Blair’s Weekly Update 04-11-10

Doc’s Talk

Doc spoke about the “folks” who have the perfect feet for running – no not Peter or Norm or Rosemary or even Guru Sam. According to Doc, the Igorots of the Philippines possess this rare peculiarity. The Igorots live in a very remote village “untouched by civilization”. Shoes seem to be the “culprit” for our foot and leg problems.

Shoe Talk

50+ runners attended a most informative talk about shoes by Running Room store assistant manager, Gaston. Gaston, who ran a 3:10 marathon last year, spoke eloquently about the different shoe styles that accomodate the various “footstrikes” of runners.  Since the audience was comprised of Intermediate and Advanced runners, he answered a question about “racing flats”, shoes used for races while keeping another pair for training as well –  apparently, a very popular trend for more “serious” runners. Another interesting question regarding “cross dressing” (mainly for fit and comfort) was answered most diplomatically by Gaston – he has sold “flowery” women’s shorts to men and men’s shoes, shorts and shirts are very much in demand by women clients. All attendees received a very special offer on shoes from the Running Room but, “you had to be there” to receive the offer.

Table Duty

Much mahalo to staff leader and Boston Marathon veteran Kozo, for manning the table today. As usual, your refreshments were generous and delicious.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 8 runners on a beautiful running day. Welcome back Donis from her two week vacation to Spain. Lucas, the hard running dentist also came back this week. He has two more months here so we will be seeing him again. Remember what I said about speed comes naturally, today was an example. We have been running 12 miles since the clinic started. We start off at about a 8:45-8:30 pace. I make sure everyone is comfortable and able to carryon a conversation. As we are talking we find ourselves running faster without realizing it. Slipping into 8:30-8:15 pace came easy. I made sure the group stayed hydrated cuz we really work up a sweat. Coming back in we averaged an 8:00 pace and some of us ran the last mile sub 7:00 pace! Like I said it was a great day for running!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

Our group had some visitors from the speedy Reds today, which may account for our somewhat faster than intended pace. We probably ended up averaging our intended 9:45 pace but there were times when we were doing 9’s or faster (downhill, of course!)

Some of our members who are just returning to running for the year or who are coming back from injuries, wisely chose to do fewer miles, while the fleet and fit went on to do 8 miles. It is important that we listen to our bodies and slow down, take it easy, rest up or not even run at times to insure a happy marathon preparation. Everyone seemed to do a great job of this today.

Alex made a snazzy suggestion: that our pace groups might try to identify themselves by color, making it easier for new clinic members to know which group is which. Alex thought that the Pinks could all wear pink hats, for example. I’m going to go and look for one!

Next week Amanda, Holly, and Rosie will probably not be able to run with the clinic. Look for Nick, Lisa and Alex as some of our staff volunteers next week.

Happy miles!

Grey Group by Ivie Kumera

23 committed marathoners in-training turned out for another beautiful day to do our 8-miler. Staffers appreciated: Paris, Max (aka Horatio), Andy, Lilia, Norm, Dwight, and myself. Returnees, Jim (too tall Jim), Jim (the Floridian), Barbara (welcome back from last year) are still so fit!, Christine, Sachi (who had a great running day), Pierre, Miles, Tom (also had a good day), and Dennis (my husband, who’s goal time this year is ‘to beat his wife”).  This means that besides finishing in less than 5 hours, I have a 2nd goal, “don’t let my husband beat me!” The pressure is on!  Welcome to the newbies to the GREY group this week: Regina, Shin, Jesse, Joe, and Lance, and Bailey (Barbara’s 12 year old daughter, a cross country and 1500 meter runner for Pac-5).  And, hat’s off to our other student, Mitchell, (16 years old, who instead of sleeping in, is starting his Sunday by running 8 miles; hopefully this is the start of a lifetime commitment to running!) Our parents who bring their children great role models!  Please forgive us for missing anyone!

Some runners left early to attend the Shoe Talk at the Running Room. Having the right pair of shoes is very important for running the marathon.

