Blair’s Weekly Update 05-09-10

Doc’s Talk by Bev Major

This week Dr. Scaff was hot: well at least his topic was all about heat. We begin our runs our body core temperature is 98.6. It increases to 100 or 101 degrees after we’ve warmed up. This happens to be the optimal temperature for smooth muscle functioning. Drinking 10 ounces of water every 20 minutes and sweating will keep us from overheating. During our run we’ve been running on fat calories. After our run, food and water will bring down our core temperatures faster, and we switch back to burning carbs and protein. Cool.

Table Duty

Annette, Annette and Don laid out a delicious “spread” of fruits and drinks for all of the “heated” finishing runners. Mahalo!!

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out Sunday with 8 people, on a beautiful breezy day. We headed out to the telephone booth for a 10 mile run, at about a 9:15 pace (running time), and came back a little faster than that. 3 of us, Greg, Dave and I, opted for an easier 8 mile run – we turned around at the gas station & came back through “the neighborhood” – but we’re all learning to go out a little more slowly, and come back a little faster – good work. I say our “running” pace was around 9:10/9:15, but our overall pace, including water stops, walking, etc., was really right around 10 minutes per mile – so that’s something else to work on – spend less time at the water stops! Even 30 seconds at each stop in the marathon adds 6½ minutes to your over all time – that works out to about 15 seconds per mile FASTER that you need to run to reach your “intended” pace. Thanks to Prasad for the pacing info – he keeps strict time on his Garmin, and inputs it into his computer each Sunday – it will help keep us disciplined.

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

Happy Mother’s Day! What a nice Hot day it was. The Purple group went out for a 9 mile run. Staff leaders Michael (Capt. Mike), Roeland, Robert (Yes Robert, your’e a staff leader, glad you could make it on time this week), and myself, went out with Doug, Craig, Lorna, Rachun, Wade, Shane, Erin, and Marina from Kapiolani Park. Eriko joined us at Diamond Head and Erin and Marina joined the Pink group at the gas station. The average running pace this week was about 10:30 (not counting the sprint back to the park). Next week will be our first 10 mile run so try to get in your practice runs during the week.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

Happy Mother’s Day! Wow, 19 runners actually made it out on a beautiful Sunday Mother’s Day morning run! We trekked 8 miles, to get everyone out early enough to attend any scheduled brunch. Hope you showered! Great to see all you ‘returnees’. No newbies this week. Regulars Rob, Dr. Rob, Robert, Donna, Nellie, Louie, Max, Lilia, Sachi, Pierre, Dennis, Miles, Mitchell, Christine, Shin, Tom, Joe, Lance, and Ivie. Pierre and Sachi extended their run to 10 miles. Thank you Robert and Louie again for keeping us safe from cars. We missed Jim, but son Mitchell assures us he is still training in Florida, just 6 hours earlier than us. Last week was a hard 10 miles and some of you may have felt it the entire day! How are you today? Runner’s ‘high’? Remember to do your practice runs, but wait over 24 hours AFTER your LONG run for any training; let your body recover. This is to avoid injury. Our goal is to not have any pain or injury after a long run; you should feel good the next day. But, don’t mistake this “runner’s high” and be over-confident; no hard runs or training too soon. Running or exercise should be at least after noon the following day of our Sunday run. Overtraining leads to injury.
Blair wrote about the “moving” story last year when we were in training at about 14 miles. I will mention a little about it now. We talk about hydrating and fueling but the other aspect is important, too. Get used to your own “body mechanics”, or “potty training” aka “poop management”. Mickey mentioned this problem only occurred in his older age. Thank you for reminding me about that Mickey! Know that what you eat prior to your run will affect you, (dinner the night before, or breakfast) and train with this in mind. A first place finisher in the Honolulu Marathon stated that the best improvement in the marathons over the years is the”porta potties”! However, at his pace, he doesn’t worry about the “lines” to the potty. These breaks, add minutes to our finish.
Dennis ran the Galloway method with us – 4 minutes of running, and 1 minute of walking. Asked if it works, he replied, “I guess so, I beat my wife”.

Aarghh! After I get the potty part down, I’ll be sure to beat my husband!


