Blair’s Weekly Update 12-13-09

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”
-Frank A. Clark-


You did it!

On behalf of the group leaders of the Advanced and Intermediate Groups – GREAT JOB!!

See you all next week at the picnic! We want to hear all about your experiences – let’s trade “war stories”; we are, now and forever, an elite group of road warriors!

Beginner’s Bits – Sensei Sez by Norm Uyeda

Congratulations to all the “newbies” who claimed victory on Sunday with their very first marathon. Aches and pains will slowly subside but the memories of attaining this goal will be forever etched in your mind. The endless weekday training sessions, the long Sunday treks, the many moments of hilarity and sometimes moments of concern, the surprising closeness of the friendships that develop through shared hardship and dedication, the darkness of the morning on race day, the excitement of the cannon and the fireworks and that last step as you cross the finish line and savor the moment of victory.

Congrats to all. As Peter said, there is nothing now that you cannot achieve. For those that attended – that was a great Celebration dinner at Buffett 100.

See y’all at the picnic.

Here are some of Norm’s photos from marathon morning and the after-marathon dinner:

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This coming Sunday is the “after the marathon” picnic; it is potluck so please bring your favorite dish to share. Zippy’s chili and rice will be provided; my ‘secret recipe” chili of previous years is still being “reformulated” so perhaps next year. Families, friends, acquaintances, someone you met at Lulu’s last night, are all welcome. There is a $1 charge per person as is usual.

Mahalo – Staff leaders; Board members and Dr. Scaff and Donna:
Please thank all of your staff leaders for their leadership and dedication in assisting all of us on our “journey”. Perhaps some of you might look into volunteering to be staff members next year – only one marathon qualifies you. It is a great way to “give back” to the clinic. Please also give a hearty “mahalo” to the board members who do a lot of “behind the scenes” organizing – Norm Uyeda, Chairman, Peter Garcia, Luanne Murakami, Val Ogi, Muriel Taira, and Stephen Zane. And lastly, please thank Doc and Donna for all of their contributions to the clinic.

Da Best!
Thanks to all of you for the nice compliments on the weekly updates. I am glad that it motivated and entertained many of you. I would like to mention the many contributors who made the newsletter so successful – the Advanced Group – Les Young; the Intermediate Groups/ Red Group – Jeff Beard; Pink Group – Rosy Adam-Terem and Anita Schorlemmer; White Group – Guru Sam Usman, Ivie Kumera, and Paris Monti; Blue Group – Andy Hirano and Pam Iwata; The Beginners – Norm Uyeda and Jason Wong. Also, the newsletter would not be so professionally done without the help of our own webmaster, Bob Lew. Mahalo to all!

The newsletter will be on hiatus until the start of next year’s Honolulu Marathon Clinic in March! Again, thanks for all of the nice comments! Have a great holiday season and see you all next year!!

See you all at the water stops!