Blair’s Weekly Update 07-25-10

Doc’s Talk

Doc spoke about the history of the marathon and why we run it.

Bus Run Two

The second Bus Run is scheduled for August 8th. Please sign up on the sheets so we can get a runner count and order the appropriate number of buses. We will start the clinic earlier with Doc’s talk starting at 7:15 a.m. then promptly boarding the buses at 7:30 a.m. Everyone, please be prompt.

Many runners will be dropped off at the stop lights past Sandy Beach and run through Kalama Valley and the rest of Hawaii Kai; we then run back to the park through Kalanianaole Highway and Kahala Avenue (approximately 13 miles).

Many beginning runners will head back to the clinic start by doing the Hawaii Kai Drive Loop after being dropped off at Maunalua Bay (approximately 11 miles).

Group Reports

Advance Group by Les Young

The AG had 9 runners today minus Jeff Oh who participated in the Tinman Triathalon. Welcomed a guest runner from Sydney Australia. Her name is Jenny, a 3:40 marathoner. Coming from a winter environment, she had difficulty coping with the heat and humidity. The group started at a 8:45-8:30 pace, but picked it up to an 8:15 pace after the three mile mark. As usual, the young bucks ran a negative split coming back in averaging 8:10. I am still struggling with an injured hamstring

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Another hot, muggy day – at the water fountain at the gas station, I noticed that EVERYONE was drenched! The Red Group went out with 5 members for a 12-mile run – newcomers to the group Jeff & Wayland joined Nancey, Kenji & I. As usual, the 4 of them took off running (9 -9:10 per mile), and I lost sight of them pretty quickly. This was a little harder run for me, for some reason – I could barely keep up with the pinks, but was still able to run under 10 minutes per mile, so I’m still keeping up with my intended Marathon pace. To let you know how fast the rest of the Reds ran, Jeff and Kenji passed me on Kahala, and they had run the extra two miles to the second beach park! Next week/month, most of us should kick up to 14 miles – this is where it starts getting harder, but if you’ve put in your 3 weekly runs, it shouldn’t be that big of a stretch. Hope to see you all next week

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

Some Pinks, including this scribe, defected to the Tinman Triathlon today so I apologize for having no running report for the group at the clinic.

Anita did her first individual Tinman. Congratulations! She will be visiting back home for a while and promises to rejoin the Pinks running in September. Also spotted in the individual event were faster group runners Tin and Jeff Oh who both did great jobs at the triathlon. Way to go guys!

Rosie (runner) and Amanda (swimmer) with Holly as the cheering section joined their swimming friend Kristen (biker) for the women’s team event and placed 3rd, only 8 seconds behind the #2 team. Arggh! We’ll try harder next year!!

We find that swimming and biking make great cross-training and off-day exercises that complement our running, providing variety, fun, and different challenges.

Don’t forget: the Bus Run on August 8th. Please remember to bring your bus fare.

We’ll plan on doing a magical mystery 14-miler back to the Park. Please bring water and gels or sports drinks along as there may not be regular watering holes along the route.

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

The purple group went out for another 12-mile run. Staff leaders Mike, Robert, Roeland, and Erico, led a larger than usual group to Wailupe Beach Park and back. Doug, Benny, Wade, Lorna, Karl, Kara, and a few newbies (didnt get their names yet) avoided the Tinman participants during our weekly Sunday run. Dean, Melissa (up from the white group) Jan and myself got an early start and ran in from the second beach park (Kawaikui Park) at 6:00 to avoid the Hot weather. Average running pace for the group was about 10:30 per mile with the stronger runners going a little faster.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

15 GREYHOUNDS, did our 11.97-mile run, taking Kahala Avenue this past Sunday. Do you know, Greyhounds are “racing dogs”, judged on their speed, agility, and tenacity and ability to work with others? So all of us rabbit chasers, Andy, Max, Dr. Rob, Donna, Christine, Miles, Jae, Pierre, Beverly, Dave, Eric, Joe, Lance, Dennis, and myself proved our purebred character. Nothing stopped us. The Tinman traffic diversion, caused some of us to find alternative parking, but still managed to join the group at some point of our course. This was so impressive! Thank you all for your commitment. Mighty Max saw our group leave Kapiolani Park, as he was still finding parking. He just picked up his pace, find us at mile 6.5 and STILL beat me. It’s okay Max, this weekend, I beat Dennis. We were going to do an “easy run” due to the Kahala Avenue inclusion on Sunday, but everyone kept the pace! Do you know, everyone voted to kick up the notch of 2 miles next weekend, 14 miles! WOW! See you Sunday! Joe, just appreciate your humor, every Sunday! The John Wooden Pyramid of Success block: CONDITION: “Ability may get you to the top, but character keeps you there – mental, moral, and physical.” That is our marathon training; we are “conditioning” ourselves. Okay, I will do my homework runs. I am sure you all are!

  • July 4th, Unofficial meeting at 6:30am Distance: 11.21 miles completed in 2hrs 20 minutes. Average OVERALL PACE 12:32, Average running pace: 11:17, 11:26 1st half, and 11:08 2nd half Calories: 1344 (NEGATIVE SPLITS, yay!)
  • July 11th 11.5 miles (to Wailupe Beach Park) Distance: 11.5 miles completed in 2 hours 19 minutes. Average OVERALL PACE 12:06, Average running pace: 10:45 to 11:11 1st half and 10:33 to 11:01 2nd half (NEGATIVE SPLITS, again!) Calories: 1,392.
  • July 18th – 11.44 miles to Wailupe Beach Par completed in 2 hours 18 minutes. OVERALL PACE: 12:08, Average running pace: 10:54 1st half and 11:02 2nd half Calories 1,395. Some of us tried to stretch it to 12 miles, running to the Ukelele Festival.
  • July 25th – 12 miles (11.97 to be exact) to Wailupe Beach Park, including Kahala Avenue – 10:50 moving pace to Wailupe Park and 10:44 moving pace 2nd half with 11:58 OVERALL PACE. though different Garmin also measured 11:12 moving pace and 11:28 OVERALL PACE. No calorie statistic this Sunday. Negative splits again! You all left me in the dust.

