Blair’s Weekly Update 11-08-09

Doc’s talk

Dr. Scaff talked about the importance of tapering. Prevention of injury is very important at this stage of our training. Doc and Peter will be away next week but a clinic is scheduled.

Table Duty

Thanks to Staff leader Bill and his girlfriend for the great refreshments at table duty!

Turkey Trot – November 26, Thanksgiving Morning!

Clinic members and interested runners – what better way to start off the Thanksgiving festivities than a nice easy morning run! As mentioned by Doc and Peter, it is a 10-mile run in which the fastest is not necessarily the winner. Closest timed finish to one’s predicted time is the big winner; registration begins at 6:30 a.m. at the Kapiolani Bandstand. Race starts when everyone is registered. No watches or headphones allowed; lots of prizes for closest to predicted finishing times. A great way to fine tune your pacing for the marathon! Staff leader, Jewels (we miss you!), a few years ago, won the Grand Prize (trip for two to a neighbor island), by predicting her finish to the exact second! I am sure it helped her in her marathon pacing!

We need a few more volunteers for shirt sales. These volunteers will be able to run in the race. Please see Norm Uyeda.

Also, staffer Bill Berg, needs six more volunteers for the Triangle Park water stops. It is a very critical area as it handles two vital water stops for the entrants. Please let Bill know if you are able to help!! Volunteers Doug K., Tim, Bill and his girlfriend, need a few more hands to help them out.

Group Reports

White Group by Sam Usman, Ivie Kumera, and Paris Monti


We had 24 people at the second beach park; 22 at the church (16-mile turn around). Ivie had the stomach flu at the gas station and we missed her. Newcomer Esther did 12 miles on Saturday then did another 16 miles yesterday; she got cramps at Kahala. We finished with 15 people. I also got cramps after I got home, an overdose on Advil. We will meet at 6:00 week. Alberto, will be at the clinic at 7:30 a.m. to lead runners who want to do a 14 or 16-miler.

I will pick you up next week Blair; I want to make sure you are with us!! ….SAM IAM


Oh, boy, I have to have a correction on the “stomach flu;” this is a lesson I have to share with the group.

I did not have the stomach flu, but suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration! Remember, no excessive heat exposure the day BEFORE a long-run? Remember, to FUEL UP and HYDRATE during a long-run? Well, I did not practice what I preached! The day before, I was in the hot afternoon sun, watching an ILH football game. On my 16-miler, I did not take my “energy gel” or hydrate enough from mile 7 on.

I suffered from severe cramps, dizziness, goose bumps, and an increased heart rate at the gas station on our way back. I ‘crashed” and “hit the wall!” Anyway, what a lesson for me; please do not do what I did.

Try not to stay in the hot sun the day before a long run and make sure to take your gels or energy bars during your long run, and HYDRATE!!!

At the marathon clinic table, I was able to recover in the cool shade. It was nice seeing the entire WHITE group there! I will recover throughout the week and will see you all at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday.

We welcomed a newcomer, Esther, a 4th year political science major at the UH; she comes to us from Anchorage, Alaska! Esther could share with us what running ‘indoors’ is like!

Anyway, I really do look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday! (6 a.m., nice and cool!)


Our run went well for almost everybody for the next four miles, after you turned around at the gas station. (Blair, turned around at the gas station and did an eight and a half miler; football coaching duties beckoned). I believe 22 + runners left Kapiolani Park; 20+ returned to the Park, together. Sam did a great job, as usual, in keeping all together, at about an 11:30 pace and caring/advising all who encountered some difficulty

For interested runners, we will do a 20-miler starting at 6:00 a.m. this Sunday, November 15th; this is the last long run for the season. We are meeting at the clinic location. Pacing will be about a minute slower than training pace and it will be run on the actual marathon route. Therefore, we will include Kahala Avenue and finish at the bandstand(the actual finish line). Alberto will be leading a group to do a 16-miler at 7:30 a.m. as well. Tapering officially starts the following week. We have scheduled a “front part of the marathon” run on November 22.

Beginner’s Bits

The Sensei Sez by Norm Uyeda

Norm’s morning talk today consisted of reminding everyone (as if anyone was unaware) of the rapidly approaching marathon day. Besides the usual warnings, the importance of keeping healthy was also stressed. Basketball, volleyball, tennis and even high impact aerobics should be done carefully with an emphasis on keeping your joints happy. Likewise, germs should also be on the list of things to avoid if at all possible. It might look geeky, but wearing a mask when all your coworkers are coughing might be a solution. Overtraining was also on the warning list. Too late to make up training – just do whatever you were doing and DON’T make any heroic efforts to catch up.

Welcome to April, who is visiting from Los Angeles and will participate in a California marathon in March. Congrats to all the Clinic members who participated in the Half Marathon today – you guys and gals still looked fresh coming in. Mahalo to the Intermediate group who shared their Gatorade with us at Kawaikui Park. For all you newbies – time to start thinking about the possibility of helping the Honolulu Marathon Clinic next year by volunteering as a group leader.

Coming up – the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and another Downtown run on November 29th. The start will be at the Clinic and we will run down to Ala Moana Park, Downtown, and then back to Kapiolani Park. Carbo Party is scheduled at Doc Scaff’s house on Friday, December 11th. Nice opportunity to see all of your friends when they are NOT sweaty and stinky. The post Marathon Celebration dinner is on Monday the 14th at Buffet 100 / Ward Warehouse. Come and share your war stories and swap tales of valor with your buddies. Then, the Clinic Picnic will take place on December 20th.

Hang on tight…this is where the fun starts….

Da Comment Corner

The clinic needs a few more volunteers for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! As mentioned, it is a good way to start off the Thanksgiving weekend. Can you spare a few morning hours to help out a very good cause? It’s a very good way to give back to the clinic.

Have a great week and run injury free!

See you at the water stops,