May 2nd – 10 miles Kalanianaole Highway to telephone booth (yes, these still exists, though we need to squeeze ‘quarters’) (pace 11:00 to 11:30) ACTUAL: about 10:50 and 11:45 including water stops
May 9th – 8 miles (pace: 10:30 to 11:30) – Dr. Rob provides “da stat’s!” ACTUAL: 10:55 (moving pace) 11:40 including stops. distance: 8.10 miles, finishing time 1:34:37 Elevation Gain: 293 Calories 993
May 16th – 10 miles (pace: 10:45 to 11:15)
May 23rd – 10.5 miles including Kahala Avenue (pace: 11:00 to 11:30)

White Group by Blair Hoashi

Happy Mother’s Day!

Staff leaders Alberto, Sam, Paris, and Blair led a group of 25 + on their weekly Sunday run. Runners Marie, Laura, Scott, Tony, Regina, Tanya, Gayle, Emma, Nadia, Joyce, Violet, Marc, Andrew, Byron, Dave, Ron, Lea, Jing, Sal and daughter Kaila comprised the large group that ran an 8 mile loop. Great job on a hot day!

We ran at a steady 11:45 min. per mile pace – we went a little fast today. But, under the leadership of Alberto, Sam and Paris, the group remained in good spirits and finished together. Single file etiquette was followed for most of our route, especially during Diamond Head’s ascent and descent. Remember, the oncoming runners and walkers pay their share of the taxes too! Besides, one little lawsuit or complaint could put the clinic in deep “chili pepper water”. So, please be very cognizant of our single file policy.

“Other Stuff” – “our” Emma graduates next week with a Master’s in Education; she is taking a few months off to travel around the country before settling in. Best Wishes! Blair got a new pair of shoes and is delighted with his results! No more pain in the fifth metatarsal (foot anatomy verified by Dr. Rob)! Watch out Sam, Blair might catch up with you at Kahala Ave. in the marathon this year!

Apologies to Uncle Les for calling him a former “couch potato” in a previous update; it was his niece Liz, White Group regular and marathon finisher last year, who used to frequent the Lazy Boy. Now, thanks to Liz’s example, Uncle Les is a White Group regular!

We continue our 8 milers for the rest of the month; please make time for the “homework runs” – one hour, twice during the week; distance and speed do not matter.

Blue Group by Fiona McNeill

The blue group missed its usual leader today since Andy had other obligations. So Fiona and Don had the privilege of taking over the leader duties. We had 24 people in the group, which included a couple of newbies. As we moved up Diamond Head in excellent single file formation, it became apparent that Don was on a mission and he had several ducklings moving in quick succession behind him. It was clear that half the group was anxious to finish a little faster than usual, and it was decided that Don take the faster group. I ended up taking a great group of 12-14. We worked our way to the gas station and back completing our 8 mile goal. Good work by all. We did change things up a little however, by moving along at the water stops. This improved our overall finish time and we made it back just short of 10am, making it in time for those who had Mother’s Day commitments.

Da Comment Corner

A “Delicate” but Essential Topic

Thank you Ivie for discussing a very “delicate” topic (see Grey Group comments). I am sure many runners can relate and have similar issues during a long run. You are an inspiration for us.

A Personal Digression: The Joy of New Shoes

For the past two years, I have had trouble with my feet – where the fifth metatarsal (baby toe bone) connects to the heel area, to be more specific. Throbbing pain would occur when running or at times when walking. Custom crafted orthotics unfortunately did not improve my situation. . According to my foot doctor, Dr. Ricky, I have an extra bone in the metatarsal area which creates extra stress at the joint. Years of excess supination did not help either.

Fast forward to the sports store… As I passed through the rows of shoes, my eyes became fixated on the Kinsei’s which were on display. I have to admit that the 40% discount greatly added to its luster. I had read about all of the research and design engineering that went through these shoes in Runner’s World a few years ago. At 40% off, I had to try them on.

At first, I refused to acknowledge how “natural” and comfortable it felt on my feet. Nah, it can’t be; I bet after I run in them, it won’t feel this good. I’d better check the return policy. I was looking for anything negative to offset my elation. “Get back down to earth, Blair”.

Fast forward again to 6:00 a.m. Tuesday… after running in my Kinsei’s for the last 8 miles, my feet feel light and airy. No (foot) pain but lots of gain (miles). So far so good; I’m enjoying my runs again. Watch out Guru Sam, fartleks (speed work outs) might be part of the White Group regime.

Thanks for letting me digress.

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,