Blair’s Weekly Update 06-06-10

Doc’s Talk

Injury prevention and recuperating from injury were the topics of the day. When on the road to recovery, start very slowly – walking recommended; and if there is no strain on the injury, then start running at a very slow pace. Icing an injury will help it to heal faster.

Table duty

Thanks to staffer Gail for the drinks, fruits and pastries! Thanks also to staffers Don and Annette who brought back some New Zealand chocolates for everyone! Yummy!!

Bus Run – June 27th

Please sign up for our first Bus run on our Sign Up Sheet pinned on the bulletin board; for first timers – we board school buses at the clinic site then get dropped off at various locations; then, we run back to the park. Most of the routes will be on the actual marathon route. Our first drop off location will be at Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai (across from Roy’s restaurant) – approximately 8 miles back to the park. Many of the Intermediate and Advanced runners will include the Hawaii Kai Drive loop to add another two miles Cost is $2 per runner.

Group Reports

Advanced Report by Jeff Oh

The advance group started out with seven runners. Some of our regulars are either out of town, or recovering from injuries.

We cheered those heading down the final stretch of the Hibiscus Half marathon course. Some seemed to be overheated by their gait and their demeanor.

We made it to the gas station, covered in sweat equity. Two turned back at that point, and five moved on to the first park. Two more turned back at there, and three continued on to the second park.

The trade winds were weak for most of the run, so we made sure we hydrated at every water stop, and even slowed our pace on the way back in. We varied from a 8:00 flat to 8:45 pace, continuing our conversation the entire way.

As we ran down Farmer’s road next to Waialae golf course, we saw Donis already driving home, flashing her lights at us and waving. She had this funny look on her face, as if to say “sorry suckers, you’ve got 4 more miles to go!”

Reminder to all, train smart. There’s still six months to go until race day.

Grey Group report by Ivie Kumera

12 GREY-hounds started our 10 miler, making this a, small group. We saw quite a few of you doing the Hibiscus Half marathon, hope you all had a great time running it. Please share any race day running tips! Those doing the clinic were: Andy (pacer), Dr. Rob, Donna, Miles, Eric, Joe, Lance, Ujjal, Tom, Jesse (welcome back) and Ivie. Staffer Max (Horatio) started with us, though joined the PURPLE group in preparation for the Army 10-miler try-out. GOOD LUCK, Horatio!

Dr. Scaff’s talk on avoiding injury and how to ease back into training from injury was deeply appreciated. Please be careful on your runs! It’s very easy to trip on the uneven sidewalks, especially during the second half of our runs, when we are tired. Even the slightest distraction can make us trip so let’s make a conscious effort to avoid tripping. Team Navy corpsman, Andy, our hat’s off to you, for staying with our injured runner who tripped, scraped his knee and hurt his hand. Please be careful; run at your own comfortable pace or group. Know what your body is able to do on training day.
We missed our Safety officers, Jim, Robert, and Louie! Our members noticed your absence, especially at crosswalks.

June 6: 10 miles – goal: 10:45 to 11:15 pace (I think we did it) We averaged 10:45 to 11:00 up to mile 7. and 11:30 including water stops.
June 13th 10 miles – goal 10:45 to 11:15, let’s do it again, and practice our negative splits.
June 20th 10 miles – goal 10:30 to 11:00
June 27th Bus Run – We will also take Kahala Avenue, 10:45 to 11:30 enjoy the real Marathon course from mile 17.5 to 26.2! (running the Hawaii Kai/ Keahole course backward, adds 1.5 miles ), will take us about 11 miles this last weekend of June.

White Group Report by Blair Hoashi

Group leaders Guru Sam, Alberto and Blair led 30 members on their first 10 miler today. Although the weather was very hot when we started our run, the winds started to blow and cloud cover made our return from the phone booth much more comfortable. We even experienced a slight drizzle that cooled us off. Staffers Annette and Don, recently back from Kiwi land (New Zealand) were also with us and helped keep the group organized. Staffer Sal, minus his baby Kayla (in China with mom, Hao) held up the rear.

Joyce, Nadia, Mimi, Byron, Tanya, Kara, Lynnea, Marc, Tom, Antonio, Darryl, Bev, Dave, and many others ran at a pace between an 11:30 – 12:00 per mile pace over 10 miles. At one of our drink stops, we talked about the need to replenish our energy sources and Gatorade, gels, power bars, drops, pretzels, and fruits were mentioned as replacement sources. Great job to everyone on their first 10 miler!

We continue our 10 milers for the rest of the month. Please remember our bus run on the last Sunday of June. And, please continue our two “homework” runs during the week. We will progress to three times a week in the coming months.

