Blair’s Weekly Update 11-29-09

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

Six runners in the AG did a 14-miler today. Weather was great and everyone ran strong. Again excessive speed was hard to control especially when you are running comfortable and efficient. Speed just comes naturally when you drift into the “runners’ zone”. We continued to finish at the marathon finish line just to get use to dealing with that last kilometer. Next week we taper down to 12 miles. Stay healthy!!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Jeff was out ill on Sunday due to a severe cold. Jeff says to take it easy on your body – avoid injury and a breakdown of your immune system. The marathon is only two weeks away.

White Group Report by Sam Usman and Ivie Kumera

Brother Blair, speculation was flying all around in regard to your absence this morning. Sorry to hear about your blah, blah, blah excuses for not coming. (Blair pulled a muscle playing tennis on Saturday; thanks for caring Sam.) I am sure you will be back, knowing the animal that you are. Relax, chill, and recover bro but you are missing some great energy and friends. We started with 32 runners; Michael, Ivie, Melissa, Roland and 15 others were in bound from Hawaii Loa Ridge. My plan was to do only an 8 miler but gave in to Ivie, Max, Laura, and Emma’s request to join them for the 12 miler. We all had a blast as Moana, Lara and their husbands were also part of the group’s run. Ryoko, a newcomer from Japan joined us made lots of new friends; she also ran 12 miles; she was very positive and a great fit for our group. We finished with 19 runners at the end. Alberto was missing and Yasuko as well. Bro I am sorry to hear of your injury; you will come out fine…Sam

Ivie’s Comments

We’re here! The Tapering Phase! We made it this far and have earned and deserve the “Less is Best” phase. Congratulations to all!

36 of us ran our 12 and 14-milers! Leaders were Sam I Am, Horatio (Max), Nelson, Paris, Michael and Ivie. Our WHITE group runners, the Cheetahs! (No Sam, not “Cheaters”, that’s not in our vocabulary), Laura, Lara and Richard, Moana and Rob, Lori, Jim (air traffic controller), Maria, Dustin, Duane, Andy, Dean, Wei, Tim, Yasuko, Yugo, Michelle, Lilia, Nellie and Louie, Gannon, Byron, Jenei, Melissa (tennis star), Emma, Takio and Welcome Ryoko! Apologies if members are missed, this does not add up to 36…

This group has inspired me with your personal victories. You have each set and accomplished your own goals. I just can’t resist sharing them: 1) running and overcoming life-threatening illnesses through ultimate recovery via distance running! 2) Losing weight, from the last 2 to 3 pounds to an ultimate 49 pounds! (Duane gets the prize of the biggest loser!) You got to see this guy! 3) Time/Speed: shaving off more than 2 minutes in the 2-mile Army runs! 4) New ventures: as runners are on to triathlons(some even learning to swim to get there!), or trail running 5) some have just become a better person, ‘boss’, ‘co-worker’, ‘spouse’ (Dennis?) 6) I know some of us have become smarter, because running improves mental alertness. “Laura, how do I set my Garmin again?”

WOW! We are running for life, now! “When we run, we do not become immortal – it only occasionally feels like we do.”

For those who have had injuries, I am just so grateful all of you have sought proper medical advice, and are going to be able to do the marathon, Michelle, and Liz! Awesome, smart training and recovery! Blair, let us know how that ‘tennis’ knee is going! We missed you, Brother Blair!

So, we just have the marathon ahead of us Key things to remember:

  • Anxieties are normal during this tapering phase, but remember what got us till here! What a journey! You are ready.
  • Maintain your good all-around diet, normal eating habits, and increase your carbohydrates especially the 3 days prior to the race. Remember to hydrate! Don’t’ forget Dr. Scaff’s carbo-loading party! Friday, December 11th.
  • Take time to enjoy the starting line festivities, spectators, participants (costumes, Paris is sure to surprise us) and the scenery of the course.
  • Stop negative thoughts dead in their tracks and change them to positive affirmations, throughout the next few weeks, and during the marathon course.
  • Think about how proud your marathon clinic family, family members and friends are of you, for getting TUIT!
  • Listen to your body. Remember, there are no workouts the week prior to the marathon that will enhance your preparedness for the race.

