Blair’s Weekly Update 03-14-10

The always eloquent Dr. Scaff, the always informative Peter, the clinic board and staff members welcomed everyone to the HMC’s 36th season! Nearly 300 participants attended the season’s first meeting which was competing with a Mid Pacific Roadrunners’ 5K race for road access and parking. Congrats to everyone on their perseverance!

We thank Intermediate Blue Group leader Andy H. for the great spread at table duty! The fruits, crackers, pretzels and drinks were delicious!

Special mahalos to Val O. for taking care of our shirt sales – always a tough uneviable job!

Group Reports

To start off our new season, a rainbow of colors had to be used to classify the variety of groups (based on pace) of the Intermediate groups.

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG started off the 2010 season with 17 runners. Most were returnees and we welcomed Kim Burnett (3:48 PR) to the group. The goal of the AG is to run the marathon under 4 hours. Our motto: “Runsub4”! To accomplish this you must run a 9:00/mile pace or faster. You should be running a minimum of 30-35 mile/week at this time. You gotta do your speedwork and hill training during the week. You gotta want this bad enough!

The following was covered with the AG:
Rules of the road: 1) No headsets. 2) Run single file when encountering pedestrians and bikers. 3) Stop for traffic signals. 4) Do not step on utility covers if avoidable. 5) Keep one eye on the running path and one eye ahead. 6) Carry ID and emergency contact info. 7) Follow the Staff Leader.

Pre-run check: 1) You passed the Pee Test. 2) You are properly covered with sunscreen and a cap if you don’t have enough hair protection. 3) You ate a runner’s breakfast. 4) You are not running with pain. Running attire: 1) Correct running shoes. 2) Golden Rule-No Cotton.

Two runners turned at the 4 mile turnaround and the AG rest ran 12 miles at an average pace of 8:30/mile. We talked about the importance of carbohydrate replenishment and proper hydration. Another Golden Rule: Never pass up water. We got back to the park at approximately 10:15 a.m. and found everyone had packed up and gone! Remember, do your weekday runs/workout.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with 6 people today for a 6 mile run – welcome to newcomers Robert & Eric! Our goal was an “easy” 9:30-9:45 pace – we will try to pick that up to a 9:15-9:20 as the weeks go by, but we wanted to start out at a more comfortable pace. Eagerness (and maybe ego;-) being what they are, we quickly found ourselves doing closer to 9:00 – sometimes faster. After 2 miles, Dave, Carl & I decided to slow it down a little, but we still wound up averaging under 9:30. Greg, Robert & Eric took off at Triangle Park, and we didn’t see them again until we were all back at the park. Lesson – start planning the pace you intend to do in 9 months – this is the time to decide what pace is appropriate, and to learn how to stay on that pace. Overall, it was a good run – cool and breezy, and we each pushed ourselves a little.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

It’s a new Marathon Clinic year and our Pink group – so called because we fall between the White and the Red groups – got off to a great start on a wonderful morning. Many of our “old” members were there and we were joined by several new members, which was terrific. Half the group ran 6.7 miles, ending at the Marathon finish line, while the other half returned straight to the barn. Running the home stretch occasionally is really helpful because being familiar with that last half mile allows you to pace a final sprint to the line in the actual Marathon and in several other races during the year as well. Some of us jumped in the ocean after the run to cool down and relax. It is therapeutic too; the cold water shuts down the overheated peripheral circulation helping the blood return to the big muscles where healing recovery takes place.
Our goal pace has been increased by consensus. We used to say that we ran a 10 minute mile, but discovered that actually we were running more like a 9:40. Therefore, in the interests of honesty in advertising, we have declared our new goal pace to be 9:45. This I believe would be a 4 hour 15 minute marathon if there were no walk breaks through the water stands. So maybe a 4 hour 25-30 minute marathon if you like to stroll through and not choke on the Gatorade.

Purple Group by Michael Zhang

We started slowly and only ran 5 miles; we told our group that our goal for the Marathon is 4:30-5 hours. Also when we start running 14 milers, we will start at 6 a.m. from the second beach park.

