Blair’s Weekly Update 03-28-10

Doc’s Talk

Doc elaborated in detail on the reasoning for the clinic’s mantra of running for one hour each time on our “homework” run and on Sunday.

The shoe talk was held today at the Running Room. I am sure all attendees learned a great deal from Gaston and his crew. The next talk is scheduled for April 11th at 9:00 a.m. Group leaders, please schedule your runs accordingly. Thanks!

Table Duty

Special mahalos to the staff leaders who manned the table the last two weeks – Shoko, Lynn and Harry last week and newlyweds Marilyn and Wayne today. The drinks and treats were delicious! Thank you Marilyn for the homemade cookies! Yummy!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 10 runners today for another 12 mile run. Again, the importance of pacing was emphasized. We ran out to the 6 mile turnaround averaging a 8:45 pace. I talked about the need to run symmetrically making sure both halves of your body is contributing equally to the run. Favoring one side will wear down that side when running long distance. I talked about Dr. Scaff’s body check method utilizing the Green, Yellow, and Red lite indicators. As you are running and keeping check of your form, do a periodic check of your body condition from the head down to your toes. If the body part is OK, give it the green light to continue. If something is not right ie. feeling a little dizzy, stiff, or sore, than slow down with caution at the yellow lite. Be prepared to stop if the condition goes bad, RED LITE!!! The weather is going to get warmer so I insure I have enough salt in my system by consuming a little more salt in my diet. Be careful here, I you have a high blood pressure problem too much salt will spike the problem. Salt intake is an individual thing you have to work out for yourselves and if needed, a consult with your doctor. Remember, run symmetrically, run efficiently, run with economy of motion, run quietly, and run relaxed

Purple Group by Micheal Zhang

We ran 8 miles at about a 10:20 pace. We had about 15 people and I think we pushed little too hard, but we are all ok. See everyone next week.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumera

14 of us did our 6 mile run, around Kaimuki Intermediate School, and turning on Puu Panini Street. Our staffers for today were: Andy, Dwight, Norm, Lilia, Paris and myself. Missed you, Horatio! Great to see our returnees, and our ‘newbies, not using the term of the ‘oldies. We will try to keep to what we say we will do, distance and pacing, so that those of you who are still finding the right group to join, will know what our group is doing. Thank you to our pacers/ timers/ Andy and Jim (our on-time, air traffic controller). Our goal for the GREY group, keep to our PACE (Garmin wearers are helping!), assure hydration (but shorter water stop breaks) and avoiding injuries! Today’s message by Andy, ‘listen’ to your body.” Your own training may vary from Sunday to Sunday, but the GREYs will try to be consistent. You may move up a group, or break off from our group, depending on how you feel that day. Homework: 2 more 1 hour runs to make three 1 hour runs in a week. We are training into that magic ‘fat burning’ time! All of you were GREAT!

APRIL’s Schedule:
April 4th – 8 miles to the gas station and back (11 to 11:30 pace) since we are moving up 2 more miles in April
April 11th – 8 miles, we will try to run a little faster (10:45 to 11:15 pace)
April 18th – 8 miles, what again? (10:30 to 11:00) can we do it? then
April 25th – 8 to 8.5 miles, taking Kahala Avenue

White Group by Blair Hoashi

26 members started off under the leadership of Alberto, Guru Sam, Kiwi transplants Don, Annette, and Blair. Many of last week’s “newbies” returned (a good sign) and many newcomers joined our group for the first time today. The group did a scheduled run around at Triangle Park then added a loop around the park to finish off at about 5.5 miles. It was good to see Mimi, Anita, Andrew, Jin, Dave, Bev and other “newbies” return for another week with the group. As mentioned, there were “new newbies” like Jeff, Rachel, etc. who were accompanied by regulars, Emma, Violet, and Marc. We will step it up a notch by doing a 6 miler next week. Our route will be around Diamond Head, through the Kahala suburbs, then back to the park. We will continue at this mileage for the month of April; we will add the always “fun” and challenging Kahala Ave. stretch to our last Sunday run of the month.

I was reminded again by a concerned runner that we make sure that we are running in single file up and around Diamond Head. I know that it’s fun to talk to your fellow runners about the latest episode of Project Runway or the Millionaire Matchmaker or, to engage in some “serious discourse” about President Obama’s Healthcare reform, but we need to make sure that we are giving oncoming runners some room to maneuver as well. As I always state, they pay their taxes as well. The group leaders have been instructed to enforce this rule very vigorously so please be aware of this.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group had a pleasant run of 6 miles with 24 runners. Welcome to a hand full of new runners to our group. At Triangle Park we talked about running gear. What you wear during your training runs would be essentially what you would wear during the marathon. During the marathon, you don’t want to try something you haven’t done before. Cap, sunglasses, tech shirt/top, nylon shorts, socks (a variety that wicks perspiration and prevents blisters), and shoes. This was our third 6-miler and we want to be comfortable with this and our 12 to 12-1/2 minute per mile pace before upping it to 8-miles. Our runs have a water stop about every mile. Drink plenty of water and we’ll see you at the water stops.

Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

We took one long lap (added the Zoo block) for just over two miles; finishing early to get to the Shoe Clinic at the Running Room. A few intrepid trainers walked or ran the 1.25 miles to and from the Running Room, making for a four-mile total workout. About 40 clinic members attended the shoe talk; those signing in on the attendance sheet are entitled to two 20% shoe discount opportunities for the year. In addition to hearing about “biomechanics” of feet and shoes, Gaston also spoke about clothing, nutrition, and calf-stretches for plantar fasciitis. Thank you to the Running Room for your support of our clinic.

Da Comment Corner

Running partners

Professors Prasad and Jing are looking for runners who would like to join them in their weekday runs; they start at the very end of University Ave., next to the Ala Wai Canal @ 6:30 p.m. on weekdays. Pace – around 9 min. per mile. Please contact the Running Profs @ if interested.


Have a great week; see you at the water stops,