish

Pink Group by Rosie Adam –Terem

We rode the bus out to Sandy’s and ran back on the straightest route, maximizing the water stops, for a total of 13.4 miles. The pace by my Garmin was an average of 9:20 (running time only) but some of our group took off like wild hares so their pace was way faster than our advertised 9:45! We welcomed two new runners today – Dave and Mike (just back from Iraq) – and hope that they will continue to run with the clinic. I will be running the San Diego Half-Marathon next Sunday so I will miss you all. We plan to move up to 16-milers on the 22nd, so maybe next week can be a “long 14.” As the runs get longer, please remember to fuel well and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Go Pinks!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

“Free Mangos”

35 White Group members got off at the bus stop at the edge of Kalama Valley in Hawaii Kai to start the 13-mile journey back to the clinic start. Staff leaders Alberto, Guru Sam, Paris, Annette, and Blair emphasized the importance of easy pacing, especially in the early going, to make sure members could all end the trek together without incident. No one “blacked out” or suffered from dehydration but there were unfortunately a few “casualties” – “OC” Dana – sore knee; Regina – sore hip; Blair – pulled calf muscle; and Andy – “battle fatigue” from a month’s stay in Taiwan. Everyone else finished in great condition –there was Tanya, Mimi, Lei, Byron, Rick, Pitt, Ujol, Nikki (Ivie’s daughter) and friends, Satsumi, Benica, Jessica, Marc, Lynnae, Bill (all the way from Waianae), Sondra, “USC” Kara, “Uncle” Les (we miss you Liz), “backpack toting” and “Pali golf expert” Russ and other fit and convivial runners. Sal and Lilia were also part of our pack.

Special welcome to members of the Philippine Airlines flight attendants – Marge, Verna, and Anthony, who completed the journey with us; hope you will be able to join us again on another layover.

As we were running on the side streets parallel to Kalanianaole Highway in Aina Haina, Guru Sam, Ujol, and others picked and received free samplings of neighborhood mangoes. Yummy!

We continue our 14-milers for the rest of August; we add Kahala Avenue. on the last week. September will bring on the 16-milers.

Reminders – “homework”, try out bars, gels, or other supplements on the long runs, drink lots of water.

Green Group (Beginners) by Rosemary Kyte and Tony Padua

The 15-minute milers did an 11.3-mile bus run, the Hawaii Kai loop and back to Kapiolani Park. For most of the course we had Tom and Laura, Victoria, Rose, Joanna, and Denise (who did her first marathon with us last year). We’ve had hotter bus runs, for most of today we had welcomed overcast and cool breezes. We saw walkers Libby, Gail C and Gail F on the route, and got to see the Sandy Beach groups as they overtook us after several miles. Plan for August – 12-mile Sundays for the running groups, with mid-week homework of at least 18 miles (30-mile weeks) –Ro

Lucky 13’s Report

We started our Bus Run at the first stop in Hawaii Kai – and in the distance, Diamond Head never looked so daunting to first-time bus runners like Lisa, Melissa, and Minatsu. (Apologies, if I missed your name, fellow first-timers) Great to see HMC Alumni Denise, Evelyn, and Tina hitting the streets again with us for their first Bus Run in 2010! It felt so nice starting out with slightly overcast skies and welcome breezes.
The Paduas
got the group warmed up with a lovely stroll up Hawaii Kai Drive, before stepping up to a soft 14-minute/mile pace. After a 2-mile warm-up along the actual Honolulu Marathon route, training began in earnest as the crew made it’s way back to base along Kalanianole Hwy. Our energetic team enthusiastically embraced our 13-minute/mile target pace: Thad and fastbacks Donna, Chris, Melissa, Michelle, Rick, and Allie took the lead, while Tony and Sandra ran with the rest of the pack. Six miles into the run Sensei Norm called in to cheer us on, and pass on sagely advice – “run in single file – especially down Kalanianole!” (Tony admits he’s particularly guilty of this when he’s chatting – but will be a better role model next time!)

Approaching Mile 7, the cloud cover vanished and the increased heat made it challenging to stay on target. A good number of us eased up on our pace because of the temperature. (Harry is excused, having celebrated his birthday the Saturday night before! Happy 71st, Hare!) Still, the Lucky 13’s continued to press on towards our goal – all the great stories and comments really kept us uplifted! Also, glad to see everyone made it a point to remain well-hydrated throughout the run.

With each rest stop, we counted down the remaining distance: the closer we got to base, the faster some us seemed to run! After the last water stop at Diamond Head, Sandra and Thad took off back to Kapiolani Park with a bunch who easily exceeded a 12-minute mile pace! Mahalo to Jeff and Paris, who generously shared yummy Mango Bread and Watermelon with our runners, back at base.

Bottom Line: let’s stay on target in August to avoid overtraining / increased risk of injury. But on Marathon Day, tap into that terrific enthusiastic spirit during your last few miles to help you cross the finish line in fine fashion! TOTAL MILEAGE: 11 MILES! Way to Go, Lucky 13’s! –Tony

Da Comment Corner

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step” – Lao Tzu.

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,