Also, congratulations to those of you who did the Turkery Trot! Andy you are the White Group’s star pacer! We should have followed you! Remember what Dr. Scaff said, our mistakes in the marathon happens in the first half, so we need to pace ourselves. Our second half of the marathon should be faster than the first half – negative splits.
Next Sunday: December 6th – 8 miles
Marathon morning: meet at Borders restrooms @ 4 a.m.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group made it’s run along the beginning section of the marathon route. With 25 runners it was a pleasant experience. Things to note along the way were… the location of the Brian Clarke tent to gather after the marathon, where the results board is, the finisher’s T-shirt tent, the cookies and apples tent, the bus pick-up at the zoo parking lot, where we will be meeting on the marathon morning, Ala Moana Hotel before 4 a.m. and at the Ewa Restrooms at Ala Moana Park after 4 a.m. The race begins at 5 a.m. This coming week as we continue our tapering we will be going 8 miles to the Kahala gas station and back. Andy’s plans have changed and he will be participating in the marathon. Yeah! For those who would like to run as a group during the marathon, Andy will lead the Blue Group. Expected finish time will be about 5 hours and 50 minutes. Be sure to come out this week as its Dr. Scaff’s most important talk of the year.

Beginner’s Bits – the Sensei Sez by Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s Group took another look at the downtown portion of the race today starting from Kapiolani Park and running through Waikiki. We took a stroll through the relatively new section of what is now the Beachwalk area next to the Embassy Hotel and then checked out the Army Museum at the old Battery Randall. We then ran along DeRussy Beach through the Sheraton Lagoon and ended up at the start line of the Honolulu Marathon. Points of interest were the chokepoints at the Nuuanu turnoff and the first waterstop, along with mileage checkpoints and bathroom locations. The 11.3-mile run was leisurely paced with a lot of walking thrown in to simulate the actual pace of the marathon with the water stops thrown in.

Many thanks to all who helped the Honolulu Marathon Clinic with the Turkey Trot. The Clinic would find it impossible to put on such an event without the tireless efforts of a great bunch of guys and gals.

Upcoming events – Carbo Party – Marathon – Post Marathon Celebration Dinner – Picnic

Da Comment Corner

The Last Two Weeks

The marathon is just two weeks away; it’s hard to believe but we have been training since the second week in March to get to our goal. Therefore as Doc always mentions, TAPERING is the key at this phase of our training. Please take it easy – training runs should be at a pace that is comfortable and easy and, not beyond our” normal homework” range. In fact, Doc suggests no running after the Thursday before marathon Sunday. “Competitive” basketball, football, tennis, etc., might be put on hold till after the marathon. So, please take it easy and do not place any undue stress on your bodies; you’ve come a long way!!!

Doc’s Carbo- Loading Party – December 11, 2009

There will be lots of great food, drinks and people at Doc’s annual “bash”. Live music brings out the dancing spirit in everyone. It’s fun and interesting to see everyone in their “regular party garb” rather than in their running shorts and tops. I am sure Guru Sam will be in his usual sari. We should make it a point to attend – it’s a great finale to your training.

After the Marathon Dinner – Monday, day after the marathon (Dec. 14, 2009)

Norm Uyeda, has organized his usual, “Day after the Marathon” dinner to be held at the Buffet 100 restaurant in the Ward Warehouse complex starting at 6:00 p.m. Please sign up at the clinic. Cost is $18 which includes tax, tip and a soft drink. As we all “limp” to the buffet line, we should keep in mind the tremendous feat that we accomplished the day before.

After the Marathon Picnic – the Sunday after the marathon (Dec. 20, 2009)

“I cramped up at mile 20 and had to walk in.”

“I hit the wall at mile 15 and had to walk/run the rest of the way.”

“I saw a semi nude 70+ year old runner from Japan running in GETAS (wooden shoes) and he was passing me at mile 17!”

Or, “I ran the perfect race; staff leaders Sam, Ivie, Horatio, and Paris’ advice and training were perfect!”

These and other comments will be “flowing” at the after marathon picnic; commiserate with others as to what went right or what didn’t; it is a potluck so please sign up on the board for a dish that you would like to bring.

Have a safe and relaxing week.

See you at the water stops,