Blair’s Weekly Update 04-18-10

Doc’s Talk* by Bev Major

In the absence of Dr. Scaff, Senior Staffer Roger Kobayashi gave the group a valuable mantra: RST.

R stands for relaxed and easy running. S reminds us that silent running is stress less and much easier on our bodies than noisily pounding the pavement. T is for tall and upright running which supports us structurally.

If you have any more questions on this topic, feel free to talk with Roger.

*Bev, an “ole friend” “volunteered” to help us to synopsize some of Doc’s talks. I hope your “twisted arm” doesn’t hurt too much.

Table Duty

Thank you Cliff and Tony for the great food and drink!!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG ran with 7 runners today. We started at a 8:45 average pace to the 4-mile mark. We picked up the pace to 8:30-8:15 going out to the 6 mile mark. We came back in averaging an 8:15 pace. The group is starting to “own 12 miles”. That means our bodies are adapting to a faster pace and we are capable of completing the 12-mile run feeling good enough to turn around at the finish and do it again. If you come back feeling spent, then you ran too hard beyond your body pace. Do not run so hard on Sunday that your week day homework is not more intense and productive. Keep hydrated and injury free.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out Sunday for what was to be a sub-9:30 run. We accomplished that the first mile, running at about a 9:26 pace, but picked it up considerably after that – we were running just a few seconds over 9! Due to persistent back problems, I turned around at the gas station for an 8 mile run – the rest of the group (Greg, Andrew, Nancy & Ted) went out to the phone booth for a ten miler. When they came back, I asked Greg what their pace was – he told me they sped it up even more, coming close to 8:30 at times. We can all run that for shorter runs, but I don’t think any of us can run a whole marathon at that pace, so our goal is to find a consistent pace, ideally around 9:15/9:20 – otherwise, most of us will end up doing a lot of walking in December. This is our training period now, not only for endurance, but for pace, so that’s what we have to work on now.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumera

GREY GROUP – goal sub 5-hour marathon finish (with the joy of pain-free victory)

22 to 26 GREY runners (I goofed on the count), led by staff: Paris, Max (Horatio), Andy, Lilia, Norm, Dwight, and Ivie ran our 3rd 8 miler. In true form were: Pierre, Sachi, Miles, Tom, Christine, Jesse, Joe, Lance, Shin, Jim (thanks for keeping us safe), Jim and Mitchell (father and son), Dr. Rob, and Laura (my buddy!). Newbies to the GREY group this week were: Robert (former marine!) and Eric (previous marathoner who finished the marathon despite a longest run of 10 miles!). Welcome! I know I missed some of you, my apologies. Hat’s off to our US armed forces! Thank you for your service. We have representation from all branches: Max (Army), Andy and Mickey (Navy, was Mickey in the WHITE or PURPLE group this week?) and Robert (Marines). My father was a 100th battalion WWII veteran. 1000 soldiers, only 100 returning soldiers. Well, their mottos were the “Purple Heart Battalion” or “Go for Broke.” Not so, for the GREY group, we are not training to go to war, but running for true personal victory / fitness! Remember: we are going for “duration” we will be running until we are 80 years old. Thank you Roger for your talk! RTS (relaxation, tall, silent) let’s work on our basic training. Train smart, avoiding casualties.

All of your tips for success and learning from mistakes are truly inspiring. Be inspired for your weekly “homework” runs. You have recharged my batteries for my week back at work and duties. Hope the clinic does the same for you. Christine had a great example of getting in more time/miles in our busy schedule. She ran to the Running Room, for the Shoe Talk a supposedly “short-run” day. She got in an extra 2 miles that morning! Tip: incorporate your runs to your destination, find time, running courses by being resourcefully innovative!

Andy: practice/ experiment with your sports drink / gels/ during our runs, to find the right one for you.

Reminder: though we are running at “talking pace,” we need to run “single file” for our safety and to be respectful to our community using the paths. Tip: as we run “single file” let’s listen to see (hear) if our feet are “silent.” Be respectful of all runners in our group, as we all want to be able to run at the right pace, so do not “bunch-up.”

APRIL’s Schedule:

April 4th – 8 miles to the gas station and back (11 to 11:30 pace) since we moved up 2 more miles!l ACTUAL 10:58 pace (12:53 including water stops)

April 11th – 8 miles, we tried to run a little faster (10:45 to 11:15 pace) ACTUAL 10:46 pace (12:24 including water stops). We completed our run in 1 hour 42 minutes. thank you Andy for the Garmin “stats!”

April 18th – 8 miles, what again? (10:30 to 11:00) We did it! ACTUAL 10:31 PACE (12:09 overall). Need to shorten our water stops!

