Blair’s Weekly Update 06-20-10

Happy Father’s Day!

Doc’s Talk

Stretching and massage were Dr. Scaff’s topics this morning. Overstretching actually works against successful running. The time to stretch is after your body is already warmed up—during or after your run.

Massage for certain cervical or arthritic conditions is very helpful. However, immediately after a race or marathon it can interfere with the release of lactic acid, but since we won’t be running for a few days anyway, it will not hurt.

First Bus Run next week, June 27

Doc will be away so there is no talk and we will board the buses promptly and leave promptly at 7:30 sharp! Cost – $2 per rider.

No official clinic On July 4th

Please check with your staff leaders about unofficial runs on Sunday.

Table Duty

Stanley and Maureen Chun last week and Jeff Oh this week – thanks for the delicious snacks and drinks!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Jeff Oh

The advanced group went out with approximately 6 runners. Since I had table duty, I really don’t know how the run went. I know they made it back from 14 miles.

Thanks to Nick for bringing the watermelon, and also to the gal who brought the peanut butter filled pretzels. Sorry I didn’t catch your name. However, everyone asked where the pretzels were from (COSTCO). And finally a big mahalo to my friend who donated three bags of ice for the drinks to be cold.

Each week a staff member (or two) sets up the tables, and brings the refreshments. Donations are always welcome. Please consider dropping off a bag of pretzels, crackers, cookies, or Gatorade powder mix if you would like to help out the volunteers. The bottles of sunscreen are also running out.

There is no triathalon at Kapiolani Park on June 27th. It’s at Kalaeloa (Barbers Point). The Honolulu Tinman triathlon isn’t until July 25th, and begins and ends in Kapiolani Park.
Be sure to arrive earlier on June 27th, you don’t want to miss the bus by being late.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Well, it was another hot, humid Sunday, again with a good breeze – but when the breeze stopped, you knew it was hot and humid! Most of the Red Group (Nancy, Greg & Eric) went out to the first beach park for a 12 mile run, at about a 9 minute average. A little fast for this group, but they seem to be able to keep it up, so go, guys! I went out for a 10 miler, at about a 9:50 pace – I’m getting stronger, but still working on distance and endurance. It looks like it’s going to be warm and wet for a while longer, so drink more water than you’re used to, and, whatever your choice of supplements is, make sure to take them along with you. We’ll be increasing our distance in July, so now’s the time to learn when and what you need to refuel with. See you all next week for the bus run.

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

The Purple group went out for our first 12 mile run (actual run was 11.7 miles). The weather wasn’t quite as hot as the previous week so everyone finished good. Doug, Wade, Robert, Rachun, Erico, Lorna, Ellie, Gannon and I went out to Wailupe Park (the first park) and even came back on Kahala Avenue. I would like to mention to all clinic members to watch the uneven sidewalks and ground conditions during your runs because one of our members took a tumble going up Monsarrat (fortunately he ok). Next week is the first Bus Run so be on time or miss the Bus (don’t forget your 2 dollars).

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

Hope you Dad’s all had a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! What better way, than to run 10.5 miles! 12 GREYS did our “disciplined” run! We practiced our NEGATIVE splits, and this paid off well. Runners were: Andy, Christine, Tom, Sachi, Jae, Pierre, Beverly, Doug, Dennis, Miles, Jim and Ivie. YES, practice makes perfect, and we thank Andy for keeping our pace. Delayed gratification, as we all were able to ‘stay the course’, INCLUDING Kahala Avenue. We are finishing up our June schedule with our bus run!

Last we talked about strength training and how hill work can improve strength. How should we run hills? “Your First Marathon” by Dr. Scaff has a great section on hill work. Your goal should be on and off the hill “without injury” Maintain an even effort, up or down the hill. Downhill, is a good time to listen to your feet, “silent feet”. Going uphill, shorten your steps, remain upright, and do not lean into a hill. Swing your arms parallel and not across.

June 6: 10 miles – goal: 10:45 to 11:15 pace (I think we did it) We averaged 10:45 to 11:00 up to mile 7. and 11:30 including water stops.
June 13th 10.1 miles – goal 10:45 to 11:15. We did 10:18 to 10:41 for the first half, and the second half, not a faster pace. We reversed it, positive splits. Oh no, we need to practice again! Our overall pace, including water stops was 12:12. Runner’s World also states about water breaks:use walk breaks to successfully complete long distances. It’s a smart idea anyway to walk through an aid station (or while you’re on a training run) to ensure fluid gets in your mouth, not on your shirt. The walk should be quick-paced (no strolling) and short. THE PAIN!
June 20th 10 miles – goal 10:30 to 11:00 – Learn as we go. This was a successful, “correct” training run. 10:46 average 5 miles and 10:42 average pace 2nd half. Overall pace: 12:02 including water stops.
June 27th Bus Run – We will also take Kahala Avenue, 10:45 to 11:30 enjoy the real Marathon course from mile 17.5 to 26.2! (running the Hawaii Kai/ Keahole course backward, adds 1.5 miles ), will take us about 11 miles this last weekend of June.

