Blair’s Weekly Update 08-01-10

Doc’s Talk

This morning Dr. Scaff continued with highlights of the history of the marathon as we know it today, and why we have to run the extra 365 yards after finishing what was originally to be only a total of 26 miles.

Peter celebrated a “significant” birthday today. He shared the exciting news that Dr. Scaff has been nominated as one of Hawaii’s Living Treasures for his contributions to our health and his research which he shares with us each Sunday at the Marathon Clinic. Members were invited to sign a petition to bring the nomination to fruition. It may be circulated via e-mail as well for those members not always present at the clinic (more info in “Da Comment Corner” below).

Table Duty

Thank you to Steve Zane and his wife for filling in at table duty today. The cold Gatorade and water were much appreciated after our run in the hot late morning sun. And, the fruits and pastries were delicious! Much mahalo!

Second Bus Run

This coming Sunday – August 8, 2010 is our second scheduled Bus Run. Many will be dropped off at the traffic lights past Sandy Beach and run through Hawaii Kai, then back to the park – approximately 13 miles. Others will be unloading at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai – 9 to 11 miles (including the “loop”).

Please be sure to hydrate properly before our run or carry a drink bottle as the initial water stops are further apart than usual and the water fountain at the Hawaii Kai Drive gas station is not working. A suggestion would be to run along Lunalilo Home Road. and stop at the Val Nalasco water fountain located at the gas station at the Koko Marina Shopping Center (a Dr. Rob idea from last year). And, bring a few extra dollars for some energy drinks at the gas stations if needed.

Doc starts his talk at 7:15 promptly and we board the buses at 7:30 sharp! The fare is $2.

We currently have about 175 runners signed up so would appreciate everyone being on time.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 11 runners including two from the Red Group. Peter’s grandson Niles ran with us till Triangle Park and went sub-sonic never to be seen again. The heat and humidity was there again and provided another opportunity to learn to deal with it. The group averaged a 8:45-8:30 pace to the four mile mark. From there, some picked it up to 8:15-8:00 pace to the seven mile mark. Four runners continued on to the eight mile mark. My hamstring felt good, but not strong. I opted to head back with the rest of the runners who kept me at a 8:10 average pace. No sympathy for the weak and wounded. P.S. Jeff Oh completed the last weeks Tinman with a time of 2:53:43, 15 minutes faster than last year! Hope to be ready for sixteen miles after the upcoming Bus Run.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

A great day for running: sunny, windy, not too hot, but still enough to demand frequent drinking at the on-route fountains. How wonderful it is to be able to find water every mile or two! Only in Hawai`i!

Our naughty Pinks should be turning Red because they ran so fast. This is OK at this stage of the training program, but we were probably all at our half-marathon pace rather than at our intended pace. A 14-miler is a comparatively short run compared with our 18-20 milers ahead, so we need to be mindful of the long run. We must all finish strong! No bonking at mile 18!

Today we had 12 runners, welcoming a Red orphan, and many of our usual crew. Some of our regulars were absent today, but we hope to have everyone there for the Bus Run next week. Please bring your $2 bus fare in clean crisp notes, as Blair requested.

The Pinks will probably run 14 for the next two weeks and then start with the 16-milers to help some of our runners who are aiming at marathons in September and October.

It is time to increase our base mileage a little. For those who cannot manage four runs a week, we suggest three with one intermediate length run somewhere in the week. For example, if you have been running an hour at a time twice a week between clinic runs, you might like to increase one of those mid-weeks to 10 miles, or add another day of one hour. Since we run long on Sundays, one plan would be to run again on Tuesday and Thursday morning, and Friday evening for one hour each time. Incorporating hills really helps with the longer endurance runs. And long endurance runs help with speed on shorter runs -like magic, but Dr. Scaff has an explanation… Don’t forget to vote for him in the Living Treasures department!

Anyone running the Athens Marathon? Please let me know at so we can plan some Greek fun activities on Halloween.

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

Most of the Purple group members started at 6:00 from Kawaikui Park. There was a light rain with overcast skies which made our run pleasurable. Running with the group were, Mike, Melissa, Tim, Benny, Dean, Tom, Guy, Robert, Roeland, Nelson, and joining us from the Pink group was Erin and Marina on our run to Kapiolani Park. Carl, Lester, Megan, Rachun, and Gannon joined us after the Doc’s talk at the Clinic. Next week is the Bus Run so don’t forget to bring your 2 dollars per rider.

