Blair’s Weekly Update 10-04-09

Doc was on the mainland so no Doc Talk today.

Table Duty

Thank you to the staffers Rosie and Jacque who manned the table today! Your refreshments hit the spot after our long runs!

Group Reports

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

With a smaller group than usual, Nick led the Pinks out for a nice long, slow distance run; well, maybe not so slow… Some Pinks were elsewhere: Bill running the Portland Marathon, Amanda cruising around Italy on vacation, Anita back home visiting family in Germany, and Rosie working the table for today’s refreshments with Jacque. It was good to see Alex back after her rigorous Kauai Marathon. Congratulations to all the Pinks who finished that hilly course or completed the half marathon.

News for the rest of October:

Next week Rosie, Amanda, and Anita will be away, so look for Lisa and Nick as staffers for the Pinks on the 11th.

On the 18th, it is the Race for the Cure, and there will be no official clinic. However, some Pinks may wish to meet at Ala Moana Beach Park to run the front end of the Honolulu Marathon course. Start at Borders, at 7:30 a.m., run the first six miles to Kapi’olani Park and back for an approximate 12-miler.

The 25th is the PF Chang’s 30K (18.6 miles) for those running the MPRRC Marathon Readiness Series. It’s the fourth and longest, to be followed two weeks later by the Val Nolasco Half Marathon. A lot of Pinks will be running both races.

White Group by Ivie Kumera

There were 31 members this past Sunday! 11 of us did the scheduled 16 miles for the 1st week of October, (well, almost 16). It was a cool morning, and we were strong and confident enjoying the camaraderie. We were hit by the scorching sun on the way back at the Waialae Golf Course residence and decided to skip Kahala Avenue. What a great WHITE group, we all ended together! The OFF-WHITES did 14 miles, led by Alberto. Alberto will continue 14 miles throughout October.

We were “building our body to be FIT” up through September. We were losing extra weight. Once September is over, don’t spend time losing weight. Supposedly, we run a better time without extra weight.

Goals this month? We are increasing our mileage to now “build our FIT bodies into EFFICIENT bodies.” We are running smart now, no injuries is our mantra (keep our pace, listen to our body, use our mind). We are training our bodies to endure the distance, safely, and we are becoming efficient. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and assure fueling. Practice your long runs with everything you will be using on marathon day, clothes, shoes, fueling, etc. Homework runs: at 3 days a week 1 hour or 2 days 1.5 hours.

Schedule for October:

October 11th – 18 miles – Picture taking for our White group, Lean Running Machine (our AFTER picture) Who’s the biggest loser? Dwayne this is a call out for you, even if you advanced to the faster group.

October 18th – 14 miles – Unofficial Marathon Clinic due to Susan Komen Breast Cancer Race

October 25th – 18 miles – consider the PK Chang’s 30K (a great practice, 5 a.m. start (like the marathon))

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group began our run with 16 runners. It was a nice run as we continued our 14-miler. Andy found out he will not be here for the marathon in December as he will be on a trip to chilly Alaska.

Andy described the group’s routine on marathon day, meeting at Ala Moana Hotel, then an hour before the race, making our way to the Ewa restrooms of Ala Moana Park, going to the starting line to view the elite runners take off when the gun goes off and enjoying the fireworks, before making our way behind the starting line to begin our own race. Pacing at the beginning of the marathon is critical as everyone will be in a frenzy and the tendency is to run with the crowd. We will continue our 14-mile run for two more weeks, then up it to 16. In two weeks, with the Susan B. Anthony’s Race for the Cure and no formal clinic, the Blue Group will meet at 7 a.m. that day and begin our run from Operation Red Wings Medal of Honor Park (Triangle Park ). Since Andy will not be here on marathon day, he will lead the group through the start of the race course in late November as we’re tapering off.

Don and Annette will be in Utah and hiking the Grand Canyon in the next two weeks. Bring some photos back with your clinic shirt.

Da Comment Corner

No clinic on October 18th due to the Race for the Cure event. Please check with your group leaders for possible meeting times.

We welcomed back former staff leader, Viendra N., who now lives on Maui. Thanks for joining the White Group in their weekly run.

Bon apetite to Tin and his wife who were spotted at the Hakone, Japanese buffet restaurant on Saturday night. He mentioned that he was getting in some nourshiment for his long run the next day.

Have a great week! Please try not to run too hard in you weekday runs. We don’t want to see runners get injured or sick so close to your training peak!

See you at the water stops,