Blair’s Weekly Update 03-21-10

Doc’s Talk

Doc divulged the clinic’s “secret” to finishing the marathon – two “homework” runs, one hour each time, then a long, fun run on Sunday! Why one hour? Doc states that after 40 minutes of running, we start to deplete our carbohydrate stores and rely on the burning of fat for energy. So, we need to get our body “accustomed” to running on “fat burning body fuel” (not the most efficient source of fuel). Since the marathon is a very loooong and arduous run, we will naturally have to rely on all sources to generate energy.

First shoe Talk on March 28th

The talk starts promptly at 900a.m. so we need to cut our runs short on Sunday – perhaps finish by 830. Mainly for beginners but it is for anyone who can make it; Intermediate and Advanced sessions on April 11 at 900 am. Usually a 20% discount offered on shoes on day of the talk. For first time marathoners, attendance is a must!

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group lost a couple of members this week (they dropped down to a slower pace), and gained 3 – welcome newcomers Nancy, Andrew and Mike. We went out Sunday for a 6-8 mile run – for the first few miles we kept a pretty steady 930 pace, but it picked up to a 915 after that! I turned around at the 3 mile point – I’m still struggling with some persistent back pains – the rest of the group went out to the gas station for an 8 mile run. As I mentioned to the Intermediate Group on Sunday, we will slowly (2 miles a month) be adding distance to our Sunday runs – this is the time to (1) build up endurance for those longer runs, and (2) establish a steady pace so that we can last on those longer runs! Keep up the good work – see you all Sunday.

Pink Group by Amanda Corby

The pink group has grown to be quite a large group. Today we started with over twenty runners with a 940 target pace. We took a few minutes to introduce ourselves and learn a bit about our new members. Some of the group wanted to do 6 and some wanted to do 8, so we decided to run the usual route together and half of the group would head back for a total of 6 miles lead by Roland and his darling duo in the doublewide stroller. The rest of the group continued on to the gas station where a few of the old timers decided they wanted to go the extra mile (actually 2) and headed out to the first beach park for a ten mile day. This isn’t something we are encouraging our new members to do, you don’t want you to push yourself too hard and get burnt out. The goal of our Sunday run is to set the pace you want to run the marathon. The few old-timers that continued on for the 10 mile run are already well trained and felt like adding on a few extra miles so good on ya guys for going the extra mile(s)!

Everyone in the group did a great job and looked strong. It feels good to be back! It is already starting to get warmer as the summer sun approaches, so remember to drink water at our water stops and lube up on the SPF before starting out. We missed you Rosie, but we know you are having a great time skiing. Welcome to all of our new pinkies, we are happy to have you! From the looks of your performance on Sunday, you are off to a great start and a strong marathon training season. Don’t forget to do you homework. See you next week!

Grey Group by Horatio Botero

Today the new and supercharged Grey group missed Ivy as she is currently enjoying her family vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Today we had a SAFE and fun run, we started and ended up with 20 runners.
We miss you and Sam but still remember all the words of wisdom.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

A group of over 26 runners were led by Guru Sam, Alberto, and Blair, and ran a mileage that was slightly over our prescribed 5 miles. We promise to stick to our regime next Sunday. We welcomed back Vi, our former staffer who now lives in Maui, high school cross country star, Ryan, Laurie, newcomers Professor Jin, Andrew(from the Blue Group) Masami, social worker Mimi, Anita, Eugene (advanced runner supporting Anita with her first running experience), Dave, Bev, and others.

Youthful and enthusiastic Emma shared her birthday with us today. I hope you had a great day!!! And the always energetic Violet and her friends helped the group finish strong by leading us in military cadence while climbing Diamond Head. A special welcome to Gia who ran with the White Group a few years ago and now returns with husband Michael and baby, Aaron (see Da Comment Corner – the Circle of Life).

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group continued with our 6 mile run with a much more manageable 23 runners; a dramatic drop from last week’s 40+ group. Probably folks adjusting to the pace with the group they feel comfortable with. About a fourth of the group will be first time marathoners. Congratulations on your endeavor, while the majority of the group had one or two marathons under their belt. Many of the first timers had been participants of the Great Aloha Run and are looking for something more challenging. We introduced ourselves at Triangle Park and did a leisurely 12 to 12.5 minute a mile pace. Our marathon goal is to finish within 6 hours. For now, our training should include two other one hour runs during the week with at least a day of rest between runs. Our group did fine running in single file and being aware of others using the sidewalk. Keep up the good work team!

Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

Our beginners repeated their two laps around the Park; finding their talk-test pace and practicing drinking water. Thad paced the lead group, followed by other staff – to name a few Sandra, Michelle, Gail, Cliff, Marilyn, and Bob and Libby. We talked about the plan for the week, specified the need to take a day off from running after each running day in order to let the muscles and joints recover and strengthen.

Da Comment Corner

Circle of Life

As mentioned last week, my 7 year old son, Zachary and his new found friend, Evan, also age 7, participated for the first time with the clinic. Evan, his dad, his grandpa Kula, my wife, Fiona and I are part of the “marathon clinic’s circle of life” and its tradition.

Other examples of this huge circle

Guru Sam’s son, Shazi, occasionally runs with us when not doing schoolwork at Harvard. High schooler Ryan runs with the White Group while mom runs in the Blue Group and dad runs with the Advanced runners. “Ironman” Roeland is always pushing his daughter or both son and daughter in the family stroller. And, we welcome back Gia, now with husband Michael and a beautiful baby boy, Aaron running together as a family. We say “ni hau” to Sal and Hao, back from Beijing, who also run with their beautiful baby at the clinic.

Dr. Scaff, the tradition of the clinic continues, perhaps stronger than ever as the “family circle” of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic gets bigger and bigger!

The iPod and the Airplane

A vacationer jogging on the beach with IPod in ear was killed by a plane trying to make an emergency landing on the beach in South Carolina. Apparently, the runner did not hear the approaching plane and did not get out of its way. (News article provided by Dr. Scaff.)

Have a safe and enjoyable week; remember your “homework” runs.

See you at the water stops,