Blair’s Weekly Update 12-06-09

Doc’s Final Talk

Donna Scaff read a poem that the she wrote for the Marathon Clinic entitled, “Ode to the Marathon Clinic Runner” – it is a beautiful tribute to the runners in the clinic who every week, put in a great deal of time and sweat to achieve their running goals. Thank you Donna!

Doc mentioned last minute instructions for the week; here are a few – no running after Thursday; carbo load a few days before Sunday; don’t worry about the lack of sleep the night before the marathon – but get a good night’s sleep on Friday night; relax during the week and try to attend his carbo loading party on Friday night, etc.

Peter offered last minute administrative announcements – a Honolulu Marathon Clinic tent will be located above the finish line; please make sure to bring $10 for a fantastic “after running 26.2 mile” massage (the best!); the “after marathon” dinner is on Monday (see further details below), the “Sunday After” picnic starts at the usual clinic time (see details below), and staff sign ups for next year is on going, and etc.

Table Duty
Much mahalos to all of the staff leaders and friends who helped to make sure that everyone was properly hydrated and well fed throughout the year. Special thanks this past Sunday to Harry, from the Beginner’s Group who always helps in setting up and also to Jan, also from the Beginner’s who brought the delicious Korean pears for everyone to eat. Kum sa mida!

Again, thank you staff leaders for all for your enthusiastic support in making sure your fellow runners were revitalized.

Thanks to Board member Stephen Zane for taking care of the Table Duty schedule.

Marathon Morning Meeting Places
Please read comments by your staff leader as to where you are meeting. Great to know where everyone will be – removes one less stress in your morning.

After the Marathon Dinner – Monday, December 14, @ 6:00 p.m. at the Buffet 100 restaurant
Cost is $18 (includes dinner, tax tip and a soft drink). The dinner is a great way to share your thoughts with fellow runners on your experience while the memories (and aches) are still fresh. Loud laughter and convivial conversation always “mask” the grimaces on the runner’s faces as they get up and down from their seats – a good sign that their experience was positive! Perhaps line dancing with the Tokushima group, this year, Norm?

Post Marathon Picnic – December, 20th
The usual post marathon picnic will be held on the Sunday after the marathon. Usual clinic time of 7:30 a.m. is the start time and runners can go for a quick and easy after marathon run while volunteers get ready for the picnic. Picnic starts after the runs, around 9 – 9:30 a.m. Bring your favorite dish, or salad or dessert and enjoy the company of your fellow runners! Share all of you experiences, exchange “war stories”, and also have some great food!

Group Reports

Advance Group by Les Young

Advanced Group Photo 12-06-09
The AG did our final group run with 12 runners. We ran 8.65 miles including a sprint to the marathon finish line. Sub4 here we come!!!Some items to remember: GOLDEN RULES: 1) Nothing new on marathon day. 2) Wear nothing cotton. 3) Pass the pee test marathon morning (be hydrated before the run). 4) Run your race at your pace. OTHER ITEMS: 1) Cut your toe nails as short as possible. 2) Vaseline your entire foot and all friction points including private areas wear the sun don’t shine. Have a great 2009 Marathon!!!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group doubled in size Sunday – Sandy joined me for our last “long” run – 8 miles out to the gas station and back. Although we should have been taking in easy, we pushed ourselves for a 9:45 pace – the pace we plan to run next Sunday. The weather conditions were great – cool and breezy – we can only hope that we get similar conditions next week. So now, take it easy! 2 short runs this week, the last one on Thursday at the latest. Go to the carbo load party, take it VERY easy on Saturday, and give it your best on Sunday. Thanks to all the staff leaders in the Intermediate Group, and I hope a lot more of you sign up for staff this year – you’ll have a ball.

As with the last few years, we plan to meet behind Borders around 4 a.m. – there’s bathrooms, a drinking faucet, and cover (in case of rain;-)

White Group by Sam Usman, Ivie Kumera, Paris Monti, Horatio Botero, Dwight Bartolome, and Blair Hoashi

The group did a “tapering” 8-miler and enjoyed each others company before next week’s big event.

