Blair’s Weekly Update 04-25-10

Doc’s Talk by Bev Major

Dr. Scaff reviewed the natural foot anatomy of the Igorots of the Philippines and last week’s guidance to run RST: relaxed, silently and tall.

He then went on to explain the resiliency of the body and its ability to adapt and modify itself to different conditions. Moderation in exercise is the key to success. Shin splints—the tearing away of muscle tissue from the bone–are the result of overdoing it and a message to back-off, reduce pain, regroup and gradually return to running.

Next week’s before run topic will be weigh; perhaps a good thing because after our run we will have a potluck picnic. Please bring your favorite dish and $1.00. Those 12 and under are free.

Picnic – this Sunday!

Let us taste your latest creation or, share with us your “ole standby broke da mouth” dish! Please come and join in on our potluck Spring Picnic! Soft drinks and chili and rice will be provided by the clinic; a $1 fee is assessed per person. We will have ice chests for food storage while we all go out for our run. The picnic will start after all of the groups have returned from their training runs. This is a great way to get to know more about your fellow runners and eat some great food!!! “We run to eat!”

Table Duty

Thanks to Staffers Sandi, Tony and family. All of the refreshments were terrific but the banana bread was onolicious! Due to popular demand, Sandi is allowing us to post her recipe. Stay tuned!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 12 runners today. We welcome back Lisa and said hello to Frank who is training for the Kona marathon. At the start I went over the need to be properly hydrated, covered with sunscreen, and being injury free. We started our 12 mile run at an average 8:30 pace. Jeff and his Red group were right on our tails up to the 4 mile mark. We picked up the pace to 8:15 heading to the 6 mile mark. At the first park, we discussed the concept of “owning 12 miles”. The group has been running strong, finishing strong, and most important they feel great at the finish. We will bump up to 14 miles the next time we meet.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Sunday was a beautiful day for running – sunny, a few clouds, and a nice steady breeze the whole way! The Red Group went out to the phone booth for a 10 mile run. I’m trying to keep our group (Ted, Greg, & Nancy) closer to a 9:15/9:30 pace, but it’s not working! The first few miles, we were running closer to 9. That went well the first half or so, but coming up Kahala Ave., I just let them jet ahead and “lead from the rear” – I know I can’t run a marathon at anywhere near a 9 minute pace, so I won’t even try to keep up with them! As I said to the Intermediate Group that morning, this is the time to establish a running pace and style, so that both become consistent – we will need them when we get into our long runs.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

We had about a dozen runners this fine morning, with goals to run from 6 to 10 miles. Most of us ran 8 or 9 miles today. The group included staffers Bill, Anita, Holly, Alex, and Rosie and Buzz, Danny, and Hao among others. Our runners have various marathon plans, with some intending to run as soon as June, others in September and October, ahead of the Honolulu Marathon. However, we aim to help all our runners prepare for the December 12th, 5 a.m. fireworks day.

We are aiming to run at an average pace of 9:45/mile, a little slower uphill so we can keep our conversational pace, and faster down. This refers to the actual time spent running, not pausing at the water stops. We are practicing drinking water whenever it is available. Our goal is to run “comfortably long”, and to increase the monthly mileage as Dr. Scaff recommends, up to 18 milers by the end. We are building the base of mileage. In May, we will be doing 10 milers, June 12th, etc. For now, we focus on doing our homework – two additional runs during the week of at least one hour – and having fun running safely. Don’t forget the picnic on May 2nd. Bring a dollar and your pot-luck contribution for some relaxation with your friends post-run.

Purple Group by Nelson Shigano

We started out with 10 runners on a hot day. We try to run at about a 10:30 pace but sometimes we run a little faster (due to some of the strong runners in our group). Some of us did a 9 mile run around the park while some of us like me did a 8 mile run. It is still early so dont try to do to much and risk injury. See you at the picnic next week.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumera

A clear, sunny morning reminded 27 runners, the importance of “HYDRATION” and “HEAT” protection. Our group included volunteers: Lilia, Norm, Max (Horatio), Paris, Andy (awesome pacer, assures weekly goals met!), Dwight and Ivie with “staff” shirts and our unofficial staffers: Louie and Nellie (welcome back, and thank you!) Jim (traffic safety and our Garmin stats), along with Tom, Shin, Mitchel (motivated enough to come without Dad, Jim your son makes us proud, too), Virginia, Michelle, Ujjal, Eric, Miles, Mark (finishing strong)Joe, Lance, Dr.Rob, Robert, Michelle, brave Emma (Sam I-Am, we took good care of Emma), Sachi and Pierre, bringing newcomer Jai (pronounced “Jay,” welcome). Louie and Robert , and Jim led our ‘platoon’ home safely, assuring drivers waited, as we crossed the streets, and as we ran up Kahala, alerting us of dangers, even student drivers! Thank you runners, it helped as you kept to “single file” two way traffic paths.

