Blair’s Weekly Update 11-22-09

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Table Duty

Much thanks to Doug Kamiya for the great food and drinks. I loved the flat pretzels! Also, Doug won the Ace of the month for our business group’s golf outing. Congrats!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG of 8 runners ran the front half of the marathon route through town and a loop around Diamond Head for a total of 14 miles. We ran at marathon pace averaging 8:45/mile. The group felt great after the run and could have run another 8.2 miles to complete the marathon distance. The key to finishing strong was pacing. It was difficult at times cause speed comes on naturally and quickly. We caught ourselves tooling along at 8:30 pace often and had to slow down to conserve. The hill work up Monsarrat proved we had enough left after a 12-mile run. What a way to taper!!!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out for an “easy” 12-mile run on Sunday – downtown to the Marathon start, then back the first 7 miles of the run. I ran an average 9:49 pace – about what I plan to run the Marathon in (and the Turkey Trot). It was a GREAT day to run – cool, overcast & breezy – we can only hope the 13th is like that! For those of you who haven’t done the downtown run, plan to do it next week – even if you’ve done the Marathon here, it’s good to re familiarize yourself with that part of the run. Besides, it’s a good part of the tapering plan – next week you should do no more that 10-12 miles, and 8-10 on the 6th. This is time to take it easy, and just “stay in shape”. Hope to see you all on Thursday at the Turkey Trot.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

Remember Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Fantasyland in Disneyland? Well the “front of the marathon” run was very similar as our Guru Sam took us through some new and adventurous locales. In addition to seeing the starting line and our meeting place, we ventured through the backside of Waikiki, the outer “rim” of Ala Moana Beach Park, Kakaako Park, through the Illikai Hotel and back to our clinic site. Led by Sam, Ivie, and Paris, all 28 group members finished the run in good spirits and a little more knowledgeable about the marathon route. Laura, Lara (where’s Richard?), Lori, Jim, Mickey, Maria, Wei, Yasuko, Craig, Dr. Rob and Donna (have a great trip!), Michelle, Lilia, Nellie, Louie, Gannon, Byron, Jenei, Moana and husband Rob, and Emma. Apologies if I missed a few members. We can’t believe that Nellie and Louie have been married for 19 years and have two children age 16 and 11! When you meet them, they look and act as if they were newly weds or just straight our of high school! Running, must be the elixir of youth! Nice to have you with us!

Turkey Trot this Thursday!

Next week, an easy 12-miler is scheduled. Members should continue their 2 one hour runs during the week, then our Sunday run. The following Sunday will be a slow and steady 8-miler. Please be sure to attend the next few clinics to hear Dr. Scaff’s last minute instructions.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue group is steady with 20 runners. Welcome newcomers, John and Meagan. Marsha was back after seeing 13 polar bears in Canada and Andy’s back after a conference in San Antonio . Thank you to Norm who lead the group last week. We began our tapering going 14 miles to Kawaikui Park and back. Once more we appreciate Nelson Shigano for provided the group with refreshing Gatorade and Ritz crackers at Kawaikui Park . We will surely miss that. The run was pleasant as we took the route in Kahala behind the Kahala Elementary school for the water stop before Triangle park. With two more Sunday runs before the marathon, we will continue our tapering with 12 miles this coming Sunday going through the beginning portion of the marathon route. This will be a good run as we’ll point out what to do, how to get to Ala Moana Park , where to meet, the Brian Clark tent at the finish, etc. The beginning group will do the same. The following Sunday after that (the week before the marathon) we will taper to 8 miles to the Kahala gas station and back. No change in where we meet. We will continue to meet at the marathon clinic at 7:30 a.m. for Dr. Scaff’s talk. See you all at this Thursday’s Turkey Trot.

Beginner’s Bits by Ro Kyte and Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s Group welcomed back Rosemary Kyte, former Clinic Executive Director and Leader of the Beginner’s Group. Ro even led the group on her usual super steady pace for a training run out to Kaiwaikui Park and back. Sensei Norm turned back before the gas station in order to give some who were ailing (Norm included) a chance to rest their bodies. A newbie also needed tending to because of a slight accident but seemed to be OK after walking back to Kapiolani Park.

This week – come on down to the Turkey Trot on Thursday and see how close you can predict your own 10-mile finishing time!

Next week Sunday – tapering and a shorter run to the Downtown area to practice again for marathon morning. Tapering is VERY important and is part of your marathon preparation. More to follow…

Rosemary enjoyed her return as guest pace leader; taking about a dozen beginners out on their last long run before tapering. Its all psychology now, the physical training has been set in our bodies weeks ago.

So, we happily took up Kathy on her request to go all the way to the official finish. We did full race-day rehearsal on the way back; practicing our big smiles at the mile 25 camera station and fist-pump cheers across the finish line. Total distance: 14.7 miles to the finish, with a cool-down walk back to our cars. See you on race day!

Next week Sunday – tapering and a shorter run to the Downtown area to practice again for marathon morning. Tapering is VERY important and is part of your marathon preparation. More to follow…

Da Comment Corner

The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning

6:30 a.m. start of registration; race to start after everyone registered. What better way to start your Thanksgiving morning than with a nice, easy 10-miler with about 800 of your fellow runners!

Remember, no watches or any other timing devices. No iPods either. Great prizes!!

See you at the water stops,

Gobble, gobble,