The staff leaders wanted to remind everyone to “enjoy the experience!” Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t finish at your “projected” time. It might be a once in a lifetime experience for some and for others a life changing event! Completing a marathon, whether it is your first or your twentieth is a HUGE accomplishment in one’s life that will stay with you forever! Congratulations on your training and as Guru Sam always states, “enjoy the journey!”

We will be meeting at the Ward Center’s Border’s bookstore area at 4:00 a.m. and will start our trek to the start line around 4:20 a.m. See you all there!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

Congratulations Blue Group, you made it through the year and are now ready for the graduation, the Honolulu Marathon. It was a fine 8-mile tapering run to the Kahala gas station and back with 31 runners. What a fine group for the last Sunday training run. Now, during the week before the marathon, do only a one 1-hour training run just to maintain. As a reminder, on marathon day, the Blue Group will meet with Norm’s beginning group at the Ala Moana Hotel lobby before 4 a.m. or at the Ewa Ala Moana Park restrooms after 4 a.m. The Marathon starts at 5 a.m. We’re all set. Hope to see you at Dr. Scaff’s carbo loading party Friday night and good luck during the Marathon.

Beginner’s Bits by Norm Uyeda

Sense Sez

The Beginner’s Group finished our 9 months of training today with a short 6-mile run out to Kahala and back. Doc Scaff’s wrap-up lecture was followed by Donna Scaff’s Tuit poem and then Peter’s customary Clinic notes and dispersal instructions. Rosemary did a “show and tell” on the clothing drop off procedures for those wishing to have some items (especially slippers) waiting for them at the finish line.

We welcomed back Chinami who left us for a while but has come back to Hawaii from Kyoto to participate in the Marathon. Walker Jerry Pickard sends his Aloha and Best Wishes to all – Jerry has encountered some physical challenges and probably won’t be joining us on Sunday for the Marathon.

We’ve covered all the important items many times over, and everyone is ready for the BIG DAY! The most important thing now is to have fun and make this a memorable occasion. Marathon Expo – Carbo Party – Marathon – Celebration Dinner – Post Marathon Picnic….woo hooo!

Anxiety is normal – don’t worry – you’ll be fine. Any questions – email Norm –

See Y’all at the Carbo Party.

Da Comment Corner

“On the Course Reporter” at the Marathon for local Japanese radio
Staff leader Maile Burgey, who is not running the marathon this year due to injury, will be a guest “on the course reporter” for the local Japanese language radio station, KZOO. She will also be talking about the marathon and the clinic between 7:20 – 7:30 a.m., Tuesday – Friday on radio station KZOO, AM 1210. Tune in!

Avoid Marathon Day Glare
Last week, while I was browsing at a downtown eyeglass shop in search for my “perfect” sunglasses, I noticed Eugene, an Advanced runner from the Clinic. He mentioned that he was the owner of the shop and offered me a nice discount for the Maui Jim sunglasses that I was looking for. He stated that he would extend the same 25% discount as well for all Honolulu Marathon Clinic members on Maui Jim, Oakley, etc (in stock) sunglasses. So for all you last minute types (and others) who are in need of some quality sunglasses, visit Eugene C., at his eyeglass shop, Optics- Shades of California, located across from Long’s and Ross’ in Downtown. Please mention that you are with the Clinic for the discount.

Thank you Eugene and good luck in the marathon!

Fashion Statement
Will it be long, short, white or dark green? Tough choices but the garbage bag will be the outer ware of choice; it will keep you warm and one can discard it at anytime during your run.

At the dinner or at the picnic, please remember to thank your staff leaders for their dedication in showing up on Sundays to help all of us in our quest. We should also acknowledge Dr. Scaff and Peter for their dedication to the clinic; Donna, Doc’s wife, for her constant support, the Board who work behind the scenes to make the clinic run smoothly, and to the 30 + staff leaders who lend their bodies and minds every Sunday. Norm Uyeda, was the chairman of the Board and his fellow board members were Peter Garcia, Blair Hoashi, Luanne Murakami, Val Ogi, Muriel Taira and Stephen Zane. Special thanks to Bob Lew, Cliff Hand and Maile Burgey.

Congratulations on your hard work throughout the last 9 months! Relax and have a great week!!

See you at the finisher’s tent,