Blair’s Weekly Update 07-11-10

Doc’s Talk

Having covered the 5% variance and collapse points, this week Dr. Scaff elaborated on the 10% Rule.

This is a simple way to safely increase your mileage or intensity (speed) by noting your weekly mileage. If it is 30 miles a week you should be able to safely add 3 miles the following week, or race for 3 of the 30 miles.

Table Duty

Much mahalo to staffers Gail and Leanne for doing such a great job on table duty! The cold Gatorade and water, and the pastries and fruits were a very welcome treat. We were all looking forward to it after our runs today.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG of five runners ran 14 miles in really muggy weather. I kept an 8:45 pace going out being that this was my first 14-miler coming off a four week injury recuperation. The group was kind enough to stay with me for support. However, on the run back, there was no respect for the seniors. The group ran an 8:15 average pace leaving me and Kozo to tend to our wounds. Kozo kicked as usual after the Diamond Head stop. I walked and ran the last two miles in. A little more work before I “own” 14!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out to the first beach park for a 12-mile run on Sunday. The “rabbits” (Nancy, Greg, Prasad, & Kenji) really took off after Triangle Park – I didn’t see them again until they were coming back from the beach park, as I was coming in. I asked them what their pace was as they whizzed by – they told me 9:00 minutes per mile! I struggled back in around a not-so-blazing 9:30 – but what pleased me most was that I was able to run the 2 miles back from Triangle Park at around a 9:00-9:10 pace – that’s the way I want to finish the Marathon! It was hot and humid again – the usually stiff breeze and overcast skies made it more bearable, but when the breeze died down and the sun came out (like, when I was coming up Kahala Avenue. – how does it know?); it was HARD! It looks like we’re going to get this kind of weather for a while, so get used to taking your supplements of choice – gels, bars, pretzels – it doesn’t matter what it is, you need to get used to taking them regularly – you won’t be able to do the Marathon without them. Also, drink more water than you think you need – it makes a big difference. Hope to see you all next week.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

We had a small group of our regular runners this nice, overcast morning and ran to the first beach park at our intended pace. Because some of our runners are coming back from injuries, on the way home a couple of people walked to avoid doing too much too soon – following Dr Scaff’s advice of listening to the body and building back slowly. Some others, sensing that they were not quite in 12-mile condition this morning, decided to run round the park and visited the summit of Diamond Head for a nice side adventure. Running is a wonderful activity: it is so flexible and each person can figure out what is right for them on any given day.

Rosie ran the Pacific Coast Angel Island Trail Run in Northern California, a beautiful 25K hilly course with views of San Francisco bay, skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. It took just over three hours, with lots of time for picture-taking, and she placed second in her 10-year age group. Trail running is an enjoyable change of pace and style that seems to help strengthen the feet, ankles and proprioceptive system, as several of the Advanced Group runners have noted.

Some of our members are planning to run exotic marathons: Berlin in September, for instance, and the October Athens marathon.

Happy trails!

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

The purple group went out for a 12-mile run this Sunday. Fortunately the clouds came out and gave us some relief from the sun. Remember to hydrate and to take energy supplements because the runs will only get longer. Runners this week were, Doug, Dean, Robert, Wade, Karl, Lorna, Benny (welcome back), Rachun the stud (ran 10 miles before the clinic and ran with us for a few miles) Gannon and myself. Average running pace this week was less than 10:30 for most of the runners. Next week the purple group will be running 12 miles again and Captain Mike should be back to lead the way.

P.S> – I will be on Maui next weekend, Nelson.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

15 GREYS did our first 12-miler for the month of July. It was great weather for this, no scorching sun, though a little humid. We all did great! Staffers: Max (Horatio) our rock, Andy (pacer), and myself, accompanied by: Eric, Beverly and Dave (sorry, been calling you Doug)!, Jim (welcome back!), Dennis, Dr. Rob, Jing, Christine, Tom, Joe, Lance, and Nikki (our daughter). Nikki joins us from the beginner’s group, coming to clinic as her Father’s Day gift (Dennis’ request). Call it “youth” for someone to be able to run 12 miles for their first non-stop run. So, all of us GREYS, it took us several months to get here, but we got here the “right” way.

