Blair’s Weekly Update 05-23-10

Doc’s Talk

This week Dr. Scaff reminded us about the dangers of acetominophen. He then went on to speak on how our heart is our most important organ and how our body adjusts to keep it going. Keeping hydrated throughout our runs is vital. Should the very infrequent phenomenon of Post Race Collapse occur, lie down and sip a cola.

Table Duty

Staffers Nelson and Lorna were responsible for the great offerings of fruits and snacks and drinks. Mahalo for the goodies!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG started off with eight runners for our 14 mile run. We averaged a 8:30 pace to the first park where two runners turned back. We emphasized running relax keeping our breathing control by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. We did constant body a check making sure everything was moving symmetrically. We came back in running a negative split at a 8:15 pace. Next Sunday will not be a formal Clinic. Running does not take a holiday. The AG will meet 7:00 AM at Paki and run the downtown portion of the Marathon route.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Another good day to run this Sunday – occasionally muggy, but often overcast, breezy, and a little bit of rain! Most of the Red Group went out to the first beach park for a 12 mile run. Prasad reported that they averaged a 9:10/9:20 running pace, and a sub-10 minute overall pace. I’m still getting my endurance back, so I opted for a 10 mile run, at about a 9:30 running pace, 10:20 overall. In general, the whole group is getting better at coming back faster than when they went out, and taking less time at the water stops – both critical factors in running a good marathon. Next week there’s no formal clinic, but many of us will be down at the park at 6:30 for our usual run – come join us!

Pink Group by Amanda Corbey

Sunday the Pinks went out with a small group of seven and a goal of ten miles (this was our last 10 miler-our next goal is 12 miles). We made a point of starting out slow, warming up our first two miles with a 10 minute mile and then kicked it up to our targeted 9:40 pace. Since we do not have official clinic next weekend, some of us may do a trail run on Sunday, but we haven’t secured the details, so if you are interested in joining us email me at: and I’ll keep you in the loop. Also, several of us will be doing the Hibiscus Half Marathon on Sunday, June 6th so unless you are doing this run, I may not see some of you until June 13th. If you haven’t done a half marathon, this is a great way to see where you are at with your training and it is a fun race for a good cause. I hope to see some of you there.

A few of our members will be doing marathons earlier in the year before the Honolulu, so if you are interested in adding on some additional miles these next few months come see our group and you guys can go the distance together. Remember the goal of our Sunday run is to set the pace you want to run the marathon, so even though you are feeling great and looking strong don’t forget to stay with your target pace.

The summer sun is shining bright these days, so remember to hydrate and lube up on the SPF before starting out. When we begin our 12 mile runs, it is a good idea to bring along pretzel sticks, gels, or something of the sort. Also, remember the importance of being aware of your surroundings. In the last mile of our run there was an accident between a runner (NOT a Marathon Clinic runner) and a cyclist that ended with a trip to the hospital, so please pay attention, keep your head up and listen to your fellow runners. A careless accident could be the end of your marathon future or worse, and that would be a shame. Have a great week and don’t forget to do you homework. See you in June!

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

The purple group went out for a 10 mile run. Average pace was at about a 11:00 minute pace. I had table duty this week so I don’t know who ran with the group. I know Benny was there (congratulations on your triathlon) along with Robert, Mike, Roeland, Wade, Gannon, Craig, Doug, Shin and John. We miss you Erico (hope you are having fun in Japan). There is no formal meeting next week, but the purple group will be meeting at 6:30 am on Sunday May 30. Mike was thinking of doing a 12 mile run since it will be early and a little cooler. I would like to thank Lorna for helping me with the table duty this week. I would also like to thank Jeff Oh for bringing the coolers and a table for the table duty.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

19 runners did our “negative splits” again! Bravo, success! Staffers: Max and Paris led the way for Dr. Rob, Robert, Rob, Sachi, Pierre, Jae, Tom, Joe, Lance, Eric, Christine, Hao, and the two Jims! (one, the air traffic controller and the other, dad of Mitchell who is back from New Orleans and Florida; both slim Jims). We also welcome newbies Jing, and Kenji; and, welcome back Andy. I did only 5 miles due to a brunch commitment.