Remember to hydrate; refueling and proper pacing will help you in the longer runs. This week, I forgot about pacing. I tried to keep up with the faster runners and I paid the price at the ending part of the run. Homework runs are also very important, so don’t try to copy from your friends

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

22 (or 24?) GREYS did our FIRST 14-miler with not much problem! You guys are just GREY-T! (great) Who were the Gr-8 GREYS? Max, Andy, Dwight, Kara, Lance, Pierre, Dr. Richard, Doug (who missed his Purple), Dave, Beverly, Joe, Dr.Rob, Donna, Dennis, Lilia, Miles, Jim, newbies: Emily, Cindy, Megan, Yuko, Tony? and Filomena? (sorry, if I got the last 2 names wrong!)Welcome newcomers! We did ‘break-up’ a bit, in 2 to 3 groups. A faster group took Kahala Avenue. We did not run too smart the first half. At some points we ran a little too fast, detected by cramped muscles, or being too tired, to keep the pace. We’ll get it down! Strategy for these next few months is: GET THE DISTANCE under our belt, though 1 and 2 should also be priorities:
1) SAFETY run our runs safely. We are taking in Kalanianaole Highway. Watch the bikes, runners ahead of you, anything coming towards you, not to mention cars, driveways, roadwork and roadblocks. Be alert.
2) INJURY FREE let’s train SMART, please avoid injuries, as injuries cost training time, and frustration. If injured, take the time to heal, and ease back in. Do not injure upon injury. Don’t push too much. Do not over train during these early months. You know your own bodies. We want to peak in December, not August to October.
3) DISTANCE – putting in our miles will transform, and adapt our bodies: for stength, endurance, and resilience. Homework runs!
Speed will come naturally the later months. Let’s not worry about this yet. Our groove will come, promise. Keep the pace for now.

I have to acknowledge the Punahou Class of 2008, the “Gr8 Race” newcomers! Hat’s off to you! Nikki and Lauren’s friends, Lauren (another Lauren) Michelle, Kellen and Chase came out! Love the up and coming generation, they are all truly a refreshing new breed, our future leaders. Now with the marathon training, with a running start. Sam our man, thank you for orienting them to the clinic, and “life’s lessons.” Any other school class out there? Incentive? I think we may have seen Zac Efron running up Diamond Head. That has yet to be confirmed, because that’s what Joe said, and you know how he “kids around”. Rumor has it that Johnny Depp also runs Diamond Head. That is also yet to be confirmed!


  • August 1st – 13.76 miles to Kawaikui Park – overall pace 12:22 (including stops), average MOVING pace 11:05. First half 10:50 (so, again, we went out too fast, thus broke up our group) How are you all feeling today?
  • August 8th – BUS run – about 13 miles. Pace: 10:45 to 11:30, we’ll try again!
  • August 15th – 14 miles
  • August 22nd – 14 miles
  • August 29th – 14 miles, including Kahala Avenue

White Group by Blair Hoashi

A group of 40 runners started with us this morning! We welcomed our Guru Sam back from San Diego – you were greatly missed! Safety concerns were emphasized by our pace leader Alberto due to the large group and were enforced by staff leaders Paris, the Guru and myself. Today was our first trek into unknown territory – 14 miles. While many had reservations about the distance, everyone who ran the 14-miler finished in good spirits and strong. A few runners, led by Guru Sam, turned around at the 12 mile half way point and returned to base.

While Alberto tried to keep a steady pace @12min. per mile going “out”, the pace on the return was a lot faster and so the average pace for the entire run was 11:38 min. per mile (rest stops not included). We also managed to burn off approximately 1,700 calories

Joyce, who just returned from New York City, mentioned that she had run along the Hudson River and at Central Park. We are envious! A bevy of strong and fit runners such as Satsumi, Masami, Benica, Jessica, Byron, Marc, Jake, Kara, Sondra, Marc, Mimi, Lei, Lynnae, Nakako, and others were part of this large contingent. We welcome Nakako, a “transplant” from San Francisco and friend of Lynnae, who is establishing her residency here and practicing pediatric dentistry in outreach programs throughout our community. Great work!

