Blair’s Weekly Update 07-18-10

Doc’s Talk

Doc talked about high blood pressure in great detail and of running’s effect on it.

Table duty

Thanks to staffer Libby Lew for the great assortment of food at the refreshment table. The ice cold Gatorade and water were just what we needed to quench our thirst.

Bus Run Two

Please sign up for our next Bus Run Scheduled for August 8; most advanced and Intermediate runners will be dropped off at the traffic lights located near Sandy Beach and run inward into Hawaii Kai then back to the park – mileage approximately 13 miles. Others will be dropped off again at Maunalua Bay at Hawaii Kai.

Group Reports

Advance Group by Les Young

The AG had 10 runners today including Alex (3:23 PR) and Kelen, looking to run a sub4 marathon. The group broke into two groups going out. One group ran a 8:30-8:15 pace. The other group ran a 8:45-8:30 pace. Another hot and humid day, but nothing the group has not learned to deal with. I reminded Alex and Kelen that they need some form of fuel replacement for the carbs and lost sodium and minerals. We made sure me stopped at every water opportunity. The group splintered even more with some runners running in at a 8:15-8:00 pace. The rest were spread out over an 8:30-8:15 range. Another great run in paradise. P.S.: Can’t keep up with the young bucks just yet, but the legs are getting back into shape slowly. Hope to be ready for 16 miles next month.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

It was another hot & humid day – helped by occasional overcast skies, stiff breezes, and even a little drizzle – but when all that took a break, it warmed up quickly! The Red Group went out for a 12 mile run with just 3 people this week. I kept up with Nancy and Kenji for the first couple of miles – after that, I didn’t see them again until the finish (they decided to do 14). Although they were quicker, we all managed to run at a pace well under 10 minutes per mile.

A couple of people from different groups mentioned the same thing – that we should NOT be doing our Sunday runs at our intended Marathon pace – more like 30 seconds to 1 minute slower! I know that this is hard for most of us to do – point is, we should be working on speed during the week, and distance and endurance on Sundays. Keep this in mind as we build up our distance – see you all next week.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

Thank you, Alberto! He gave our group another name: the GREYS are GREAT! What a nice ring to that! B -Ringing them in this Sunday were 16 GR8s at the start, Max (Horatio), Dwight, Ivie, Christine, Kara, Hillary (newbie, welcome), Nikki, Lance, (nice haircut!), Joe, Rob, Donna, Jae, Pierre, Bev and Dave. Dean (who runs with the PINK, PURPLE any group faster) joined us this Sunday. Dean was playing it smart, as he eases back from his knee (IT band) injury. We became serious, as Dean led us some ways back from Wailupe to the gas station at a 9:45 – 10:30 pace (we didn’t know we were doing that!) All of you look SO STRONG! Homework pays off. Tom and Robert are trying faster pacing, way to go! We did miss you, but proud of you! If you were tired this past Sunday, we did PUSH it. Running is such a GREAT sport, just a pair of shoes needed done solo or as a group. Group: GREAT company and conversation;, miles are easy to do. Solo: clears the mind, take in the sights, dreams and plans made. We all set our own goals and are all winners because: we work at it, and are better and fitter because we do!


  • July 4th, Unofficial meeting at 6:30am Distance: 11.21 miles completed in 2hrs 20 minutes. Average OVERALL PACE 12:32, Average running pace: 11:17, 11:26 1st half, and 11:08 2nd half Calories: 1344 (NEGATIVE SPLITS, yay!)
  • July 11th 11.5 miles (to Wailupe Beach Park) Distance: 11.5 miles completed in 2 hrs 19 minutes. Average OVERALL PACE 12:06, Average running pace: 10:45 to 11:11 1st half and 10:33 to 11:01 2nd half (NEGATIVE SPLITS, again!) Calories: 1392
  • July 18th – 11.44 miles to Wailupe Beach Par completed in 2 hours 18 minutes. OVERALL PACE: 12:08, Average running pace: 10:54 1st half and 11:02 2nd half Calories 1395. Some of us tried to stretch it to 12 miles, running to the Ukelele Festival.
  • July 25th – 12 miles to Wailupe Beach Park, including Kahala Avenue – we will do an easier pace, enjoy the scenery

