Blair’s Weekly Update 05-02-10

Doc’s Talk by Bev Major

Dr. Scaff’s topic this week was a weighty one, in fact it was all about weight. Our heads are the most efficient carriers of weight, moving down our body to the legs and feet which are the most inefficient. Heavy legs are a literal drag on your running efficiency. It’s thought that the 2:05 [Beverly D. Major] marathon ceiling can be beaten if the elite runners could only lose the weight of their shoes. Shoe manufacturers know this and are producing ever more lightweight shoes. While you can’t change your genetically heavy limbs, everyone has the option of trimming pounds overall. From now until September is the time to lose weight. Each pound lost results in a minute faster marathon time.

*Bev, when you “woke up” after your 2:05 marathon, how many of the Kenyan runner’s had you beaten? …Blair

Spring Picnic “Weather Watch”

Over 140 runners participated in our Spring Picnic under “watchful” weather conditions. The weather forecasts predicted heavy rains and stormy conditions. But, we were blessed with only “some” rain under heavy cloud conditions; it produced uncomfortable humidity, but as mentioned, we were lucky to have no rain for most of the time. Thanks to everyone who attended and mucho mahalos to those who brought their delicious entrees for us to taste. Special thanks to Luanne and Norm for chairing the event. Also, thanks to Peter, Susan K., Alberto, Dwight, Val, Muriel, Bert, Tony, Maile, Narumi, Marilyn, Roger and many others who assisted with the set up, take down and clean up.

See Norm’s picnic pictures:

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG did a short 10 miler due to the Marathon Clinic Picnic. We did not want to go longer and miss the great food. It was a good training day because we experienced all the weather elements. We had high humidity which caused us to really sweat and reminded us about the importance of adequate hydration. It rained a bit and reminded us of the importance of wearing dry-fit clothing and running shoes that drain well. The only thing we all forgot was to Vaseline the entire feet. Coming back in, we experienced the sun. All these weather elements have to be dealt with and not avoided. You don’t know what the conditions will be on Marathon Day. Personally, I will be praying for rain!!!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Sunday’s weather was a mixed blessing for all of us – it was overcast with a slight breeze – seemed like the perfect day for running, until we started running! We quickly realized that it was really MUGGY – all the more reason to fuel up at the water stops. The Red Group went out with 6 people – welcome group newcomers Prasad & Paul. We went out to the phone “booth” for a 10 mile run. We pushed a 9 minute pace going out, and coming back, the “fast kids”, Nancy, Greg, Paul & Prasad were able to keep that pace up. Dave and I settled for a more leisurely 9:30 – for various reasons, we’re both coming off of a few months of low running activity, and we’re just getting our legs back. We’ve learned over the last few weeks not to try to keep up with any of the runners in our group – run what you can! Later, over a GREAT potluck, we agreed to try to go out at the slower (9:30/9:30) pace, and, coming back, those who can, pick it up closer to 9:00. This is important during the marathon – it helps ensure that you don’t go out too fast and burn out on Kahala (thousand of runners do), and it teaches us to run negative splits. This is the time to make mistakes, so we have time to correct them. Keep up the good work, folks – we’re doing great!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

Today was a good day for illustrating all the kinds of conditions runners loathe! We had vog, rain, wet feet, lots of humidity, and some heat to go with it. Great!

The Pinks were a small group today: Danny, John, Bill, Hao, Toshi, and latterly Nick (who slept in, sensible guy!) ran 10 miles , but I decided to walk after 8 miles because my new shoes (and possibly yesterday’s 10K Pineapple Run) were a little troublesome. The rest of the gang ran back to the barn lickety-split because today was the Picnic! The weather held (miraculously, demonstrating the good karma of those who come out No Matter What!) Excellent picnic, as always! I started with dessert first since I was buying a new logo shirt at the time and the sweets were just there…

Our Pink running pace should be 9:45 but we do run faster on these short runs, about 9:20 on average. Expect this to drop as the distances increase. Our Sunday goal is just to put the time in, run long, and keep a conversational pace (and enjoy each other’s company). We can do speedwork or hills on the other training days during the week.

