Blair’s Weekly Update 06-13-10

Doc’s Talk

This morning Dr. Scaff spoke on how we can prolong our collapse point—also known as “hitting the wall.” Reminding first –timers that they only have one marathon in their body this year, he urged us not to use it up before December. He also addressed our marathon completion times which are directly related to our weekly mileage and pace. This led to the Five Second Rule: research has shown that deviating our pace by more than five seconds per mile results in a poor marathon experience.

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with 6 people on Sunday – we picked up some runners from the Advanced Group, who seemed to be mostly absent. Although there was a nice breeze all morning, it was hot (85-90) and muggy – most people I talked to after the run said that their groups had run a 20-30 second slower pace than usual. The Red Group was no exception – Nancy reported that the group (12 miles) ran at about a 9:30 running pace, 10:30 overall – definitely slower than their usual 9:10-9:20 pace. All the more important to drink plenty of fluids, and, on a 12 mile run or more, take along the supplements of your choice. (I recently discovered that “Triscuits”, in addition to being very tasty (they now come in some great flavors!), supply 8% of your RDA for sodium, and 3-4% of your potassium, for every 4 crackers).

My back is still killing me, so I went out for an easy 8-miler, at about a 10:00 minute pace most of the way – I was able to pick that up to about a 9:30 pace the last couple of miles, so I was happy with that. It wasn’t as far or as fast as I’d like to have gone, but you go with what you’ve got – anything more is foolish! See you all next week.

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

The Purple group went out with 7 runners on a very hot day. Robert, Rachun, Erico, Wade, Lorna, Doug and I went out for a 10 mile run. Remember to keep hydrated and since we will be running 12 miles next week (to the first park), everyone should be thinking about fueling themselves for the longer runs. What might work for one person doesn’t necessary work for everyone. Some things you might try are, pretzels, power bars, gels, or jelly beans.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

19 GREYS tried our negative split attempt pacing at 10:45 to 11:15 for 10 miles. GREYS on Sunday were: Andy (pacer), Max, Louie, Nellie, Sachi, Joe, Lance, Miles, Eric, Robert, Mitchell, Jim and Jim, Christine, Jesse, Beverly and Doug (welcome newbies!), myself and Dennis (If you aren’t sure who Dennis is, he is, you know, that handsome, incredible husband of mine – Dennis said he was signing onto our newsletter this weekend ) Dennis does his 4/1 pacing, and uses the GREY group pace as his gauge, so you may not notice him with our “pack.”CONGRATULATIONS all of you GREYS who did the 13.1 mile half marathon! You all did so well, despite our training runs being only at 10 miles! Awesome GREYS; so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your experiences of the half marathon – 1) negative splits work 2) a 2:00 hr marathon time finish, WOW Louie did this with a 8/1 pacing 3) running a race at a 5:30am start helps to prepare you for marathon. I am extremely impressed with your times! We know you are training right, so, some things for June to September’s training – knowing where you all are in your personal training:
1) Do NOT over train – how can you tell? You are too tired to wake up. . Even if you have rested, your body is sore, tired, or “spent.” Avoid injury, by not overtraining. Your body needs recovery time.
2) Build on strength and tone! – Remember, RTS, we will run in our zone, if we are strong and tight. Hill works, weight training, core strengthening. If you feel a questionable area of endurance for your body, focus on that area, strength train the supporting muscles.
3) Now is the time to lose weight if want to lose weight. Dr. Scaff will remind us when we are closer to our victory day, several months, that we do not want to restrict calories. We will be burning and needing too many calories for our runs.

Here is the July 2010 Runner’s World advice :
If you’re looking to go sub-5, your chances are good if you’ve met these standards:
Marathon times:
PR (favorable conditions) 5:07:58-5:16:56
PR (in hills, heat, or wind) 5:13:57-5:28:54

Marathons completed in last two years 1
Mileage base, 8-10 weeks prior to race 25-35 per week
Recent half-marathon time (slam dunk) 2:15
Half-marathon time (good shot) 2:20
Half-marathon time (outside chance) 2:25

Dr. Scaff said it takes 13 marathons (experience) to reach PR. However, some of us started a “little” late in life, not sure I would keep improving? Andy says, “My only personal record or best is the year I am running.” What an attitude! You know, each marathon, is a wealth of learning, experince, comradarie, and successes.

