Blair’s Weekly Update 11-01-09

Doc’s Talk

Hydration, hyponatremia, and lack of potassium were some of the subjects Doc spoke on. He mentioned that runner’s can never have too much potassium or salt. Just lick your arms after a race, he mentioned, as an indication of the amount of salt that we secrete from our bodies.

Table Duty
Great food and drinks offered by Staffers Stan and Maureen Chun – thank you!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

Aloha, I’m back from a grueling 17 day my ancestral roots tour in China. The AG had seven runners today. The group had completed their 20 miles long run and has started to taper. I could manage only 14 miles after the trip which included more eating than I was use to. Found out John went to Chicago and qualified for Boston with a 3:43 marathon run, congrats! Everyone is running strong so a sub 4 marathon is well within reach barring illness and injury. Start staying away from large crowds and keep washing your hands. Remember, no high risk activities.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

We had a small group this week, but welcomed back Bill, returning after his successful run at the Portland Marathon, and Carl T (who now belongs to the Advanced group), who ran 10 miles today, keeping pace with us for the outbound five – he is coming back from a bad hamstring injury, so we wish him a smooth recovery and return to full form. Belinda also came with us for the first 8 miles, but inexplicably decided to run a couple more! Dr. Scaff talked this morning about distance, pacing, and tapering. He says we all have the marathon down by now. Running 16 to 18 is more than sufficient for the long runs, as long as we keep up with our week-day runs of at least an hour. Overtraining can be a problem and injury-proneness goes up as mileage increases. So take it easy and enjoy the running. Remember to hydrate and fuel well: long live pretzels.

We had a good run with much improved conditions over last week’s. Our pace was just under 10 minutes for the 15.75 miles we all ran without difficulty (mine was 9:45 according to my Garmin, just based on actual running time.) The HMC training method really works!

Next week is the Val Nolasco Half Marathon, the last (I think) of the Marathon Readiness series. I will be doing that, so I will not be running with the Clinic. I’ll try to come over to see everyone at the start (if I can run fast enough). If I don’t see you, it will be December before I am back with the Pinks; I have a two-week trip to the UK planned for the second half of November. I will have to figure out how to run long in the nasty winter weather of England and Scotland (well, somebody has to do it!)

Look for Anita and Lisa, and possibly Nick leading the Pinks next week.

News from the P. F. Chang 30K Race: In spite of the muggy, voggy, and hot conditions, Rosy Spraker took FIRST place in her fierce age group, Jacque Tellei took second place in hers, and Rosie Adam-Terem took third place in her age group. Gold, Silver and Bronze for HMC! Alright!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

We had a group of 22 that started altogether for our 14-miler today. Guru Sam led the group for most of the way but leaders Ivie, Paris and Horatio also led at various parts of the course. A job well done to the members and the dedicated leaders. Most of the group finished this “after the 30K wind down run” with relative ease although there were a few who were on the mend from last week’s race. Please remember that we only have about a month and a half to go before the marathon, so please run wisely – no need to break world speed records at this point. You should know how fast you are by now and so should “run within one’s self”. Our running members included Yasuko, Mickey, Craig, Donna, Dr. Rob, Emma, Laura, Liz, the Happy Running Couple, Ivie’s husband, Dennis, Melissa, Al, Andy, Eriko, Maria, and Nelson. Apologies, if I missed a few of you! Again, thank you Nelson for the Gatorade at the second beach park!

For next week, we will do a 16-miler; then on November 15th, some of the members will start out at 6 a.m. and do a 20-miler as our last long run for the year. Please remember that this “long run” is not for speed but to get the body and mind accustomed to the long run and to get familiar with the latter part of the actual marathon course. Pace for this run will be a minute to half a minute slower than our “normal” training pace. Members not wishing to participate can do a 14-miler, meeting at the usual clinic time.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

With a group of 20 today it was a much nicer run today than last week. We enjoyed some overcast skies and cool breeze. It was our second 16 miler. At Triangle Park, we went over the events for the rest of the year.

  • Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning
  • Dr. Scaff’s most important talk of the year the week before the marathon
  • Carbo loading party at Dr. Scaff’s house the Friday before the marathon
  • Marathon Day
  • Day after the marathon dinner get together at Buffet 100 (Ward Warehouse)
  • Celebration picnic on Sunday the week after the marathon
  • 2nd Sunday in March, the first day of the 2010 Clinic.

Thanks once again to Nelson S. who provided Gatorade and pretzels at the Kawaikui Park location. It was refreshing and we look forward to it on these long runs. Congratulations to Mary Ann who got engaged and celebrated on a trip to Hong Kong. Welcome back Miles and Tanya, returning from a European vacation including Italy, Switzerland, France, and England. See you all next week.

Beginner’s Bits

Sensei Says by Norm Uyeda
What’s the best way to get rid of jetlag and gluttony? Go out for a jog. Returning from ten days of vacation in Japan had left Norm jetlagged, under-trained and over carbo-loaded.

The Beginner’s group helped Sensei Norm reset his body clock back to Hawaii time and burn off some of those nasty sushi carbs by keeping him company on a nice and easy 14 mile run out to the second park and back. The cloud cover and light breezes made it the early morning enjoyable and even the latter part of the run wasn’t too bad as far as the heat was concerned. Some slight aches and pains are being noticed and these overuse type injuries usually occur when trying to get faster or trying to run longer. The best plan is to stick with the group’s schedule and to avoid too much additional training at this point. With less than a month’s worth of diligent training left, the amount that you can improve by harder training is minimal but the amount of damage that you can do to your marathon quest is very great.

Stay the course – trust your group leaders – don’t panic. Everything is going according to schedule.

Da Comment Corner

A Post Halloween Tale – Part Werewolf?
During my one of my early morning runs, which includes running up and around Diamond Head, I noticed a bright, full moon peering at me from the top of Diamond Head. The moon seemed rather strange that morning; I noticed an eerie glow about it. As I was climbing Diamond Head on Monsarrat, I noticed the moon’s unusual brightness and luster and it appeared to follow my progress. As is usual on my route after having climbed Diamond Head via Monsarrat, I do a loop around the outer edge of Triangle Park and turn up Kahala Ave. So, when I made that right turn onto Kahala Ave., this huge, luminous moon was directly in front of me at about a 70 degree angle. I was mesmerized by the fullness and brightness of the moon as it appeared directly in front of me. In making my way up to the Diamond Head lookout, I noticed my pulse and strides were getting steadily faster and faster. I seemed to be in a “trance like” state. I was sprinting up to the lookout at a pace not usually registered on my Garmin. I’m sure my Garmin was going haywire because it was not used to such speed changes – 11:00, 10:30, 10:00 9:00, 8:00 7:00, 6:00! All this time, this huge illuminating full moon was “staring” directly at me. Then, all of a sudden, I stopped abruptly, “hunched over”, and was gasping for air while trying to regain my senses. My legs felt like soft pretzels. A huge cluster of clouds had covered up this mysterious moon and I was out of my “trance”. Was this a coincidence or did the “ghosts of improper pacing” or the “dark spirits of the unrealistic ego” reappear within my psyche, yet another time? Awoooo! (It’s supposed to be a werewolf’s howl.)

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,