Mileage this month should be approaching 30 miles/week, especially if you are intending to run a marathon before the Honolulu. For those who want to run the Hibiscus Half Marathon on June 6th, 10 Sunday miles at a good pace is enough, but experienced runners may want to go for 12 miles on the long Sunday run. The Pinks will probably do this for the last two weeks of May, but you don’t have to do this if you are not intending to do the Hibiscus. Remember Dr. Scaff’s rule about racing: you should run 10Xdistance raced before racing again. So, for example, I raced the Pineapple 10K, so I need to log 100 miles before my next race. No problem! On Dr. Scaff’s program. I will easily meet this goal. Hey, and distance running increases speed in shorter runs. It’s quite amazing.

I will not be at the Clinic next week because I’ll be swimming the Mothers’ Day Popoia 1.6 miles round Flat Island. Wish me luck, and Happy Mothers’ Day to all… everyone had a Mom, so let’s all celebrate all moms! Especially Runner Moms!

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

I want to report that the Purple Group went out with 7 runners. Benny, Doug, Lorna, Craig, Roland, Michael and I ran to the Gas Station and back (Erica also ran with us to the gas station). It was a lot cooler than the previous week and there was even a light shower when we were returning on Kahala Avenue. We ran 8.2 miles (Craig did the extra lap so he did about 9 miles) at about a 10:30 pace (not including the water stops). Returning from Diamond Head, everyone seemed to pick up the pace (I think they could smell the delicious food at the park).

Grey Group by Ivie Kumura

MAY is MILITARY APPRECIATION MONTH! Thank you to all you servicemen and women (spouses and families)! Your service, commitment, character, lend us a role model to all of us “in-training” – striving for something ‘larger than ourselves’. Military folks in the GREY group: Max, Louie, Andy, Robert, Christine, and Michelle. 18 runners on picnic Sunday, trained in “all-weather” conditions. We did our 1st 10 miler experiencing HUMIDITY, RAIN, and HEAT at various spots of our course. Staffers: Andy (pacer), Max, Norm, Lilia and Ivie, Louie and Nellie, along with Rob, Robert, Miles, Christine, Michelle, Jim (traffic controller), Sachi, Jae, Emma, Andy (newcomer) and Ujjal.

10 miles of fun; for some of us, our first 10 miler, ever! We practiced our RTS. Thank you Robert for keeping us focused, keeping it simple.

Here’s how Robert helps us remember:

  • Relaxed – remember your breathing, slow and steady if you are starting to tire, don’t panic. Don’t tense-up.
  • Tall – run relaxed, but remember ‘form’, pinching that “dime.”
  • Silent – pay attention to the sound of your feet, sounds of freedom running, not labored, not “dragging.”

Norm‘s tip on HUMIDITY – Our body will automatically increase its heart-rate, and vasodilators to try to “cool ourselves” off. There is a quicker time to ‘perceived’ or real exhaustion, so, pacing is important, don’t go out too fast, and HYDRATE.

Dr. Scaff’s talk on WEIGHT – now is the time to lose our weight. Christine calls this our “holiday fluff.” Let’s get ourselves in SHAPE to run TALL and in FORM. This is another insurance to avoid injuries. Weight-loss to shave off those minutes, to make it, sub-5 hours, it’ll count! Weight loss, smart though, should be no faster than 1 to 1.5 pounds a week, through September. Thank you to staffers who gave up their run to help with the picnic – Dwight-server and Paris-“cooler” provider. We missed you.


May 2nd – 10 miles Kalanianaole Highway to telephone booth (yes, these still exists, though we need to squeeze ‘quarters’) (pace 11:00 to 11:30) ACTUAL: about 10:50 and 11:45 including water stops May 9th – 8 miles, due to Mother’s Day, many have luncheons to attend (pace: 10:30 to 10:45) – Andy (pacer) and Jim (Garmin wearer) will not be here, calling out for assistance, ‘pacers’! May 16th – 10 miles (pace: 10:45 to 11:15) May 23rd – 10.5 miles including Kahala Avenue (pace: 11:00 to 11:30)

White Group by Blair Hoashi and Sam Usman

Staff leaders Alberto and Guru Sam took a group of over 30 runners out to do their first 8 miler! Everyone returned in good spirits and hungry! Congrats to all of you!