June 6: 10 miles – goal: 10:45 to 11:15 pace (I think we did it) We averaged 10:45 to 11:00 up to mile 7. and 11:30 including water stops.
June 13th 10.1 miles – goal 10:45 to 11:15. We did 10:18 to 10:41 for the first half, and the second half, not a faster pace. We reversed it, positive splits. Oh no, we need to practice again! Our overall pace, including water stops was 12:12. Runner’s World also states about water breaks:use walk breaks to successfully complete long distances. It’s a smart idea anyway to walk through an aid station (or while you’re on a training run) to ensure fluid gets in your mouth, not on your shirt. The walk should be quick-paced (no strolling) and short.
June 20th 10 miles – goal 10:30 to 11:00
June 27th Bus Run – We will also take Kahala Avenue, 10:45 to 11:30 enjoy the real Marathon course from mile 17.5 to 26.2! (running the Hawaii Kai/ Keahole course backward, adds 1.5 miles ), will take us about 11 miles this last weekend of June.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

According to Guru Sam, 39 members (not 32 runners as reported by Lynnea) comprised the group that did a 10 miler at an 11:30 – 12:00 per mile pace. Leaders Alberto and Paris with Laura, Maria, the two Kara’s, Sondra, Satsumi, Bev, Dave, Marc, Joyce, Nadia and slew of others comprised the White Group’s membership today. It was hot today and so hydration was a key. As staff members mention, please make sure to hydrate and not pass up any water stops. Please continue your “homework runs” as we will increase our mileage in the next few weeks.

Apologies to the group for my absence but I pulled a calf muscle during one of my homework runs so was relegated to walking to Triangle Park with my son, Zach; he talked during the entire four mile trek! Perhaps he might have a future in politics or as a radio announcer (if radio is still around). Thanks to Marie for accompanying us on our trip “going” and Jeff O. for keeping us company coming in. Also, thank you, Marie, for the impromptu football game. The Warriors need you!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

It was a very hot Sunday as our group of 14 hard core runners made our way on our 4th 10-miler run. Welcome two newcomers to the group, Brad, who has done a number of previous marathons, and Tony, brand new first timer to the clinic. Hope this hot run did not discourage you from continuing. The group stayed together until the last 2 miles from Triangle Park, where those with stamina continued back to the pavilion at Kapiolani Park. We’re training to condition ourselves and being familiar with the marathon course. Since we’re up to 10 miles on Sunday, don’t feel bad if you recently joined the group and have to turn back early. You need to build up your mileage slowly and feel comfortable. Since the days are longer and hotter, you’ll be perspiring more so make sure you drink plenty of water. As Peter says, you need to practice drinking water. At the end of your run, you should not be lighter than 1 pound for every 3 miles your run. If you’re losing more weight at the conclusion of your run, you’re not drinking enough water.

For those that have not registered yet for the Honolulu Marathon, you can down load the early entry form at this location: You have till Jun 26 to mail in the form to get the $45 entry fee special for Hawaii residents.

Beginner’s Bits (Green Group) by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners groups cover all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. Thad, Norm and Harry led the “Lucky 13s” (13-minute mile pacers) out to their second 8ish mile route. Rosemary followed at a 15-minute pace, followed by the walking groups. Both groups included Kahala Park and the park at the end of Farmers Road in their 8-mile courses. For the month of June the plan is 8-mile Sundays, and two mid-week 6-mile sessions, for a total of 20 mile weeks. It was another hot day, again good pacing and lots of water got us through

Da Comment Corner

First Bus Run;

June 27th; please sign up on the board ASAP; currently 130 runners signed up. Cost $2.

Not the World Cup


Currently, the best soccer teams in the world are competing at various venues in South Africa in the World Cup. The level of athleticism, skill and fitness are incredible!

In stark contrast, I recently participated in my 7 year old son’s soccer practice and after the first five minutes of running around, my hands were on my waist, my body hunched over, and I was gasping for air. Throwing up or collapsing into unconsciousness would not have set a good example for my son and his teammates, so I persevered. After a few minutes, I realized that my “second wind” had “kicked in” and I could maintain the running, and more running required to keep up with the youthful Red Dragons. I attributed this “second wind” to the training that I do for the marathon clinic – the “homework runs” and the always fun Sunday runs really help keep me in “cardiovascular” shape. The Sunday Runs are especially helpful – although we are running fairly long distances , Guru Sam, Alberto, Paris and an assortment of other runners make it fun and very enjoyable; proper pace setting and jovial chatter make our Sunday’s fun and rewarding.

A note: My “pin point” passing and “adept” dribbling skills failed to impress the team, as they whole heartedly welcomed a late arriving teammate to take my place. Teammate Micah’s ability to “talk” Pokemon sealed my fate.

Keep doing those homework runs and,

See you at the water stops,