Blair’s Weekly Update 04-04-10

Shoe Talk April 11th

Second shoe talk is scheduled fort this coming Sunday; geared for Intermediate and Advanced runners but everyone welcome to attend. Group leaders, please schedule your runs accordingly; perhaps only a 4 – 5 mile run. The talks start promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Table Duty

Thanks to “walking marathoners” Luanne and Susan for covering the table today. Everyone should get some insight from them about walking the marathon.

Luanne mentions that by the time they get toward the latter part of the marathon, the water stations are already shut down and water and Gatorade cups are just laid out on the road; and, very few spectators to cheer them on.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 8 runners today including a guest visitor. His name is Lucas, from Seattle, 33 year old dentist, 3:44 marathon PR. We miss Donis who is vacationing in Spain. The group did a 8:45-8:30 pace to the 6 mile mark. We worked on our conversational pacing, form, and running relaxed. Running relaxed takes practice and constant monitoring of your body in motion. Remember, symmetry and efficiency of movement. Jeff Oh felt the benefit of a good nights rest. He lead the group back at 8:10-8:00 pace! When you are running well and relaxed, speed just comes naturally. Stay hydrated and healthy!!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group (Jeff, Dave, Nancy & Rachun) went out to the gas station & back for an “easy” 8-mile run on Sunday. The chilly weather/rain made for a nice run – it only warmed up near the end. We averaged around a 9:15 pace most of the way – Rachun & I lagged the last couple of miles, while Dave & Nancy sped all the way back to the park. The two most important things now are getting our pacing down, and working on taking less time at the water stops – & if you get the pacing right, you shouldn’t have to “rest” at the stops! It looks like the wet weather will be with us for at least a little longer, so be extra careful while running, during the week or on Sundays – it’s easy to slip and fall on any wet surface. The Red Group will probably continue to do 8 miles through April, maybe even through May, but in June it’ll be time to start adding a couple of miles to our Sunday runs.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumera

GREY GROUP – goal sub 5-hour marathon finish

18 determined runners, seeing the rain from their windows, feeling the wind when they opened their doors, still made it out this past Sunday! REWARD a beautiful morning for a 11 minute/mile run. Staffers Paris, Max (Horatio), Lilia, Norm, Andy and myself, ran with our group Jim and son Mitchell (Iolani sophomore), Negumi (1st time marathoner!), Pierre, Sachi, Donna and Rob (ran the Tokyo Marathon in February!), Miles, Jim (air-traffic controller, and ‘pacer’), Ryan (welcome back! Maryknoll is it a junior?), Christine (daughter, Shelby also an Iolani sophomore, joined Andy’s group, welcome!), and Tom (our man!). Please forgive me if I missed anyone! What are we working on? AEROBIC pacing per Dr.Schaff, “talk” pace. And we have a lot to talk and share about as we run, so we need to run at this pace. Let’s continue to learn from each other. We are pushing out our “lactic acid threshold” that distance/pace that we have the “side pain,” or “fatigue,” or “crash.” Our goal to run at 70% to 80% of our lactic acid threshold. Advanced runners run at 90%. Those who have never run, or out ‘out of condition’, at 30%. We’ve got a lot of weeks, to do this build our “base.” We will find our most “efficient” and “economic” pace, when we are running in our “zone” and experience the “runner’s high!”

Rob’s share Qualifying time for an 80 year old male for the Boston Marathon is 5 hours. Les the GREY group males will meet you at the Boston when they reach 80 years of age! (I am not sure what age for qualifying for females, but females in the GREY group will continue to train until the qualifying age for females for the Boston, of 5 hours).

APRIL’s Schedule:
April 4th – 8 miles to the gas station and back (11 to 11:30 pace) since we moved up 2 more miles!l ACTUAL 10:58 pace (12:53 including water stops)
April 11th – 8 miles, we will try to run a little faster (10:45 to 11:15 pace)
April 18th – 8 miles, what again? (10:30 to 11:00) can we do it? then
April 25th – 8 to 8.5 miles, taking Kahala Avenue.

Congratulations to Horatio (Max) and Negumi who finished the 10K Ford Island Run on Saturday, April 3rd, and STILL made it to our Sunday run!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

Twenty two runners were with us today – staffers Alberto, Guru Sam, Annette, Dean and Blair led the energetic runners. The group did a 6-mile run that went up and around Diamond Head, through the Kahala residences, back to Triangle Park, then returned to our starting point.“ Regulars” Emma, Marc, Laura, Ryan, and Maria, helped lead newcomers Mimi, Anita, who brought new recruits Kerwin and also her daughter, Richard, Ethan, Lee, Professor Jing, Thomas, and others on this longer trek. We continue our 6-milers for the next few weeks; although, some of us will cut our run short next week because of the shoe talk – probably 4 miles. Please remember the “homework runs” during the weekday.

Also, thank you for doing such a great job of running in single file today. Let’s continue the good work!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

It was quite a group for an Easter Sunday run. We had 20 runners today, with seven newcomers joining the group for the first time. Welcome to the Blue Group. Our pace is about 12 to 12.5 minutes a mile. Today we talked about exercising as a group. That is the best way to commit to an exercise program as one tends to show up regularly as the group counts on you to be there to participate. Our Sunday runs will follow the marathon route from Kapiolani Park, through Kahala, and on to Kalanianaole Highway. The route back to Kapiolani Park we will deviate going along Kilauea Avenue to Elepaio Street as the actual marathon route down Kealaolu Avenue and on to Kahala Avenue does not have any sidewalks.

We will do Kahala Avenue only on the bus runs which will be about three times. As part of our training, this helps us to be very familiar with the marathon route. We know what to expect as we finish the marathon, as we l be doing the course many times during training. I be away next week, and we l have Anite and Bob lead the group. It will be a short 4-miler so everyone can attend the shoe talk.

Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

(AKA the Green Group)

Our large Beginners group covers all walking speeds and running paces up to about a 13-minute mile. We rely on the dedicated support of our staff; which list includes (in sort-of pace order) Pam, Thad (and his Mom, andra), Harry, Ro, Michelle, Gail F., Gail, Marilyn, Stephen Zane, Bob and Libby, Cliff d Luanne. Luanne was on table duty today. Luanne and Stephen Zane also serve on the Clinic Executive Committee; Steve Zane notably manages the table duty schedule. Thanks for keeping us track, Steve. Today we went two big laps around the Park for 4.5 miles. We talked about tips for drying wet shoes (stuff with balled up newspaper); heart- rate (the 3Hs – hills, heat, and hydration), your Talk Test is you on- board heart-rate monitor; and “My Marathon Story”. Tori is doing the Marathon because it is on her “bucket list” and she dragged along her friend Cindy. Cindy, too, seems to have a lot of friends who have done a marathon, to include her husband. Jane is on the ten-year plan, having done her first marathon in the year 2000, and plans her second in 2010. Since her 2000 marathon was with little or no training, other than paddling, she is confident of a personal best for her 2010 marathon. Mid-week homework two, one-hour sessions; with a day off after each training day. April is the month to think ahead to May, where the mid-week homework distance will be *miles* more than just one hour – six miles. So, for the 3 mile per hour walkers among us, we may wish to extend the mid-week one hour sessions out to 1.5 hours to prepare for the coming months.

Da Comment Corner

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20% discount on running shoes at the shoe talk at the Running Room this coming Sunday.

Apologies to Jake, for mistakenly calling him Kainoa in a previous update.

Have a fantastic week!!

See you at the water stops,