Jim claims he had a tough start, but said he felt better at 3 miles and stated at 5 miles he should feel much better.  He met his wife at mile five and ran in with her – he was then at his best!  As we are working up in our miles during the week, some exercise time to ‘strength train’ your “core muscles” (back and abdominals) is important for your posture and endurance; lunges and “hill-training” are good for strengthening our legs. Hills are Barb’s favorite part of training!  Alberto did a personal best marathon 2009, by training up Tantalus!

APRIL’s Schedule:
April 4th – 8 miles to the gas station and back (11 to 11:30 pace) since we moved up 2 more miles!l ACTUAL 10:58 pace (12:53 including water stops)
April 11th – 8 miles, we tried to run a little faster (10:45 to 11:15 pace) ACTUAL 10:46 pace (12:24 including water stops). We completed our run in 1 hour 42 minutes. Thank you Andy for the Garmin ‘stats!’
April 18th – 8 miles, what again? (10:30 to 11:00) can we do it? then
April 25th – 8 to 8.5 miles, taking Kahala Avenue. (During this run, we will plan our May schedule.)

White Group by Blair Hoashi

A large group of runners (28 altogether) joined staff leaders Alberto and Blair for the group’s Sunday run. Guru Sam, nursing a bad back, decided to run/walk with the Beginners. I noticed many new runners in the group today – possibly runners moving up from the Blue and Beginning groups. Of course we had our regulars – Maria, Violet, Byron, Anita (yes, Anita, you are now a regular with our group), Mimi, (whose daughter, Lauren from New York City, joined us today), Bev, Dave,  and Lea. Veteran Liz rejoined our group after missing a few weeks due to injury. Welcome back! Since the shoe talk was scheduled today, I led half of the group back after our run around Triangle Park (roughly 4 miles). Alberto led the other half to do our scheduled six mile run. Guru Sam met up with us and ran back with the “shoe talk’ group from Diamond Head. We practiced “Zen” running (breathing through one’s nose, no talking or touching or scratching) for the last quarter of a mile. Someone mentioned that it felt like breathing through a straw but everyone managed to finish full of vigor and ready for the shoe talk.

We continue our 6 mile runs for the rest of the month. Please make sure to do your “homework runs” during the week. These runs are the foundations for longer runs coming up quickly.

Green Group/Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

Our Beginners group covers all walking and running speeds up to about a 13-minute mile. We welcome the return of Norm Uyeda, back from travel and recovering from travel, and soon to travel again. Norm is the Beginners Group leader from last year and Chair of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic Executive Committee. We also had with us today (in sort-of pace order): Ro and Harry, Thaddeus (and Mom Sandra and Dad Tony), Michelle, Gail F., Bob and Libby, Marilyn and Luanne. We kept the same 4+ miles distance (4.3 miles), but we ventured out of the Park for the first time, up over Diamond Head to “Triangle Park” (Operation Red Wing Memorial Medal of Honor Park) and back. It was a great exercise in talk test pacing. No worries to any who were unable to run the entire hill their first time; our returning clinic veterans tell me you’ll have your pacing down before you know it. Sam-I-Am was a guest staffer with our group today; and reported at least 32 runners in the first wave of our group; all looking good in single-file coming to the first water stop at the top of Diamond Head. Our “My Marathon” story of the week comes from Julianna, who is training this year to *run* the Marathon, having *only walked* one before. Great job, Julianna; glad to have you with us. Mid-week homework: two days of training, one-hour continuous training each training day; with at least one full day off after each training day. The three training sessions are for the heart (endurance); the days off are for the joints (recover and strengthen).

Da Comment Corner

The Power of Running
Remember when a 3 or 4 mile run was a huge ordeal? Now, for most of us, that distance is considered a very short run.

No Pajamas
Violet and Joe are running at 6:00 a.m. from the clinic meeeting place @ Kapiolani Park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings; interested runners can just show up at 6 a.m.

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,