April 25th – 8 to 8.5 miles, taking Kahala Avenue. We will run at a slower pace, back to 11 to 11:30. (During this run, we will plan our May schedule.)

White Group by Blair Hoashi

20 runners joined staff leaders Guru Sam, Annette, and myself on our 6-mile journey. We missed our usual leader Alberto but got support from regulars, Laura, Maria, Byron and Bev. We had a running pace of between 12 – 12:30 minutes per mile and had frequent water stops to make sure that everyone was well hydrated and could catch their breath. I got to talk with a few of the newer group members like Andy and Rebecca, siblings who are training for their first marathon. I also got to chat with Lea, also a first time marathoner who joined the group to continue her fitness regime after the Great Aloha run. Guru Sam was instrumental in her joining the HMC. She mentioned how much she looks forward to her Sunday run with the group! Another Sam recruit was energetic and vibrant Joyce. Joyce, a realtor, thought it was a great way to start off her work day (Sundays are open house days). It was Joyce’s first day with us and we hope she will become a regular member! Alfredo joined us for the second time – he was “hooked in” to the clinic by Carlos, our T-shirt specialist and Alberto. 6′ 7″ Dave, Bev’s friend, who DID play basketball and is a Viet Nam vet, is also running his first marathon. New member Cliff introduced himself to me and mentioned that he had joined the clinic because of group member Liz, who had set an example for him to emulate. Liz had a fantastic first marathon last year and Cliff, a former “couch potato”, wants to do the same! I also met Satsuma, Linda, and Neil.

Great people, having fun and getting in better shape – this is the essence of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

It was a good run with heavy overcast skies. At least there was no rain as 23 runners headed out with the group. Welcome newcomers to the group; Richard, Sandra, Lisa, and Marlin. We continued discussion on Roger Kobayashi’s running style talk. Some suggestions of keeping your hands and arms loose are shaking your hands, clenching and opening your palms to stretch them, raising your arms above your head to let the blood flow down to reduce swelling. For your neck muscles, vary the distance of your sight. Look in the distance in front of you and sometimes look at near objects. Enjoy the scenery and admire the houses as you go by. This will keep your neck muscles loose instead of the same position throughout the race. The group was eager to up the Sunday mileage another 2 miles to 8 since we’ve been running 6 miles the last 5 weeks, so the group decided to head on to the Kahala gas station. The group did well today. The extra two miles were no problem. Keep up the good work.

Green Group (Beginner’s Group) by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners group covers all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. Our volunteers include (in usual pace order): Thaddeus (and Mom Sandra and Dad Tony), followed by Pam, Ro and Harry; Michelle; Gail F. and Marilyn; Libby; and Luanne. We repeated the 4+ miles distance (4.2 miles), up over Diamond Head to “Triangle Park” (Operation Red Wing Memorial Medal of Honor Park) and back. Mid-week homework: two days of training, one-hour continuous training each training day; with at least one full day off after each training day. The three training sessions are for the heart (endurance); the days off are for the joints (recover and strengthen). Our “My Marathon” story of the week comes from Chris, who is returning to training for his first marathon, having started with us two years ago. He and his wife, Christine, came out to the clinic, having learned of the clinic from staffers Annette and Don. Christine finished, but Chris was grounded by a foot injury (unrelated to over-training, but too painful to mention here. Ouch!) Chris is has held onto his marathon goal, and is further motivated by some medical findings which his doctor translated into “Change your lifestyle, or go on medication, or die young.” We are delighted to have you out with us, Chris.

Lisa is looking for any who would like to train on Sunday with her using the run / walk method (8 or 9 minutes run / 1 minute walk / and repeat). She runs at around a 10:45 minute per mile pace. Rosemary (Ro) Kyte will pass on Lisa’s email to any who would like to form a such a run/walk pace group (email:

Da Comment Corner

Upcoming Events

May Picnic
This is a great way to get to know your fellow runners and eat some great food. After a short run, what better way to wind down then through great fellowship and delicious treats!!

Three Bus Runs
Ever imagine getting bused (like school kids) to Makapuu Point (just above Sea Life Park), then running along the beautiful Eastern coastline and back to Kapiolani Park (about 15 miles) with a “totally wild and extremely fit group of running maniacs?” Or, how about running an 8 miler, from Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s, Hawaii Kai) along the actual marathon route, back to the clinic start? There will be three Bus Runs spaced about a month apart starting in the summer (June or July). Please stay tuned!

Have a great running week; please take it easy and see you all on Sunday!!

See you at the water stops,