Blue Group Report by Andy Hirano

A group of 17 runners did our 3rd 10-miler, if you count last week’s Memorial Day weekend. Under partly cloudy skies and some breeze, it was hot but not too bad. Three newcomers joined the group for the first time this year, Mike, who has been running with the group in previous years and has done many marathons, Shane, who was with the Blue group last year, we missed your pretzels, and Rick, who just joined the clinic. It was nice to have a separate area coned off in the street for the runners coming down Diamond Head as the Hibiscus Half Marathon event was in progress, not as congested going up Diamond Head. The 2nd water fountain at Kilauea Park was finally fixed after two weeks. Andy called it in this past Wednesday. We will continue to do 10 miles during the month of June. For the bus run on Jun 27, we will do a 10 mile course from Hawaii Kai following the marathon route along Kahala Avenue back to the Kapiolani Park finish line. The days are getting longer and hotter, so practice drinking your water. If you come to Sports Authority early this Saturday to register, I will be waiting in line with newspaper to read and maybe some coffee. Good to go early than later in the day as the line will get quite long. Those that registered on Sunday said there were still some free stuff to be handed out.

Green or Beginner’s Group Report by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners group covers all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. Welcome to June and congratulations on graduation from the PTA (12-weeks of Pain-Torture-Agony) for our first-time runners. For the month of June the plan is 8-mile Sundays, and two mid-week 6-mile sessions, for a total of 20 mile weeks. Norm and Harry took our fastest group out, followed by Rosemary, and Gail Fk and Luanne. Gail Fj hung back today to pull table duty. It was a hot day for our first time at this distance, but good pacing and lots of water got us through.

Marathon Registration

Early Registration Entry form was posted in the “Military Section” of the Star Advertiser on Sunday. Early Sign up at the Sports Authority store at the Waikele Shopping Center.

Only on for two days:
Saturday, June 12 (9a.m. – 6 p.m.)
Sunday, June 13 (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Cost – $45.00

Also, almost everything you wanted to know about marathon registration (courtesy of Deb Y. and Dr. Rob):

Frequently Asked Questions

2010 Honolulu Marathon Early Entry for Hawaii Residents:Where and when will the walk-in early registration for Hawaii Residents take place?
Sports Authority at Waikele Shopping Center
Saturday, June 12 – 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, June 13 – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

When does the mail and fax period for Early Entry for Hawaii Residents expire?
Mail and fax entries will be accepted from Saturday, June 12 through Saturday, June 26.
Free Honolulu Marathon gifts available at the walk-in registration site will not be mailed.

Entry Form Availability:
Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper Ad: June 6
If you sent us an SASE: mail out will be on June 7
If you request a form by email or if you previously provided us with your email address: email will be sent on June 8.

Can I register online for the Early Entry for Hawaii Residents?
Online registration is not available for the special early entry registration.

Do I have to go to Sports Authority at Waikele Shopping Center to register?
Mail and fax entries will be accepted from Saturday, June 12 through Saturday, June 26.
Free Honolulu Marathon gifts available at the walk-in registration site will not be mailed.

Can I submit my entry form by email?
For your security do not email your entry form and credit card information.

I live on another island how do I register?
The special entry fee is available to all Hawaii Residents regardless of which island you are on. You may mail or fax your entry form and fee to the Honolulu Marathon, 3435 Waialae Ave, Suite 209, Honolulu, HI 96816 or Fax: 808-732-7057. For your security do not email your entry form. Free Honolulu Marathon gifts available at the walk-in registration site will not be mailed.

I will be on vacation/off-island and unable to attend the walk-in early registration for Hawaii Residents at Sports Authority on June 12 and 13. Can someone else register for me?
Yes, someone else may deliver your completed entry form signed by you to the walk-in registration. They should be prepared to present a photocopy of your Hawaii ID (driver’s license or State ID) at registration.
Free Honolulu Marathon gifts available at the walk-in registration site will not be mailed.

I already sent in my self-addressed stamped envelope, when will I receive the entry form.
SASE’s are expected to be mailed by June 7.

I finished the 2009 Honolulu Marathon will you automatically send me an entry form?
We expect to send 2009 finishers the entry form by email on June 8.
If you did not provide an email address when you registered in 2009 or if your email address has changed or is incorrect you will not automatically receive the form by email. (Entry forms will be available at Sports Authority on June 12 & 13.)

My friend/family members do not live in Hawaii, can they use my Hawaii address to register?
The Early Entry Registration is a benefit to those living in Hawaii.We do not accept “C/O” (care of) addresses on our entry form.

The following is our guide in determining the definition of a Hawaii Resident:

Who is a Legal Resident?
Hawaii Revised Statute 78-1: “Resident” means a person who is physically present in the State at the time the person claims to have established the person’s domicile in the State and shows the person’s intent to make Hawaii the person’s permanent residence. In determining this content, the following factors shall be considered: (1) Maintenance of a domicile or permanent place of residence in the State; (2) Absence of residency in another state.”

Will there be discounted Luau/Concert tickets for Hawaii Residents?
Runners will be able to purchase discounted Luau Tickets ($40/each) when submitting their early entry registration. Discounted ticket offer expires June 26, 2010.

Can Active Duty Military Stationed in Hawaii (and their dependents) sign up for the Early Entry for Hawaii Residents?

Honolulu Marathon, 3435 Waialae Ave., #208, Honolulu, HI 96816 USA
PH: 808-734-7200 FAX: 808-732-7057 E-MAIL:

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,