Thank you, Jing for joining us before you leave for China! Kenji thought that our group was too fast, because we said we were going “10”, he thought we were going 10 miles in ONE hour! Welcome, Kenji (another Iolani parent)! Did you know that member Louie did the GAR (8.2 miles) in 1 hour 2 minutes? Insane!

Dr. Rob donned his marathon course shirt which included all mileage marks. The GREY group will also start noting the water stops and potty stops along the marathon course.

No official Marathon Clinic, though the GREY will meet Sunday, May 30th, same place at 6:30am. Why this start time? The GREY’s wanted to start at the same time as the PURPLE group! This will be great practice for an earlier start for those running the Hibiscus Half Marathon June 6th. Sorry, no hiking option, maybe at some later date.

Reminder: Think injury-proof training! Members might want to also practice some flexibility exercises, along with our strength (core and legs), and endurance (weight loss) programs.

May 2nd – 10 miles Kalanianaole Highway to telephone booth (yes, these still exists, though we need to squeeze ‘quarters’) (pace 11:00 to 11:30) ACTUAL: about 10:50 and 11:45 including water stops. Feedback, that this was “tough”, felt it the whole day.

May 9th – 8 miles (pace: 10:30 to 11:30) – Dr. Rob provides “da stat’s!” ACTUAL: 10:55 (moving pace) 11:40 including stops. Distance: 8.10 miles, finishing time 1:34:37 Elevation Gain: 293 Calories 993.

May 16th – 10 miles goal pace: 10:45 to 11:15 ACTUAL: 11:03 (moving pace) and 11:43 including stops. 1st half: 11:09 (moving) and 11:52 overall. 2nd half: 10:57 (moving) and 11:33 (overall). Calories 1,225 Summary: We did it! We hit our pace, and our goal: negative splits! Thank you, Dr. R!

May 23rd – 10.5 miles including Kahala Avenue (goal pace: 11:00 to 11:30). Thank you, Dr. Rob! 1st half 5.3 miles 11:10 moving pace and 12:21 including stops, 2nd half 5.07 miles 10:44 moving pace and 11:09 including stops (overall pace 10:58 moving, 11:46 including stops) Calories: 1278

May 30th – 10 miles goal pace: 10:30 to 11:15 6:30AM start at Marathon Clinic location.

White Group by Blair Hoashi and Sam Usman

Staff leaders Alberto, Guru Sam and Blair led 40(!) members up and down Diamond Head in single file today. The group did an 8.65 mile run at an 11:00 – 12:00 min per mile pace. We included Kahala Ave. for the first time so therefore the extra .65 miles. “Kahala Ave. was our friend” today as the weather was cloudy and overcast – it made it much easier.

In addition to Lynnea, our family court attorney, there was Kara #1,with her running partner, Sondra with an “o”, Kara #2, Byron, Andrew, Mimi, Joyce, Nadia, Dave, Bev, Kerwin, Emma, Laura, “Ms Chile”- Maria, Bev, Dave, Lea, Marc, Liz, Uncle Les, and a whole slew of others.

Deb, Jim’s (Grey group member) wife and Professor Jing were also with us. But, we shall miss them for the next few weeks as Deb, flies off to American Samoa on a teaching assignment and Prof. Jing heads back to her home town of Beijing. Please have a safe and enjoyable trip!!

It was nice to see former white Group runners Alice and Dustin; hope they continue to run with us in the future. We enjoyed your company!!

Due to the three day holiday weekend (Memorial Day), there will be no official clinic. The group will be meeting at 6:30 a.m. @ the usual clinic location this coming Sunday for an 8 -10 mile run. Please join us if you are able.