Next month, we will be picking up another 2 miles for our first 10-miler. Remember “HYDRATION.” Some of us were hit hard this past Sunday. Start hydrating minimally the day before, avoid prolonged sun exposure or a heavy work-out, on Saturday. Here are some tips we shared: 1) HOW MUCH: you are hydrated enough, if your urine is clear at least once a day, minimum hydration without exercise (your weight in pounds divided by 2 equals the number of ounces eg. 160 pounds divided by 2 equals 80 ounces. Since 1 pint = 16 ounces. 80 divided by 16 equals 5 pints/day). Meant to keep it simple, sorry, I’m a pharmacist. During the run, don’t drink so much that your stomach is ‘sloshing’ 2) WHEN During the run, drink at least every 20 minutes (marathon water stops are every 2 to 2.5 miles). Stay ahead of the game, feeling thirsty or dehydrated is not the best time to hydrate. 3) WHAT train with a variety to find out what works for you. Longer distances, over 60 to 90 minutes, just water is not enough, you need electrolytes and carbs (energy) replacement. Hopefully as marathon draws closer, we know the “drink” of the course. It has been “Gatorade” the past 2 marathons, 4) HOW Practice how to carry your drink, hand-held, around the waist, behind your back, up high, down low?. Lance, you were asking for some “examples…” does this mean you WILL run the marathon? YAY!

April 4th – 8 miles to the gas station and back (11 to 11:30 pace) ACTUAL 10:58 pace (12:53 including water stops)
April 11th – 8 miles (10:45 to 11:15 pace) ACTUAL 10:46 pace (12:24 including water stops). We completed our run in 1 hour 42 minutes. April 18th – 8 miles (10:30 to 11:00) ACTUAL 10:31 PACE (12:09 overall). Need to shorten our water stops!
April 25th – 8 to 8.5 miles included Kahala Avenue. (11 to 11:30) ACTUAL 11:00 pace 12:04 including water stops)

May 2nd – 10 miles (11:00 to 11:30 pace) we will be increasing by 2 miles (PICNIC day, “beans” are AFTER the run long, we’ll earn the “refueling” of our gas tank)
May 11th – SUGGESTION: Shall we do 8 miles since it’s Mother’s Day, with shorter stops, GOAL: 11:27 including water stops?
May 18th – 10 miles (10:30 to 11:00 pace)
May 25th – 10.5miles including Kahala Avenue (11 to 11:30 pace)

White Group by Blair Hoashi

33 runners joined Staff leaders Alberto, Guru Sam and I today! “Returning regulars” combined with “new regulars” to create this large group. Leader Alberto, equipped with a Garmin today led the group to a steady 12 min per mile pace over 6 miles. Nice to have Mimi, Anita, Kerwin, Barb, Professor Jing, and Marc back after a short hiatus. Lauren, Mimi’s daughter, who ran with us two weeks ago, went home to NYC and completed the Manhattan Half Marathon in the rain and cold today. Mom must be very proud! Congratulations!!

Also, congrats to Professor Jing’s colleague, Dr. Prasad, who participated in the Big Sur Marathon held in Monterey, CA. today. Great job!

We welcome Nadia, originally from Brazil, to our group for the first time today; Nadia joined her friends Joyce and Guru Sam.

We seem to have a contingent of wonderfully fit and energetic runners with “roots” from all over the world – China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, India, and of course, the U.S. Hawaii and in particular, the Honolulu Marathon Clinic is truly a “melting pot” of all peoples and runners!

Today, we were fortunate to have Tom running with us. Tom, age 74, was training to run his 188th marathon (yes, 188 [not a typo])! He has run marathons all over the world from Katmandu to Paris; when asked which marathon was his most memorable, Tom, states, “the Athens marathon which traveled over the original marathon route made a lasting impression”.

Please remember to do your “homework runs” during the week; our Sunday mileage will be increasing steadily. In fact, this coming Sunday, our group will be moving up to 8 miles. We will continue the 8 milers for the rest of the month – 10, 12, 14 milers coming up quickly!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

26 runners started with the group today as we continued our 8-mile route to the Kahala gas station and back with our 12 to 13 minute a mile pace. We did well. A small group did the 6-mile route building up their mileage slowly. There were a couple of newcomers to the group; Glenn who found the group fit well with his pace and Jake, who after running the marathon in 2007, has returned to try it once more. Some trivia about the recent running of the Boston Marathon…it is the world’s oldest annual marathon event. The first Boston Marathon was held in 1897 at a distance of 24.5 miles with 15 entrants. It was organized by the US Olympic manager the year after the first Olympic marathon. The largest marathon event is the New York marathon with over 100,000 entrants. See you all next week.

Green Group/Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners group covers all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. Today we went beyond four miles for the first time, 5.75 miles out to the 22nd street ball park and back through the neighborhoods by way of Puu Panini. Our Sunday runs will be 6 miles in the month of May, with the same mid-week homework: two days of training, one-hour continuous training each training day; with at least one full day off after each training day. We welcome two first-timers to the clinic today. Tiffany visiting from Los Angeles, who runs regularly with the Nike running club there, found the Clinic through a mention in her Lonely Planetguide book. And, Malu trained regularly in high school, had done races of various distances over the years, and is now ready to take on the Marathon. Welcome to you both.

Da Comment Corner

Congrats to member Rosie Spraker in her latest Boston Marathon endeavor. Great job!!!

Spring Picnic Sunday

Light run,

cool off; “grind judiciously”;

share fellowship.

Have a super week!

See you at the water stops,