We are building our BASE, as Dr. Scaff discussed. We are conditioning our body to endure the distance, and settling into our most EFFICIENT stride, breathing pattern and pace. This is our most natural and comfortable running forms, which all of you seem to be there! Born to RUN! You should be doing minimally 1 to 1.5 hours of homework runs twice a week. Somewhere between July and August, we add another day; running 30 to 35 miles a week (include your long Sunday run as miles towards this). Thank you all for your commitment. In honor of John Wooden, I will quote him, “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”


  • July 4th, Unofficial meeting at 6:30 a.m. Distance: 11.21 miles completed in 2hrs 20 minutes. Average OVERALL PACE 12:32, Average running pace: 11:17, 11:26 1st half, and 11:08 2nd half Calories: 1344 (NEGATIVE SPLITS, yay!)
  • July 11th 11.5 miles (to Wailupe Beach Park) Distance: 11.5 miles completed in 2 hrs 19 minutes. Average OVERALL PACE 12:06, Average running pace: 10:45 to 11:11 1st half and 10:33 to 11:01 2nd half (NEGATIVE SPLITS, again!) Calories: 1392
  • July 18th – 11.5 miles to Wailupe Beach Park
  • July 25th – 12 miles to Wailupe Beach Park, including Kahala Avenue

With the calories burned, we should be losing weight, or allowing ourselves that trip to Cheesecake Factory, or Makino Chaya? Impressive!

White Group by Sam Usman

What an awesome day, 37 runners in tow. Staffers Alberto, Laura,, Leita, Hao, Sal and I led this large group today. There were 4 newbies; and, we welcomed back Megan, a 4.45 hour marathoner after a 3 month layoff; we also welcomed three first timers to the group. The whole White Group looked fit, good looking and happy!

Blair without you on our tail was very hard; we went out very seriously in single file on Kalanianaole Hwy but on the way back, since we could see in coming traffic, it was hard to manage the single file. But, we did it diligently and everyone came back safely. Laura, after 2 weeks is back and is as “lean and mean” as usual; and Melissa was our “Ms Congeniality” who was keeping the group in very good spirits!

We finished our first 12-miler with everyone intact!

Blue Group by Blair Hoashi

Since Blue leader Andy was away, White Group leader Blair was privileged to lead the Blue Group today. A group of 15 runners started out together but after the Kahala stop, four “senior staffers”, Maile, Val, Muriel, Sandy plus Marsha (sprained ankle) headed back. Val and Sandy started with the clinic 19 years ago and they still look young and vibrant! The clinic does wonders!

So, Richard and I, accompanied by 7 FFF’s (Fantastic Fit Females) finished the group’s first 12 miler of the year! Staffers Fiona and Pam, newcomer Emily (a “twenty something” wishing to add the marathon to her “bucket list”; she leapt off a bridge in her bungee jumping experience and skydived on her birthday), and friendly, sociable and determined runners Elena, Cathy, Mel, and Jo comprised the FFF’s! Richard, you weren’t “chopped liver” either! Great job to everyone!! The 12-miler was done at a steady 12:00 min. per mile pace.

Member Cathy wanted me to pass on her gratitude to Staff leader Fiona who assisted her on the group’s run last week; Fiona initially slowed down to help Cathy, who was feeling the effects of the heat, then walked in with her make sure she was ok. Great job, Fi!

Green Group (Beginners’ Bits) by Rosemary Kyte

Congrats to all the beginners including the Lucky 13 Green Group who completed their first “official” 10.2 mile training run today. Everyone is encouraged to faithfully put in their weekday training runs as we have reached the point where it becomes a challenge to complete the entire Sunday run when you haven’t done your “homework.”

Tony Padua did a superb job of being the pacer and Green group lead today, with Sandra, Thad, Harry, Jason and Norm providing assistance. Welcome to the many first timers who joined us today – hope to see you next Sunday and every following Sunday.

Rosemary’s group at a 15-minute mile followed close behind for the first half at least; passing by the “Lucky 13s” as they doubled back through neighborhood. Our plan for July is 30-mile weeks, with 10-miles on Sundays. Safe options for the 20-mile mid-week homework include: 4-day training (Sunday morning, Monday night, Wednesday, Friday); and splitting a day’s run between a morning and evening session *on the same day*, each session of at least one-hour continuous training. To avoid injury, honor the “day off after each training day” rule.

Da Comment Corner

Blame the Broccoli, Melons and Bell Peppers

For runners having GI problems, please check out the article called “Fridge Wisdom” in the May 2010 issue of Runner’s World.

Check out Norm’s photos about our first Bus Run and “Where have you been, HMC members?”:

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See you at the water stops,