As mentioned, we continue our 8 mile training runs for the rest of May, then progress on to 10 miles in June.

Sam’s comments

Rain! I got called by several runners before the clinic asking, “Are we running”?

Of course and all of them showed up. There were 33 runners with us today! Alberto, Maria, Emma ran away with Ivie’s Grey group part of the way, but 29 newbies remained. I cannot remember all their names, but friends Joyce and Nadia were my motivators. Nadia now replaces last year’s Horatio (Max); she did a Brazilian samba dance with Alberto on the way up to Diamond Head; she is now a committed member and joins Joyce as a being hooked on running and the clinic. We ended with 31 (found two more runners at the end).

Single file was the name of the game today. Alberto made sure we were all on single file; he is worried about getting demoted, me too; missed you bro, as we had no tail.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The rain held up for the most part as 21 runners headed out on our third 8-mile trek. We stopped at the memorial which names Operation Red Wings Medal of Honor Park, formerly Fort Ruger Park and often referred to as Triangle Park. The park is dedicated to Lt Michael Murphy a Pearl Harbor Navy Seal who with 18 others lost their lives in Afghanistan during an operation to capture a senior Taliban commander. Anite said Lt Murphy’s fiancé worked at Campbell High School and they were planning to be married. Regarding parks, our turn around points will be the parks along Kalanianaole Highway, namely Wailupe Park just before Aina Haina which will be the 6 mile point and Kawaikui Park at the bottom of Hawaii Loa Ridge which will be the 7 mile point. Our farthest point will be Holy Trinity Church which will mark the 8 mile point. Welcome two newcomers to the group, Sarah and Mana. Continuing on, the group took a drenching of down pour mid way in Kahala heading toward the gas station. For that half mile stretch it was pouring. We experienced soaking wet and heavy shoes, the very thing Dr Scaff mentioned during his talk this morning. What an experience, huh? Andy will be away for a week, so Fiona will lead the group next week. Have fun and stay dry!

Green Group/Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners group covers all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. Today we covered 6 miles out to Kilauea District Park and back. Ray shared his experience with a two-size increase in shoe-size with enough long distance running. Following on Dr. Jack’s points about running burning 25% more calories than walking over the same distance, Ray described his experience with adding some running back into his training, just a minute or so at a time in each ten minute period (also known at the Galloway method). We were joined for the first time this week by friends of Rosie Adam-Terem: son Kaya paced the fastest of us for the entire 6-mile course; and Mom Judy and sister Defene followed at their pace. Thaddeus and Harry took the first group out, followed by Rosemary and Tony, followed by Michelle, Marilyn, Libby and Gail. Luanne and Norm stayed back organizing the first potluck picnic of the season. Midweek homework for May is the same: one hour, for two sessions during the week.

Da Comment Corner

We Run to Eat

By popular request, here’s Sandi Padua’s Banana Bread Recipe:

1 cup butter 2 tsp baking soda 2 cups sugar 1/2 tsp salt 4 eggs 2 cups coarsely mashed bananas 2 and 1/2 cups flour

Preheat oven to 350ºF. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Sift flour with baking soda and salt: Add alternately with bananas to creamed mixture. Pour into a grease 9 X 13 pan. Bake for about 35minutes. Test with a wooden skewer that it comes out clean. Enjoy!

Tip #1: Use the ripest bananas possible. Over-ripe bananas are best, especially if you include some apple bananas.

Tip #2: Taste the batter to make sure there are enough bananas. If the batter taste good, so will the end-product.

Maybe we should do a cookbook fundraiser.

First Bus Run

Our first Bus Run is scheduled for June 27th; it is always a fun event with everyone riding in school buses and chatting up a storm; then, we get dropped off at Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s restaurant) in Hawaii Kai to start our run back to the park. A signup sheet will be posted soon; please sign up as soon as you find out that you will be able to make it – we need to order the appropriate number of buses.

Have a super week!

See you at the water stops,