Blair’s Weekly Update 11-15-09

Doc was away this week.

Table Duty
Thanks to staffer Craig for the great “spread” at table duty.

Turkey Trot – November 26, Thanksgiving morning
Registration starts at 6:30 a.m. and run starts after everyone registered; 10-mile route; no headphones or watches. Closest to predicted time gets great prizes. Great way to start your Thanksgiving morning!

As mentioned last week, volunteers are still needed:

  1. Shirt sales table needs volunteers to staff the table after the run; please talk to Maile if you are able to help.
  2. The water stops at Triangle need a few more people; please see Bill Berg if you can assist.

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

After 3 weeks off (due to various bruises, sores, bangs, tightness, etc.), it was good to be back! The Red Group went out for its long run Sunday – 20 miles. The weather was perfect – cool, overcast, windy (gusty at times), and occasional sprinkles. I wasn’t sure if I could make it all the way after so much time off, so I just took it easy (well over 10 minute miles), and surprised myself – no stops! Next week many of us plan to run down to Ala Moana and do the first part of the course back to Kapiolani Park – about 12 miles – a great taper after our long runs this week. We’re now in

White Group by Blair Hoashi

“Always listen to your elder’s advice, not because they are always right, but because they have more experience at being wrong.” Anonymous

The feeling was incredible as all 24 members finished together after 20 long miles; almost everyone ended the run with “reserves in our tanks” – “we could run another six more miles,” was a comment mentioned (at that time, anyway). It illustrated the phenomenal job that the staff leaders did to make sure that our pacing, hydration, and rest periods were according to plan. The cloudy weather and trade winds added to make running conditions almost perfect.

Guru Sam, Ivie, Horatio, and Paris did a fantastic job in implementing our prescribed plan- keep the pace at a slow, comfortable and reasonable pace, emphasize hydration (making sure that we waited for everyone to finish up at the water stops- runners did not need to hurry or skip water stops to keep up with the group), ensure that all runners did not hurt and, that we all ran together as a group. Great leadership produces great results. AWESOME!!!

The group members should be congratulated as well – Maria, Laura, Wei, Dr. Rob, Donna, Allison, Gannon, Craig, Mickey, Yasuko, Emma, the “Y” family, Debbie and Keith, Liz (for a little while), air traffic controller Jim, Byron, Ivie’s husband, Dr. Dennis, Lilia, Pada, and a few newcomers, did a great job of staying together and “following” the group leaders throughout the entire route.. There was great teamwork between the leaders and the group! The results showed!! UDABEST!!!

Pre start Routine/ “Moving” Stories

In addition to getting our bodies accustomed to the long distance, the earlier start time gave members chance to test out their pre start routine. Should I eat? What should I eat? How much earlier do I need to wake up? How can I plan my “movements” (one leader called it, “poop management”) so as not to create problems during my marathon? On marathon morning, one staff leader gets up a few hours before the wake up alarm goes off, EATS, then goes back to bed and awakens when the alarm goes off. This is done so that her body can “move normally” before her trek to the start line. For first time marathoners, please ask your staff leaders on their “moving” story. Try not to eat “heavy items’ the night before the marathon and minimize the amount of alcohol consumed. Ribs, steaks, “dogs”, burgers and beer are great during the tailgate, but can create havoc during the marathon. I speak from experience.


Next week, we will do the front part of the marathon route – approximately, 12 miles; we will meet at the usual clinic time of 7:30 a.m. TAPERING is the key word from here on end. Homework runs should be cut down to only twice during the weekday, one hour per session.

Beginners Bits

The Sensei Sez by Jason Wong

The Beginner’s Group report is provided by Jason Wong. Norm stayed at home in order to keep his cold germs to himself.

Time 3:05:34
Pace 13:46/mile
Miles 13.49
Calories 1,794

Because of the cool breezes and strong winds, the Beginner’s group ran at a faster than normal pace. A light drizzle did not dampen our spirits. The group was reminded to bring a second pair of socks in the event it rains on marathon day. Members were reminded that marathon day might not be as cool, and the temperature may be a bit muggier and hot later in the run.

One person fell and hit her head on the concrete curb. Thanks to Mercy for providing trauma relief and Tony for getting ice. The group member was taken to Emergency by a family member.

Please add that the person who fell down was contacted later and is OK.


Da Comment Corner

Taper, Taper, Taper!

Have a fantastic “tapering” week. Did I mention that we need to taper?

See you at the water stops,