JULY schedule: We will do some 10 miles and 12 milers. We’ll post the schedule next week for July. Somewhere between July and August, you should start adding another training day as a homework run ( 3 days a week, plus your Sunday run) Keep smiling, and enjoy your homework! We are commited, there’s no turning back, and we’re loving it!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

A very large group was again present today – 39! The popularity of Guru Sam, Alberto, Paris, Sal and others must be spreading. Where else can we practice “yoga running” or “forced leadership management”? Or, where else can we get or share ideas about the best Mexican, Italian, or Korean restaurants in town or even the best restaurants in Vegas? “Foodie” Kara (on her way to Vegas for a conference) and I were discussing the various venues for a good meal in Las Vegas.

And, how about those Lakers Joyce? They came through in the clutch! Or, how about Don and Annette’s “All Whites” (New Zealand; at 2000 – 1 odds to win it all according to a Business Week’s poll) tying Paris’ Italians (14 – 1 odds) in the World Cup! Momma mia! We missed you Nadia and we understand your loyalty to your native Brazil – great match against the Ivory Coast.

In any event, we always have lively conversation while maintaining our training regime. The “atmosphere” of the group makes our long Sunday training runs truly enjoyable but provides a sense of accomplishment. I know that many of the members had never run 8- 10 miles before. Congratulations on your accomplishment and thanks for adding to the conviviality of the group.

We welcome back Craig, who ran with us last year. And, Lynnea, your new HMC “coolmax type” top and hat looked good and functional. Hope it helped. Regulars Marc, Maria, Laura, Lea, Mimi, Sondra, Kara, Satsumi (who ran with her dad who is visiting from Japan), “Uncle Les” (we miss you Liz), Korwin , Byron, and many other jovial runners comprised today’s group. We miss you Anita; get well soon!

“We run to eat” and we run and have fun!

On a little more serious note – there were many comments about “struggling” on today’s run. I think the” culprit” was the heat combined with the longer distance. As we mention consistently, hydrate often; but perhaps energy replacement is also needed. Since we are running longer and our mornings are getting hotter, our energy stores are being depleted sooner. Gels, bars, jelly beans, pretzels, crack seeds are highly recommended.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group fielded a total of 20 runners this Fathers’ Day morning. Welcome newcomers by coincidence, Emily and Emily, and also Kathy and Elena from the beginning group who joined us later in the run. The group enjoyed our 5th 10-mile run with a strong breeze and some cloudy skies. At the Operation Redwings Medal of Honor Park, Andy told the group of an interesting running group called Marathon Maniacs. They just love to run marathons. Lots of them and the levels of achievement are based on a number of marathons in a certain period of time. We even have one member in our Blue Group, Bob Alton. Well, we had another member, Marsha, who joined the “Fall of Fame” stumbling going up Diamond Head. We have at least 3 members now. It seems like the sidewalks around Diamond Head appear to be the most treacherous. It doesn’t appear to be the tired it happens to, so be careful. We’ll do 10 miles during the bus run this coming Sunday and follow the actual marathon course along Kealaolu Avenue to Kahala Avenue and finishing at the marathon finish line at Kapiolani Park.

Green Group (Beginners’ Bits) by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners groups covers all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. Norm and Harry led the “Lucky 13s” (13-minute mile pacers) out for our 8 mile run. Rosemary followed at a 15-minute pace, followed by the walking groups, including this week both Gails (Gail Fj and Fk), and Luanne. Remember to pack pretzels and start eating them after 40 minutes of training; about 10 calories a mile. For the month of June the plan is 8-mile Sundays, and two mid-week 6-mile sessions, for a total of 20 mile weeks. Our bus run next Sunday will take the 8.6 mile route, straight back along the Marathon course from Hawaii Kai to Kapiolani Park.

Da Coment Corner

We welcome Henry, assigned to Hawaii in the military after a stint in Japan. Henry heard about the clinic through another military man in Japan, Dr. Scaff’s son, Kawika.

Flag football champions – a shameless plug or a marathon clinic benefit?

My son, Zach’s 7 year old flag football team, the Golden Lions, persevered through three single elimination playoff games to win the championship for their division on Saturday. A noticeable difference in Zach’s speed and endurance was pointed out by his teammate’s parents this season. And of course, Zach trained with the clinic for several weeks during the football season.

There was mention of “brilliant” defensive coaching, but I defer to “modesty and humbleness”.

Have a super week and don’t forget your $2 for the Bus Run.

See you at the water stops,