Grey Group by Ivie Kumera

Grey group Pace 10:30 to 11:30

Due to the HUGE popularity of the WHITE group with Sam the Man, Blair Hoashi, and Alberto we are breaking off a group to start a 10:30 to 11:30 pace, group the GREY group. Our runners have expressed a need for a step “in between” the herd Intermediate Intermediate and the next group “crazy fast and crazy long” Advanced Intermediate group. 18 of us, took this step. Our goal for this group is to train slightly faster, shorter rests at the water stops and as always, to avoid injury. Want to run a marathon less than 5 hours? We have to pace at less than 11:30. It is so GREAT to see everyone again also welcoming newcomer our oceanography UH grad school student! We are following Dr. Scaff’s, Honolulu Marathon Clinic schedule and guidebook. This month, 3 days of 1 hour runs. We did our 1 hour run by doing 5 miles Sunday. Up to the Park at Diamond Head and back to Kapiolani Park, taking our run around the park to finish our 1 hour run for the day.

A blurb about the Ford Island run – April 3rd, Saturday, is the Ford Island 10K run, staff leader Horatio will be running, if interested:

White Group by Blair Hoashi

A group of 16 runners led by the always informative and entertaining Guru Sam (who persevered even with a bad back), hard working Alberto, and Blair, did a short 5 miler to get everyone “acclimated” to the start of training. We will continue at this distance for a few more weeks to get our running legs in shape. Many were returning runners but there were a few who were joining us for the first time. Violet, Emma, Xavier, Yasuko, Marc, Georgette, and Eugene (an advanced runner who was helping friend Anita get started) were some of the returnees who helped to keep the group in harmony with newcomers like Kanoe, Anita, Mary to name a few. I will remember more of your names as we progress.

We naturally missed many of our White Group members from last year who decided to run in the new Grey Group led by staffers Ivie, Horatio and Dwight.

I will never forget last year’s marathon in which about 10 of us ran together (for most of the route); Jim (the air traffic controller), Guru Sam, Emma, Gannon, and others made it very entertaining and soooo enjoyable; they even got the spectators involved in our “journey.”

But as the Thomas Wolfe saying goes, “we can never go home again”; change is constant and so we go on.

Blue Group by Don Allen

Andy our intrepid leader was doing the all important table duty today so I stood in as leader for the day. We had a group of 40+ who started on a 6 mile warm up run. There were a lot of familiar faces, great stuff and some very welcome newbie’s to Blue Group. It was our first shake down run for the new season. 2010 is looking good.
See you all next week.

Cheers Don

Beginner’s Bits by Rosemary Kyte

Our beginners took a couple of laps around Kapiolani Park (total 3.75 miles); finding their own pace (the talk test) among several pace leaders. Thad took the lead at around a 13-minute mile pace, followed by the rest of the staff over the range of slower running and walking speeds. We practiced drinking water – 10 ounces every 20 minutes at the water stops; and went over the plan for the week – two additional sessions of one hour each. A special welcome to our first-year marathon trainees! We are delighted to be part of your marathon journey.


First Shoe Talk is scheduled for March 28th at the Running Room starting promptly@ 9:00 a.m. Group leaders please schedule your training runs accordingly. Second shoe talk slated for April 11th at the same time. Shoes are a very valuable piece of equipment in your quest for fitness and/or the marathon.

Da Comment Corner

Special congrats to my son, Zachary age 7, who joined the marathon clinic for the first time and did a 4 mile run/walk with mommy, Fiona and the rest of the Beginners. Special mention to Evan, also age 7, on his completion of the 4 mile run/walk. Evan’s dad, Kainoa, runs with the beginning group and was prominently featured a few years ago in the Advertiser for his participation in the marathon clnic and in doing his first marathon. Evan’s grandpa, Kula, trained with me in the White Group a few years ago and finished his first marathon.

Have a great week!!

See you at the water stops!