White Group by Blair Hoashi

47 runners!!! A record number of runners started with us today on our second twelve miler. Luckily, we had a “full staff” of leaders to assist; so, in addition to leaders Alberto, Guru Sam, and I, always reliable Paris, Annette, and Dwight joined the ranks. Due to the large size of the group, staff leaders made sure to emphasize safety – single file running especially climbing Diamond Head and also when going out on Kalanianaole Highway. The groups’ running pace was approximately 11:45 min. per mile.

Why the large number? I think that our runners are sensing the “window” for training is getting shorter so many are getting more serious about their preparation for the marathon. Or, many are just enjoying the conviviality our group under the leadership of Alberto and Guru Sam.

We welcomed Jessica, who I met when doing a morning run through Waikiki. She mentioned she wanted to join the clinic and I gave her the details of the HMC. Much to my surprise, she showed up and did a great 12 miler! See you next week! Nice to have Anita back; she joined her daughter today, also in the White Group. Please take care of your back and take it easy!

Our “usual” cast of runners were present today – Laura, Mimi, Lynnae, Sondra, Kara, Satsumi, Masami, Benica, Korwin, Byron, Marc, Nick, Liz, Uncle Les, Wesley, as well as and many “newcomers” whose names I will get to know in the future.

Please keep up your weekday “homework” runs; our Sunday runs are going to get longer very quickly and without these “foundation” runs, Sundays are going to get tougher and tougher. Also, experiment with gels, bars, etc. and drink replenishments.

Have a safe trip to San Diego, Brother Sam and we expect you back in two weeks!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group started their 2nd 12-mile run with 17 folks. Welcome to two first timers Ann and Steph. They already have signed up for the marathon and decided to come out to train with us. The run out to Wailupe Park was nice with some slight drizzle here and there. The summer season starts with the longest day of the year. Peter reminded everyone of Lahaina Noon which is the day the sun is directly overhead; that latitude position on the globe where the sun is directly over the Hawaiian islands. The Bishop Museum lead a contest to name the event, which resulted in the name, Lahaina Noon. Lahaina means “cruel sun”. On the route back to Kapiolani Park we inducted another to the “Fall of Shame”; Emily. However, it appears no scrapes or bruises, which are good news. Couple of folks had close calls. We tend to drag our feet just above the pavement, so any short lip causes the potential to trip. We need to either watch out for the uneven pavement areas or lift your feet a little higher. Staff leader Fiona will be on a trip the next two weeks to Australia to visit her parents. Staff leader Pam is on her trip for several weeks in the western US. Be safe on your runs and see you next week.

Green Group (Beginner’s Group) by Rosemary Kyte and Norm Uyeda

The Lucky 13 (13 minute pace group for the Beginners) completed 10.6 miles today, with Norm doing the pacing and Thaddeus assisting. The weather started off great but it really got hot when we hit the turn around telephone booth. We slowed it down a bit on the way back until the breezes picked up again. Some of the group were commenting on knee pain on the longer runs and were reminded that an ice pack will work wonders after a long hot run. Rosemary’s 15-minute milers this week included Toyin, Eileen and Victoria, covering the 10.2 mile route. We had comments about how much stronger we feel over the same distance with a base of at least 8 weeks of training and when we can get in the mid-week homework. Our plan for July is 30-mile weeks. Reminder to come early next week due to the Tinman Race and the parking problems that the race causes. Entry into Kapiolani Park might be easier through Leahi Avenue rather than Paki Avenue.

Da Comment Corner

“Secrets” of the HMC

“Homework runs”; proper hydration; LSD (long slow distance) running; and, making running FUN!

See you at the water stops,