“Love Guru” Sam’s Comments

I feel so lucky to be associated with so many great people; everyone in the group gives out so much positive energy! Every Sunday, l feel such a great “high” from all of the terrific energy of our White Group – I am ready to “fly”! And, of course, in my unbiased opinion, we have the best group! Blair, you’d better show up on Sunday at 6.30 a.m.! (I will, Sam!) I am ready to party on Memorial Day at the Doc’s house!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

We had a relatively small group today of 14 runners doing our first 10-mile route. After a slight drizzle of rain during Peter’s talk, the weather held up the rest of the morning. Group leaders, Fiona, Pam, and Anite accompanied the group. Our 10-mile route is to the phone booth along Kalanianaole Highway. We’ll do the route in the housing area across Kalani High School. As we go up Diamond Head we need to be especially aware of those using the sidewalk. Not only raise your hand to let those in the back know someone else is coming by, we need to keep a single file by moving over to the right. Let the passer by see we are giving them their share of the sidewalk. The route along Diamond Head is used by many folks, so please run single file along that portion of the run.

Last week we noticed the intermediate training schedule was missing from the clinic web site. It’s back now at Thanks to those who had noticed. On those weekends where there is no official clinic, Andy will still come out and lead the Blue Group for those that would still like to come out for a Sunday run. We’ll be starting at 7:00 am, half an hour earlier since it is summer with more daylight. We’ll do that this coming Sunday, for Memorial Day weekend. So, we’ll see you next week at 7:00 am.

Green (Beginner’s) Group by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners group covers all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. We repeated our 6 miles out to Kilauea District Park and back. Harry and Michelle took out our fastest group, followed by Norm and Rosemary. Other groups were led by Tony, Marilyn, Gail Fj, Gail Fk, Libby and Luanne. Tom Knowles was out with us today, a man with an impressive running history. In 1976, two years after the start of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic, Tom started running for charity. And running, and running. Now in his 70s, Tom has logged over 920,000 miles for charity, and is steadily closing in on his goal one million charity miles. On On, Tom! A tip for mid-week homework is to use to check the distances of your homework routes. We’ll soon be tracking miles-per-week logged as we move toward our goal of 30-mile weeks for July. Midweek homework for May is the same: one hour, for two sessions during the week. We’ll do 6 miles on Sunday for the remaining Sundays in May, and then move up to 8-miles in June. For the holiday Sunday, 30 May, those wishing to run, feel free to join Norm and Luanne and a few others for a prompt 0730 run start (no formal clinic talk). Plan to end your run with a refreshing, cool swim at the official marathon finish, and then straight into the water at Queen’s beach.

Da Comment Corner

Early Marathon Registration

Here is the news we have all been waiting for: Early Sign-up for the Honolulu Marathon 2010: June 12-13 at Sports Authority in the Waikele Shopping Center (9AM-6PM/10AM-6PM). Early sign-up fee will be $45 this year.

Thanks to Maile, Jeff O., Gannon, and Debbie Y. for keeping us informed.

First Bus Run

Please mark June 27th on your calendar for our first Bus Run. Also, please sign up as soon as the signup sheets are posted. In the last few years, we have had over 200 runners on the first trip so please sign up as soon you can. Our first drop off location will be at Maunalua Bay at Hawaii Kai, across from Roy’s restaurant – 9 miles back to park.


Welcome back to Al and Maka who recently returned from the always crazy, unforgettable, and fun-filled Bay to Breakers Run in San Francisco a few weeks ago. According to Maka, it had nearly 70,000 people participating in the 8.5 mile run through downtown San Francisco and Golden Gate Park. Many runners are gearing up for next year’s race, as it will be celebrating its 100th year!

Aloha to Folks “Down Under”

Kiwi Friends

G’Day to Don and Annette and their friends “down under.” Apparently, Don and Annettte forward this newsletter to their running friends in New Zealand. Cherio mates!! Look forward to your return!!

Aussie Mom and Dad

Get well wishes go to Jim, my father- in- law in Miranda, a suburb in Sydney, Australia who recently underwent major surgery. And, a huge aloha to Ruth, my mother -in-law who is caring for him. We all wish you well!!

Have a great week!!

See you at the water stops,