Blair’s Weekly Update 10-11-09

Table Duty
Thank you Eriko for handling table duty; I know that you had a bike race to attend to as well.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young:

No it wasn’t my running spirit that you saw; I miscalculated my departure for China by a week! Chalk it up as another Senior Moment. The group of four runners did a humid 18-miler at an average 8:45 pace. The little bit of rain was a big help dealing with the humidity. The key to running in the rain is not to wear cotton. A soaking wet cotton T-shirt will feel like a ton. Cotton socks will hold water and cause that sloshing feeling. It will also invite blisters because wet cotton is abrasive. Some runners experienced cramping; probably from the lost of electrolytes from heavy sweating.

Mark Admiral took a group of 5-6 runners on a twenty mile run. We past them coming in while we were heading out; they were running strong. I will try to get in some running while on tour. See you all in November 2009.

Red Group Report by Jeff Beard

Sunday the Red Group (just me again!) went out to Hawaii Kai for an 18-miler. The drizzle and wind helped, but it was still hot and MUGGY – by Triangle Park I was soaking wet. I averaged about 9:46 per mile (a little slower than my predicted Marathon pace – 9:40), but this was a hard run. It could be like this on Marathon day – so get used to taking supplements and plenty of liquids. Big mahalos to Eriko for COFFEE in the morning, and, again, to Nelson for Gatorade (and beer!) at Kawaikui Beach Park.

No formal Clinic next week (charity run) – I had planned to show up at the Park at 6:30, but realized that parking may be tight, even at that hour, so I will meet up with Rosie and the Pinks at Ala Moana Beach park at 7:30. The plan is to meet by the tennis courts and run the first part of the Marathon to Kapiolani Park, then back to Ala Moana Park, about 12 miles – a nice break for those of us who went 18.

Pink Group Report by Rosie Terem-Adam

Jacque and I are here in Susanville, California where we have just completed the Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon, a marvelous route through fabulous country, and very kind to the joints. Jacque did a “no-racing” sub-4 time, and I did a 4:36 (maybe a PR) with plenty of stops to take pictures of the route and critters on the way. We are attaching a couple of photos from the freezing 9 a.m. start. Note that Jacque was sensible enough not to take off all her layers to show off her HMC shirt. However, she did finish with it fully on display! (We didn’t actually peel off any layers until mile 20!)


White Group by Ivie Kumera and Sam Usman

Ivie’s Comments
10/18th Meeting at Kawaikui Park (Hawaii Loa Park) at 6:00 a.m.; we will do 14 to 15 miles, catching the Hawaii Kai loop.

We want to thank Nelson for the Gatorade/ crackers at our 7 mile and back when we were at 11 miles! Miles of smiles; thank you, Lori for the Halloween pretzels!

Reminder: We are training “smart” in October and November. Longer miles – have a fun long run. The day before, DO: start hydrating, eat more carbohydrates. The day before AVOID: prolonged sun exposure, and strenuous / long work-outs.

Homework: 1-hour runs 3 times/week or 1.5 hours 2 times a week. If it is difficult to find a 1-hour or 1.5-hour pocket of time to run, try “speed-work” once a week. This will help build strength that we call upon during the marathon, upper body strength, quadriceps, and hamstrings, and help make our stride “natural.” This builds our “efficiency.” Faster pace work-outs, all out effort, for short intervals or bursts of speed require “warming up.” Again, we want no injuries! Rest and recovery time is also important. Marathon training is FUN, isn’t it?

Sam’s Comments
Hopes were lost when our leader was not around; Ivie and Max took about 30 people out. Some of our group went out for a 3 hour hike on Saturday, yet they still ran and made it back but were hurting big time. Please no cardio day before our Sunday run; one member ran 8 miles on Saturday and on Sunday wanted to do 18. I asked her to only go 14 and she did; it was a lesson well learnt. I went up to church (16 miles) and chilled out at a slow pace to the Kahala gas station with Emma and Memma. You would have been proud of the group as all 15 members finished together! I hereby pass the torch on to Ivie and Max who did an incredible job with the group!! Congratulations to all!!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

It was a drizzly Sunday as the Blue Group started out with 16 runners. It made the first part of the run cool. Andy reminded the group at Triangle Park about safety. Welcome newcomers to the group…Yuri, Dustin, and Judy. We were pleasantly met by Nelson S. at Kawaikui Park with some refreshing Gatorade and crackers. Coming back it was not too bad, humid with a breeze now and then. Vicky was telling jokes to keep our energy up and even suggest we take another lap around Kapiolani Park . Byron said we definitely had to stop at the pavilion for some mango bread. Jeff was late returning from his 18-miler, but I did have some of his mango bread for those that waited. Next week the Blue Group will meet at 7 a.m. at the Operation Red Wings Medal of Honor Park (Triangle Park). We will continue our 14-mile run, this time to Hawaii Kai’s Mamala Bay restroom and back. See you all next week at 7 a.m.

Beginner’s Bits

The Sensei Sez by Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s group finished up with 12 runners today on a shortened Sunday training run. The length of the run was cut back a little bit due to the concern about the high humidity. Topic for today was “get ready!” The Marathon is just around the corner and we need to start making sure that our entire marathon checklist is complete. Next week Sunday is the Downtown Run. Beginner’s group will meet at 7:30 a.m. in the Ala Moana Tennis Court parking lot (Ewa side of the courts). We will be covering the timelines and procedures for marathon morning; optional brunch to follow at Ala Moana Center Food court.

Da Comment Corner

I recently returned from a conference in downtown Los Angeles (hence my absence this past Sunday) and discovered gas prices near $3.30 a gallon for regular and many storefronts were shutdown and vacant. I guess it showed the general malaise of the economy in California. I had brought my running “stuff” in case I had an urge to run but with the hectic pace of the conference, the locale, and “jet lag,” and my “heavenly bed” (“billowy down blankets, five plush pillows and a sumptuous pillow-top mattress … a combination so divine you’ll never want to get out of bed” – actual language from the hotel brochure) I, like the ad suggested, did not get out of bed. So, to my White Group colleagues, I shall be back, but “in the back.”

Have a great week and see you at the water stops,