We hope Jessica’s son (returning from Guam) joins mom on the Bus Run this Sunday. Jessica, originally from Guam, joined us recently but seems to be in great shape – 14-miler, no problem.

As is mentioned by all of the group leaders, we can’t “fake” our Sunday runs anymore – the “homework” runs are essential in keeping up with the group on the longer runs. In addition, these “homework runs” provide “mental confidence” for that long Sunday run. We encourage members to try to do three one hour runs during the week, up from the two runs prescribed earlier. Also, experimenting and getting “comfortable” with gels, pretzels, etc. will be important for the long run.

Please remember the Bus Run with a $2 fare. Please be prompt.

Blue Group By Annette Allan

22 of us left Kapiolani Park this morning. Anette and Steve were absent (Steve doing table duty – thank you!). Moana took over as “Tail end Charlie” to make sure we didn’t leave anyone behind.
Thanks Moana. Lisa kept our pace in check with her Garmin. Thanks Lisa. We lost a few who turned around at various stages but everyone else seemed strong out to Wailupe Beach Park. The group decided to turn back at this point to complete 12 miles rather than progress to the 14-mile point. It seemed like a very comfortable run and the group finished strongly. Definitely ready to tackle 14 miles! Bus run is scheduled for next week so remember to come early for Doc Scaff’s talk. The bus will depart promptly so if you are late you will be left behind. (Fare $2.00). The run will be from Sandy’s Beach. Last time there was no water in Hawaii Kai so might be a good idea to carry some water to cover that stretch. Remember how important your ‘homework’ is. We should be doing 30 miles per week now, including the Sunday run.

Green Groups by Norm Uyeda, Rosemary Kyte and Libby Lew

The Lucky 13 segment of the Green Beginner’s group (13-minute pace) did their first “Wailupe Park” run today. While not the full 12-miler due to the shortcuts, it was a good introduction to the first park and served to make everyone aware that this distance is nothing to be apprehensive about. The day started with the usual lectures and with everyone wishing Peter Garcia a Very Happy 80th Birthday. Doc Scaff and Yuko were interviewed by Natalie Schack of the Pacific Edge Magazine for an upcoming article about the marathon. The day started off very hot and humid, and didn’t improve much except for the trade winds that picked up now and then. Norm took point, with Tony doing sweeper duty and Sandra and Thad doing their usual outstanding job of being shepards for the main group. Dina left us at the Medal of Honor park due to a prior luncheon commitment. Thad took off before the gas station on the inbound leg and took Rick and Alison with him for an increased tempo negative split. Rosemary followed at a 15-minute mile pace with Toyin, Scott, Laura and first-timer Rose. Victoria’s plans had her turning back at the 10-mile turn around, but the rest covered 11.55 miles. The Intermediate walkers Jerry, Gail C, Gail F, Evelyn, Anne and Angie did a long 10 miles to Ward Avenue via Waikiki Beach and Ala Moana Beach park. Our route took us to a 5 star restroom at the Embassy Suites where we also perused the Hawaiian music hall of fame display, and shared home made ice cream from Henry’s shack. On our way back to Kapiolani Park, we met Cliff and Janice (who did 13 miles) at the Cheesecake factory in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping center for brunch where we ran into Jewels. Turns out Jewels has been working at the Cheesecake factory on Sundays so hasn’t been able to join us at the clinic. It was such fun that we plan to do it again the end of each month—at the Cheesecake factory, or maybe somewhere else.

Plan for August – 12 mile Sundays for the running groups, with mid-week homework of at least 18 miles (30-mile weeks).

8 August Bus Run. 22 August Rosemary will be off-Island (inaugural RainForest Run on the Big Island).

Da Comment Corner

“Living Treasure” Petition

Attention all Honolulu Marathon Clinic members – past and present. Mr. Norman Hirohata-Goto has started a petition to have Doctor Scaff placed on the list of Living Treasures of Hawaii, which is sponsored by the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii. We need your support in the petition and would like for everyone who has ever been touched by Doc’s teachings, to email Mr. Goto and state your support for Doctor Scaff’. Please drop Mr. Goto an email stating your support and your name:

If you’ve ever wanted to thank Doctor Scaff for all of his hard work and dedication to the Clinic, this would be the way.

-by Norm Uyeda

Have a fabulous week!

See you at the water stoops,