White Group by Paris Monti

The Whites did a safe and successful 12-miler – no falls or other mishaps. The absence of our Body (Sam) and Soul (Blair) was palpable; nonetheless we managed to take off from Kapiolani with 25 running aficionados made up of our regulars. We welcomed Lisa (former Pink?) and Wei (running on her own till now). We missed Laura, and her absence was visible; no one overtaking, our pace-setter. Theclouds accompanying us for most of the way made our endeavor bearable and so did a nice breeze coming in at intervals. I had intended to do Kahala on the way back, but there was apparently a misunderstanding with our formidable leader Alberto, and before I knew it we had swerved right on Farmers Road, off Kealaolu. Excellent job from Alberto who led us all the way; Dwight and I tended/lead from the rear. We ran at an average pace of 11:30; total 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete our run, including water stops.

Blue Group by Annette Allen

Andy led about 17 of us from Kapiolani Park up to Triangle Park. At the park we introduced ourselves again and welcomed two new runners to the group. Andy suggested that one Sunday soon after the run, the group get together for brunch/lunch. Sounds like a great idea. Andy had to turn around at this point and so Annette took over the lead with Anette and Steve looking after the rear. We had a very pleasant run out to Wailupe Park. Conditions were nice and everyone seemed strong and fit and was looking good. A very orderly single file back down the Kal Highway to the gas station was followed by a scenic detour through the Kahala neighborhood. We saw Norm and Ro’s groups on the way and helped with the doggie socializing group by saying “Hi” to all the friendly pooches. Back at Triangle Park we tackled Diamond Head with various degrees of enthusiasm. By the last water stop we were a little spread out. Anette and Steve still looking after the rear, Shelby raced ahead with youthful fitness, the rest of us following at our own pace. As our Sunday runs get longer, this is probably a good time to remind ourselves of the importance of our mid week runs. It is not so easy to “wing it” and the mid week “homework” ensures Sundays are more comfortable. A thanks for having me along, it was fun.

Green (Beginners’) Group by Rosemary Kyte

The Lucky 13 (13-minute mile) contingent of the Green Beginner’s Group took advantage of the cool, overcast weather and went on an long 10 (11.28) mile training run. Next Sunday’s scheduled “short” 12-mile training run to the first park won’t be such a mental hurdle now that we have almost 12 miles under our belts. Adding the extra mileage to our 10-mile run makes the step up to 12 miles a relatively small step, with the only anxiety factor being the different turn around point. Norm took point today (with Norm’s rule in effect – running in front of Norm will cost you a beer) with Sandra and Thaddeus playing Shepards. Rosemary and Tony followed at a 15-mile. Walking coaches Gail Fk and Fj were also on the course. Homework is getting really important now and we continue to stress the importance of getting your weekday mileage. Total weekly mileage for July is 30 miles; with a day off after every training day. Some options include a four-day training week (Sunday Morning, Monday night, Wedneday, Friday) and splitting the mileage into two-sessions *on* the same day (one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening).

For people who are going to the Greek Marathon – – please contact Norm ( and he will be compiling an email list of Hawaii people going over to Greece in October..

Congrats to all the finishers of today’s Tin Man

Da Comment Corner


(Or, getting to know your Staff Leaders; answers at the bottom of the page.)

  1. This staff leader was a jet fighter pilot for his native country.
    Who is this “high flying” staffer?
  2. Before he retired recently, he was a martial arts instructor for the U.S. Customs Department.
    Who is this “Jackie Chan” of the clinic?
  3. This staff leader has been mentoring Toastmasters Clubs in Hawaii prisons for over 12 years. And, currently goes to Halawa on Wednesday afternoons and Waiawa on Wednesday evenings. He once played music for 90,000 screaming fans in the Rose Bowl as a member of the UCLA marching band. And, he mentions that he can cook a lot more than mango bread!
    Who is this multi-talented leader?
  4. During her 26+ year Army career, she jumped out of a perfectly good military aircraft fives time for “no apparent reason” (but with a parachute).
    Who is this “airborne” staffer?
  5. This leader loves old Camaros, watching his grandkids grow up, and traveling – especially traveling to Japan. Upcoming trips – the Bay to Breakers (100th Anniversary B2B) in 2011. “Anybody want to go?” he asks. He did a spectacular crash and burn marathon in 1982 and was so bummed out that he gave up on running for 10 years. He started running again in 1992 and somehow had the good fortune to come across the Honolulu Marathon Clinic and had Roger Kobayashi as his group leader. There was also a group leader named Jennifer, who later dropped out of running and somehow came back to the Clinic as his student many years later! The Clinic changed his attitude toward running and made the marathon and marathon training much more enjoyable.
    Who is this “born again” runner?
  6. One of our most diligent and popular staff leaders played the ”role” of a pharmacist in a T.V. commercial for Kaiser Permanente; quite a “stretch” from her real job – pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente.
    Who is this popular staff leader?
  7. This staff leader, close to a “century” ago, was part of a high school mile relay team which broke the Big Island high school record at the time. The record “stood” for at least… two weeks.
    Who is this “aged, former speedster?”


  1. Sam Usman
  2. Les Young
  3. Jeff Beard
  4. Rosemary Kyte
  5. Norm Uyeda
  6. Ivie Kumura
  7. Blair Hoashi

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,