Blair’s Weekly Update 10-25-09

Doc’s Talk

Dr. Scaff mentioned the topic of tapering and wearing the right race day attire. Did you know that Dr. Scaff and the Honolulu Marathon Clinic’s philosophies are “models” for other running groups throughout the world. Just recently, a Houston fitness group quoted Dr. Scaff on the need to rest our bodies and tapering.

Nick’s Pastry and Fruit Market – Table Duty
Thanks Staffer Nick for the wide assortment of goodies. It was delicious!! After running a few hours in the hot sun and heavy humidity, it was a very welcome “oasis in the desert.”

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Sunday, the Red Group went out for a 12 mile run. I cut back this week, since I’ll be doing my long run (20 miles) next Sunday. Because of the weather, I’m glad I did a “shorter” run – it was hot and humid once again, so I just took it easy at about a 10:15 pace. Get used to these conditions – it’s supposed to last at least another 2 weeks, and who knows what Marathon day may be like. For the next few weeks we’ll just be in maintenance mode – we’re as fast as we’re going to get, and we want to stay injury free, so take it easy! Since I’ll be doing my long run next week, I won’t be at the beginning of the Clinic – I plan to start my run at 6/6:30, so I’ll see you all at the end of the run with mango bread & coffee.

White Group by Blair Hoashi and Ivie Kumera

Many of the group members were absent due to their participation in the P. F. Chang’s 30K Race. As the White Group was climbing Diamond Head, we saw many of our members heading toward the finish line. Group leader Ivie, Mickey, Laura, Jeff, JoAnn, Yuko, to name a few looked in great shape as they were making their final push up Diamond Head. Congratulations to all who participated in the run! It’s a tough race but it gives participants’ a good indication of their current fitness level and it also helps runners in pacing for the marathon.

The White Group started with 12 members who did at least a 14-miler; some even included the “dreaded” Kahala Avenue. A few of the group went on to do a 16-miler and were most ably led by staffer Paris. We welcomed back Paris from his long extended trip to Italy. He mentioned that he had some memorable runs along the Tigris River and also in Rome. We were all very envious! Staffer Lilia and I led the 14 mile group which included Andy, Ludy, Moana, Takio, Dr. Rob, and Al Paris’ group included Pink group runner Rie, Maria, and Yasuko, It was hot and humid but we managed to survive to run another week.

A 14-miler is scheduled for next week – a “rest run” from this week’s 30K. On the following week, our last long run will be scheduled. Stay tuned as it may be at a special time. As mentioned, this will be our final long run; we will start to taper after this. A “front part of the marathon” will be scheduled during our tapering period. We run from the clinic location, through Waikiki, Ala Moana, to the start area, our meeting place, downtown, back to Ala Moana and Waikiki, then back to Kapiolani Park – approximately 12 miles.

We will update you on our groups’ tapering schedule.

Ivie’s 30K Report
Wow, Blair! Sam and I were so proud of our WHITE group! Thanks, Sam, for the support! We all finished in good form; and, we found out the areas that we may need to improve on for the marathon. We have a month to work on those areas. We learned so much from the 30K – what we need to strengthen, flexibility, injury prevention: knees, hips, legs, feet, and minds, avoidance of cramps and the importance of pacing!
There were 12 of us! Yoko was the ‘blazer’!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

Starting with 25 runners, the Blue Group completed it’s first 16-mile run. Although the weather was hot, most finished fine. Good job intermediates. We’ll continue to do 16 miles for three more weeks, then begin our tapering. We’ll do the start of the marathon course two weeks before the marathon to get everyone familiar with where we meet and what to expect before the marathon, then the marathon route back to Kapiolani Park. During the marathon for those who want to run as a group, Norman, Fiona, Don and Anita will be at the start to lead the group. Byron and Craig will be away enjoying Kauai for a week, so they’ll join us the following week. Colleen should be back next week. Sure missed the Gatorade that Nelson was providing at Kawaikui Park colleagues. Andy will be in San Antonio three weeks from now. See you all next week.

Da Comment Corner

Mental Toughness
One of the most important things that Dr. Scaff’s clinic instills in our training is often times taken for granted and not fully acknowledged. The build up in our mental toughness is a very essential part of the total marathon running experience. Remember before joining the clinic, how hard running five to six mile was? Now, we all probably tell our colleagues, “Oh, we only did a ten miler today”. Do you recall when finishing your first 14-miler what a momentous feat it was?

“I feel as if I can do almost anything!”, is a comment I hear often right after a clinic member’s first marathon.

If not for the clinic and its staff leaders, many of us would be giving up at Kahala Avenue and guzzling the beer offered by the friendly neighbors. Believe me, I have been tempted many times but persevered thanks to my clinic training and Winston Churchill. Churchill’s quote of “NEVER, EVER, EVER, …, GIVE UP,” gets me through much of the later part of the marathon.

Aside from one’s added endurance, strength build up of our bodies, greater capacity of our cardio system, etc., we are much tougher mentally, even if you hadn’t realized it.

Have a fantastic week!

See you at the water stops,